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INTRODUCTION: Tablighi Jamaat in the light of Facts and Truth by Maulana Arshadul Qadri


By Maulana Arshadul Qadri


Question put to Maulana Arshadul Qadri


Respected Allama Arshadul Qadri,

Chief Editor ‘Jame Noor’, Calcutta

Assalaamu Alaikum,

I am very anxious and restless. I hope you will not mind this because of the nature of our religious service.

I wish to know about the Tableeghi Jamaat operating from Basti Nizamuddin, Delhi. What type of organisation is it? What is the real aim of its Missionary activities? Of what mental attitude and religious beliefs are its leaders? Can the Ummah expect any benefits from them?

Kindly furnish a detailed, logical and convincing reply to us, the Muslims of Gujrat.

 Yours Sincerely

 Qari lsmaiel Tankarvi
Ahmedabad, Gujrat.

 The Reply

 The answer to the above query requires a lengthy explanation and I divide my answer into 8 chapters so that my reply may satisfy the mind with great clarity. Before I start answering I wish to appeal to my readers that they should read my reply with an unprejudiced mind. It is just possible that this answer may adversely clash with their already established opinion about "Tableeghi Jamaat". Even then I would request that this is the very journey where the value of justice increases, and one gets the chance of protecting oneself from unreal conditions. Nobody can claim that his judgement and knowledge is unchangeable. Therefore instead of casting the book aside hopelessly it should be a step forward towards reality if it is read line by line. I assure my readers that I have also in expressing my thoughts about the Tableegbi Jamaat never freed my pen from the hold of the spirit of fairplay.

May Allah give us the courage to accept the truth!


Tablighi Jamaat in the light of Facts and Truth by Maulana Arshadul Qadri


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Ever since the advent of Islam some 1400 years ago the adversaries of Islam have continued to increase and will go on increasing till the Day of Judgment as predicted in numerous Ahadith. The Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) had to undergo innumerable hurdles and hardships in Mecca and the birth of Islam was only achieved after excruciating pain and labour. In the face of such determined and resolute opposition from the Kufaar-e-Quraish, the undeniable Message of Islam was proclaimed which culminated in the splitting of the Meccan Community into three distinct Jamaats. The first group who whole-heartedly accepted the message was known as Jamaat-e-Muslimeen. The second group, which vehemently rejected the message, was Jamaat-eKafireen. The third group, which inwardly rejected and insulted the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) and his Divine Message but outwardly pretended to accept Islam was known as Jamaat-e-Munafiqeen. Incidentally, specific chapters on all these three Jamaats can be found in the Holy Quran.


Needless to say that after the passage of over 100 years, these three Jamaats still exist today. However, for the purpose of this disclosure we will focus our attention on the third Jamaat, the Munafiqeen, because of its relevancy to the subject matter in this book.




Before proceeding further in expounding in some detail regarding this third Jamaat, it is necessary that the reader first sufficiently acquaints himself with the definition of Munafiq (Hypocrite) in the light of the Quran and the Ahadith. The simplest manner it which to describe a Munafiq to the lay-Muslim is thus; the present-day Kufaar are divided into two groups. The one whose Kufr is open is called a Kaafir and the other; whose Kufr is hidden is called a Munafiq. In brief, the Munafiq is a hidden Kaafir. You must be wondering how and where can a person hide his Kufr where a Muslim cannot see it.




The beliefs of the Munafiqeen who lived during the time of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) makes interesting reading and something to really ponder about. After scanning the pages of the books of Ahadith we discover that the Munafiqeen in the era of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) had the following beliefs and characteristics. Space does not permit to deal with each incident in detail as found in the books of Ahadith, the gist should suffice.


I. They we’re in the habit of insulting and degrading the dignity of Allah’s Beloved Messenger (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam).

2. They considered the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) as an ordinary man like themselves and that he was completely powerless.

3. They were strongly opposed to the intercession (Shafa’at) of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam).

4. They outrightly rejected the Wasila (medium) of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam).

5. They laughed and jeered at the Prophet’s (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) knowledge of the Unseen.

6. They were in the habit of sitting amongst themselves in groups in the Prophet’s (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) Mosque, perpetually creating mischief and disunity amongst the Believers.


The Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) and his Companions finally threw them out of the mosque and the Munafiqeen were compelled to build their own mosque nearby called Masjid-e-Dirar, subsequently Allah ordered the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) to burn and raze their mosque to the ground. After 1 400 years the Munafiqeen of this 15th Century built their mosque in the same vicinity where Masjid-e-Dirar once stood. This mosque is now called Masjid-e-Noor. What an appropriate coincidence.




