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   The philosophers, who were exponents of logic and demonstra­tion and

   The Sufis who claimed that they alone enter into the presence of God and posses’ vision and intuitive understanding.



































































   The King must realise the great responsibility that rests on him. The Holy Prophet has said that on the Last Day the tyrant ruler would be punished most severely. Hazrat Umar feared that if even an animal went without nourishment he would be answerable to God and he upbraided, them saying "you are so indifferent to the condition of he people you rule." Then he uses strong language and says "if you are fond of food you are like a beast, if fond of silk and embroidered dress you are like a woman."




















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  1. Dear Sultan Sahab,

    How Scholars judge Imam Ghazali's work:

    Ibn Al-Jawzi (508 AH-597 AH) in Talbis Iblis - Delusions of the Devil 2 volumes (A small part of the book has been translated and abridged into English by DS Margoliouth/Dr. Bilal Philips) :

    “Know that in the book of Ihya’ there are defects that only scholars recognize. The least if which are false and fabricated Ahadeeth. He made some narrations of Sahabah as narrations by the Prophet. He (al-Ghazali) copied these Hadeeths as he read them, not that he fabricated them. It is not permissible to worship Allah based on a fabricated hadeeth.”

    He also said:

    “Then came abu Hamed al-Ghazali, he authored the book al-Ihyaa’ following the methodology of (Sufis). He filled it with false hadeeths without him knowing their falsehood. He spoke about Mukashafah (unveiling the unseen) and went outside the (proper) rules of fiqh. He said that the planet, the sun and the moon which Ibrahim ASWS saw were lights that prevent us from seeing Allah, not that they are the ones known to us. This is the same as the talk of the Batinis.”

    Read more:

    Imam Ghazali (1058-1111) - 2

    Saturday, November 1, 2008



    By Aamir Mughal