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I am a terrorist and a 'parallel'




By Ertuğrul Özkök


I will start this article with a highly risky and ambitious sentence.

The genuine people of this country…

Do you want democracy in your country? Is the only wish you have is to have justice? Are what you miss justice, brotherhood and peace?

There are three things you have to do.

First, you have to accept the fact that you will have to be accused of being a coup lover.

Second, you have to accept that you will be accused of being a member of the parallel structure (in other words, from the Gülenists) and be a subject of smear campaigns.

Third, you will have to show the courage to be insulted as “terrorist” and even face the possibility of being jailed.

When I saw what was being done during the famous cases of Balyoz and Ergenekon and witness the suffering inflicted on people, I felt that a period of tremendous injustices, suffering and vengeance had started. They called me and those who felt like me “coup lovers.” But in the end I was vindicated.

The other day, I looked at the arguments for the search warrant when the police came to the doors of the Koza-İpek Group.

It was not different of what those who are today called “members of the parallel structure” had done in the cases of Ergenekon, Bayloz and Odatv, while then they were seen as “the good allies.”

But be careful. I know that I will be accused of supporting the parallel structure. It is ok. Let them say so; I know I will be vindicated at the end.

As a moderate person that thinks of the future of Turkey’s children and grandchildren, I believe it is the right thing to draw a line between the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Because I am a person who believes the Kurdish issue can be solved not in the street or on the mountain but in parliament.

Because I think so, I and the newspaper I work for are being accused of being a terrorist supporting the PKK.

It’s ok. Go ahead. But at the end of the day, I and those who think like me will be proven right.

But to those voicing these accusations: You should know that if you do not make empathy, if you repeat the same mistakes and repeat the same plots, you will not find anybody tomorrow to blame for the present crimes.

You will be left alone with your cruelties.


A reminder to the owner of Yeni Şafak


Dear Mustafa Albayrak, owner of daily Yeni Şafak:


How I expect a decent attitude, a gesture of humanity from you.


Akıp İpek, the head of Koza – İpek Group, said the police that came to his house even entered the room of his children.

Did you recall that scene? On a morning of Feb. 28, 1997 (the date known as the post-modern coup done by the military), the police came to your house. They took you away in front of your children.

You recounted that scene for years as the most vicious example of the Feb. 28 period. I am curious what you felt when you read İpek’s words?

Those days, the Union of Owners of Newspapers which belongs to our (secularist) neighborhood had published a statement condemning this incident. Let’s see if we will hear a merciful voice from your neighborhood.