This invaluable book was specifically written for the Muslim masses who are unfortunately and generally simple-minded, unwary and tragically gullible. It is strongly recommended that the Muslims saturate themselves with this book in order to safeguard themselves from these thieves of Faith masquerading as Muslims and your friends, deceiving and hood-winking the simple and unwary Muslims behind their artificial garb of piety. This great work deals entirely with the Munafiqeen of this 15th Century of Islam who were in incubation for 1 400 years and have now emerged in our midst under a new label. This is indeed the great eye-opener from the imcomparable pen of Hazrat Allama Arshadul Qaderi who unravels some startling and mind-boggling facts and conducts the perfect post-mortem on a ‘Living Corpse’ as he uses the razor-sharp pen like a surgeon’s scalpel and rips open the secrets and inner workings of the Tableeghi Jamaat and the fraudulent and deceptive methods employed by its central leaders in their recruiting campaigns.




This masterpiece from Hazrat Allama Arshadul Qaderi could be the last chance for the Muslims of the World to decide between damnation and salvation. You are requested to read this book with an open mind and a receptive heart and endeavour to see the great conspiracy carefully designed and planned against your Imaan by the enemies of Islam. It is hoped that those sincere and unwary Muslims snatched by the tentacles of this great octopus-like monster should read this book with an unbiased and unprejudiced mind and stop to ponder, so that Allah in His Infinite Mercy guides you back to the Siratul Mustaqeem.







The Movement of Tableeghi Jamaat appeared on the horizon of India like a storm. Its popularity is due to its attractive slogan: "Kalima and Namaaz (Prayer)". It is also to the untiring efforts of its workers. The illiterate and uninformed Muslims, eager to repent from their sins, are being promised green gardens by the Tableeghi Jamaat. They are told that if they adopt the Jamaat’s ways there status will be raised above the status of the Muslim public. They are under the impression that through this movement they be cleansed of sins and will instantly reach Paradise, and "Hoors" (Virgins of Paradise) will receive them at the gates.


The truth has now been realised that the Wahhabi Movement in India was bred and nursed by British Power. Documentary proof of this evidence is found in the book "Mukalamatus-Sadrain" in which Moulana Shabir Ahmed Osmani has revealed thati Tableeghi Jamaat was launched with the financial assistance of the British. Many workers of Tableeghi Jamaat are sincere, but their sincerity is misdirected, alas!


It is claimed that the success of Tableeghi Jamaat is the miracle of its founder! They claim to be Allah’s chosen men who are reviving Islam, and doing the very Tableegh work done by the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) and the Sahaba. But History bears testimony that no Sahabi undertook Tableegh work amongst the Muslims. After demise of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) the Sahaba went to different parts of the globe carrying out Dawah work amongst non-Muslims who had not received the Message of Islam. But these people have introduced a new Bidat in Islam, viz. to propagate the Kalima to those people who have already received the Message Islam. They never propagate Islam to non-Muslims. We should be doing Taleem among Muslims and Tableegh among non-Muslims.


Thousands of unbelievable incidents are narrated during their I’jtima or Jors. Exaggerated miracles are attributed to the Jamaat and their Ulema. May we question this point that why is it that when these very miracles, when attributed to other saints of Islam, become Kufr, Shirk and Bidat. Yet the same miracles if "performed" by Tableeghi "Moulanas" suddenly become Islam and an undeniable fact?


After all, these are the very people (the Tableeghi Jamaat) whose lives have been spent in digging the graves of our ancestors and rejecting and refuting the miracles of Aulia Allah (Saints). But these are the very miracles, which become Polytheism and infidelity if attributed to Hazrat Ghareeb Nawaaz of Ajmer (Rahmatullah Alayhi) and Hazrat Ghausul Azam Dastagir (Rahmatullah Alayhi) of Baghdad. Yet if that very miracle is attributed to a personality of the Tableeghi Circle (possibly one of the "Hazratjis") it becomes part of Iman, even if all the Tableeghi travelling expenses are paid for by dividends from Insurance Companies and Bank interest.


Behind all the manifestations of ‘Missionary Work’ there is some magical scene of the workings of unseen powers. At the centre of Basti Nizamuddin (Headquarters of the Tableeghi Jamaat) hundreds of people come and go daily, taking food, and Missionary teams are being sent out.


