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US Drones Raining Death From Above



By Catherine Shakdam

Mar 6, 2014

Once again Washington’s counter-terror drone campaign has had activists and anti-war campaigners in an uproar as more evidences of gross negligence has surfaced, raising some very disturbing questions as to the nature of America’ so-called war on terror and more importantly the actual purpose it is serving.

For the second year in a row, Ben Emmerson, the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism, has slammed the United States of America for its complete and utter disregard for international law and its trivialization of the sanctity of human life by so casually putting civilian populations in the line of fire.

Philip Giraldi, a former counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer of the United States Central Intelligence Agency, wrote on the matter, “This report raises serious concerns about the assertions made by the United States government that the drone strikes have been very effective at hitting their targets and killing only the people that are terrorists.”

He added, “The report demonstrates that there are at least 30 incidents in which that argument does not seem to hold, that there were civilian casualties and that the methodology used to target these people was faulty.”

Ever since the Pentagon announced back in 2009 that it would utilize its drones - unmanned planes - to hunt down and eliminate al-Qaeda operatives across Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan, the greater public has been made to believe that such a program aimed to oppose the rise of radicalism, acting a protective barrier against terror. But to assume that the US has been actively fighting extremism would be to deny realities on the ground. Rather than oppose radicalism, let alone defeat it, the US has helped created the monster which is al-Qaeda. For well over a decade Washington has been bent on weaponising radicalism as to develop its ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

One needs to remember that al-Qaeda is nothing more but a CIA by-product, a tool which the Pentagon aimed to utilize against Russia back in the 1980s, and has since, turned into a sophisticated and covert weapon against unsuspecting populations and foreign states. While western powers have been keen to deny any correlation with terror radicals, claiming to want to destroy such ideology in the name of the greater good, recent events in Syria have blasted open America’s box of lies and clever manipulations.

The Real Agenda

To better grasp the sheer magnitude of America’s agenda in the Middle East, for one to  understand why the US leadership, regardless of its political affiliation, will never contemplate abandoning its drone campaign, no matter the anger and opposition it will garner amid the internationally community, one needs to contemplate what madness drives the US.

Present turmoil has come to pass to serve a particular purpose, an agenda set in motion by a group of people for whom power and control are worth risking everything and sacrificing everything. For centuries such powers have worked together toward the building of what we now know to be the New World Order, a nefarious cabal whose agenda has been based on the eradication of religion.

As countries and people have gradually fallen prey to the globalisation system over the past century – One system, One rule, One people – Muslims have stubbornly resisted Western powers’ pull. It is such resistance which New World Order fanatics have worked for several decades to erode and break down, one country at a time, one war a time. It is for Muslims have so defiantly remained true to their belief and faith that Western powers have relentlessly sought to ostracize and enslave an entire people.

But How Do Drones Actually Fit In Such An Agenda?

Very early on Zionists understood that for their legions to ever be in a predominant position against Islam they would have to first promote discord and dissent at the heart of Islam dominion, as a house divided cannot hope to stand. To achieve this goal, Western powers chose to hit at the very heart of Islam by perverting, dissolving and weakening its faith and message. Zionists theorized that if Muslims could be made to stray from Islam path through systematic radicalization, its people would either be made to fear the religious and thus be ready to fall into the trap of Western heresy or be turned into weapons at the service of its Takfiri legions.

For decades Zionist have tirelessly work towards such goals. We have all witness with which ease Saudi Wahhabis have called onto their so-called Jihadists to wage war on Syria. We have all witness how Wahhabi religious leaders have managed to twist and turn the Holy Scriptures as to support and justify their nefarious plans in the Middle East, calling on Muslims everywhere to join in their butchery.

Through the promotion of radicalism, Zionists aim first and foremost to destroy Islam’s youth, to pervert an entire generation as to bring the final phase of its plan into fruition.

But it is not all. While radicalization has proven to be a powerful tool, its reach remained limited. For Zionists to claim victory over the world’s nations, people would have to be made to live in a state of constant fear and hatred while Westerners would have to be made to live in the perpetual fear of radicalism.

Drones have come to represent such fear. In Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan, civilians have learned to dread their sky. By raining death from above, drones, or rather the powers which wield them, aim to force a people into the arm of radicalism as survivors’ thirst for revenge will call for extreme actions, which actions only Al-Qaeda will claim to want to carry.

Most security and counter-terrorism experts, among whom Jeremy Scahill and Gregory Johnsen have all warned at length that rather than help in the destruction of radicalism as a paradigm, drones have instead pushed entire villages into the arms of al-Qaeda.

Make no mistake; US leaders are perfectly aware of this reality

Catherine Shakdam is a commentator and political risk consultant. Her writings have appeared in Foreign Policy Association, the Guardian and Majalla among many others. Based in the UK, she worked in collaboration with Yemen Human Rights Minister on shaping new policies to protect women rights. More articles by Catherine Shakdam