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Interfaith Dialogue (13 May 2019 NewAgeIslam.Com)

Sikhs And Christians Are Serving Muslims This Ramazan But What Are We Muslims Doing?

By S. Arshad, New Age Islam

11 May 2019

Picture 1:

Sikhs distributed copies of holy Quran and prayer mats among Muslim refugees in Mosul in Iraq, a town once the seat of the notorious ISIS ‘caliphate’ and receiving blessings from them.

Picture 2:

Guru Nanak Darbar Gurudwara in Dubai has been hosting interfaith Iftar for the last six years. This year they decided to go one step further. They will arrange a separate Iftar for Muslims apart from the interfaith Iftar on the 15th of May. The Gurudwara committee has allowed them to offer collective prayer of Maghrib in a hall of the Gurudwara. The experience moved some of the Muslims from India and Pakistan to tears.

Picture 3:

Saji Cherian, a Christian Businessman from Kerala, India has been hosting Iftar for 800 Muslim labourers from different countries living in a rented complex in Dubai. Last year, he built a mosque named Marium Umm Issa for these labourers because he saw them hiring cabs to go to the nearest mosque to offer prayer. The Iftar is hosted in an air-conditioned hall and is attended by both labourers and senior officers of different companies.

And Now A Look At What Muslims Are Doing In Ramazan

Picture: 1

A  Sunni ‘brave heart’ of ISIS carried out a suicide bomb blast in a Shi’ite locality of Baghdad yesterday killing at least 8 innocent people.

Picture 2

A Taliban suicide bomber blew himself up at the Data Darbar shrine in Pakistan killing atleast 11 innocent Muslims in the holy month of Ramazan.

Picture 3

In Afghanistan, the Taliban rejected a truce proposal by the Afghan government during the Ramazan meaning they will kill each other during the holy month.  They killed at least 9 people on 2nd day of Ramazan. Taliban assaulted offices of aid groups (non-combatants)  in Kabul.

And we claim that Islam is a religion of peace and that we are the best of the nations.

S. Arshad is a regular columnist for NewAgeIslam.com

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  • “What are Muslims doing in Ramadhan?”
    The well-off Muslims, apart from doing the killing of innocent people as you said, they are:
    1-Eating twice as much as in other months of the year,
    2-Sleeping during the day and celebrating … what ever … at night.
    All that takes great effort and energy to maintain peace.
    By Skepticles - 5/14/2019 3:15:54 AM

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