How are these expenses met? Who provides for them? It is said: "Allah bestows upon the Tableeghi Jamaat". Perhaps you are not aware of this that even the Government is baffled. For many times the C.I.D. had come to investigate and a certain Hazratji gave them the keys of the warehouses. They found nothing. They were surprised and returned to Hazratji, who asked them to observe once again. When they returned they were stunned to find thousands of grain bags where only a few minutes earlier nothing could be seen. This is what they claim! Surprising! If the same miracle is attributed to the tomb of Hazrat Khwaja Nizamuddin Aulia it becomes shirk in the eyes of the Tableeghis and yet it is readily accepted when it is claimed that Hazratji performed this miracle.


The actual fact is that until the Hermitage of Hazrat Khwaja Nizaamuddin Aulia does not become empty, the Basti Nizamuddin (Headquarters of Tableeghi Jamaat) can never be established!


It must be remembered that this resourceless Jamaat of the "Selected people of Allah" holds such a massive (Salaat) Conference after every third or sixth month in any Province of India that it has a congregation of 30 to 40 thousand people. (Naturally dwindling now)


For such a big conference there is neither any propaganda nor any publicity. Not a single bit of advertisement appears in any newspaper and yet hundreds of tents are fixed and there is a reasonable supply of food. They provide bus service to people coming from distant places. It seems that a temporary town is launched. The organisation of Tableeghi Jamaat may object that the Jamaat makes no arrangements for food provisions, only temporary shops are set up and the participants receive food on payments. All the record of this Jamaat is kept secret, hence there is no possibility of any written proof, but we have heard it from the tongues of the participants, that even in the days of inflation the market rate for food in the Conference was so low that a single person could fill his belly by merely spending four or five rupees. How this is done is not known. It may be through the competence of the "Economic Experts" of this Jamaat or the traditional "Miracles" of the Jamaat!


The arrangement for making ablution is also made by the Jamaat. To quote an example. A Conference held at Lucknow, in a temporary town, where about 30 thousand people could make their ablutions within 15 minutes. (Remember the 200 toilets of Stanger?) Some money must at least be spent on this extraordinary arrangement! The question that arises is how are these Royal Expenditures met? Who provides them with money? And if there are materialistic and Humanistic resources then why are they kept as complete secrets?


The Jamaat says that Allah provides all. Indeed the Benevolence and Gifts of Allah are truly believed by every Muslim, but why has the entire quota of the "Gifts of Allah" reserved for the ‘Jamaat’ only. It is, they say, the miracle of "Hazratji"! Yet to believe in the miracles of other Sufis is an act of Polytheism (Shirk).


Is it not a fact that the Anti-Islamic powers, whilst creating communal riots in many parts of India also tried to paralyse the economic conditions of Muslims? These are the very powers that are making Muslims careless of their economy by the introduction of "New Asceticism" in Islam. The real essence of this new education is to abandon this world for the sake of Allah, to make one’s time free for religion, to become careless about the family and children, to go for Penances (Chilla) with the congregation, whose result may be dangerous and this danger increases more when we see that those people who are bloodthirsty enemies of Muslims, are performing jobs in the congregation of these people. They erect the tents and serve food to the people! Why?


Unfortunately in this Jamaat the reply to such a question is nothing but a mysterious silence, and similarly this mysterious silence is maintained even in the literature of this ‘Jamaat’.


Indeed the powerful pen of Hazrat Moulana Arshadul Qadari, sees behind the curtains, and has no parallel in its unique observation, and in disclosing the hidden facts, and whose healthy modus operandi is a panacea for all persons in Search of Truth. After the introduction of "Jamaáté Islami" he now introduces a book describing a Jamaat who hide behind a curtain of piety. Indeed many answers about this ‘pious’ group will be found in this book.Signed: (Allama)



Darul Uloom Ashrafia, at present living in Ahata, Noorani Shamoga, City Mysore17th Jamadul Akhir (1389)







Hazrat Abdullah ibn Umar (Radiallahu Anhu) narrates that: "One day the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) prayed to Allah: ‘Kindly bestow blessings for us in Syria (Sham) and Yemen.’ At that time a group of people from Najd were also seated. They implored: ‘0 Prophet of Allah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam), kindly pray for our Najd also.’ But the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) continued once again imploring: ‘0 Allah kindly bestow blessings for us in the countries of Syria and Yemen.’ Again the people from Najd implored: ‘0 Prophet of Allah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam), kindly pray for our Najd also.’


