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  • you are wrong once again. they sang about their generosity towards the people who converted ...
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  • mr kw nawaz claims that scientists cannot know everything. i am wondering which scientist...
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  • Of course, my analogy is not sufficient. But hats off!, then the conclusion that “...but such a meeting is impossible even ....
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  • Thanks, Arshad for the enlightening article – to the Muslims scholars and particularly....
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  • just as you are ignorant the basic principles of psychiatry, you are ignorant of the process...
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  • Hats Off forgets that he himself is a venomous demonizer and Islam is the target!....
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  • Moreover Hats Off should take his own advice and start his own Ex-Muslim website. As...
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  • It is good to see American Muslims empathizing with other minorities.'
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  • They knew the truth about Islam, the sincere ones among all religions are accepting it. Most....
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  • The situation is extremely absurd. '
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  • so another islamic miracle. mr. gm is a what - "progressive" (really?) and hold your breath a "free thinking" "muslim".....
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  • ats Off's persistently comparing CAIR with the RSS is merely evidence of his orneriness,....
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  • I could not agree with the conclusion drawn by the author that Hadhrat Mohammad pbuh was not a prophet....
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  • rehashing nonsense from ignorant 7th century texts is sacrosanct. but rehashing...
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  • the historical process depends upon primary (as well as contemporary sources) and secondary sources....
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  • the fine tuning argument is proof against itself. the first question the fine tuning argument....
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  • There he goes, badmouthing the Quran again! The guy has no shame or decency.'
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  • The forum means the Comments section, not the articles.'
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  • The chronicles that Hats Off mentions are the very chronicles that the RSS historians....
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  • As netizens we already know the depth of hatred of many Hindus and ex-Muslims for Islam and contempt for Muslims.....
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    Islam and Spiritualism

    The rights of the travellers were stressed by the Quran because during the time the Quran was revealed, travelling was not a luxury like it is today. The rich used horses or camels as a means of transportation but the common people had to travel on foot….



    When you go to a typical madrasa, the atmosphere is one of deprivation and discrimination. I decided to begin my book with that kind of a description after my visit to Madrasa Rasheedia on Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg in Delhi.


    Islamic World News

    • In Punjab, Muslim Couple Hosts Hindu Girl’s Marriage in The Best Possible Manner

    • Saudi Cleric Stirred Backlash and Controversy AfterClaiming Islam Forbids Protests

    • Capital Administration, Former Lal Masjid Cleric Reach Agreement

    • UN Report Says Taliban Is Maintaining Relations With Al Qaeda Despite Deal With US

    • Indonesia’s Religious Freedom Has Not Improved, According to Rights Group

    • 'Imagine A Muslim Talking About Police Brutality': WWE Star Launches Tirade Against Haters

    • UK’s Iraq War Crimes Probe Dismisses Thousands of Complaints

    Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More News from All Regions, Please Click, ‘Read More'


    Islam, Women and Feminism

    • Concerns Raised Over Jailed Saudi Women's Rights Activist Loujain Al-Hathloul

    • Chess Official in Iran Fired Over His Daughter's Hijab

    • Iran Debates 'Honour Killings' After Girl's Murder Shocks Country

    • Iran’s Women Are Still Struggling for Basic Rights

    • Women's Economic Empowerment to Improve Social Status

    • Nigerian Woman Brutally Raped, Murdered Inside Church While Studying: Reports

    • Persecution, Forced Conversion of Hindu Girls on Rise inPakistan

    • Saudi WomanPsychiatrist,Dr. Haifa Al-Gahtani‘S Pioneering Efforts to Improve Mental Health In KSA

    • Arab Women's Organizations Join the UN Chief Urging a Global Ceasefire in the Face Of COVID-19

    • Women Have Become A Sizable Economic Force in Mideast — BCG

    • Turkey’s occupation of Kurdish Afrin targets women, minorities

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


    Interfaith Dialogue

    Interreligious disagreements and conflicts have dominated local and global politics for millennia. The Buddha himself encountered religious conflict, not only among different religions but even among different fraternities or schools within the same religion....


    Islam and Sectarianism

    The best way that we can go about this is to increase ourselves in Taqwa, reverential consciousness of Allah. When you look upon people different to yourself, realise that they too are Allah’s creation, and are ennobled and honoured by their mere existence....


    Spiritual Meditations

    People such as Plato, Moses, Buddha, Christ, and Muhammad (peace be upon him) stand out in history challenging the moribund belief of the time. Despite being hunted out by hostile forces, most of them with their courage of conviction changed the course of history through challenging the established social orders and creating new ones….


