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Islam and the West ( 8 Oct 2017, NewAgeIslam.Com)

Undercover Camera Exposes the Hate Taught to Muslim Children in UK Madrasas

Transcription by New Age Islam Edit Bureau

09 October 2017

Darul Ulum Islamic High School in Birmingham is a full time independent secondary school inspected by the government-approved teams. It required teaching tolerance and respect for other religions. But we went undercover because we had gathered evidence of extreme intolerance. Our reporters started here as a volunteer. He was allowed to sit in on some lessons like maths- but not their Islamic classes. So, in July last year, he went into one of the rooms where we had heard they taught Islamic studies. So he left a hidden camera there to record the lessons. At first our camera records exams and prayers. Then the people are arranged into rows.

One of the speakers says, “Ok, get in for assembly, come and sit in a line”. The speaker addresses all the people aged eleven and upwards. He starts by talking about people who worship ridiculous things, saying “But there are some people in the world, who decide not to use their intellect. They are happy worshipping idols. Who worship the cows? It is the Hindus, isn’t it? It is the Hindus that worship the cows”. This is how he describes Hindu religious practices. “If we choose to worship such ridiculous things. A Cow? Now, how can anyone worship a cow? First thing he does is he rides on a cow. He sits on a cow. He sits on his god. And at times he needs to clean for his god. At times the god steps over him. At times his god goes to sleep. At times he eats while he pees. Yeah apparently. And funny enough!!! They drink the piss of a cow!” the speaker says in the video.

He says it is the first time he has given a speech, “The Hindus do. They drink the piss of….but I told you this before.”

In 2009, the Government-approved inspectors praised this school for interfaith teachings, saying “pupils learnt about the beliefs and practices of other faiths and are taught to show respect other world religions”. It seems the inspectors were unaware of the teaching methods revealed by our undercover reporter, Osman.

In the video some teachers beat the children. This is how the British children are taught to read the Quran, in a Muslim’s faith school in the north of England. Eleven year children are being taught about non-Muslims in a full time secondary school, that “the disbelievers; they are the worst of all the creatures”. And what they are told about other Muslims, “A person who has got less than fistful of beard, then you should stay away from him, in the same way as you would stay away from a serpent or a snake”

The speaker puts a question to the children about Hindus and other idol worshippers, “do they have any intellect? Then the boys say “No”.

When the speaker comes closer to the camera, he looks about 18 or 19 years old.

Darul Ulum School says its pupils are taught to spread the message of Islam.

It seems our camera has filmed the senior student practicing. While he was preaching there were teachers and other senior students keeping order in the room. They told the children to be quiet and pay attention to the speaker, and said “You have got no respect, man! He is giving a speech.”

This is one of thirty eight secondary schools set up by different Islamic organizations to train the next generation of imams and community leaders.

In UK there are at least two thousand madrasas teaching more than a hundred thousand children how to recite the holy Quran.

On the first day of filming, our camera records a brief moment which suggests that the report we had heard of regular violence might be true. A teacher patrols the rooms and then he kicks a boy and walks down the line.

That was all we managed to film in the summer. And both schools broke up for the holidays.

On the first day of the new term in September, we were back to Darul Ulum in Birmingham. The very first assembly is chaired by a senior teacher.

 The boys who have been away for months; all of them had their haircuts-checks. Children with non-Muslims’ hair-cuts were sent to stand against the wall. The senior teachers say “looking like non-Muslims is forbidden.” He uses the word Kuffar and often derogatory terms meaning disbelievers or infidels. He says, “There will be regular haircut checks. You must make sure, you do not get these ……..what is fashionable now amongst society. The Kuffar introduce something and we Muslims take it on board”. He says teachers will take drastic actions, saying “for those parents who give us permission, we have got trimmers, we will shave you ourselves. Do not expect professional haircuts from us”. He tells them that looking like non-Muslims is a way of enslaving them. He associates the society with Satan. “You need to free yourself from the influence of the Shaitan and of society. Yes? The Kuffar have brought so many new things out there and you need to free yourself from slavery. What is the slavery I am talking about? Yes? Mind control? Mind control!! Praise be to God. They are controlling your minds. You are doing what they want. Ask yourself. Are you part of that slavery as well? This is mind control. Are you part of those who prefer their way of life: The way of the Kuffar over the way of the Prophet? Ask yourself?” the teacher says in the video.

The school’s last inspection praised its “promoting tolerance and harmony in society”. But in this assembly the teacher tells the boys they should hate sinful nature of non-Muslim society. “You are not like the non-Muslims out there”, the teacher says, gesturing towards the window, “All that evil that you see in the streets; people not wearing Hijab properly, people smoking, people walking like they have got something stuck in their pants, this kind of danger, yeah you should hate it. You should hate walking down that street”.

This is the prestigious school. It has been visited by the lord mayor, the chief constable, MPs and dignitaries. The school says it has community involvement program to profess students for outside life.

A man during his interview comments on this hidden video,

“We are going into full scale social segregation, separation, and unless we tackle it now, we are worried they will win.”

An interviewer says to him:

“What do you think about the repeated use of the word ‘Kuffar’ such as in the video “Never will a Kafir enter heaven until a camel enters an eye of a needle”?

The man replies saying “It is a term of abuse, a term of sensual condemnation”

The interviewer says to him, “Some of the teachings we have shown you. So do you think it can be described as hate teachings?”

“There is no shade of doubt. When you teach children that they should be intolerant of other faiths, have no respect for them, you are breeding hostility, antipathy and animosity. Is it not hate-speech?” The man replied.