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Pakistan: Non-Muslims join hands with Muslims to celebrate Eid

October 05, 2008      

The Daily Times, pak

LAHORE: While Eid is primarily an Islamic event and is usually celebrated with traditional fervour by Muslims, members of religious minorities from the city also joined hands with their Muslim brothers to mark the auspicious day.

People from different faiths told Daily Times that they always celebrated Eid with their Muslim friends, adding that they would do so this year as well. They said that the day brought happiness and joy to all. Cornelious Qamar, a Christian, said that fasting was sacred in every religion, with celebrations being carried out at its end. He said: “I go to meet my Muslim friends and like to eat traditional Eid dishes.”


He added that women also participated in the activities by buying bangles and wearing new dresses on the day, adding that it had become a festival for Christians as well. The Hindu community in Lahore also celebrates Eid with their Muslim brothers, said Heera Lal, head of a community organisation. He said that the children in the community especially enjoyed the event.


Rajkumari, a Hindu lady said: “On festivals like Raksha Bandhan and Holi, Muslim women join us and on Eid we participate in their happiness which strengthens the bond between the two communities.” Dr Rohiyeh, a member of the Bahai community, said that the Bahai community also joined hands with their Muslim brothers to mark the day by going to their friends’ houses. The Inter-religious Peace Council, an association consisting of members of all religions in the country, organised an Eid Milan Party. The party was attended by people from all religions, who work together for mutual harmony and peace. ali usman

Source: The Daily Times, pak