The narrator states that probably at the third request the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) replied: "Najd is a place of earthquakes, and sedition (fitna) and from there the horns of the Shaitaan will emerge." (BUKHARI)




Maulvi Husain Ahmad Sahib, the Founder Patron of the ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’ describes the appearance of Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab as follows: "Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab Najdi appeared from Najd, Arabia at the beginning of the thirteenth century (A.H.). Because he adhered to false ideas and untrue beliefs he therefore waged a bloody war with the Muslims of the Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamaat. He tried to impose his ideas and false beliefs by force. He considered the wealth of the Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamaat as his legitimate booty. He regarded their massacre as blessings for himself." (ASH SHAHAAB AS SAAQIB - Page 42)




In the words of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) Hazrat Shareek ibne Shahab (Radiallahu Anhu) narrates that the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) stated on one occasion: "That in the final eras before Qiyamat a Jamaat will appear who shall recite the Quran, but it shall not go below their throats. They will go out of the sphere of Islam as an arrow shoots out from the bow. Their special mark of distinction shall be the shaving of their heads, or sitting and moving in groups. They will continue appearing one after another till their last group shall appear along with Dajjal." (MISKHAA T - Page 309)




He states: "This description of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) about the distinction of the Jamaat which will appear in the era near Qiyamat in that they will shave their heads is in fact a perfect description of the Najdi group, because indeed to shave their heads is their collective tradition. Before that, the Khawarij and other corrupt groups did not possess this distinction." (AL FATUHAT ISLAMIA - Vol. 2 - Page 268)




The founder leader of the Tableeghi Jamaat, Maulvi Rashid Ahmad Gangohi states: "The followers of Mohammad Ibne Abdul Wahab are called ‘Wahabis’, their beliefs were excellent."(FATAWA-E-RASHIDJA - Vol. 1- Page 111)(6) i) In fact, clarifying and reiterating his and the beliefs of the Deobandis, Maulvi Manzoor Nomani, head of the Tableeghi Jamaat states: "And we also state here clearly that we are extreme ‘Wahabis"’(SA WANEH MAULANA MOHAMMAD YUSUF KANDHALVJ - Page 192)ii) In the words of the Patron of Tableeghi Jamaat, Maulvi Mohammad Zakaria Khandhalvi: "Maulvi Sahib, I myself am a greater Wahabi than you." (SA WANEH MAULANA MOHAMMAD YUSUF - Page 192)iii) In the words of the Central Directorate of ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’ Maulvi Ashraf Ali Thanwi: "Brother, here Wahabis reside, do not bring anything for ‘Fathea, Niaz’, etc. here." (ASHRAFUS SA WANEH BOOK 1 - Page 45)




When the King of Najd, Shah Saud Ibne Aziz paid a visit to India, then on the 29th November 1955 the Founder Patron of the Tableeghi Jamaat, Maulvi Hussain Ahmed presented a Welcome address on behalf of Jamiate Ulama Hind to the "Distinguished" visitor. This paragraph of the Welcome address is worthy of reading: "Your Majesty, specially in connection with Hijaz Muqaddas when the late, his exalted highness Sultan Abdul Aziz Ibne Saud had taken the victorious step (viz. The onslaught of the Najdi Armies to demolish the relics of the age of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) and the sacred memories of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam). The armies razed to the ground the Shrines of the Companions of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) and members of the Prophet’s (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) family. The armies demolished the historical Mosques of Mecca and Madina, and massacred thousands of Muslim women and men in the name of Polytheism). At that time this was the only Jamaat called Jamiaté Ulama Hind, which understood this step against European Diplomacy and regarded it as a good sign for Hijaz Muqaddas, and our Jamaat congratulated the Sultan Marhoom". (Shah Saud Ka Dauraé Hind - Page 38, Lala Rukh Publication, Srinagar, Kashmir)


NOTE: The photographs of these heart-rending steps taken by the Najdi Beasts are enclosed in this book (Author).




