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Islam and Pluralism ( 28 Aug 2012, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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'This kind of behaviour cannot be and should not be tolerated from any minority'


New Age Islam keeps posting the views of so many sane Pakistanis that one sometimes starts wondering why should Pakistan be in the state it is in, the state that these sensible people are writing about, if so many of them are so wise and rational. Actually, the sane elements are a hopelessly small minority. This is what they keep bemoaning. The majoritarianism of the majority gets articulated in the country’s dominant Urdu media and thus remains hidden from the majority of readers of New Age Islam. Even in our Urdu section we try to project the saner viewpoints.


I came across today a quite honest, though you might like to call it shameless, exposition of the majoritarian hubris so rampant in Pakistan. This might make those Muslims who live as minorities in most parts of the world today feel a bit grateful that they are not living in a Muslim-majority country and thus cannot nurse such arrogance and stupidity. But, I know, this would also make many Muslims here in India regret their inability to be so conceited and idiotic.


Whatever your reaction, I would like to share this gem of a write-up with you. This was sent as a response to journalist Asif Daar’s latest Dateline London column in Jang: “Inteha pasand Muththi se bahar” (Extremists out of control). I am hoping that our Hindutva readers would skip this page lest they start getting ideas. -- Editor




By Mohammad Idris Khan

24 Aug 2012


They cannot be exempted for any reason. There is another aspect of the incident to attain attention of West to get settled there for their personal reason. There is no doubt that because of Pakistan's prevailing conditions a number of peoples rightly or wrongly want to get chance for Europe and USA. As it is said that these peoples are poor sweepers and cleaners so getting chance to be shifted West is as 'dream come true'. Remember that we never herd other side of story and circulating version of story is unbelievable.




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  1. Regarding Congress and Secularism, 
    Population of minorities in 1941 and 2011

    India = 16%, 20%
    Pakistan = 25%, 2%
    Bangladesh = 30%, 10%
    The Congress has even imported millions of muslims from Bangladesh for a vote bank.

    The minorities in Pakistan were 90% ethnic cleansed in 1947 itself.
    It was the educated muslims of Aligarh who demanded Pakistan.  Ghaffar Khan, and Maulana Azad, who were more religious , preferred to work with Congress.
    It was the Shia muslims, such as Agha Khan and Raja of Mohammedabad, and Shia businessmen who funded the Pakistan movement.  

    The Ahmedis under Zafrullah Khan were in leadership roles in Pakistan movement.  In 1947, the Ahmedis sent in a Jihadi brigade to fight in Kashmir.
    Yahya Khan was a Shia, and murdered millions of Bangladeshis.  Bhutto, also a Shia was an accomplice in this.
    Now that Shias and Ahmedis are regretting their life in Pakistan, they are trying to distance themselves from their leadership role in creating Pakistan.
    Even in Indonesia, recently there are Sunni riots against Shia and Ahmedis.
    This sectarian intolerance is not limited to Pakistan,
    By Barani 30/08/2012 19:48:21
  2. Pakistanis have proved that no state can be created in the name of religion. Pakistan was created as a reaction to Hindu fanaticism and economic dominance. Congress never believed in secularism. In simple words, secularism means separation of state and religion. Two-nation theory was the biggest fraud of the last century. Now Pakistan is hostage to mullahs. So the minorities and shites are doomed in this country.
    By Hasan Abbas 30/08/2012 06:54:55
  3. The Ramsha Masihi case is the last straw and justifies bringing to an  end Pakistan's existence  as a soveriegn nation. The government has not just failed but is primarily responsibile for the state of affairs. The country must put under the supervision of the UN with an International force enforcing law and order.

    By Naseer Ahmed 30/08/2012 01:54:36