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The Holy Vedas: Part - 7


Edited and Prepared By Pandit Satyakam Vidyalankar


We seek Thy protection and grace, O Lord,

Though knowing that Thou rulest over earth and sky

And commandest the waves and the clouds

We are often gripped by panic and despair,

Mayest thou ordain all fierce forces to be benign

And Merciful towards us

May nothing Evil and Untoward befall us

And May we all prosper always

O’ Supreme God Bless us to appreciate thee

Benevolent Wisdom of thee ... (misprint)..... and be like them

Help us to imbibe the gentleness heir being kindness

Bless us with a long life that we may rejoice with

Abundance of thee benevolence

(Four misprinted lines)

What is good:

Let us see with our eyes

What good;

Let us enjoy

The divinely ordained term of our life,

With firm limbs and healthy heads

And full satisfaction of mind

In the service of the Supreme

Endowed with all Thy glories in heaven and earth On mountains, in plants and in waters O Illustrious Blissful Lord! Mayest Thou be considerate, benign, and accept our homage.

(Rig.1.91.4) O Gracious Lord, possessor of all the graces as Thou art, Bless us with Thine graces. Everyone, verily, invokes Thee repeatedly O Gracious Lord, be Thou our champion in all solemnity.


Bless that the omnipresent cosmic powers, The abodes of the eternal laws of the Supreme Creator, And the friendly and venerable Divine Powers, Confer upon us auspicious and honourable wealth That comprises brave children And may we possess the ability to accomplish noble acts.

(Rig.10.36.13), Shower on us Thy torrential bliss, 0 Lord,

Save us by sending us the deluge of Thy

Benedictions; Thou givest without asking. We can only pray to Thee; Thou returnest our helplessness and ingratitude With nothing but a rainbow of Thy compassion; Bless us, Master, bless us.


O Supreme Lord, Thou art full of fiery spirit, give me fiery spirit, Thou art manly vigour, give me vigour, Thou art strength, give me strength, Thou art energy, give me energy, Thou art discipline, give me discipline, Thou art conquering might, give me conquering might.

(Yajur.19.9) O God, bless that the faculties of our mind, intellect and body function like two wheels of a chariot that speeds us on the way to perfect fulfilment.


Rise to protect us, like the sun that heals. Thou art the giver of sustenance; We invoke Thee with devotion and earnestness. (Rig.1.36.13)

Youthful and most Resplendent Lord. Protect us from evil forces And from our malevolence within. Protect us from ferocious animal instincts And blind forces that seek to destroy us.

(Rig.1.36.15) O Mighty Adorable God, keep us away from the wicked, voracious and malevolent enemy that brings us trouble.

Thus protected by Thee, May we force a way through our enemies, Like torrents of water.



Ye’ Jai surrender

Work and live as an act of offering to achieve immortal fame and complete satisfaction of having lived a successful life. Remember you are the child of immortality and that all life is but an offering, Never forget that the nectar-honey of the flower of mercy is for those who sacrifice, and the life offered is the life accepted. Let the sacred flame of divine fire shine brightly in your soul.


The Supreme Lord comes to help all in their struggle, Where the flashing arrows of passions are hurled all around; Come with Thy powerful protection, 0 Lord, Make us triumphant in our inner conflicts through Thy grace.


Guard us from the malignant and preserve us from the wicked, 0 Victorious One. May our offerings reach Thee free from dishonour. (Rig.6.15.12)

Preserve us, 0 Omniscient Lord, from sin; 0 Poet of the Divine Verses, protect us from the malevolent.


Defend us from sin and from the malevolent mortal, who threatens us with murderous weapon. (Rig.6.16.31)

Subject us not, 0 adorable bounties, to evil creatures Which are like wolves, or robbers, or the ones who harm us. Verily, you alone can guide and rule. Our vigour and speech aright.


God the Rescuer, God the Saviour, Mighty God; Happily invoked at each invocation; God powerful, invoked by all; May God the Bounteous confer on us blessings. (Sama.333)

Let Him, who is Master of all Knowledge, Take it on Himself to guard the common man From evil in every' possible way, From whatever quarter it might come Lik_a_snake,

(Rig.6.75.14) May the Divine Powers keep away from me such of my kinsfolk Who are full of intolerant jealousy towards me, Be this heartfelt prayer of mine my invulnerable armour.


While residing in these earthly dwellings, 9 Venerable Lord, May we enjoy Thy protection, And win favours from Mother Infinity And acquire blessings from Thy grace.

(Rig.7.88.7) Free us from bonds, inherited from our forefathers And from those for which we are ourselves

responsible. O Sovereign Lord, liberate us From our animal passions, like a calf set free from its tether.


The Supreme Lord is too near To be abandoned, Too close to be witnessed. Behold the nature's splendour And the Lord's divine poetry Beth are beyond decay and death. (Atharva.10.8 3)

Free us, 0 virtuous Lord, from all snares That bind us from above And those that bind us from below; Keep away from us evil dreams and misfortunes; And then let us pass into the world of virtue. (Atharva.7.83.4)

0 Lord, protect us from all that we are afraid of; Drive away our enemies and foes; In Thy security we seek shelter; Lead us to ample room, spacious, secure, Happy and full of sunshine In Thy mighty arms, we seek fearless shelter. (Atharva.19.15.4)

Pray grant me freedom from insecurity, depression and misery, 0 Lord of the Universe.


