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America will Meet the Fate of Abraha of the Jahiliya, If It Dares to Attack Mecca, says Deoband Cleric

Virtues of Harmain Sharifain

By Maulana Nadeem-ul-Wajidi

(Translated from Urdu by Arman Neyazi, New Age Islam)

May 21, 2012

Both Haram-e-Makki and Haram-e-Madani have innumerable virtues. Both these are highly adored cities for God and beloved for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

In Quran Karim, Allah (rabb-ul-izzat) vows in the name of Mecca Mokarrama, this is a proof of its greatness.  God says, “By the fig and the olive And [by] Mount Sinai And [by] this secure city [Makkah],” (Al Teen 1-3) On one other place God says, “Have they not seen that We made [Makkah] a safe sanctuary,” (Al-Ankaboot: 67).

And in this pious city is the ‘House of God’, called Quibla. It is the epicentre of performing the duties of Haj for all the Muslims. Hazrat Ibraheem Khaleelullah has asked God’s bounties for this city on various occasions, “….So make hearts among the people incline toward them and provide for them from the fruits….” (Al-Ibrahim: 37).

This city is the birth place of Allah’s last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh) and it is where he is trained. Prophet (pbuh) reached his young age in the attractive and pleasant valleys of this city. This is the city where the first revelation (wahi) came.

Prophet (pbuh) loved this city a lot. When he started his journey with an intention of migration from Mecca, he thus spoke in the market place, “I swear in the name of God, you are the best place on this earth of God and God loves you the most. Had I not been forced to migrate, I would have never left you.” (Masnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal: 157/38, Raquam-ul-Hadees: 17968) O’ Mecca, by God, you are so pious for me that had I not been forced to migrate, I would have never settled elsewhere” (Sanan al-Tirmizi: 435/12, Raquam: 3861).

Mecca is the city where it is necessary to wear ‘Ahram ‘before entering for the Haj. Plucking of leaves, cutting of trees and hunting is Haram (forbidden) here. Entering of any non-Muslim, so much so that passing through it is also an unholy act. The value of this city can be gauged from the fact that Muslims offer Namaz with their face towards it. Offering Namaz in Masjid-e-Haraam has one lakh times more rewards in comparison to other places. Fuquaha of the Hanafi, Hanbali and Shafei schools of thought are of the opinion that Mecca is more pious than all other cities of the world.

Medina Munawwara is the city where Prophet (pbuh) settled and breathed his last. The piece of the earth which has touched Prophet’s (pbuh) pious body is taken as greater than ‘Arsh-e-Elahi’. Medina Munawwara was very close to Prophet (pbuh). Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to pray for this city as, “O God the request that your Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim (as) used to make for the Meccan, I, your servant (Banda) am asking for the Medinaites. O’ God bestow your blessings and kindness on the fruits for Medinaites. O’ God, as you created love for Mecca in our hearts create love for Medina as well (Sanan Ibn Maaja: 259/9, Raquam-ul-Hadees 3104). According to one Hadees, “I swear by Him in whose hands is my life, there may not be any place, any valley in Medina where at least two angels are not always at guard (Sahih Muslim: 114/7, Raquam: 2439)

There is a tradition in the name of Hazrat Ebadat Ibn al Saamat (ra) that Prophet (pbuh) cursed for the wrongdoers on Medinaites, “ O’ God, the perpetrators of cruelty and fear on Medinaites may have curse of God, angels and all the inhabitants of the world.” (Al-Muajjam-ul-Kabeer-ul-Tibraani: 271/6)

One can judge the value of Mecca and Medina from the fact that some parts of these two cities are considered parts of heaven. ‘Hajr-e-Aswad’ is said to have descended from heaven. It was whiter than milk but human beings’ sin has changed it into black. (Sanan al-Tirmizi: 420/3, Raquam: 803). One tradition has it that ‘Rukn’ and ‘Muquam’ both are two pearls of heaven. God has hidden their light. Had it not been done the whole world would have shone from its brightness (Sanan Tirmizi: 421/3, Raquam 804) Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says, “a place between my home and Member (place from where Khutba is recited) is one of the gardens of heaven and my Member will be on my Hauz-e-Kausar” in heaven. (Sahih Bukhari: 385/4)

Both these towns have been and will remain a centre of blessing for the believers. Muslims relationship with both these cities is that of a lover and beloved, of respect and piousness and this is not going to weaken, ever. Hearing the name of these two cities even non-practising Muslims’ heart starts beating with the feelings of love.

