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Islam and the West ( 1 May 2012, NewAgeIslam.Com)

Burglars in Europe Seek to Take over Islam, Promise to Impose Sharia Soon on Belgistan


By Aiman Reyaz, New Age Islam

3 May 2012

Fouad Belkacem alias Abu Imran, sentenced in 2002, 2004 and 2007 for burglary and resist to arrest, is the spokesman for Sharia4Belgium, a Belgian radical Muslim organization.

He expects Muslims to dominate Belgium and the world. His site sharia4belgium says: “Do not be discouraged and sad. Thou shalt keep the upper hand if ye believe.” As the population of Muslims is increasing in western countries like U.K., USA, Canada etc. the demand for applying Shariah law to Muslims is being voiced.

Belgistan? Sharia Showdown Looms in Brussels - 

No wonder Islamophobia is on the rise.  “It isn't Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you,” says When radical Muslims openly say that they consider ‘democracy’ and every other forms of government to be wrong except Sharia, reactions are bound to take place. Abu Imran preaches the death penalty for homosexuals, stoning for adultery, amputation for theft and no democracy. He says he has been praying for Osama bin Laden.

Abu Imran says “Sharia is Islam. There is no difference between Islam and Sharia. Democracy is the opposite of Sharia and Islam.” According to him there is no such thing as a democratic Muslim; a Muslims who goes against Sharia is not a Muslim. Since there cannot be a Jewish Christian or a Christian Jew, similarly there cannot be a democratic Muslim.” But he is wrong. We must understand the concept. Jew means one who praises God, so in that sense anyone who praises God is a Jew; similarly Christian means one who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, so every Muslim has to be a Christian because to be a good Muslim, as the Quran says one has to follow and respect all the prophets equally, without any distinction.

Anjem Choudhry is the founder of the radical Islamist group ‘Islam4UK’. His main aim is “to convince [the world ] about the supremacy of Islam thereby changing public opinion in favour of Islam in order to transfer the authority and power [...] to the Muslims in order to implement the Shariah”. He also tried to bring the same ideology into India, but fortunately for us he failed because although in India too, radicalism is on the rise, the numbers are not that staggering.

Although the Muslims are still in a minority in Belgium, by 2030 they will be in a majority, say some futurists. High Muslim birth-rate is changing the political landscape. The most common name among the Muslims in Belgium is Muhammad. It is only a matter of time, Abu Imran says, that Europe will change into Eurabia. “The victory of Allah is very near So, I think the West and Europe needs to prepare itself for a wave of Sharia and Islam.”  Sam Van Rooy, the writer of ‘Islam- Critical Essays on a Political Religion’, too believes that in the future Islam will be the future of Europe.

Sharia4belgium says in one of its articles: “We will eliminate injustices in society and move them to justice, and do not forget: you are the criminals and not the Muslims!” This means that they consider the “disbelievers” as criminals. Sam Van Rooy said that the wave of Sharia and Islam will not stop, but I urge the moderate Muslim community to not [allow] the burglars take over Islam and lead us into the ditch.

We have to stop this radicalisation of our peaceful and pluralistic religion.