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Creating Panic In The Middle Of A Crisis: Rehman Malik Sees Ghost of India Again, Reveals ‘Enemy Plan’ In Karachi

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January, 30, 2013

In a bizarre development, the Pakistani Urdu media have published a sensational report that a number of high intensity blasts will be carried out in Karachi in which Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Sipah-e-Sahaba and ‘other people’ will be used. The attacks will be probably carried out in the first week of February. The report quoting the home minister Rehman Malik has also categorically said that the Taliban was not involved in the operations and has advised the intelligence agencies to push 70 percent of its resources and manpower in trying to prevent any eventuality. The newspaper has also warned that if Karachi is ‘taken away’, the intelligence agencies will also be held responsible along with the government for this.

The daily Jang and other Urdu newspapers of Pakistan on Tuesday carried a sensational news report quoting the home minister Rehman Malik that the ‘enemies sitting across the border’ had planned to cause bloodshed in the city and that the blasts would be carried out next month. The home minister also said that a high level meeting will be held in the current week to chalk out a strategy to thwart the plans of the ‘enemy’. Speaking to the media after meeting the PPP’s Khaibar Pakhtunkhwa president Anwar Saifullah, Mr Malik said that he was saying with conviction that the enemy had planned a high intensity terrorist operation in Karachi in the next month in which Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Sipah-e-Sahaba and local people will be used. He also said that the Taliban was not involved in the killings and bloodshed in Karachi.

The character certificate was issued to the Taliban 2 days after the home minister Rehman Malik had severely criticised the Taliban for its violent activities killing Muslims. The report seems to be propaganda by the Pakistan government against India to divert the attention of the Pakistani people from the internal crisis in which the PPP government presently is. It has also aimed at exploiting the tensions between the two nations. By predicting that the blasts and bloodshed will be carried out by the enemy across the border, it has tried to give the message to the Pakistani people that India was involved in the sectarian and ethnic killings in Karachi. He also said that Taliban was not involved in the killings in the city and that the banned terrorist organisations Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Sipah-e-Sahaba and some local people will be used for the destructive activities.

Of late, the emergence of Tahirul Qadri on the political scene of Pakistan has changed the power equations and new alliances and break ups are taking place. This has forced the PPP to go soft with the Taliban which has killed not only innocent civilians in the country but some of their top politicians and leaders. In a situation where the PPP finds itself in a tight spot, the overt or covert support of the Taliban will be of a great help to the ruling party. That’s why while ‘revealing’ the conspiracy of the ‘enemy across the border’, it has given clean chit to the Taliban and tried to create the impression that India will be behind any terrorist act that takes place in Karachi.

Karachi is a city where target killings, political murders and sectarian massacres take place round the year and a failed bureaucracy, failed intelligence system, helpless police and a non-committal government has not been able to curb the violence. On Tuesday, a day after Rehman Malik made his sensational revelations, five people including the general secretary of Bengali Action Committee were killed in target killings in Karachi. Surprisingly, the English newspapers and other majority of Urdu newspapers did not cover the news which questions the authenticity, motive and the timing of the statement made by the home minister of Pakistan.

Even the Pakistani media have rubbished the statements of Mr Malik as politically motivated. The editorial in Nawa e Waqt questions the motive behind his statement and asked why the high level meeting will be called in the weekend and not within a day or two if the situation is so serious. It has also asked the home minister to elaborate on how Karachi can be taken away or who will take away Karachi and what he meant by this. The editorial has lambasted the minister for creating panic among the people of Pakistan who are already going through a number of crises.