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THE ESSENCE OF THE QURAN by Sant Vinoba Bhave - Part-8

By Sant Vinoba Bhave

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60.Man’s Uniqueness

287. Man’s Distinct Feature: The Faculty of Speech

2|30|And when thy Lord said to the angels, 'I am setting in the earth a viceroy.' They said, 'What, wilt Thou set therein one who will do corruption there, and shed blood, while We proclaim Thy praise and call Thee Holy?' He said, 'Assuredly I know that you know not.'

2|31|And He taught Adam the names, all of them; then He presented them unto the angels and said, 'Now tell Me the names of these, if you speak truly.'

2|32|They said, 'Glory be to Thee! We know not save what Thou hast taught us. Surely Thou art the All-knowing, the All-wise.'

2|33|He said, 'Adam, tell them their names.' And when he had told them their names He said, 'Did I not tell you I know the unseen things of the heavens and earth? And I know what things you reveal, and what you were hiding.'

2|34|And when We said to the angels, 'Bow yourselves to Adam'; so they bowed themselves, save Iblis; he refused, and waxed proud, and so he became one of the unbelievers.

288. Man Is Created With God’s Both Hands

38|75|Said He, 'Iblis, what prevented thee to bow thyself before that I created with My own hands? Hast thou waxed proud, or art thou of the lofty ones?'

289.Three Gifts: The Book, The Balance And Iron

57|25|Indeed, We sent Our Messengers with the clear signs, and We sent down with them the Book and the Balance so that men might uphold justice. And We sent down iron, wherein is great might, and many uses for men, and so that God might know who helps Him, and His Messengers, in the Unseen. Surely God is All-strong, All-mighty.

290. God’s Truth

33|72|We offered the trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains, but they refused to carry it and were afraid of it; and man carried it. Surely he is sinful, very foolish.

291. The Two Extremes

95|4|We indeed created Man in the fairest stature

95|5|then We restored him the lowest of the low –

292. The Three Grades: The Lowest, the Mean and the Best

35|32|Then We bequeathed the Book on those of Our servants We chose; but of them some wrong themselves, some of them are lukewarm, and some are outstrippers in good works by the leave of God; that is the great bounty.

293. Purpose of Man’s Creation

51|56|I have not created jinn and mankind except to serve Me.

51|57|I desire of them no provision, neither do I desire that they should feed Me.

51|58|Surely God is the All-provider, the Possessor of Strength, the Ever-Sure.

61. Weakness of Man

294. He Is Loath to Preserve

9|42|Were it a gain near at hand, and an easy journey, they would have followed thee; but the distance was too far for them. Still they will swear by God, 'Had we been able, we would have gone out with you,' so destroying their souls; and God knows that they are truly liars.

295. Does Not Learn By Experience

30|9|What, have they not journeyed in the land and beheld how was the end of those before them? They were stronger than themselves in might, and they ploughed up the earth and cultivated it more than they themselves have cultivated it; and their Messengers came to them with the clear signs; and God would never wrong them, but themselves they wronged.

296. Unsteady

11|9|And if We let a man taste mercy from Us, and then We wrest it from him, he is desperate, ungrateful.

11|10|But if We let him taste prosperity after hardship that has visited him, he will say, 'The evils have gone from me'; behold, he is joyous, boastful –


74|12|and appointed for him ample wealth

74|13|and sons standing before him,

74|14|and made all things smooth for him;

74|15|then he is eager that I should do more.

298.FretfulAnd Miserly

70|19|Surely man was created fretful,

70|20|when evil visits him, impatient,

70|21|when good visits him, grudging,


9|126|Do they not see that they are tried every year once or twice? Yet still they do not repent, nor do they remember.

300. Hastens on The Evil

27|46|He said, 'O my people, why do you seek to hasten evil before good? Why do you not ask forgiveness of God? Haply so you will find mercy.'

62.Proclivity to Evil

301. The Human Soul Is Prone to Evil

12|53|Yet I claim not that my soul was innocent -- surely the soul of man incites to evil -- except inasmuch as my Lord had mercy; truly my Lord is All-forgiving, All-compassionate.'

302. If God Were to Punish

35|45|If God should take men to task for what they have earned He would not leave upon the face of the earth one creature that crawls; but He is deferring them to a stated term. But when their term is come -- surely God sees His servants.

303. Good From God and ill from Ourselves

4|79|Whatever good visits thee, it is of God; whatever evil visits thee is of thyself. And We have sent thee to men a Messenger; God suffices for a witness.


304. Oh Man What Has Made Thee Ungrateful to god

82|6|O Man! What deceived thee as to thy generous Lord

82|7|who created thee and shaped thee and wrought thee in symmetry

82|8|and composed thee after what form He would?

305. Thankless

100|6|Surely Man is ungrateful to his Lord,

100|7|and surely he is a witness against that!

100|8|Surely he is passionate in his love for good things.

100|9|Knows he not that when that which is in the tombs is over-thrown,

100|10|and that which is in the breasts is brought out --

100|11|surely on that day their Lord shall be aware of them!

306.Call Upon God in His Misfortune and Forgets Him When Relieved

10|12|When affliction visits a man, he calls Us on his side, or sitting, or standing; but when We have removed his affliction from him, he passes on, as if he never called Us to an affliction that visited him. So decked out fair to the prodigal is that they have been doing.

307. Simile of the Sea and Shore

10|22|It is He who conveys you on the land and the sea; and when you are in the ship -- and the ships run with them with a fair breeze, and they rejoice in it, there comes upon them a strong wind, and waves come on them from every side, and they think they are encompassed; they call upon God, making their religion His sincerely: 'If Thou deliverest us from these, surely we shall be among the thankful.'

10|23|Nevertheless when He has delivered them behold, they are insolent in the earth, wrongfully. O men, your insolence is only against yourselves; the enjoyment of this present life, then unto Us you shall return, then We shall tell you what you were doing.

308.This Is My Prowess

41|49|Man wearies not of praying for good; but when evil visits him, then he is cast down and desperate.

41|50|And if We let him taste mercy from Us after hardship that has visited him, he surely says, 'This is mine; I think not the Hour is coming. If I am returned to my Lord, surely the reward most fair with Him will be mine.' Then We shall tell the unbelievers the things they have done, and assuredly We shall let them taste a harsh chastisement.

41|51|And when We bless man, he turns away and withdraws aside; but when evil visits him, he is full of endless prayers.

64. The Believer And The Unbeliever

309. One Believer in Goodness And The Other Does Not

92|1|By the night enshrouding

92|2|and the day in splendour

92|3|and That which created the male and the female,

92|4|surely your striving is to diverse ends.

92|5|As for him who gives and is godfearing

92|6|and confirms the reward most fair,

92|7|We shall surely ease him to the Easing.

92|8|But as for him who is a miser, and self-sufficient,

92|9|and cries lies to the reward most fair,

92|10|We shall surely ease him to the Hardship;

92|11|his wealth shall not avail him when he perishes.

92|12|Surely upon Us rests the guidance,

92|13|and to Us belong the Last and the First.

92|14|Now I have warned you of a Fire that flames,

92|15|whereat none but the most wretched shall be roasted,

92|16|even he who cried lies, and turned away;

92|17|and from which the most godfearing shall be removed,

92|18|even he who gives his wealth. to purify himself

92|19|and confers no favour on any man for recompense,

92|20|only seeking the Face of his Lord the Most High;

92|21|and he shall surely be satisfied.