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Islam and the West ( 14 Jun 2012, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Conspiracy Theories Galore: Siege Mentality has Become Part of Muslim Identity Worldwide


Dispute between Truth and Falsehood

By Salman Abdul Samad

(Translated from Urdu by Ghulam Rasool, New Age Islam)

There has always been a fierce fight between the truth and falsehood. People of falsehood have consistently been hatching conspiracies against the truth trying to overpower it. From the time immemorial, this battle has been going on and on.

Throughout history, we find numerous instances of how people of truth successfully won this battle holding aloft the torch of the truth. Although we may see sometimes people of falsehood win the battle temporarily, but ultimately their apparent triumph proves to be deceptive bringing dire consequences and devastating results to those ill-fated people who come under their spell due to their wavering belief.

However, there is no denying that Islam is the only true, eternal and unique religion that has always been subjected to the evil designs and poisonous propaganda of the evil-minded people who attempt to defame Islam and tarnish its noble teachings and traditions. It continues even today when Islam is being looked down upon and its followers are criticized severely with a huge number of misconceptions and doubts being raised against them. Yet, the enemies of Islam miserably fail to put their plans into practice and all their attempts go in vain before they come into effect.

Not only America and Europe, but the whole world has united against Islamic faith and culture and its social fabric. Though they have tarnished the image of Islam to drive people away from its sacred fold, yet it is growing faster against all odds. Going by a US report, despite huge efforts being made to associate Islam with the menace of terrorism and extremism, people are turning towards it in large numbers. Thus, the US government’s conspiracy against Muslims bears no fruit.

According to a US survey agency for the religious organizations, the number of Muslims has increased to 26, 00,000 in 2010, whereas they were only 10, 00,000 in 2000. Hence, it is pretty evident that even in the materialistic world of Europe and America, Islam is growing fast and seekers of the truth are coming in its fold in great numbers. They attain truly spiritual satisfaction and complete solace in Islamic teachings. It shows how terribly the US plans failed against Islam. As a result, the number of Jews has declined for the first time in the West and South America. Similarly, a large number of Christians are walking away from their religion and turning towards Islam. In fact, this news is extremely painful for the opponents of Islam. It sets a clear example of how falsehood goes before a fall, though it triumphs sometimes temporarily. Actually, falsehood is fated to suffer downfall, just because it cannot coexist with truth. The clash between the two teaches us a great lesson.

The above-mentioned report is thought-provoking not only for the enemies of Islam but also for those Muslims who tend to deviate from the righteous path of Islam. If we ponder over this with open mind and sincerity, we will surely come across a variety of gratifying things as well as the satisfactory answers to many questions commonly asked by non-believers.

That Islam spread in every part of the world by sword is a misconception deeply rooted in evil minds. People having such notions must figure out the reason behind the increasingly growing tendency towards Islam in America. Has any Muslim compelled Americans to accept Islam? No! not at all, but rather their faithful souls themselves welcomed the truth. Though France, Germany and America strictly banned Islamic culture and practices, and the teachings of Islam are ridiculed, yet Islam is emerging there rapidly and dynamically. Many Muslims suffered severe torments as a result of practicing Islam and maintaining their religious culture, but none of these bodily sufferings could impede their way to Islam, rather they are filled with the stubborn flame of desire to find solace in Islamic guidance.

A few days ago, an Egyptian woman namely Al-Sherbini was denied wearing scarf and sentenced to penalty by the court of Germany. A man named ‘Excel’ used to criticize her for choosing Islamic dress code. She had got fed up with his rubbish and hurtful comments. But still she did not give up courage and kept her Islamic sprit alive and vibrant despite facing severe critiques from many German citizens. One day, the very person blatantly attacked her and stabbed her to death before a huge gathering of the German court. When her husband protested, he too was severely attacked.

Similarly, a newly converted Muslim woman was treated harshly in the city of Texas. The 41-year old victim Susan said that since the time she converted to Islam, she had been facing tough time and a very violent and prejudiced treatment was meted out to her by her company’s supervisors, even her scarf was overthrown to humiliate her religious identity.

The long and short of this story is that despite such horrendous acts of violence and torments, even women folk are whole-heartedly committed to the practice of Islam and a large number of non-Muslims are turning towards it with overwhelming zeal and gusto. Such actual examples highlight the truthfulness of Islam. We have an endless list of the instances that state explicitly that Islam is not at all spread today by force, then how one dares to say that it was propagated by sword in times of the Prophet S.A.W and his companions who are believed to be exceptionally soft-hearted and mild-tempered?

The current scenario of Islam in Europe and America puts a question mark to the situation of those Muslims who are practically away from Islam. The question is why they are reluctant to follow Islam properly and keen to blindly imitate the western culture at a time when many Westerners and Europeans take great pride in choosing Islamic code of life? Verily, Islam is true and will always prove to be true, come what may. Those defiant Muslims must think it over and ask themselves the question why non-Muslims are embracing Islam in such a great number? What makes them feel so proud to follow Islam? If they can attain fulfilment in Islamic source of inspiration, then why not those who are born Muslims? But surprisingly enough, these Muslims are running after Western culture.

It really gets us pleasure that today Islam is growing fast among its own opponents, however, it attaches much importance to the question how many people are there who embraced Islam getting inspiration from the character and behaviour of today’s Muslims? It is a tragic picture of Muslims that calls for their introspection. If we get deeply into ground realities, we will get to know that one hardly gets inspired by the present Muslim’s attitude and character. In fact, today’s Muslims have no role to play to build up their society. Their daily life and common dealings set no good example, and this is precisely why people of other religions began to detest them everywhere.

As for the reason behind wide acceptance of Islam among its opponents, it is because people are in constant quest for inner peace and spiritual satisfaction. It makes them study Islam by themselves and go through the prophet’s teachings and dealings. As a result, they find true source of inspiration in Islam. To represent the true version of Islam in this era of moral and ethical downfall, it is incumbent upon us to exhibit the manners and virtues taught by Islam.

Just as we feel extremely delighted to see someone accept Islam, in the same way we should feel sad and sullen when a Muslim turns a blind eye to Islamic teachings and simply ignores his religious obligations. If we develop this attitude within us, we would be able to reform our society easily and convey a strong message to others. Then Islam would definitely grow much faster and wider even if its enemies try hard to hamper its growth. As a matter of fact, Muslims have been considered as terrorists and extremists in Europe and a large number of US citizens still give Muslims a disgusting look, but surprisingly enough the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seemed to have felt truly sorry about the situation when she stated, on her official visit to Bangladesh, that she feels hurt when someone says America is a rival to Islam. It goes beyond saying that America is an adversary to Islam, but on the other hand, American people have begun to change their perception about Islam. To sum up, America seems to be defeated in the war between truth and falsehood, and all its Herculean efforts and tireless endeavours are bound to turn out much against its expectations. Verily, Islam is like a tree, the more it is cut off, the greener it grows. 

Source: Hindustan Express, New Delhi 19 May 2012