    Current Affairs

    Quarantine in close proximity to family members means less freedom to scurry away here or there, to talk to this one while at work or that one at a friend’s house....


    Urdu Section

    پاکستانی ملا یہ بات اچھی طرح سمجھ لیں کہ ان کے گھڑیالی آنسو ہندوستانی مسلمانوں کو فائدہ نہیں پہنچاتے بلکہ مسلمانان ہند کے مفادات پر تیزاب بن کر گرتے ہیں اور اس بات کو بھی دھیان سے سن لیں کہ ہم ہندوستانی مسلمان اپنی حکومت کے خلاف ہوسکتے ہیں اور اس کے خلاف احتجاج کر سکتے ہیں، مگر ہم سب کبھی اپنے ملک یعنی ہندوستان کے خلاف نہیں ہوسکتے۔........

    Islam and Spiritualism

    Those even with little knowledge of Arabic language can appreciate that words amānah (trust), īmān (faith), and aman (comfort, peace) – all come from the same root letters ( ’a – m – n). This shows how closely the act of fulfilling the trust is related to one’s faith and how it leads to a sense of comfort and peace within….

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 ... 198 199 200 ....


    Islamic Ideology
    I Found Qur’an Mother of All Philosophies
    Myriam Francois-Cerrah
    I Found Qur’an Mother of All Philosophies
    Arab News

    Myriam Francois-Cerrah became popular when she was a child for acting in the 90s hit film 'Sense and Sensibility.' Now she is gaining more popularity for being one of a growing number of educated middle class female converts to Islam in Britain. She has recently contributed to a series of videos on Islam produced in the UK titled, “Inspired by Muhammad....

    Debating Islam

    The religious dimension at its core is obvious. However much we may point to absent permits and municipal laws, these were not the concerns of the 50 protesters. They were reacting, maybe irrationally, to the possibility that their faith and that of Muslim youths’ might somehow be challenged or compromised by the inanimate cross symbol....

    Ijtihad, Rethinking Islam
    The 21st Century Call For Islamic Reformation (Part I)
    Preciosa S. Soliven
    The 21st Century Call For Islamic Reformation (Part I)
    Preciosa S. Soliven

    Ijtihad is the application of reason and reinterpretation to the message of the Quran. It allows every Muslim to reconsider the message of the Quran for the changed circumstances of the 21st century.“What was true for the 9th century Mecca and Medina may not be the best interpretation of Allah’s message today....

    Ijtihad, Rethinking Islam
    Shah Waliullah’s Islamic Reformation in 18th Century India: Sufi or Wahhabi?
    Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam
    Shah Waliullah’s Islamic Reformation in 18th Century India: Sufi or Wahhabi?
    Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

    Shah Waliullah tried to strike a balance between the orthodoxy in Islam introduced by Ibn Taimiya and the Islamic heterodoxy championed by Sufis. He believed that Islam had two vital aspects. Its exoteric side was concerned with the protection of the public good but its esoteric aspect involved the purification of the heart through virtuous deeds......

    Islamic World News
    Hundreds of ISIL Terrorists Killed in Iraqi Army's Operations in Anbar Province
    Dr Shaikh Khalid Al Ghamidi, Ka’aba Imam
    Hundreds of ISIL Terrorists Killed in Iraqi Army's Operations in Anbar Province
    New Age Islam News Bureau

    Arab World

    Saudi Warplanes Supplying Terrorists with Weapons, Munitions in Yemen


    ‘We Don’t Need Missiles’: Houthis Threaten To Attack Saudi Arabia If Bombing Continues

    Airstrikes Pound Yemen Rebel Positions in Taez


    Islam Forbids Violence, Ka’aba Imam Tells Lahore Congregation

    Pakistan Calls for Regional Cooperation against IS


    Beef Ban: Police Will Enter Homes, Ask What Are You Eating

    Probe Doesn't Show Foreign Funding For ISIS Activists

    South Asia

    Rocket Attack on Govt Compounds in Ghazni as Taliban Launches Offensive

    North America

    US Admits Two Hostages Killed In Al-Qaeda Raid

    US To Deliver F-35 Jets to Israel to Maintain Military Edge


    Libya Militia 'Launches Air Raids' Against ISIL

    Southeast Asia

    Cross Protest Due To Poor Interfaith Exposure, Says Minister


    Italian Authorities Dismantles Network of Pakistani Radicals

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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    Books and Documents

    The book is a mix of intimate memoir – she writes with great emotion about the decision to wear a Hijab, and later to leave her head uncovered – and jeremiad against the “tyrants” who oppress Arab women in their governments, and in their homes....

