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Islam and the West ( 3 Jun 2015, NewAgeIslam.Com)

How the West Manufactures ‘Terrorism’

By Jeff Nielson

June 1, 2015

There was a very revealing (inadvertently revealing) article in Reuters about the current situation in Egypt. There is also great irony here. I had dismissed the (latest) Military Thug-Government in Egypt as nothing but more Western puppets, who would do nothing but prance-and-caper as commanded by their Masters.

Now we see this Thug Government engaging in (apparently) a very progressive measure: directing the population into more “moderate” teaching of Islam. But instead of praising and encouraging this initiative (which is EXACTLY what Western leaders have been preaching, themselves), we see the Corporate media — and Western governments — reacting to this initiative with scepticism bordering on scorn.

Why is this? To answer that question; we must first ask another question. WHO “radicalized” Islam, in the first place? The West did.

Who benefits from “radicalized” Islam, and “radical” Muslims? The West does. In order for the West’s agent provocateurs to GOAD these supposed “terrorists” into their pointless-and-futile “attacks”; you first need to manufacture a lot of “angry young men” — the perfect fodder as pseudo-terrorists.

You FUND radicalized Islamic institutions in order to churn-out “radical Muslims”, just like our own “education system” has been perverted from institutions which teach children to instead becoming drone-mills: CREATING the slack-jawed Zombies who will just sit back and yawn as their democracy, prosperity, and (now) their human rights are TAKEN AWAY FROM THEM.

Cause and effect. Or (in the context of crime): means, motive, opportunity. It is the West who benefits (and only the West that benefits) from radicalized Islam; as it provides these corrupt regimes with the pretext (and enough human fodder) for their phony War on Terror. Presumably there were 19 “radical” Muslim Arabs who sacrificed their lives, in the 9/11 false-flag event. Getting stooges who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice requires extremist indoctrination.

We know that the Old World Order engages in “social engineering” in our own societies, with our (corrupted) “education system” being merely one facet of this. Why would we not expect this cabal to engage in social engineering in other societies, as well? The difference is that because they wanted to produce a different type of Drone: a “radical” version, they used different “engineering” and indoctrination techniques.

Why would the West react with “scepticism” rather than support as Egypt’s pro-West regime seeks to move toward more-moderate Islamic faith? Because the Western fascist states LIKE to see radicalized Islam (what they have bought and paid for, themselves), despite what they say, publicly — because it suits their interests.

Israel gets its supposed pretext to never engage in good faith negotiations to return the land it has stolen, to release the Palestinians from their military occupation and gulag, and to suspend their slow-genocide against that population (with the goal of stealing ALL their land).

The West gets their Terrorist Bogeymen, which (supposedly) justifies taking away all our human/constitutional rights, turning our former democracies into fascist police states, overthrowing regimes, and unleashing their war-machines anywhere and everywhere they please.

Cause and effect. Means, motive, opportunity. Follow the money. This is how we see through the propaganda and disinformation. Ignore what these treacherous governments say, except to note when their words directly contradict their actions, or contradict what they have said previously (as is the case here).

When presented with any Boogeyman “terrorist” crime by the media; always ask yourself: who benefits from this crime (i.e. who has the motive)? Presumably, in every case, the answer will be “Western governments”, or (in different geographical context) Israel.

Forty years ago; when there was some genuine/organic “Palestinian terrorism” (and terrorists), we saw the same, familiar behaviour pattern that we have seen (historically) in all real terrorism — like the Jewish campaign of terrorism in Palestine, which led to the creation of Israel.

This Is What (Real) Terrorists Always Do:

1) They claim responsibility for their attacks.

2) They make (public) demands.

3) There is some STRATEGIC PURPOSE in their attacks/operations.

Now compare that to what we see in almost all of the 21st century PSEUDO-TERRORISM of the West’s phony “War on Terror”(except for the few, major, false-flag operations).

1) No claims of responsibility (what’s the point of committing a “terrorist attack”, if no one knows who/what you represent?).

2) No demands (how can these “terrorists” demand anything, if no one knows who/what they represent?).

3) NO STRATEGIC PURPOSE at all, i.e. no rational purpose/motive for these supposed “attacks”. They could carry out these silly “attacks” a million times, and there would still be no possibility of advancing any strategic objective.

All that is accomplished is to (supposedly) “provoke” Western governments into more-extremist “anti-terrorism” laws (i.e. pro-fascism laws), and dropping even more bombs on the heads of innocent Muslim men, women, and children.

Why would anyone poke a grizzly bear with a stick? Answer: no one would ever poke a grizzly bear with a stick (unless brainwashed/programmed into doing so). This is all that this pseudo-terrorism amounts to: poking a grizzly bear with a stick. Not only does it accomplish nothing (for the Poker), it (inevitably) produces negative consequences — i.e. the grizzly bear attacks.

This is all part of the Wonderland Matrix (and “the New Normal”). Why do the Rich keep getting much, much richer, while everyone else gets poorer? It’s “the New Normal”; i.e. there is no explanation/reason, at all; it just is.

Why do none of these “terrorist attacks” ever make even the tiniest bit of sense? Because (we’re told) all of the terrorists are “crazy” (how convenient), and almost all of these “terrorist” stooges die in the course of carrying out their attacks (how very, very convenient). Dead men tell no tales.

You can’t write your scripts for this phony War on Terror, unless you know you have a supply of warm bodies available to play their “bit” parts in these staged productions. And doing that requires training (i.e. brainwashing). “Radical” training. Western, “radical” training.