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Freemasonic Arabian Kingdom of the Crypto-Christian Wahhabis and Saudis

Freemasonic Arabian Kingdom of the Crypto-Christian Wahhabis and Saudis

By Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

 December 17, 2008


I have recently noticed that an earlier article of mine, entitled "Saudi Arabia – Focal Point of tyranny, Terrorism and Fallacious Interpretation of Islam" ( and focused on the least studied crisis of religious freedom in Saudi Arabia, has become the subject of a very interesting discussion in a vibrant forum of an informative and innovative website, involving people of greatly varied backgrounds and very different ideas.

I must admit that the article was mainly a re-publication of the Hadi Al-Mutif Project for Human Rights Institute for Gulf Affairs, which means that I didn’t have the opportunity to expand much on the allegations I made.


Thanks to two comments, I have the opportunity to expand, and in the process I want to state that I am recognizant of the other commentators for their compliments.


Here, I republish first two comments; I will not make any remark in this regard. The first comment is made by Dr. Sarkar Haider who merely quotes a critically important hadith (personal statement made by Prophet Muhammad) that many would like to forget or eventually ….. delete! The text is very correct, and it is absolutely true that Prophet Muhammad had a very negative idea about the deserts of the Arabian peninsula, particularly the area of Nafd – which is the cradle of Wahhabism, the devious doctrine that I had attacked in the first place. The comment does reconfirm my approach, and the hadith of Prophet Muhammad can be corroborated by many other texts that date in different periods. We know for sure that, before and after Islam´s explosion in the beginning of the 7th century CE, people had a very negative idea about the area of Nafd, as an uncivilized realm of confusion and disorder.


The second comment consists in a question. The question is focused on an excerpt of mine in which I stated that ´Islamic terrorism" is in fact a conspiracy and a fraud machinated by the Freemasonry-controlled establishments of colonial England, France and the US. The reader asked for what reason the Freemasonic establishments would trigger something that would turn so gravely against them.


The practice is known and attested, and the reasons are typical and simple. The 21st century plans of the Apostate Freemasonic Lodge which rules the colonial regimes (and through them many other regimes and countries) involve the imposition of a religious and marketless tyranny of pre-defined distribution of basic goods that they will depict as the ´next step´ in the history of the human societies. The still prevailing socio-economic system does not reflect anymore the choices of the "invisible hand". The present capitalist system is currently collapsing because it completed its historical role; nothing can sustain it further.


To control the developments and obtain the desired results, the invisible masters of this world prefabricate opponents who – without being truly conscious of the functionality ascribed to them – rise against the ruling establishment in order to merely help implement the traditional method "thesis – antithesis – synthesis".


In the same way Hitler was helped in his rise, the rise of Islamic Extremism is geared to create a threat against the Western societies, and thus trigger the ´due´ Western reaction against the entire world of Islam, and in the process eliminate Islam completely. We have seen – thus far – only the very early stages of the planned process.


However, the agenda and the methodology of the Apostate Freemasonic Lodge are not the subject of the present article; I want to mainly focus on some secret aspects and deeds of the Saudi monarchy and their "king". These acts illuminate very well the nature and the role played by Wahhabism and the Saudi family.


These acts have been methodically kept secret from the outright majority of the world´s Muslims, whose indignation would have no limit, if one day the real identity of the Christianized ´king´ Abdullah were to be revealed to them.


Tolerated and supported by the Wahhabi nucleus, these acts performed by those originating from Najd fully reconfirm the valuable meaning of the hadith of which Dr. Sarkar Haider wished to remind us all.


After publishing the two comments, I will cover the subject.


Comment 1


Prophet Mohammad's Stand on Saudi Arabian Islam


By Dr. Sarkar Haider–-focal-point-of-tyranny,-terrorism-and-fallacious-interpretation-of-islam/d/981



Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 11:28:44 +0530 [11:28AM IST]


From: Sarkar Haider




Subject: Prophet Mohammad's Stand on Saudi Arabian Islam


After reading the Article titled "Saudi Arabia – Focal Point of tyranny, Terrorism and Fallacious Interpretation of Islam" by Dr. Shamsaddin I feel like adding a small note for the readers of this forum "New Age Islam".


So I would like to remind the readers here of one famous prophetic tradition (hadith) mentioned in Bukhari (in fact I happened to purchase this copy from Medina sometimes back), it goes something like this...


"Once Prophet was leading the prayer and at the end he recited supplication (dua) loudly asking Allah to grant blessings to Yemen and one more place (? May be Syria). People performing prayer loudly asked Prophet to ask Allah for blessing Najd (present day Riyadh area in Saudi Arabia) on which Prophet ignored the request.


Again he repeated his similar dua for Yemen and Syria, again followers asked for Najd; Prophet second time also ignored the request; third time also similar thing happened!!


After that Prophet turned towards Muslims behind him in the ranks of prayer and told “How can I ask Allah for blessing the Najd? From there the head of Shaytan will be borne"!"


Do I need reminding the readers that Abdul Wahhab started the Wahhabism from Najd (a district called Dariyya). In fact the Emir of that area Saud had signed a pact with Abdul Wahhab that Abdul Wahhab would help Saud dynasty in establishing their kingdom across the Saudi Arabia by providing them religious immunity and support, in return the Monarchs were supposed to supply Money and means for propagating the Ideology of Abdul Wahhab (and thus Ibn Taimiya).


