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US, Israel and the media charade on Iran!


By Debbie Menon


ANOTHER, ex-US Administration "disgruntled" staff, in another book,


"Tell-all"? Scott McClellan, none other but the White House Press Secretary for two years nine months in the Bush Administration, pleads innocent to participation in any skulduggery, and claims victimhood as an innocent dupe? To what avail?


The US actions on the ground in the past six years speak louder than words, but, the world media has been busily debating and discussing the smoke and mirrors which US-Israel throws out in its charade. Peace Laureates Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu et al have been lamenting and wringing their hands about the truth, in recent weeks. But everyone will continue swallowing the stories and distractions thrown up by US-Israel charade, as if they were the real thing, which they are not.


US and Israel have been effectively and efficiently destroying Palestine now for sixty years, and the debate and discussions in the media still go on today, just as serious and hopeful as ever, as if it were real; and now they talk about the same threat from Iran that they spoke of Iraq, as if it were real! C'mon!


The mainstream media will ignore a lot of facts and history which say that the Iran objective is not a question of policy change, nuclear armament or disarmament, or even simple regime change in Iran, but is, instead the same as it has always been, to wit: Israel wants Iran destroyed as a state and Balkanized in the manner in which they have done Palestine, and the US has done in Iraq and will settle for nothing less! All else is wind. A charade!


The name of the game is "Destroy Iran". Not because it is a threat to Israel, because it isn't, not because they are a nuclear threat, for they aren't; but simply because it stands in the way of Israeli domination of the entire Middle East, and all that oil under their soil belongs to America, anyway, so let's go get it like they did Iraq!


To rationalise, discuss, describe and debate the non-issues of policy, regime change, nuclear weaponry, peaceful nuclear power development and all this US-Israeli cover story which US mainstream media peddles is to play into the hands of the US-Israel propaganda campaign, as if it were real, and ignore their actual motives and objectives: Destroy Iran! Utterly!


Most mainstream journalists have always been fence straddlers, go along-get along types, and has, and have simply failed to come to grips with the bottom line in this US-Israel plot either because they are too ignorant, too timid, or like their jobs too much. So while everyone else bickers and dickers over the non-issues which these journalists and their brothers write about, the US-Israeli, Zionist-American panzer is on the road and rolling and their target is Teheran. Keep your eye on the left hand, and you will never see what the right hand is doing... it is picking your pocket, and stealing the rabbit out of your hat.


The Zionist plan is incredible; the ramblings of anti-Semites, madmen, a phoney anti-Semitic conspiracy theory about 'The Elders Of Zion' who do not even exist, and all of, the Plan is not real. But what is happening on the ground, and has been happening for 60 and more years, is real. And when you compare notes, it sounds as if someone is playing the score perfectly and not missing a single note!


It looks like the same thing, and is having the same affect whether "planned" or not! One by one, create dissention and division among each and all of Israel's neighbors, until they are so embroiled in their own turmoil that they are not only no longer a threat to Israel, but a pushover like Palestine for eventual occupation. Well, Palestine has not become the "pushover" they thought it was going to be, but Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, et al have become.


There are parallels, between the media rhetoric about Iraq's nuclear threat prior to the US invasion and the rhetoric about Iran's nuclear programme today. In repeatedly misinterpreting the statements of Iran's Ahmadinejad, the US-Israel media paints him as the Hitler of the Middle East. There was no reality check before Iraq and there is no reality check now.


The Iranian military is a fifth rate force, equivalent to a National Guard army with no defensive capabilities or ability to take troops across water. Iran has no air force because US sanctions prevent Iran from buying spare parts for its aircraft. And Iran is left with virtually navy after the US sank the Iranian fleet in an unpublicised attack during the first Gulf War in 1991. The endless sanctions imposed on Iran are really about the US-Israel campaign to cripple Iran's economy.


Concerning Iran's nuclear threat, Mohamed ElBaradei of IAEA has repeatedly said that there is no evidence of Iran using nuclear material for military use. But - as in the case of Iraq in 2003 - the US Administration argues that Iran has dangerous intentions concerning nuclear ambitions. The administration seems to think that this is enough to justify a US intervention. The "threat" that the US would have the world believe is not consistent with reality.


The excuses, arguments, issues, et al, are all a charade and have nothing to do with the why and what, of what America and Israel are doing to all these states in the Middle East, and what they are going to do to Iran. Iran has been around a helluva lot longer than America and most of Europe. They have had better days. Why should they dance to some petty carnival fiddler's tunes when they have a history of having had some of the finest orchestras that the world has ever known?


The much-talked about Mafioso offer made recently to Iran by the six power nations "that just cannot be refused," works only in places like America, and American movies. When offered to men of principle, who have centuries of moral conviction and history behind them, it's a laughingstock proposition...the suggestion of a fool!


With the failure of US leadership in the Middle East, or more correctly, their diminishing ability to "twist arms," and make offers which no one can refuse, there seems to be a power vacuum. In such a situation, there is the possibility that the Middle Eastern countries themselves might work out their problems — as they did in Lebanon last week. An even-handed settlement is what Qatar put together. It succeeded.


It is possible. Whether it is probable, we will never know until they have been given the opportunity to try. They have never had, or been allowed the opportunity, so what is there to lose except of course Western hegemony which has been the real obstacle to Middle East peace and prosperity, since the days of Richard Coeur de Leon?


The patient has been sick for a long, long time. He will be a long time recovering!


3 June 2008

Debbie Menon is an independent writer based in Dubai. She can be reached at


Source: Khaleej Times