    Debating Islam
    ‘Non-Devout’ Reformist Muslim
    Kunwar Khuldune Shahid
    ‘Non-Devout’ Reformist Muslim
    Kunwar Khuldune Shahid

    If all Muslim public figures need to apologise for not fulfilling “obligatory duties prescribed by Islam” one should expect millions of apologies every day from Muslims not waking up before dawn for their ‘mandatory’ Fajr prayer, or for not following the Ramazan obligations as mandated by Islamic scriptures....

    Ijtihad, Rethinking Islam

    The call for an "Islamic reformation" is ringing out across the world in response to the rise of Jihadi militant groups such as ISIS and Boko Haram, asking "Where is the Muslim Luther"? In the many opinion pieces and outright prescriptions gracing the pages of magazines, newspapers and blogs, one hears a clear message of "reform or die!" Given the menace posed by Muslim militant groups, this is neither surprising nor unreasonable....

    Ijtihad, Rethinking Islam

    These animals are not Muslims' valuable possessions or part of their wealth. So sacrificing animals does not mean sacrificing their valuable possession. So it turns into a mechanical rite rather than a spiritual practice. One wants to sacrifice Rs 20, 000 this year, so he goes to the cattle market and buys an animal worth that amount and then slays him on Eidul Adha. So what he sacrifices is his money and not an animal he loved.

    Islam and Pluralism
    Response to ‘Kafir and Mushrik in the Light of the Quran’
    Naseer Ahmed, New Age Islam
    Response to ‘Kafir and Mushrik in the Light of the Quran’
    Naseer Ahmed, New Age Islam

    What I have simply said is that in verses that refer to the Kafaru among the Jews, Christians and Polytheists, it is referring to a specific group of people whose Kufr is also described in the verse. These are the people of the Prophet’s times displaying a specific behaviour in relation to the Prophet’s mission. The Prophet’s mission has ended. These verses are therefore giving out historical information about those people and their behaviour. The Kufr here is neither usury nor drinking. It is their attitude and behaviour towards the Prophet and the Muslims. Those verses are clearly stated.....

    Related Articles:

    Kafir and Mushrik in the Light of the QuranThe Story of the Prophetic Mission of Muhammad (pbuh) in the Qu’ran (Concluding Part) SummaryWho Is A Kafir In The Quran? (Part 1): 'Kafir,' 'Mushrik' And 'Idolater' Are Not Synonyms

    1 2 ..191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 ....


    Radical Islamism and Jihad
    Indian Muslim Clergy to Counter ISIS Propaganda: But they should go beyond rhetoric to a genuine counter-narrative that refutes Jihadism based on traditional Islamic theology

    The clergy is required to counter the exclusivist Jihadi theology of violence and supremacism which is primarily based on the traditional Islamic theology of consensus of all schools of thought. This has to be done through a counter-narrative based on a new inclusivist theology of peace and pluralism. But to do that the clergy will have to work towards evolving a new theology that is different from the traditional theology taught in madrasas. It is this age-old theology that is used by Jihadis to propagate their message. 

    It cannot be stressed enough that the reason Jihadis have been able to capture the imagination of thousands of our youth the world over is that they are not saying anything new. They are simply showing a way to practice what the ulema (religious scholars) have been preaching. The Jihadi narrative is the traditional Islamic theological narrative of Islam domination over all other religious beliefs, and eradication of what it considers the biggest crimes humanity can commit, particularly shirk, polytheism or idol worship, and kufr, rejection of the prophethood of Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh). All the most eminent scholars of Islam from Imam Ghazali (11th-12th century) to Imam Ibn-e-Taimiya (13th-14th century), Mujaddid Alf-e-Saani Sheikh Sirhindi (16th-17th century), Shah Waliullah Muhaddis Dehlavi (18th century) have shown a vision of political Islam that was finally given a more definite form in the 20th century by Maulana Syed Abul A’la Maududi, Hassan al-Banna, and Syed Qutb. The Jihadi ideologues of the 21st century may be stressing some parts of this traditional narrative more vigorously and downplaying some other aspects. But they are not saying anything that is entirely new or radically different.

    Jihadi literature has not dropped from the sky all of a sudden. This is not the creation of Osama bin Laden or so-called “Khalifa” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Their narrative of world domination, fighting those who do not accept the message of Islam is basically what is taught in all our madrasas. The definition of Jihad as fighting those who do not accept the oneness of God and prophethood of Mohammad (pbuh) is found in books of every school of Sunni fiqh (jurisprudence), be it Hanafi, Malaki, Shafei or Hanbali. Indeed, even Shia theology does not differ much with Sunnis in matters of political Islam. They too want world domination for Islam and desire to subdue all non-Muslims.

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