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  1.  My advice to all muslims is "TO READ". Read scholarly books by great scolars of Islam eg Al Fath Al Rabbani , Ihya Ulumuddin, Kimiya-i Saadat, Notions that must be corrected etc. Reading makes one to understand his / her religion. Keep company of the pious ( not psudo pious). Make contineous dua for guidance. InshaAllah, Allah Taala will guide us to The Straight Way. There is no short cut. Understand what is "The Sunni Path". Read books printed by Hakikat Kitabevi, Istanbul. Reading their books will make you understand what is "The Sunni Path".
    By Khalil 05/11/2013 08:41:22
  2. Dear i have to seek ur guidance on the metter of shadow of HOLY PROPHET (SAAW) plz guide me with strong arguments   JAZAK ALLAH
  3. Reply by Zahra (Toronto Canada) Husaini youth

    i will not judge all.
    But most of the strict Wahhabis hate Shias like hell. We all know that and most of them have already hurt and killed a lot of our brothers and sisters.
    They would even kill our Sunni brothers and sisters and then say that they were Shias that we killed.
    This not right at all!
    Because they believe that killing Shias will lead them to Jannah.
    Do u really think that is how a Muslim should be? is Islam about violence?
    Of course not.
    Then why consider such people Muslims.
    I also want to point out another thing.
    All religions teach one thing, which is do good and restrain from evil right???/
    As far as i know yes.
    But Wahhabism doesn't really teach that, in fact they believe it's allowed to hit ur wife. Is that right?
    of course not.
    So i don’t think they should be considered Muslims.
    But i will not consider all of them kaafir and bad, because i have no rights to judge.
    wassalam, zahra

    By Zahra (Toronto, Canada) Husaini youth

    Shias and Wahhabis both are Muslims.

    Reply by ANWAR 
        Salamun alaikum,

        It’s not proper for ppl belonging to different sects to declare each other kafir because of their religious beliefs. It’s very easy to do so but it’s not good and this is not sanctioned by Islam. The Holy Prophet (SAW) says: ""If a Muslim declares another Muslim a kafir, then at least one of them is definitely a Kafir:. Therefore, we should desist from declaring others as kafirs unless they themselves decide to leave Islam by denying any necessary article of faith. For Example, the qadianis themselves left the fold of Islam by denying the end of Prophethood of the holy Prophet (SAW). But I don’t see any such thing in the Wahhabis. Of course their set of belief does not match with us Shias. But Shias and Wahhabis both are Muslims.


    By Anwar
  5. People like Dr. Anees Ahmed alone would be in Tableeqi Jamaat for such a long time. It is such a stupid Jamat, they have no time to read any book other than Ilyas Ahmed's book on Tableeqi Nisab. This six point programme jamaat with that book full of old and discarded Hadiths that was responsible for swaying our youth to their fold. They bank on the wrong notion that the burden of spreading religious teachings of Islam has been passed on their broad shoulders. They claim that there will not be any Prophet after our Prophet PBUH and that it is for them to continue the teachings of Islam. Its sheer stupidity to its core. Allah has taken upon Himself to protect the great religion of Islam. He said in Holy Quran some 1400 years ago that the Deen of Mohammed PBUH is complete, "Akmaltu Lakum Deenukum". Who are these people to spread the message of Islam and who authorised them to do so. Do they think, it is their Jamaat that was responsible for spreading Islam from the bank of Rivet Nile to the desert of Kashgar in China. It is the Muslim merchants through their character and deeds that won the heart and soul of millions all over the world. Where was this Jamaat during the last 1400 years ago. It was a new invention of Ilyas Ahmed Thanvi that was created in India. Its a biddat jamaat. It was never found its place in the history of Islam. No followers of Prophet PBUH had ever undertaken the kind of tableeq these people are doing today. It never happened either in the period of Sahabis or Tabeyeen or Taba Tabayeen. When this was not done when Islam was in the nascent stage, who is this Ilyas Ahmed Thanvi to proclaim that he and his followers were doing the work of a Prophet. This is sheer madness and new creation to misguide the youth and educated people of this country. If the educated people who became victim of this kind of propaganda, one cannot stop them except pitying them for their narrow minded thinking. Today, if Islam is found in each and every corner of the world, its not because of Tableeqi jamaat but because of the efforts taken by those people who demonstrated to them through their deeds. They never forced any conversion like the Christian missionaries do. Character form core of any religion and it is true with Islam. Muslims were recognized from their deeds and not from what they appear. These pious Muslims were the live example of Islam, they demonstrated in their behaviour, character and deeds that they are true to their cause. Seeing this, millions join the new religion of Islam. If any one knows the history of spread of Islam in Kashmir, India and Indonesia, one would understand that it was spread by one pious individual and slowly it spread like a wild fire.  Was there any Tableeqi jamaat there in Kashmir or Indonesia. Never.

    These Tableeqi walas have been spreading in each and every mosque, taking unwary students, unemployed youth, and young men  for a ride, brain washing them into belief that it is their ordained duty to go with them first on three days tour, next 40 days tour and then three months tour, leaving all the responsibilities of the family to any one who could take care even for sometimes leaving the wives and children on lurch. They have succeeded in misguiding a few and those who have gone with them  are repenting for their mistakes. These tableeqi walas are such ruthless idiots that they never follow anything other than attending the weekly jamaat meeting called Mashwara, where they discuss where to go and how many jamaat can be sent outside. These escapists of the family life, seek shelter under the pretext of religion, running away from the responsibility of running a home. I have seen these tableeqi walas coming to blows in open market over some personal matters. These fellows have no character of their own. They would do anything to further their own interest. These tableeqi walas were seen going on world tour and were also seen enjoying swimming in the beaches of Australia and New Zealan wearing shorts right in the presence of bikini wearing Bay Watchers. There are hundreds of stories associated with these hypocrites of Islam.

    In the name of religion, they would go on tour enjoying the feast every where. The poor people or the rich religious people of the area were made to believe that they were the guests of Allah and that whoever feed them would go to Jannat. Unwary and innocent Muslim fall into their scheme of things. These Tableeqi walas stay there for some time enjoy their company and feast and leave for pastures new. What kind of tableeq they were making to spread the message of Islam, is any body's guess.

    These Tableeqi Walas always read and quote only from that book of Ilyas Ahmed as if it is Holy Quran to them. They will never enter into an argument with any one but would quitely ask you to join them if any one wishes to know them. I joined them when I was young and soon learnt they were the most and highly religiously corrupt half baked Muslims. They never understood Islam in its totality. They are just fooling round people. It is the duty of each every Muslim parent to see that their children are best kept at bay from the reach of these Tableeqi walas and save them from indoctrination.  Once they are in, its very difficult for them to come out. Dismantle these structures, sooner it is, better for Islam. If today Islam is at cross roads, its only because of these pseudo jamaats like Jamaate Islami and Tableeqi Jamaat.


    By Jamsheed Basha, Chennai, India