Enable Us To Overcome Our Inner Feelings Of Enmity.


0 Lord Supreme, Embodiment of all that is vast and benevolent, Mayest Thou be ever merciful to us; Mayest Thou leave Thy weapon, the Vajra, the thunderbolt, on the lofty summit of this cosmic tree; And come with Thy bow and string on this earth for protection of the pious and faithful.

(Yaj ur.16.51)

O Lord, confer Thy blessing that we suffer no afflictions or infirmities in the midst of our life-span.

(Rig.1.89.9) Keep us away from disease and from those men who are non-believers and adverse to us Bless us with incessant protective bounties.


O Lord, the Sustainer of the Universe, Do not deprive us of the sight of the sun. May our brave sons subdue our adversaries. May we be multiplied with continued progeny. .12112 2.33.1)

May the Supreme Creator on our west, On the east, on the north and On the south bestow on us Everything worth having and Bestow upon us long life.

(Rig.10.36.14) O Lord of the Vast Universe, grant me capacity to receive and absorb the strength of those innumerable divine forces such as the sun, the moon, the stars and nebulae who are travelling around in the cosmos assuming various shapes and forms.

Bless us that we become pure and pious And gather divine lustre Like cosmic luminaries. Bless us that we overcome all obstacles And live a hundred years of glorious life Along with our brave comrades.

(Atharva. 1.1.1)


O God among mortals; Thou guardest the holy law In holy rites, we invoke Thee Bless my mouth with sweet voice; Bless my nostrils with pure breath; Bless my ears with good hearing. May my hair not turn grey before time. May my teeth not decay. May my arms be strong.


Bless me that I have power in my thighs Swiftness in my legs Steadiness in my feet. May all my limbs be uninjured, And my soul remain unconquered.


O God, the Protector Protect my body. Thou art Bestower. of long life, bestow on me long life. Thou art the Bestower of intellectual brilliance. O God! Whatever is wanting in my body make that up for me.

(Yajur.3.17) O God, bless us with a long life so we spread Thy message of divine aspirations.

(Yajur.4.23) Enable us to have Thy loving refuge and strength to do noble deeds.

(Yajur.9.22) Live a life of a hundred years, a life of self-respect without being a burden to anyone.


Forgive us, 0 Lord, if immersed in our own affairs, We have committed sin against divine powers. Forgive us for our sinagaiiiistmen, sin against elders, And sin against our own conscience. And for all sins that we have committed knowingly, And those which we might have committed unawares.


As rats eat weaver's thread, Cares are eating inside me, O God Almighty! Show Thy mercy to Thy devotee. (Rig.10.33.3) O God, the Sovereign Lord of the Vast Universe, Help us to eradicate all our defects and deficiencies. Of the eyes, of the heart and of the mind. Be merciful and compassionate to us.

(Yajur.36.2) Don't let the wicked violent powers harm us, O Earth, protect us from earthly distress, O Mid-Air, protect us from heavenly distress. (Rig.7.104.23) O Lord, help us in overcoming sin, carry us across the turbulent river of adversities, as if on a boat. (Atharva. 1.33.7)

O Merciful Lord, In as much as all people r -  , So do we daily disfigure Thy worship by defaults. But 0 Lord of Mercy, Punish us not by the penalty of death Through Thy indignation or anger.

To err is human. May we be forgiven our blunders, men are full of all desires.

(Rig.1.25. I)


All-pervading God! Whatever heinous sin we may have committed, Be it one of downright jeering at God—Or scorn of Him—by tongue, mind or action, We pray for pardon For that haughty and perverse God-hater Who is ever busy tempting us to evil paths. (Rig.4.54.1) Harm us not, 0 Lord of cosmic vitality, abandon us not, Let us not be tormented under Thy bondage when Thou art displeased Make us partakers of the life-sustaining worship, And may ye, 0 Nature's bounties, ever shower blessings on us.

O Lord, what was my main transgression That would, destroy a singer of Thy glory? Tell me, 0 Invincible One, so that sinlessly I may approach Thee with my devotion.

(Rig. 7.46. 4)

Forgive us, 0 Virtuous Lord, it is not our own choice, But our hard environment that betrays us. It is the vice of intoxication, wrath, gambling and carelessness. And again, it is the handicap of the ill-manners of the elder with the young. Even a dream is provocative to falsehood.


0 Saviour, make me immortal Liberate me from the cycle_of birth and rebirth. (Rig. 7.89.1) When 0 Lord of Justice, I move along tremulous, with an inflated ego, bless me, 0 Saviour, mercy, my Lord.


The face of truth Is covered by the glittering lid of gold. The Purusha—the ultimate source of conscious life, Who shines in the sun I am that Aum, The Supreme Entity.


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