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Islam,Terrorism and Jihad ( 21 Jun 2008, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Do Indian Muslims want to be protected by the likes of Lashkar-e-Taiba?



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  1. Baron:No it wasnt. I just fgorot the Type Key password for DP111. I tried all sorts to recover it but finally gave up and took up the new handle. Ummm. I will try another time and see if it works.DP111
    By Baris 23/02/2012 17:05:59
  2. my point of view about swat  to panish the lady but in we about panishment but in the menar of rule i see the video of to punishing the 17 year old lady i m not oppoide sharith but give punish manar way like she do some porstituting i hart from news i notices from video that they hit on his ass what the hell is this that i mean and they hold her so uncomfortable u no what i mean my point of view is that to lady punish to a lady and man punish to a man   and  i this is my point of view i never ever saying that i am alway writ but we think whats going on  i want to write suggetions article what is the processure
    By true fighter of islam
  3. good impresed
    By bilal mazhar