Collaboration between Wahhabis and Tableeghis/ Deobandis. The Head Patron of ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’, Maulvi Abdul Hasan Ali Nadvi has supplied a true copy of an arrangement in his book entitled: "Maulana llyas Aur Unki Deeni Dawat." This agreement came into force between Maulvi Mohammad Ilyas’s Private Secretary, Maulvi Ehtishamul Hasan and the Sheikhul Islam of the Government of Najd, Chief Justice Abdullah Ibne Hasan (who is among the direct descendants of Mohammed Ibne Abdul Wahab). The description of the agreement is given in these words: "Maulvi Ehtishamul Hasan has presented the objectives of Tableegh in a summarised form before the Chief Justice Abdullah Ibne Hasan. Maulana Mohammad Ilyas and Maulvi Ehtishamul Sahib went to his house personally. He paid great respects to them and also presented them many gifts and complied with every thing in writing and promised personally to sympathise and provide monetary aid also." (MAULANA ILYAS AUR UNKI DEENI DAWAT - Page 101)




Maulvi Mohammad Yusuf, the Ex Central Amir of Tableeghi Jamaat, and the Heir apparent son of Moulvi Mohammed Ilyas, has declared in one of his letters the Religious Policy of the Jamaat in the following words: "Our Missionary work is not only the Piety of Deeds, but firstly it is a Movement of Beliefs and after that it is a movement of the Piety of Action. We have come to know this through a prolonged experience of twenty to twenty five years that the Polytheistic Customs of ceremonies like (Moulood-Un-Nabi, Urs, etc.) People are not abandoning sinful acts and also these Polytheistic traditions, but if they are drawn into the Jamaat and moved from place to place, and if the real meaning of Kalima-e-Tayyiba is explained to them, then people abandon these customs and sins automatically. This is our own experience, how can we ignore it. ("Qalami Maktoob" by Mohammad Ashiq Elahi, Madarsaé Kashiful Uloom, Nizamuddin Delhi)These were only hints, for getting details open the book and read it with an unprejudiced mind.







It is an event of my student life, about twenty-five years back. I was alone with a few other students at the gate of Darul Uloom Ashrafia, Mubarakpur, when we saw a white bearded old man coming towards us. His face had the stamp of artificial sanctity; he possessed in his hand an emerald rosary. He was wearing a Kurta up to his ankles. He was also wearing a white waist-coat of Kahddar, he had all the paraphernalia to win over the hearts of the people. A few people were escorting him with folded hands, bowed heads and whispering something.


For us the youngsters, this was a totally new thing. On enquiry we were told that these were the workers of the Tableeghi Jamaat who had come from Delhi to get the Muslims of Mubarakpur to recite the ‘Kalima’ and the old white-bearded man leading them was the Amir of the Jamaat.


We were greatly astonished to hear this. In our opinion the Muslims of Mubarakpur were Muslims since the days they were born. They were never seen striding towards any temple instead of a Mosque. We had never heard of any rumour about them becoming mushriks and leaving Islam. Under these circumstances the talk of forcing them to recite the Kalima seemed absurd to us. The result of our amazement was that one of us dared to question one of the members of the Tableeghi Jamaat. “Do you people think that the Muslims of Mubarakpur are not real Muslims, therefore you have taken the pain of travelling from Delhi to here, and you are asking us to recite the Kalima?”


The member of the ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’ replied very politely: “This interpretation of the recitation of the Kalima is wrong which you have assumed. This recitation of the Kalima is done for the remembrance of Allah. These people are propagating the remembrance of Allah by getting the Muslims to recite the Kalima. They are not making them Muslims.”


Much of our mental anxiety was relieved by this answer but one of our companions said that he would not be satisfied without making an experience personally. He asked us “to observe his show with complete silence.”


The next day the same Missionary team of Delhi passed before the Madressah, after making the round of the town and reciting the Kalima. In the evening at exactly 4 p.m. we were standing in a row awaiting them. Our companion walked about two steps forward and called for the Amir of the Jamaat. He said: “Maulana would you please excuse this interruption for a few moments.” On hearing this voice the Amir of the Jamaat looked at him and stopped there. Then our companion requested most humbly: “Maulana, please do not take ill, I have detained you for some work of the religion.” Listening to it the Maulana with wrinkled eyebrows came forward and said in a deterring voice: “Go on, tell me, can I be of some Islamic service to you?” My companion replied: “Please recite the Kalima.” These words made the Moulana very furious and he replied angrily: “Don’t you feel ashamed to joke with your elders? You are only a student! Inshallah! You will learn a lesson for this audacity in this very world!”


