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Islam and the West ( 20 Dec 2016, NewAgeIslam.Com)

From King Faisal to Bashar al-Assad: Story of Muslims Rulers Turned Villains by International Players

By Dr. Javed Jamil

December 21, 2016

If you toe our line, howsoever corrupt and dictatorial you are, you will be celebrated as hero. If you try to challenge us through words or actions, howsoever good and honest you are to your people, you will be turned into a despicable villain. This is what the international players have been thinking and doing for last few centuries, America-led West being the major culprit for last few decades. They have a long history of turning Muslim rulers into villains and then trying to remove them in one way or the other. They succeeded in most of the cases but failed in some.

When King Faisal emerged as the powerful man of the Arab and Muslim World in the seventies and embarked upon pan-Islamism and aggressive Oil policy, he was eliminated through an inside murder plot. At one time his popularity in the Muslim World had reached sky high. Such a popular figure with a pan-Islamic ideology could not have been acceptable to West. When General Ziaul Haq of Pakistan started acting smart after helping America dismantling Soviet Union through Afghanistan war and launched Islamisation campaign in his country, he too was made to kiss death through a plane crash. Then came Iran’s Islamic Revolution and Ayatollah Khomeini became the first man in power in recent history to openly challenge America calling it Shaitan-e Buzurg.

A propaganda war was unleashed against him, which made him a hated figure throughout the Western world. Saddam Hussein who was a blue-eyed boy of America at that time was beckoned to invade Iran in the hope that the disorganised Iranian army would not be able to bear the assault. But Iranian resistance proved too strong and Saddam had to almost beg for ceasing hostilities. America failed to secure the release of its hostages in Iran. America and Israel had to face a series of debacles against Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy organisation in Lebanon.

After 9/11, Osama Laden became the most hated figure and was subsequently killed. In the meantime Mulla Omar was transformed into a mad Mullah and removed within no time. Saddam Hussein was the next target. He was presented as a dangerous tyrant who posed serious threat to the world through his weapons of mass destruction. He was attacked, removed and brutally hanged. Qadhafi was the next target and was killed within no time. Morsi was toppled in Egypt through Sisi. And of course, Yasser Arafat the Hero of Palestine cannot be forgotten. He remained a constant thorn in the eyes of the West till he died.

In the meantime, the Syrian leader Bashar al Assad became the biggest tyrant of the world whose removal was urgently required to bring “peace” in the Middle East and the larger world. Removing him was necessary because he was considered, along with Iran and Hezbollah, the biggest threat to Israel and American designs in the Middle East. If Iran was to be attacked, Assad would have to be removed first.

Rebellion was exported from outside with more than three dozen countries including three nuclear powers and several Arab nations openly supporting the rebels with whatever they required. They thought the war in Syria would be as easy to win as in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. But the Syrian resistance supported by Iranian and Hezbollah fighters again proved too much for the West. When the West found the rebels not doing enough, they oversaw the creation of ISIS, which they thought would be more brutal in their fight against Assad.

 But when it too failed in Syria and chose to invade Iraq instead, the International Media took no time to turn it into the most dangerous outfit of the world. Still, for more than a couple of years, Islamic State continued to remain a friend in Syria and enemy in Iraq. Things then started changing fast. Iran succeeded in bringing Russia into the picture. The tables now turned fast against the West. The “rebels” as well as the IS started getting thrashed in rapid succession. Aleppo signalled the final victory for Assad and his supporters.

Failed in the war, the international media made a final attempt to mobilise the world opinion against the “tyrant” Assad. Sunni Arab went on to use the time-tested Sunni-Shia card. They never counted Sunni deaths in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya when America with their support killed more than 3.5 million of them. But in Syria they were busy counting Sunni deaths at the hands of Shias. Unfortunately, many in the Sunni world got swayed by the propaganda for whom Assad remains a villain. When the world media ought to discuss the changing political scenario in the Middle East and the larger world, they were focussing only and only on the difficulties faced by the civilians.

As always, many videos, the authenticity of which cannot be confirmed, were floated in the media. Had it been the other way around, these would have been labelled as “collateral damage”. But as the victor is not their minion, he had to be rejected as “tyrant”.

It is high time the Islamic World recognised the West’s strategy of turning Muslim heroes into villains. Muslims will have to reject the supremacy of the Big Powers. They will have to pursue their independent course. If they recognise the larger aims of Islam, they would not only be able to bridge the gaps among themselves but will also be able to take other independent nations including India along with them.

Being about five dozens in number and the second largest majority of the World, Muslims and Muslim countries can bring the true peace to the world. If other religions including Christianity understand the role of Westernism in decimating religion and its values, even they will not hesitate to join hands. For this to achieve, they will have to unveil the ugly pages of the book of Westernism, every page of which from the beginning to the last is reddened with the blood of the innocents. Sectarianism has no place in Islam; and the campaign of hatred against one another by Sunnis and Shias will have to be stopped if the larger goal is to be achieved.