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Chapter 7: Tableeghi Jamaat as seen in their own camp by their own people by Maulana Arshadul Qadri





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  1. Assalamu alaikum to all of you

    jamsheed basha is true man, I am agree in all point of jamsheed basha, and thanks full to Sultan shahin editor of Newageislam both are social reformer, A time sultan shahin says quran is obselete. It means that he was not follower of any firqa but true is true. so he published this book. jamsheed bash sahab Arshadul qadri have written many book like this like, zalzala is most effective and international famous book by qadri sahab. And again he wrote a book “zerozabar”, this book proves Maulana work is really intellect. After that, The book Zalzala, Zer-o-Zabar, Tableeghi Jama'at and Jamat-e-Islami very great critical book by Ahlesunnat maulana ArshadulQadri.

    Jamat-E-Ahle Sunnat are poor, so no one finance it so it is too difficult to do all articles translated to local languages and distributed in all mosques and madrasas.


    And appeal for dua

    Md Ahmad (Friends Syed Md Asadullah)

    Aurangabad (Bihar)

    By Md Ahmad