After saying this he was about to go when one of my companions remarked: “You were angry for no reason. Can you tell me as to why you regard my request as a joke? You have been doing this since yesterday (asking the people to read the Kalima.) Do you not have the right to read the Kalima even as Zikrullah? And if according to your version this is a joke then why have you been joking with the local Muslims since yesterday? Have you prescribed a punishment for your own audacity?”


The voice of our companion was getting louder and louder as if he had caught a thief red-handed. Within a few minutes a large crowd of on-lookers had gathered. Somebody from the crowd enquired: “What’s going on?” Our companion replied: “Nothing serious, since yesterday these people have been asking Muslims of Mubarakpur to recite the Kalima but when we ask them to the same, this old man became angry. Don’t they think that the Muslims of Mubarakpur are genuine Muslims? Then why are they walking the streets of Mubarakpur asking the Muslims to re-read the Kalima? Maybe they think that it is a religious right of every Muslim to read the Kalima, but when I asked this old man to exercise his right and read the Kalima, he became furious and now he is accusing me of joking with an elder. I simply want to ask him that if my requesting him to read the Kalima amounts to a joke then why has he and his companions been joking with the local Muslims here?”


Hearing this explanation of our companion the crowd said unanimously: “This young Molwi Sahib is right in his argument.” This enraged the Amir-e-Jamaat even further. He then said: “He is not right in his statement. Really speaking he was jeering at me. As far as the reciting of the Kalima is concerned, I have been certainly asking people to do this. I do not deny this.” Hearing the reply of the Amir-e-Jamaat, another man intervened and said: “Maulana you are asking the people to read the Kalima and when someone asks you to do the same, why then do you regard it as a joke.” The Amir-e-Jamaat replied: “I know it is a joke because his intention is not noble. He is simply mocking me.”


The last sentence was hardly completed when an aged person moved forward and said in a challenging way: “Maulana, since the talk of intention has risen, then let me tell you that you too have no real intention of asking the Muslims to read the Kalima because of Zikrullah. On the contrary you do not regard the Muslim public of Mubarakpur as Muslims at all. You want them to re-read the Kalima and re-enter the fold of Islam (because you regard them as Bidatees and Qabar-Pujaris). Those who are not aware of your intentions may be satisfied with your reply but those who know your religious lineage know perfectly well that as far as you are concerned, idol worshippers in a temple are not the only Mushrikeen, on the contrary even born Muslims believing in the oneness of Allah (Tauheed) and Prophethood of every Prophet and subscribing firmly to the Islamic beliefs including Ilme Ghaib (knowledge of the Unseen bestowed to the Prophets by Allah as mentioned in the Quran and countless Ahadith), calling out Ya Rasoolallah, observing Meeladun Nabie, Urs, going to tombs of Aulia Allah for spintual benefits etc. are Mushriks and Kaafirs as Abu Lahab and Abu Jahal.


“These beliefs are not confined to Mubarakpur only but also in the entire country 99% of such ‘polytheism’ will be found. Now to make them ‘Muslims’ there is no other remedy except that you people may enter through the back-doors, and may satisfy their religious spirit by making the people recite the Kalima and think that they have conquered a Khyber of infidelity.”


“Maulana how could these boys joke with you. Upto now they are not aware of your reality. They do not know if you are their religious rivals or their friends, however by asking us to recite the Kalima you are jeering at our Faith. Through your writings you have badly wounded our spirit of devotion. Which Muslim could dare to deny the recital of the Kalima, but after charging us with infidelity and polytheism when you ask us to recite the Kalima, then it seems quite so as if someone after charging any sinless man may remind him of repentance, although to repent is not bad but to remind one of repentance in these conditions is to ask one to confess to undone sins. Maulana, this is only one side of your cruelty, the other aspect of your religious tyranny is more horrible and shocking. Your ancestors have engulfed the Muslim Ummah in the most painful agony by using audacious and derisive language for the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam). This is the greatest revolutionary incident of the present century. The writers have gone to dust a long time ago, but smoke is still rising from the Muslim populace, due to the fire lit by them. Moreover what could be more surprising than the fact that you people on the one side agressively criticise the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) and use insolent languages for him, and on the other side you ask the people to recite the Kalima of the same Prophet (Sallallahu Aiayhi Wasallam)!”


While this man was making his speech, Maulana was turning bloodless with anger and fear. However, he wanted to extricate himself by saying: “I am not a responsible ‘Scholar’ (Aalim) of my Jamaat.” (If he is not an Aalim, then why does he indulge in Tableeg which is a highly speciailised field?)


