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Celebration is a form of worship

OSHO, Excerpted from ‘The Revolution’

Kabir is a harbinger, a herald of the future. He is like the first flower that announces the spring. Kabir does not belong to any religion. All religions belong to him. No particular religion defines him. He is beauty, he is poetry, he is a great orchestra.

Kabir was illiterate. He was a poor weaver, yet he was recognised as a man of God. Otherwise it was a monopoly of kings and princes and rich people.

Kabir is the Christ of the East. Christ was also illiterate — the son of a carpenter — and Christ also speaks in the same way as Kabir. They have great similarities. They are earthy, but both have great insights. Their wisdom is not that of the universities, they have never been to any school. Their wisdom comes from the people; their wisdom is out of their own experience.

Kabir showed us the first glimpse of a future religion. The future religion will not be of ritual. There will not be much worshipping but there will be much celebration. And, in fact, to celebrate is the only real worship. There will be much singing and dancing, but not offered to any God in particular, just offered to existence itself. A pouring of the heart, a communion of the heart. Dance itself is enough, it need not be for somebody. The song in itself is enough, it need not be addressed. The prayer in itself is enough, it need not be done in a temple, church or mosque. In fact, it need not be done at all, just a prayerful heart is enough.

And it will be a religion that will not be confined by any doctrine, any dogma — a religion which will not supply a philosophy but will certainly give you the vision of a different dimension of reality.

Kabir is a rebel. A revolutionary is against something; he is an extremist. The orthodox, the conventional, the traditional, is the rightist; the revolutionary is the leftist — but they are part of the same game. Just like the right hand and the left hand belong to the same man, the rightist and the leftist belong to the same mind.

Listening to the sutras of Kabir, remember it. He shocks. He shatters. Out of compassion he will destroy, he will create a kind of emptiness in you — because only in that emptiness is meditation, and only in that emptiness do you start seeing for the first time.

Kabir’s approach will give you many glimpses of the future, what kind of religion is possible. It may shock you. It might disturb you. All growth is painful — and with Kabir you can grow immensely.

Kabir is not interested in giving you any answers — because he knows perfectly well there is no answer. The game of questions and answers is just a game — not that Kabir was not answering his disciples’ questions; he was answering, but answering playfully. He is not a serious man; no wise man can ever be serious. Seriousness is part of ignorance, seriousness is a shadow of the ego. The wise are always non-serious . He says: Jump into life! Become part of it, throb with it. And then you will know — although you will never be able to transfer your knowledge through words to anybody else.

Truth is not transferable. But you will become truth and you will be a light in this dark night of life and you will become a path into this jungle of life.

Whatsoever Kabir is saying has not been written — it is addressed to his disciples. This is a spontaneous outpouring of his heart. He was a singer, he was a poet: somebody would ask something and he would sing a song spontaneously. And nobody has ever sung such songs. Kabir celebrates life — all its colours, the whole rainbow.

Excerpted from ‘The Revolution’. Courtesy: Osho International Foundation.

31 Aug 2008

Source: The Times of India, New Delhi