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Islam and the West ( 11 Apr 2019, NewAgeIslam.Com)

The Attack on the Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, Is a Challenge to Islam

By Mahrukh A Mughal

April 12, 2019

IT is very saddening, if the Muslim community still holds a silence. The attack on the mosque is a challenge to Islam. I do not intend to invoke sentiments of the people here. However, it was strictly cruel action against the already suppressed people.

Within hours of vicious massacre, two mosques in Christ-church, New Zealand were the targets of an Islamophobia attack that killed at least 50 people and left over 40 wounded. Prime Minister Jacinda Andren described it as “an act of terrorist” and one of the country’s darkest days, yet many observers around the world covert to recognize it as an “act of terror”. No religion allows people to kill other people just on the name of religion. They are terrorists, the agents of black world. They just want to eradicate the world by doing evil actions. They are murderer of peace; they want to ignite flames of hostility in the hearts of the people. This is not merely an attack on the mosques but on the whole structure of Islam and humanity at large.

Terrorism is an act of violence, aggression and chaos, which has been created to fulfil the malign purpose of white supremacy. Let us grasp the root cause of terrorism. After the World War II “Grand Area” doctrine was promulgated by US to dominate the western and eastern reserves including oil and energy in the Middle East. In addition, in the doctrine, it is stated clearly that “racism” is our literary culture and has been ranked at highest.

 In consideration to the Grand Area doctrine, the gruesome attack against Muslims at Christchurch, we can clearly see analogues, not only in the form of terrorism against Muslims that killed 7 people in Qubec and 11 people in Finsbury Park mosque attack in London. However, terrorism also perpetuated against Jews in Pittsburgh, against African-American in Charleston and even against the concept of multiculturalism itself in Norway 2011. All these violent acts of aggression have been linked to a process of right-wing radicalization that Western political and intellectual leadership have done very little to tackle, and in many cases as knowingly and even inadvertently.

The hatred against Muslims has not only been expressed in speeches but it has also been codified in legislation to counter violent extremist policies. As Australian Senator stated, “we have made a biggest mistake to allow Muslim Lebanese to migrate in the 1970s”. Donald Trump during his election campaign has had limelighted Muslims of being terrorist and advise all his Oval Office staff to read “The Camp of Saints” a racist novel, that describes about brown’s immigrants invading and overtaking Europe. He further added “We cannot replace our civilization with rare babies”. After the massacres at Christchurch mosques, Donald Trump extolled at Bright Bart site, which promotes anti-Muslims, anti-black and anti-immigrant sentiments.

 The Muslims, who left their motherlands to seek better life, have become the victim of white-supremacist due to the prevalence of Islamophobia and racist sentiments that ignited early by elite Americans. Since all the dots are well connected and linked to the mainstream terrorism, Western media is linking the Christchurch upheaval to the Muslim terrorism agenda against the West. Forgetting that terrorist’s minorities have no religion and neither Islamic ideology ever pursued to ruin innocents.

Of course, it reverberates propaganda of radical elements spreading in the west and religious minorities in Muslim countries, thus perpetuating an unending cycle of hate. Hatred towards Muslims is radicalised because we still live in a world where white privilege prevails. In addition to such nefarious cycle of hate, western media contends to name such cataclysm as “gunman”, instead of calling, “the act of terrorism”. If it would be any Muslim exaggerating the act, the vigour of media would have been 10 times more frolics to shame on Muslims especially by President Donald Trump.

Social media and twitter land world have left people thinking that short tweets do an injustice to so many issues. Media has become a mass vehicle for hateful statements toward minorities in the West. To build the bridge of love and counter the hate, we need to have critical discussion on Islamophobia and racism at governmental and grassroots level as we need to strengthen our resolve against all forms of hate. Muslims are in pain today and mourning on the Friday massacres. We need to take strong stance against social injustices that are hovering in the society and world at large. The perpetrator needs to be astronomically punished to leave an exemplary castigation for the world and minority groups that spread hatred and violence. We need to name such people in public and organize resources to counter such horrendous acts. Foremost, we need to spread awareness through media campaigns and promote education that stimulates love and peace.

 In addition, there should be small organizations in every state that should specifically be working to condemn violence and chaos in the society to foster peace, regardless, white or Islamist extremists perpetrate the terrorist acts. Their narratives must not be enabled in the society or through allegation. We need to have collective Muslim approach on an emergency basis.

Those evil forces want to frighten people by hitting on their religious psyche. The war will be destructive. It is not the age of war and conflicts. It is the time of making compromises and cooperation at international level in primitive to spilling over terrorism at many folds. We should not always take refuge in the past. We should also try to fly at the realm of the future. Terrorism of every type, in every nation, must be condemned and disdained using the same language of explicit condemnation.

Mahrukh A Mughal, a freelance columnist, is based in Lahore.