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Islam and the West ( 16 Dec 2015, NewAgeIslam.Com)

Of Political Boomerangs and Noble Words in God’s name

By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

17 Dec 2015


The boomerang is one of Australia's uniquely crafted Aboriginal hunting implement. Its complex aerodynamics of flight and function is beyond ordinary person’s grasp. When thrown correctly it returns at the point of throw with predictable consequences.









The texts in the cartoon strips explains this: “What was that”…..”Vengeful Boomerang”…..”Boomerangs are Gay”…..”Better watch what you say”….. “#”may be translated as common Australian explicit or simply as “Aooch!”


Referring to the recent Tony Blair’s qualified political ‘apology’ as reported in media, viz–“The former British prime minister declined to apologise for the war itself and defended armed intervention in 2003, pointing to the current civil war in Syria to highlight the dangers of inaction”-- is an example of how an expert political boomerang thrower being aware of the consequences, feigns surprise when the boomerang inflicts proportional damage in return.


He finds faults with the implement which he and other expert members of the coalition did not detect: “I apologise for the fact that the intelligence WE received was wrong…” he said with contrived contemplative expression and added “…OUR mistake in OUR understanding of what would happen…”!


That was blatantly false, as every experienced thrower knows that boomerangs have a characteristic to return to the point of throw, inflicting damage on the way. Besides it is this known expertise in it for which Arab potentates hire him as adviser, rewarding him richly for it.


What happened since the end of WWII and the beginning of the Korean War (1950 to 1953) is a litany of military boomerang throwing—interventions in other countries -- by the US and its allies including Australia (sometimes referred to in the media as lap-dog of US).


This is an indication of the well thought out, well planned and practiced strategies for the implementation of their agenda over the years.

It goes far beyond the roll-play of “custodians of Democracy”, adopted by them as their noble charter. Yet put in practice, full of contradictions.


Close to thirty such interventions have taken place in other countries where their political or economic system was not acceptable. Not all interventions had resulted in the good of people; for the people, of the people and by the people. Many countries suffer from those disasters of interventions including the use of chemical weapons for decades on.


All pretences of fairness are abandoned when the people demand their rightful place in the world. The boomerangs came out in force in the shape of the aircraft carriers, war ships and planes, the drones, the tanks and guns, the lot.


The noble word sas written in the US Declaration of Independence of July 1776 ‘…and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station’, that the people are naturally entitled to and so often demand it; is never implemented by all those in power!


Dollars by the tons ( are available to destroy and annihilate countries and kill people for the sake of regime change. With that much money to splash around, any number of ‘rent-a-crowd’ and religious leaders were hired and enlisted from within the countries to legitimise intervention and support of the chosen friend and destroy the perceived enemy.


The results were predictable and well known all along. That is the known nature of the boomerang and politically it was used effectively.


If it was not for the Korean, Vietnam and other wars, it would have been easy to conclude that it is the intense hatred of the Muslim world that prompts the allies to want to destroy it. Since the Gulf wars the destruction of that part of the world appears to be the main agenda and strategy of the experts now.


Having said that, it is fully appreciated that it is not only the allies who are engaged in the destruction of that part of the world but those in power there and have axes to grind, such as keeping alive sectarian divide and political power are hiring these experts allies to come and destroy their own country and each other; and what is more, pay them handsomely for doing it.


That is the business of the hirelings.


An Arab Sheikh when taunted for being stooge of the West retorted: “On the contrary WE are their masters; WE hire them to do our dirty work, We even hire them to fight for us”.


But the fact that the Powers of the world have assumed the high moral ground and the position of world policemen for themselves; is it not their noble duty to act in a way as to protect the innocent and to establish peace?


It seems that the above is not in the realm of “we do it because we can” as said by one of their high priests of politics.


Why is there so much money available for destruction, but not for constructive work; such as infrastructure development and construction of schools and to reduce poverty inthe poor countries of the world?


Why not leave feuding countries and their selfish dictators and people alone, to sort out their problems in their own way? How much destruction and loss of life will occur then?


Why are the others not given the right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness by the experts?


What ever happened to the noble cliché written on the famous parchment of independence- “We hold these truth to be self-evident that all men (including women one hopes) are created equal, that they (Muslims or not)are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among them are Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness,…”?


Why oh why are the experts negating what the Creator of the universe has endowed all mankind, black, brown or white, with the above rights? Whereas the experts themselves declared those rights as legitimate when demanding independence for themselves in 1776?


This is perhaps where the saying came from — “it is not worth the paper it is written on”!


Generations after generations of young people sing exuberantly the songs for peace and love in the world; as can be seen in the International Festival of Languages and Culture-Iflc Australia—All countries Heal the world

The hardest of stony hearts should melt on watching them sing songs of peace!


All political leaders and Heads of States when they meet at international forums shake hands warmly and with smiling faces as friends.


Year after year the religious leaders pontificate the same message in the name of God, with reflective and gloomy faces!


The international holiday of Christmas is almost upon us and the oft repeated messages of goodwill will be regurgitated vainly in God’s name.


The hypocrisy of it all is beyond a common person’s intelligence to fathom, let alone for the emotionally charged, young and vulnerable.


The young people are either left to their own understanding and resources to untangle the contradictions or are led by the nose and brainwashed by others for their causes.

They are the most manipulative and dangerously clever ones. Parents and society as a whole has to be vigilant.


The young react as manipulated; to the dismay and suffering of the rest of the innocent world and their parents and families too.


It is upto the noble ones in power to sincerely and unselfishly implement policies for peace and deploy all resources to eliminate ignorance and poverty in the world.


The experts have enough resources to do so. The only thing lacking is the will to change their characteristic strategies, agenda and greed.


The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God–seems to want them to do so, as is written on the parchment of independence.


Enjoy a Peaceful and Merry Christmas holidays.



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