The news emancipating from America must be seen having the above mentioned points in mind. It is not only America but all other countries that are enemies of Islam do not want Muslims’ love with these two pious cities to continue. That is why America has included this unholy plan in its curriculum.  The course was being taught and mentally they were being readied to bring it to practice. All these things are now very much known to everyone in the world.  New revelations coming to light everyday have made it clear that, America which calls itself the flag bearer of tolerance and harmony has come to light with its real distorted face.

The course that is being taught to American army mirrors its mean mindedness. In one of the videos, an American army officer Lt Col Matthew Dooley asks the officers to forget all the rules, regulations and objectives of Geneva Convention while fighting with Muslims and we all know this is being followed in words and spirit. This very officer blames Muslims and especially Islam for waging war against America and says in a 31-page note, ‘So What Can We Do’, that time has come to extend the boundaries of war and the way Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombarded, Mecca and Medina also need to be attacked, This ‘note’ is used in the American army’s training.

Lessons of total war against Islam and nuclear attack on Mecca and Medina is not being imparted only to the army but under a strategy this kind of training is being imparted to all the security forces. And this is undergoing since 1988.  This plan of American government is not new, neither is it a top secret. Pentagon accepted this plan in 1988 and it was implemented with the signature of the then President.

Creation of anti-Islam mentality and anti-Muslim training in Homeland Security, Metropolitan Police, FBI and other such institutions started soon after 9/11. Organisations and Think Tanks were formed for the achievement of this objective with people having dual citizenship of Israel and America. Now, it is an open secret that Pentagon, American Ministry of Defence, White House and CIA are associated with this plan since 1988. Now Pentagon is trying to save its face. One person associated with this American Think Tank has disclosed that “how Muslims can be kept away from Quran and Sharia” has been a topic of discussion. He furthers reveals that insult of Quran and blasphemous acts against Prophet (pbuh) spread all over the world is a part of the research work of this very ‘think tank’. It is being used as a psychological ploy to let the Muslims become inured to continuous blasphemous acts against Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and insults of Quran. And the last stage of their plan is to, Nauzobillah destroy Harmain Sharifain and annihilate Islam from the face of the earth. (Source: Urdu Daily, Ummat, Karachi, Sunday 13th May 2012).

The beginning of this destructive mentality of the Christians against Ka’aba Sharif should be searched in the incidents that happened 1400 years ago when Islam had not even come to the fore. This is a spark which time and again takes the form of a flame in the hearts of the Christians.

Hazrat Maulana Hifzu-ur-Rahman Seoharwi (ra) comments on the incidents of Abraha: “This incident shows that Christians in all other communities will have enmity against Ka’aba and in every age will keep expressing it in their uncivilised manner. History is a witness to it that whenever they got an opportunity they practically expressed their anguish and Allah Kareem always got them defeated. (Quasas-ul-Quran: 397/3)

It is an old enmity of Christians against Khana-e-Ka’aba and this incident happened some forty to fifty days before the holy birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Quran Kareem has not described its details but main points of it have been recorded in a short Surah “Al-Feel” which brings to mind the whole scenario how God guarded the Kaaba. In Arabic language, “feel” means ‘elephant’. It is named as Al-Feel because elephants had a big role in this incident. This Surah has five small Ayats:

“Have you not considered, [O Muhammad], how your Lord dealt with the companions of the elephant? Did He not make their plan into misguidance? And He sent against them birds in flocks, Striking them with stones of hard clay, And He made them like eaten straw.” (Surah Al-Feel: 1 to 5)

Details of the incident, under discussion are available in Hadees, Seerat and history books. Ulema take this incident also as a kind of miracle of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Allah Kareem has shown such signs and incidents before prophethood (Nabuwwat), even before the holy birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), that they seem to be a miracle. According to Hazrat Maulana Hifzu-ur-Rahman Seoharwi (ra), ‘the signs and the incidents before the holy birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) were as a sign of the holy birth. Ashab-e-Feel incident is also one of those incidents and signs which is of high value. (Quasas-ul-Quran: 394/3)

