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Illogical Claim on Using the Word 'Allah'


By Ishaq Yaqub

November 2, 2013,

This universe is of all the creatures and there is only one God who is creator of this universe. God made man as His masterpiece by His artistic hand and He is the creator of all human beings who worship Him as their creator. In the world, nobody can claim that he is only creature of God, and other peoples are not His creatures. Everyone can claim that God is his creator and he has the right to worship or obey Him according to his own belief and method. So it is very clear to all the people that God is for all and He loves His creatures as the man loves his children. Except Jews religion all the religions of the world are open for everyone to follow and any one can join any religion in all over the world.

Today this world has become global village and all the people have come together. It is just because of the media and the need of the people. Through media nothing is left behind the curtain. Everything is very open and all the civilizations have mixed up with each other. Even it is called mixed culture countries also. People have much knowledge about each other. Regarding these universal phenomena s, nobody can neglect the realities. There is a very big factor of the languages, because it is the most important reality. It is just because of languages that people are reaching, understanding and following the other cultures. People know each language even other countries languages too, so, because of this reality people have reached to each other and have much knowledge about other cultures too.

On 14th of October 2013 in Malaysia, a court made decision that Christian people cannot use the word Allah. It is exclusively for the Muslims. The chief judge Muhammad Apandi said, that the word "Allah" has not been the integral part of the faith in Christianity. The editor of Christian newspaper namely, Fr. Lawrence Andrew said that it is against the basic rights of the minorities. Because Christian people, word "Allah" had been using before Malaysia becoming state. On the other side more than 100 people from the Muslim side were there, with banners and play cards in the favor of their appeal. There was written that Allah is just reserve for Islam.

After the decision making so many people of the world are thinking about the unity of the world and what will be the impact in the world by this decision. Is the decision is good for the people of other religions? It looks that world did not like this decision because in the world people have much concern with each religion. They don't find any logic there.

Because, "Allah" is not only for the Muslims but also for all the beings of this universe. If they claim that the word "Allah" is just for the Muslim people than what about the other people of that region. Who also belong to that area and they have the same language and roots from the same region? The Malay language is their mother tongue also.

If the Muslim people claim that the word Allah is for the Muslims only, so they should feel proud that this word is being more spread in the world.

It is also very clear that word Allah was before Islam and people of this land were using this word for God. On the other side Christian people are using the word "God" for" Allah "in English language. its mean, the creator of the universe. It is translated from the Hebrew word Elohim. Elohim means God, the creator of this world. In the same way, the word Allah's meaning is the same, the creator of this world or exalted. In Arabic language the word "Allah" is equivalent to the English word "God" so the word Allah cannot be made plural or given gender.

If the court doesn't allow the Christians to use this word "Allah" than I think they should revisit their decision. By this decision one problem could be come up. During the dialogues time which word will be used for dialogues. In every civilization God's name is according to the local language. God or Allah is the same name of the creator of this universe of human beings. And Christians and Muslims believe on one God who is the same. So there should not be ambiguities.

To stop the Christians to use the word Allah does not look reasonable. It is just said, if they use this word "Allah" than the problems can be breakout in the country or some friends say that by using this word Allah, Christian can try to convert the Muslims towards Christianity. Dear this is not true now the time has been changed. Now people get involvement toward religions just by the performance of the religions or by their personal inner attitudes. The time has gone away and now people serve the world without discrimination. And the world has understood that human beings are most important.

Although the word Allah is from the Arabic language but in that region not, only the Muslims are living but there are so many Christians and people of other religions also living by birth or by race too. The government of Malaysia have to see the situation as Fr. Lawrence Andrew says if the word is being used in Bible, so why they can't use in the publications