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Holy Language and its Religious Lasso

By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

1 June 2014

Unlike the classic Latin and other ancient languages of the Holy Seas which were once sacrosanct, Arabic language has retained its simulated holiness for nation of Muslims for over a millennium.

This religious rope has been firmly in the hands of the owners of the language and now tightly pulled round the nation’s neck. Everything of theirs that is: its culture, norms, apparel, scents, dates, water, its rites, modes of worship and even its geographical location on the planet earth is the focal point of religious Islam.

“Islam”, which is only an Arabic word for what was supposed to be a Code of life for humanity from its first prophet, is no more so, and is now the monopoly of Arabia.

The Universal Code which primarily eradicates all sectional and factional differences in order to unite humanity, is now fully Arabianised.

For this purpose the “spirituality of worship” namaz, that is offered in holy Arabic is asserted as “unifying factor” of the masculine brotherhood of Muslims.

However it will lead to convoluted arguments to condone or to condemn that assertion, when it is equated to Qur'anic salaat. Suffice it to say that namaz, is neither a Qur'anic nor an Arabic term.

Seen in the context of Quran, as one understands it, it is false to consider any language as holy. A few verses of the source Book of Islam the Quran are given here in support of this statement.

The reference to the Chapter two and few other verses are significant for the subject at hand addressing mankind. Emphasis in capitals:

2-4: And who believe in the inspiration given to you (oh Messenger), and that given to those (Messengers) BEFORE YOUR TIME, and have certainty of the Hereafter.

10-47: To EVERY nation a Messenger (was sent) ….and 4-164: of some Messengers We have already told you the stories; of others We have NOT…

The number of Messengers sent is not given in the Book but it leaves none of them out of the equation for the message they propagated;

41-43: NOTHING is said to you (Muhammad) that was not said to those BEFORE your time. And added further in 4-152 that there is no distinction between Messengers.

The Book confirms that the inspirations to Muhammad are in pure Arabic 16-103. For, he was born of Arab parents, in Arabia and his audience was the Arabic speaking people. It stands to reason that it could not have been in any other language other than Arabic, their mother tongue:

41-44: Had We sent this as Quran in language OTHER THAN Arabic, they (the Arabs) would have said “why are not its verses explained in detail?” What! A book not in Arabic and a Messenger AN ARAB?…

Similarly all the other messengers imparted the same message - the Code in their own and their audience’s mother tongues. That is so simple to accept.

14-4: We did not send a Messenger but to teach in the Language of HIS OWN PEOPLE in order to make the Message clear to them….

The Messengers - all Messengers with the exception of Muhammad, could not have imparted the Message in Arabic as it was not their mother tongue.

Therefore it is argued that either All languages are Holy and sacrosanct; as the Omniana God knows everything—including all languages, or None are holy.

And those who followed the Code and their reward?

2-5: They are on the correct path indicated (Dhalikal Kitab) by their Lord and it is these who will prosper.

This is to establish that only the Divine Message is holy and that obedience and its practical implementation is all that is required to be a Believer.

The shackles of holy language; particularly for non-Arab to understand the common Message is what is doing all the harm to the nation of Muslims and alienates the rest of humanity from the Code of Peace given to all Messengers.

Salaam-a’laikum - Peace be with you - in Arabic language is the universal greetings of Muslims, including Taliban, Boko Haram, al Shabab etc. Are Muslims at peace anywhere in the world?

Alas vested interests being what they are, the clergy have capitalised on human weakness. The Book says:

10-19: Mankind was but one nation. (Alas!) Differences arose later….despite the unifying prayers offered in Arabic!

Muslims of different denominations pray separately. Many Muslims cannot even attend the universal Hajj, the enterprise of pilgrimage in Arabia. So much for the unity of the nation!

Yet there is no better example of any other enterprise than that of this Arabic religion. In the bondage of everything Arabic: its language, mode of worship and all that is related to Arabia has enslaved the nation in the tight noose for the benefit of one and only one country and that has been so for centuries. That country is now called the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This is one enterprise that does not incur any expense to lure customers. The religious customers themselves consider it their holy duty and loyalty to the enterprise, which is erroneously named Islam.

Muslims have willingly submitted and believe that is what their Faith demands. The millions of volunteers – the religious Army and operatives, the clergy, all over the Muslim world perform this task admirably and freely to promote the enterprise.

The tycoons of this enterprise however can therefore not be blamed. What fool would look such a gift horse in the mouth?

2-79: …And they say this is from God, to trade in it for miserable gains. The worldly and monetary gains are by no means miserable though!

These self-deceptions have led them to believe, that it is the Arabic language that unites the nation. It denies them of any practical action – a’mal required and to think and contemplate as to what is happening to them and that has been happening for over thousand years, and how to counter it.

The myriads of sectarian divisions, sections and factions, in the name of various denominations belie the falsehood of unity for all to see, except the blind and brain washed masses.

These are undoubtedly harsh statements for many to accept who consider the Arabic Book of an Arabic Messenger, in Arabic language for guidance to humanity (39-41) as being exclusively for Muslims. For they assert that it is not for anan naas - humanity as a whole.

This, on top of the fact, that the majority does not understand a word of what they recite in Arabic. To them it is spiritual worshiping a language of monolingual godhead.

One glaring example is the fallacy of Khatam ul Quran, the ‘finish-reading’ recited on dead person to forward Thawab, holy reward, against the better judgement of 27-80. The compounded felony of this is the parrot fashion readers believe that they also receive holy reward, in addition to the dead! Buttering of bread on both sides?

In today’s busy life, the rich hire professional readers, often old women to do this religious function for them against 17-15! A sort of ‘contracting out’ for their own Thawab!

The frequently used half a dozen Arabic words that have crept up in local languages are uttered often comically out of context during mundane conversation. They have become mere brand mark to show off one’s literacy if not the “false piety (107-6)”,

The recent example of a Muslim majority country’s attempt to confine the Arabic word Allah for Muslims only, firmly constructs an intellectual and linguistic great wall round an exclusive godhead of theirs; is to say the least astonishing. Particularly when the so called ‘learned clergy’, and some section of the government also lend its support to the idea.

All in all, the ignorance and fetishism of masses and the vested interests of religious enterprises is taking a toll on the nation’s reasoning power, “who believe that they are following the right path 7-99!”

The enlightened ones have gone deeply in self-deception mode, for they believe it is the minority that has “high jacked Islam”. But it is the majority enemy within that is tightening the noose round the nation’s neck.

It is the enlightened minority that is now in deep slumber over the issue and the nation perhaps has reached a point of no return to undo the deathly spiritual noose!

The Creator promises that when a nation self-destructs itself in deceptions and breaths its last then He will replace them with a new one:

21-11: How many were the communities that We have destroyed BECASUSE of their inequities, setting up in their place other people.

In 1258 Hulegu Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan was asked as to why he came to destroy Baghdad? Instead of saying “we do it because we can” as did others recently, he is quoted to have replied that he is the Angle of Death that your god had promised.

The Muslims today have many of those amongst them and they are doing excellent job for their masters and tutors from within and without; because they do not understand the ‘commandments’ of the Arabic Quran in their own language.


A regular contributor to New Age Islam, Rashid Samnakay is a (Retd.) Engineer