This incident of ‘Feel’ was of so much of importance for Arabs that they named that year as ‘Aam-ul-Feel’, the year of elephants. Although non-believers of Mecca, Jews and Christians were against Prophet (pbuh) but even they could not dare deny it. There were thousands of eye witnesses of this incident. Main character of this incident, Abraha, was the king of Yemen. Abraha is the Ethiopian word for ‘Ibrahim’. He was a keen campaigner of Christianity. He had built numerous Churches in the country, one of which was a great structure in the capital of Yemen, San’a. According to historians this Church was a beauty of architecture. Abraha wrote to Najashi that I have built such a magnificent Church which has not comparison in history and now I wish to make the Arabs who gather for Haj in Mecca, face this Church and transform it as the place of Haj for them. This announcement infuriated the Arabs and they started hating Churches. A person of Hejazi community somehow desecrated this Church which enraged Abraha and he decided to destroy Ka’aba-e-Ibrahimi. To make his dream come true he set out on a journey to Mecca with a large army with a big number of elephants. This news shocked the Arabs and his opposition started from Yemen itself. First of all a lord called Zu Nazar unsuccessfully fought with Abraha’s army. Bani Khasham tribe also unsuccessfully fought him. Fighting various such battles he settled at the valley of Mughammis, on the outskirts of Mecca.

Meccans were either highly ignorant or so content that they were busy in their everyday chores, feeding their camels and goats in the meadows. The army of Abraha that was sent to raid Mecca took away their cattle to frighten them. Those days Hazrat Abdul Muttalib, grandfather of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the leader of the Quraish tribe.  A messenger of Abraha came to him and said that they do not take them as their enemy. They have come to destroy ‘Baitullah’ and if you wish to fight, it is your decision and if you do not wish to fight, our king wishes to meet you. Abdul Muttalib replied, “We do not wish to fight. Nor do we have so much power. But this is ‘the House of God’ and a memorial of His prophet Hazrat Ibrahim (as). If Allah will decide to guard it, He will.” After this discussion, Abdul Muttalib went to meet Abraha. As Abdul Muttalib was a man of highly attractive personality, Abraha got impressed. He seated him close to his seat and got impressed with his talks. Abraha was thinking that Abdul Muttalib will talk to him about ‘Baitullah’ and will offer money to leave it but he talked of the cattle which his men had forcibly brought. Abraha was shocked to listen to it. He said, do you know I have come to destroy the structure which you love so much, but you did not say a word about it and are talking about your camels which have no worth in comparison to Ka’aba. Hazrat Abdul Muttalib replied, Ka’aba is not my house, it is God’s house. He will Himself guard it. Who am I to talk about it, yes, camels are mine, so I am talking about them. Abraha proudly declared that now no one can save ‘this house’ from me. Abdul Muttalib said, it is between you and the owner of Ka’ba, and came back.

According to traditions, Abdul Muttalib took his tribe and started going towards some hillock, so that they did not see the scene of destruction from their eyes. While going towards a hillock, Abdul Muttalib went to Khana-e-Ka’aba and taking the Chain of the Lock of the Door of Ka’ba in his hands, said, “O’ God, when we are unable to guard our household items, how could we be able to guard ‘Your House’. Guard ‘Your House’ Yourself. No Christian power can defeat Your Power neither their plan can get successful over Your Plan. Yes, if You wish them to destroy Your pious House, do what You wish”.

Abraha started going towards Mecca with his army. There were herds of elephants ahead and horsemen and military after that. This army had not even reached Mecca that flocks of birds came from nowhere and surrounded the whole army. They had stone pebbles in their beaks which they started throwing on the army. Whoever, whether elephants or men came under their attacks got wounds like that of bullets. Their limbs and organs started falling like rotten pieces. The whole army was killed except some people among whom was Abraha who did not die to be a witness of the whole incident. (Tareekh Ibne Kaseer with source of Muareful Quran 817/8, Quasas-ul-Quran 345/3 Malkhasa)

Whatever Hazrat Maulana Hifzu-ur-Rahman Seoharwi (ra) has written after describing this incident has a contemporary meaning He writes, “Today neither are there Ashab-al-Feel nor Al-Qualees Sanaa or even that tribe of Quraish who were witness to this incident but Khana-e-Quibla is there with all its glory and Quran is announcing its value, “Indeed, the first House [of worship] established for mankind was that at Makkah - blessed and a guidance for the worlds.”(Al-Imran: 96)

“No doubt, oldest is the house which is constructed to pray to God. Indeed, it is which is in Mecca. It is for the guidance of this and other worlds.” (Quasas-ul-Quran 392/3)

I have no doubt in it that Abraha of this age will also meet the same fate as the Abraha of that age had if he tried to bring his plans to practice. This is ‘the House of God’ same as it was earlier. God is the same as it was earlier. Same are the believers without powers to fight as before. Same is the army of proud people as it was before. Their end should also be the same as before. With this very hope and belief we have to keep an eye on the America’s unholy plan. This is the message of Surah-e-Feel.

Source: Urdu Daily Hindustan Express, New Delhi

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