The result is before us to see and it should not be difficult to draw parallels between the Christianization of Roman Empire during the time of Augustus, later using the seal and authority of religion for expanding the geographical boundaries of his kingdom and religion acquiring the authority and might of the Roman state to progress. But all scholars agree that such marriages of convenience do bear strange outcomes.


I think little is left for guessing in ascertaining the legitimacy of this geographical area (a wretched place which someone as compassionate as Prophet Mohammad even did not oblige by blessing).


Dr. Sarkar Haider M.D


Bareilly, (India)


Comment 2


"......Few realize in today’s world that the War against Terrorism has been an extraordinary fraud geared by dark forces in control of the policy making procedures in England, France and America, only to trigger a tsunami of "Islamic" terrorism...."


Is that so? To gain what? For radicals to bomb embassies in East Africa and fly planes into Twin Towers?


To gain what? I ask...what? What is the West achieving by this "extra ordinary fraud" may we ask? Near Bankruptcy? If Muslims states were functioning democracies, they would be biggest consumers of Western goods. West gains by having a stable Muslim World, Sir.




Abdullah of Saudi Arabia as Christian Knight of a Freemasonry-controlled Order


Last year, and during the visit of the Saudi ´king´ in Spain, Juan Carlos of Spain conferred to Abdullah of Saudi Arabia the Catholic Order of the Golden Fleece. Quite indicatively, the black magic ceremonial took place just 3 days before the Summer Solstice, a major Freemasonic feast (18 June 2007).


The news, diffused as such, is not easily comprehended by Muslims who have no idea about the ….. Golden Fleece, and are in absolute darkness about the …… Order of the Golden Fleece!


Many Orders existed in the past within the Islamic world; Rudolf von Sebottendorf wrote several books about the Ottoman Freemasonic Order, illustrating the prevalence of symbolism that originates at least from the times of religious syncretism, and the Late Antiquity. Bektashis, Qalandaris, and Ismailis have been well-known Orders of the Islamic Ages. Little has survived of all this, but this is not the epicentre of the present article.


The Order of the Golden Fleece


The Order of the Golden Fleece was founded on 10 January 1430 by Philip III the Good, son of the Duke of Bourgogne, John the Fearless, who participated in the battle of Nicopolis against the Ottomans (1396) which had ended with a defeat for the Western armies (one could call them ´Crusaders after the Crusades´). The foundation of the chivalric Order by Philip III the Good is linked precisely to the Anti-Ottoman and Anti-Islamic efforts of Western Christianity. The Order reflected the Arthurian tradition of the Knights of the Round Table, and adopted values shared by the earlier dissolved (1312) Order of the Knights Templar. Many interpret the foundation of the Order as the Bourguignon ´response´ to the then founded English Order of the Garter.


It is noteworthy that in the same year, Philip III the Good captured Joan of Arc, the great defender of Catholic Christianity against the mischievous attempts of the English throne and the heretics, and delivered her to the English, who were his allies.


The name of the Order relates to the Ancient Greek myth of the Argonauts, Jason, and the Search for the magic golden fleece; the name and the approach reflect the times of Renaissance, and the symbolic meaning related – within Christian context – to the recapture of the Oriental Christian holy places, and more particularly Al Quds ash Sherif (Jerusalem). The transformation of Jason from an Ancient Greek into a Christian times knight – as exemplified within romance – permitted the enterprise.


The parallelism was clear; in the same way Jason, by finding the Golden Fleece would regain the throne of Iolkos from his usurper uncle, Pelias, the Christian Order of the Golden Fleece, by recapturing Jerusalem, would ensure worldwide prevalence and predominance. The esoteric symbolism may have established a concordance between the Golden Fleece and the Holy Grail of the Knights of the Round Table.


"To support the Church"…..


As the purpose of the article is not the History of European Chivalric Orders, I will not expand further; I will merely specify that the Order was exclusively for Catholic Christians. Its purpose was – according to words uttered by Philip III the Good:


Pour maintenir l´Eglise qui est de Dieu maison,


J´ai mis sus le noble Ordre, qu´on nome Toison


Of these two verses a rough English translation is:


To support the Church, which is the House of God,


I established the noble Order that is called the Fleece.


I will complete the subject in a forthcoming article.


Orientalist, Historian, Political Scientist, Dr. Megalommatis, 52, is the author of 12 books, dozens of scholarly articles, hundreds of encyclopedia entries, and thousands of articles. He speaks, reads and writes more than 15, modern and ancient, languages. He refuted Greek nationalism, supported Martin Bernal´s Black Athena, and rejected the Greco-Romano-centric version of History. He pleaded for the European History by J. B. Duroselle, and defended the rights of the Turkish, Pomak, Macedonian, Vlachian, Arvanitic, Latin Catholic, and Jewish minorities of Greece. Born Christian Orthodox, he adhered to Islam when 36, devoted to ideas of Muhyieldin Ibn al Arabi.


Greek citizen of Turkish origin, Prof. Megalommatis studied and/or worked in Turkey, Greece, France, England, Belgium, Germany, Syria, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Russia, and carried out research trips throughout the Middle East, Northeastern Africa and Central Asia. His career extended from Research & Education, Journalism, Publications, Photography, and Translation to Website Development, Human Rights Advocacy, Marketing, Sales & Brokerage. He traveled in more than 80 countries in 5 continents. He defends the Right of Aramaeans, Oromos, Ogadenis, Sidamas, Berbers, Afars, Anuak, Darfuris, Bejas, Balochs and Tibetans to National Independence, demands international recognition for Kosovo, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and Transnistria, calls for National Unity in Somalia, and denounces Islamic Terrorism.