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Quran does not Preach Terrorism

By Mufti Md Zahid Qamarul Qasmi

(Translated from Urdu By New Age Islam Edit DesK)

The most painful aspect of the age in which the Holy Quran was revealed was lawlessness, chaos and bloodshed. The extent of lawlessness can be gauged by the fact that no legal government existed in the Arab peninsula. The governments that existed around Arab believed in ethnic superiority and inferiority and it is impossible for the establishment of justice in a human society that is based on superiority and inferiority by birth. The revelation of the last book of God, the holy Quran began in such an atmosphere. The first verse that was revealed sang the glory of knowledge and the pen. It also said that the entire human race was moulded out of the same matter. It suggested to the human unity. Knowledge makes man law-abiding and the concept of equality promotes the spirit of justice and respect for human beings. Therefore, Islam brought peace and security to a country that was devoid of peace and where lawlessness and oppression had assumed the status of law, and taught human beings the lesson of human fraternity. Therefore, the prediction of the holy Prophet (PBUH) that a woman would travel from San’a in Yemen to Syria alone without fear came true. It adopted two such expressions for its followers --- muminun and Muslim --- that meant peace and security. Muminoon means one who provides peace and Muslim means one who takes care of the safety and security of others.

The book begins with ‘bismillah ir Rahman Ir Rahim’ (to begin in the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful) which mentions the benevolence and mercy of God. And the very first verse of the first chapter declares God the ‘God of the entire universe’. The word ‘rab’ (God) denotes endless affection and love and by saying ‘the God of the entire universe’ the whole world was bound together in relation of brotherhood giving the concept of such cosmopolitanism where all the humanity is considered a family. In short, the holy Quran is the flag bearer of peace, human brotherhood and universality. But unfortunately a section of people is trying to spit on the sun. Some narrow-minded persons have mustered courage to say that the Quran has some shortcomings that promotes a trend of terrorism among its readers. It is a lie that cannot affect anyone who has read the Quran even cursorily as it is like calling day night and fire ice.

In Arabic language, terrorism is called ‘arhab’. The Quran teaches Muslims to be prepared with a force that will act as a deterrent against the possible offences of the enemies and they remain overawed. The Quran calls this force as ‘quwwat-e-marhaba’.

“Be prepared with whatever physical force and horses you can accumulate so that you can instill fear in the hearts of the enemies of Allah and your enemies whom you know and those only Allah knows.”

 This statement in the Quran clearly suggests that the force is to act as a deterrent to discourage enemies from any offence and not to target innocent people or to wreak havoc.

The statements in the Quran about jihad are misinterpreted in order to create the misconception that the Quran permits Muslims to attack and kill innocent non-Muslims. To justify this, the verse in the Quran in which the non-Muslims are ordered to be killed in general is cited. It is a case of gross misunderstanding. The verse is linked to the mushrikeen of Makkah. They were constantly at war with the Muslims and were not willing to accept any peace overtures made by Muslims. Therefore, the Quran asks Muslims to treat those Mushrikeen who were not at war with them and so had not driven them out of their homes and towns with justice and fairness.

   Allah does not forbid you to deal justly and kindly with those who fought not against you on account of religion and did not drive you out of your homes. Verily, Allah loves those who deal with equity.” (Al Mumtahannah: 8)

In acts of terrorism, the fact that the oppressor is is not paid attention to, rather anyone related to the oppressors at hand is subjected to violence.  The Quran has declared it unprincipled and barbaric. It has set the principle that the responsibility of the acts of someone can’t be put on the others. It has declared the murder of a single innocent individual the slaughter of the entire humanity. (Al Maida: 31)

The Quran has also tried to root out the problems that lead to terrorism. The causes of terrorism arise from the fact that people want to force others to follow their religion or beliefs.  The religious history of Christians is a glaring example of this. The Quran has made it very clear that there is no compulsion in matters of faith. (Al Baqra: 256). Therefore it also prevents Muslims to speak ill of religious heads or peshwas of other as it causes conflagration of emotions. (Al An’am: 107)

The root cause of terrorism in any society is oppression and injustice. If the members of the deprived or wronged groups can’t fight the oppression and are denied justice, they turn vindictive and when they see that the doors of justice are closed, they resort to illegal means.

Therefore, the most effective way to deal with terrorism is that the doors of injustice and oppression are closed and justice should be implemented impartially to do away with factors promoting terrorism. That’s why the Quran on several occasion, stresses on the administration of justice. (Al Nahl: 90)

The Quran says that the enmity of any community should not compel Muslims to treat them with injustice and oppression and should not detract them from the path of injustice. (Al Maida: 8)

In the present circumstances the Islamic world and the Muslims are being projected as the perpetrators of terrorism whereas they themselves are the victims of terrorism on national and international level.  The condition of the Muslims in Muslim minority countries is pitiable. If Muslims at their own will want to implement the Islamic way of life in their countries, it is termed extremism and clash of civilizations and an atmosphere of confrontation is created and they are accused of what the followers of the prophets used to accuse them of as the Quran mentions about Hadhrat Shesh (AS) and his nation in the chapter Al A’raf.

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