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  1. Assalamu Alaikum

    Dear respected elders, why you propagating anti-Tablighi thoughts to ordinary people. You know very well and it is the fact like moon and sun that crores and crores of Muslims are changing their life through spending very few days in jamaat, mosques are full of namaazi, youths are now following the sunnat of Rasulullah Sallahu Alaihe Wasllam and follow the footsteps of Sahaba Raziallahu Anho.

     If you look to the past back to 30-35 years there were only very few over-aged namaazi in mosques and the committee used to lock the gate of the mosques after namaaz time but in present days mosques are full of public, more than 75% namaazi you will see are in younger and youths. How this dramatic change has come. I ask a question that is it the outcome of sacrifice of time and wealth of sajjada nasheens capturing the Aulia Allaah graves for their own benefits. Could you please tell me, are the activities of mazaars like collections of nazranas from general public even from non-muslims, journeys of women to mazaars like Ajmer, Nizamuddin, Baraily Shareef etc without their mahram ARE ALLOWED SOMEWHERE IN QURAN, HADITH OR ASAR-E-SAHABAS.

    No doubt that we should respect the mazaars of Rasulullah (SAW), Sahabas (RA) and Aulia Allaah but these graves are not for urs, asking murads, putting mannat etc. Why mosques are build just because of gathering of Ummah for performing Salaat, for zikrullaah, for khidmat to muslims, khidmat to musafirs, using like office for Deen ki mehnat in the surrounding areas. I have myself seen an women zayereen of Azmer Shareef taking bath under the shadow of Coach bus near Raj Ghat, New Delhi, is it not shameful for us. What non-muslims think about the teachings of our beloved prophets (SAW ). Now the time has changed and Muslims have started to re-think these unnecessary activities which have been started by Jahil Mullahs and Peers through Fatiha, Neyaz, Mannat, they all belongs to the Shia sect of people who believe all companions of rasulullahi sallahu alaihewasallam have became Murtid except three after the death of Muhammad SAW. Once Mr. Ayatullah Khomeini said in his speech that when we will conquer the Harmayen Sharifain ie Makkah and Medina we will vacate the graves of Abu Bakar and Umar, Nauzu billah. So I humbly request the people of Ajmer Shareef, Nizamuddin Aulia and Baraly shareef to rethink over it. Thanking you.

    By Jawaid Sharfi
  2. im feeling really really happy to pass my comments afta read the book zalzala and tabligi jamat i say the word that every century a mujadid come when the fitna cover the ummah in last centery the mujadid was ahmed raza khan and in this centry is allama arshad qadri....he has done his work and now its our duty to adertiz his book....and here iz the request to all that to translate this book in urdu on net.....if u have done it than kindly mail me.... will be very thankfull to all of you...
    By saeed ahmed
  3. Assalamu alaikum to all of you

    jamsheed basha is true man, I am agree in all point of jamsheed basha, and thanks full to Sultan shahin editor of Newageislam both are social reformer, A time sultan shahin says quran is obselete. It means that he was not follower of any firqa but true is true. so he published this book. jamsheed bash sahab Arshadul qadri have written many book like this like, zalzala is most effective and international famous book by qadri sahab. And again he wrote a book “zerozabar”, this book proves Maulana work is really intellect. After that, The book Zalzala, Zer-o-Zabar, Tableeghi Jama'at and Jamat-e-Islami very great critical book by Ahlesunnat maulana ArshadulQadri.

    Jamat-E-Ahle Sunnat are poor, so no one finance it so it is too difficult to do all articles translated to local languages and distributed in all mosques and madrasas.


    And appeal for dua

    Md Ahmad (Friend Syed Md Asadullah)

    Aurangabad (Bihar)

    By Md Ahmad
  4. I am really pleased to read the exposure of the ills associated with Tableeq Jamat and its followers done with such immaculate details by Moulana Arshadul Khadri in his marathon six chapters. These articles need to be translated into Urdu and other local languages and distributed in all mosques and madrasas where these hypocrites of Islam have penetrated. What is needed today is to educate our youth on the ill effect of following or joining this jamaat. Everything is artificial in them, the religious piety exhibited by its bearded followers, sweet tongue oratory, mutual admiration group, and much more aimed at trapping the unwary young men to their fold. Once they are in, they are slowly taken on a day's tour to start with in the name of inviting people to the House of God i.e., mosque. Every muslim, a new entrant to the jamaat, would naturally feel that it is a pious work. The real intention of these gooses is not exposed to them so early. Once a new entrant goes on a day's visit to neighbouring mosque, here his brain washing starts. Then he is slowly asked to devote three of his days on the path of Allah and make him the head of the touring party. This new leadership deliberately thrusted upon makes him more responsible. First a clean shaven man but once he is in, he started sporting the beard, changes his dress to suit their class. Then he goes on another tour of forty days (Chilla) where he is completely brain washed that he is doing Nabi wala work. Poor chap burdened by the sweet words of praise for his oratorical skill ( as a matter of fact, he would be poor in presenting ) makes him more vocal and responsible. He returns home after one chilla, he slowly tries to convince the members of the family. If they are not well educated or dependent on him, they follow him. Or else he would leave them for ever. This is how the journey into the jamat starts. He is now taken on tour of Delhi, where he meets jamaats from other parts of the country, similarly indoctrinated and brought for further brainwashing by the Hazratji and his group.

    I feel that it is time for all of us to act and put an end to these jamaat practices. First we must caution Muslim parents through education, propaganda and issue of literature exposing the real intention of these tableeqiwalas in each and every Mohalla mosque, form a vigilant committee to see that they are not allowed to preach there. Let them confine their teaching to their homes or a place of their convenience. This is most important. If this is followed, Muslim community would be free from the influence of these highly corrupt hypocrites of Islam.


    By A.M.Jamsheed Basha, Chennai, India