When he was leaving some people cried out among the crowd: “If you have nothing to say in reply, at least let us know how much of whatever this man has said about your people is correct?” On this question his companions were enraged and they moved forward escorting their Maulana in their circle.


These queries and answers had a great effect on everyone. They realised after all, that the Tableeghi Jamaat is not as good from the inside as it appears to be clean and attractive from the outside. It means there is definitely something wrong, right at the top!




Probably it was during the year 1956, when Madressah-e-Faizul Uloom of Jamshedpur was operating under the open sky. I had to make contact with Dr Sayed Mahmood for the allocation of a plot of land from Tata Steel Company of India. During this period he was holding the office of Deputy Foreign Minister. He invited me to come to Delhi, in response to my letter, along with all the relevant papers. I reached Delhi one day earlier than his appointment.


My devoted heart insisted that I should pass my first night before the Holy Audience of Mahoboob-e-Ilahi, Kwaja Nizamuddin Aulia (Rahmutallah Alaihi). Therefore, I proceeded towards Basti Nizamuddin. I noticed two men constantly watching me. It seemed to me as if they knew me and had been waiting for me. When I approached them I was surprised to see their beards and the dark spots on their foreheads. I had never seen such long beards and such dark spots on the foreheads of anyone in my entire life. (It is contrary to Sunnah to keep such long beards.)


They moved towards me with great politeness and impeding my way said with great humility: “Hazrat, this is the Centre of ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’ from where Islam is being propagated throughout the world. Would you please like to go inside and see how the religion is given a new life?”


“A fairly long time has elapsed since a sincere servant of the religion planted a sapling of his Spiritualism, now it has grown fully and a large part of the World is receiving its blessing. Please have a look how they have refreshened the withered plant of Islam.”


I, myself had a long desire to get the opportunity to see the workings of the Tableeghi Jamaat from a close angle. I accompanied them and on entering the main gate we observed a few aged people reciting Para-e-Am in a Baradari (courtyard). Pointing towards them they said: “These are the newly converted Muslims from the Meiwat region. The ancestors of these people were Muslims, these people also called themselves Muslims but they were so engrossed in infidelity and polytheistic ceremonies that they had cut off their relations with Islam. The pious leaders of the Tableeghi Jamaat have presented before them the true Islam and got them to change their previous religious beliefs by their constant efforts and diplomacy. Now these people have been learning the religion by living day and night in the Centre. When they mature, they will be leaders of their own region.”


Later on I came to know that these people have been reciting Para-e-Am there for several years, and the workers of the Tableeghi Jamaat were using them as a showpiece in their “shop”. The outsiders are shown firstly these very good deeds so that their minds may be overwhelmed with this pious operation. After sometime these people moved with me to a room and introducing the in-mates of the room, said: “These are the most experienced and enlightened Scholars (Ulema) of ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’. They have the expertise in the art of purifying the mind. Turning the stream of thoughts towards religion is their day-to-day hobby. Please sit with them for a while. Their companionship will enlighten you.” Saying this they went out, and probably they again returned to their place where they picked up their victims or preys.


After their departure these Missionary Molwis accommodated me with great respect and honour. They were not aware of my being hijacked by those two pimps. They were under the impression that I had come specifically to the Markaz (Headquarters). When they began to enquire from me with great insistence as to what my objective was, I immediately made up my mind not to waste this golden opportunity of studying the Tableeghi Jamaat internally. I replied: “I am coming from Jamshedpur, I have to deliver a very important message from the Tableeghi Jamaat of Jamshedpur to Hazratji.” At that time Molwi Mohammad Yusuf was holding the office of “Hazratji”.


When they were convinced that I would not reveal the message to them, they said: “Hazratji has gone to the city for Missionary work. He will return from this visit late at night.” Hearing this I remained quiet and after some time proceeded to the Dargah Sharief (Shrine). Thanks to Allah, that entire night was spent at the tomb of Hazrat Kwaja Nizamuddeen Aulia.


The next morning when I was leaving for the Parliament building I met those two pimps again. They called me from a distance and when I reached them they greeted me and said: “Where had you gone Molwi Sahib, Hazratji is trying to locate you since this morning. Please come along with us.” As soon as I entered inside with them the Molwis of the first day met me, and said: “Molwi Sahib, where did you go last night’? We were worried when we did not find you.” I replied: “I went to Dargah Sharief and passed my night there.” One of the Molwis expressing sentiments of undesirability on his face said: “What have you been doing in that place of polytheism for the whole night?”


