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Islam and the West ( 20 Jul 2010, NewAgeIslam.Com)

Iran: American conspiracy to scuttle Muslim unity

By Maulana Maqsoodul Hasan Qasmi


Promoting Shia-Sunni divide, an Urdu daily published from New Delhi has written in its edition of June 23, 2010 that in the eyes of Iran every Sunni was Abdul Malik Regi.

The newspaper has said that the Shia regime in Iran has made life hell for Sunnis and is specifically hanging Sunni scholars.

So far as the persecution of the Sunnis in Iran is concerned, it should be kept in mind that the main source of all the news of human rights violations in Iran is the Jewish, Christian and American media which are in no way based on truth. Actually, this kind of news is spread to promote Shia-Sunni divide. Currently, the US and Israel are worried about Iran’s proposed nuclear programme. Israel’s apprehension is that if Iran becomes a powerful atomic power, its existence would be at peril and the Muslims of Palestine, Lebanon and Syria will be able to avenge Israel’s barbarity and the killings of innocent people.

Until now, all the steps taken against Iran, all the sanctions imposed on Iran by the US, Israel and their allies could not affect Iran’s resolve. So, they have started another conspiracy to pitch Sunni Muslims against Iran. Therefore, the American and European rulers convinced the Arab rulers that Iran’s atomic programme is actually not against Israel but against the Arab countries and that it will first use its nuclear weapons against Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Arab countries. So, now it is being emphasised that Iran is more dangerous than Israel. The so-called journalists of Arab media and the slaves of America are comparing Iranian President Ahmadi Nejad with Israel’s Netanyahu. The articles in the famous newspaper of the Middle East Asharq al Awsat are clear testimony to this. Arab rulers have never defended the Muslims. During the Second World War, under the influence of the UK, the Arabs raised the slogan of Arab nationalism instead of supporting Islamic unity and wiped out the Ottoman Empire with the help of the UK, and even crushed Turkey with the British army. It was the Saudi Arabia and Kuwait who used Saddam Hussein to destroy Iran for 13 years. When Saddam captured Kuwait, they invited American soldiers to trample the sacred land under their feet. Due to these acts of the Saudi government, the entire gulf is in the grip of the US and the presence of the US forces is the real cause of lawlessness in the region.

It’s common knowledge that America is leaving no stone unturned to create internal strife in Iran. The CIA agents have been showering dollars to cause rebellion in the country.  The American agents, in the guise of journalists, have been running their activities by buying the allegiance of a section of the people on the pretext of defending human rights of the Sunni minority. In these circumstances, if Iran acts against anyone, branding it as Shia-Sunni sectarian issue would be most inappropriate.

Now, for example, a Shia population lives in Yemen in the bordering areas of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government constantly alleges that conspiracy is hatched against it in this area. Therefore, Saudi Arabia carries out aerial attacks on the Shia population there every month without fail. If anyone tries to create misunderstanding by branding it Shia-Sunni strife, it will border on foolishness. In the same way Iran has every right to take action against the conspiracies being hatched against it.

It is a fact that in every region and in every country the rights of the minorities are violated and the minorities are mistreated. Surprisingly, even in our country the minorities face a number of hardships. Interestingly, if in any area, the Muslims are in majority and do not face persecution from other religious sects, they make life of their own co-religionists worse than the dalits’. If the Bareillvis are in majorty in a particular area, they subject the Deobandis to persecution and vice versa. By citing these instances, my purpose is that voices should be raised against these violations but we should not become tools in the hands of the enemies of Islam by giving it a sectarian hue. I was participating in an international conference on the Palestine situation. At the end of the conference, when asked about the internal conflict between the Hamas and Al Fatah in Palestine, the Palestinian ambassador in India, praised Fateh while strongly criticising Hamas. During the conversation he even condemned Iran for being the enemy of the Sunnis. He also said that Hamas was the enemy of the Palestinians. He went on to say that Hamas was backed by Iran and Lebanon’s Hizbullah. I asked the ambassador if if in your words Iran is hostile towards Sunnis, was Hamas a Shia group or Sunni? The ambassador had been trapped.He replied that Hamas belonged to the Sunnis. I asked why then Iran and Hizbollah helped them. He had no answer.

Consider this: The Arabs and Egypt have joined the chorus of Israel and America against Hamas who is dear to the Palestinian Muslims and had got majority of their votes in the elections. They are hell-bent on destroying Hamas. The truth is that Iran is the only country who can be in a position to reign in the oppressive forces like Israel. The individuals or governments who are dividing on Shia-Sunni lines and fanning Shia-Sunni differences should bear in mind that by doing that they are becoming a tool in the hands of the Zionists forces in their evil designs. This should also be kept in mind that the excesses of Israel and his allies against the Palestinians have gone to such an extent that every single Muslim, every Muslim child is dying to take revenge on their barbarity. He is eager to see the emergence of such a power who can teach a lesson to Israel and can make the recovery of Qibla-e-Awwal(Jerusalem) possible. The Islamic world is therefore not in a mood to engage in the Shia-Sunni debate, but wants to avenge the excesses of Israel. Those who are fanning this divide will bite the dust. According to sources, a renowned intellectual based in Delhi had got an offer from an Arab country to work on a project on the assurance of huge remuneration in return. The project was to prove Shia sect of the Muslims non-Muslims. But the God-fearing Muslim scholar and researcher out rightly rejected the offer. I appeal to all the writers and intellectuals promoting sectarian differences to give up this act and seek God’s blessings and raise their voice against the America-worship and luxury mania of these Muslim rulers and princes. If idol-worship is shirk, does not America-worship tantamount to shirk?   

(Translated from Urdu)