“Have you joined the Jamaat newly? At least you could have enquired from us before moving anywhere. This is Delhi and there is no scarcity of big Shows, here, and people coming out in the path of religion do not indulge in these frivolities. If even after coming here one cannot distinguish between the right and wrong, then what is the use of coming here?”


In order to change the topic I said: “I simply went there to observe the ceremonies, and returned safe and sound.” A Molwi, however said: “It’s all right.” Then those people led me to the auditorium of Hazratji.


Hazratji was distributing cakes to the commanders of his forces. As soon as he saw me he enquired: “Who is this gentleman and where has he come from?” A Molwi replied bowing his head: “Hazrat, this is the Molwi Sahib, who has come from Jamshedpur and he wants to convey something about the Tableeghi Jamaat of Jamshedpur to your honour.” Hearing this Hazratji bent towards me and asked: “What do you want to say?” I gave a detailed report of the Tableeghi Jamaat at Jamshedpur and said: “In the beginning people were greatly influenced by the Tableeghi Jamaat, the common people were highly impressed by their missionary activities. But since some Missionary workers expressed their faith about controversial matters like knowledge of the Unseen, Milad and Qiyam etc., many people left the Tableeghi Jamaat, with the result that the Missionary work has been stopped in many mosques.”


I had said only this much when the face of Hazratji became red with anger and he cried aloud striking his hands on his knees and he began to scold me, accusing me of being an inexperienced worker of the ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’.


“When people are not aware of the method of Missionary work, why do they go out preaching? I have been preaching for the last twenty years. I have never told anybody that he should abandon Milad or Fateha, although people know that I belong to the same faith which was followed by the dignitaries of Deoband, but it is my experience that instead of stopping people directly from these practices, it is necessary to change their mental attitude. After the training and upbringing in this environment, people not only leave these practices themselves, but they become so staunch in the faith that they try to bring others to the right track.”


Hazratji said to me in a philosophical manner: “Molwi Sahib, you must understand this fully that we are a minority in this country, while the number of polytheists is far greater. Under these circumstances in order to spread our religion there is no other way but to deal with them in a fraudulent manner. After all, fraud is a good device to bring about a change in a man involved in Infidelity and Polygamy, it is not sinful if we use the device of fraud, if we become over zealous and if we openly state the beliefs of Taqwiyatul Iman and Behisti Zevar etc., then people will not allow us to enter their mosques. Therefore I warn all the Missionary workers that they should use vile means with the polytheists, meaning that if required by way of diplomacy they may take part in Milad and Qiyam, and in case of necessity they may even insult (The Deobandi) Ulema (Scholars). By all means they must follow them and try to bring them into the Jamaat. Somehow or other, people may come back to our fold. Molwi Sahib, look here, I have been heading the Missionary work for twenty years in this area, I never gave air to our differences, I did simply this much, by taking people on Missionary rounds, constant penances (Chilla), and through congregations, we changed their minds and created in their hearts devotion for our dignitaries of Deoband.


I took somebody to Deoband and made him a disciple (Mureed) of Hazrat Sheikul Islam, and I referred somebody to contact Sheikhul Hadith Mohammad Zakaria for enlightenment. The thousands of people you are seeing here doing work day and night, most of them were polytheists and grave-worshippers. Under the devotion and influence of our Ulema their minds changed automatically, so much so that they have abondoned the Polytheistic customs totally. Tableeghi Jamaat has discovered this secret that if the love of our Ulema is inculcated in a person’s heart, then that man automatically accepts the faith of that personality.”


When Hazratji finished his speech and became silent, I requested him to write his instructions so that the message may reach the people at Jamshedpur. On this request Hazratji said in a harsh tone: “Again you have raised a wrong question. In our Jamaat every work is carried out through verbal instructions, without using the pen. We issue only replying letters to the workers and the devotees. The work of Tableeghi Jamaat has expanded far and wide but for record purposes you will not find even a register here.” Saying this, Hazratji became busy in some other matter and I left.



I regretted not having a tape-recorder, so that I could tape-record the voice of Hazratji. If I had it, then there would have been no need to write a book to introduce the Tableeghi Jamaat in its real perspective. Only a tape of two inches could have exposed the greatest fraud of this Century.


Today I do not have any witness except Allah the Almighty regarding the utterances of Hazratji. I appeal to the readers to choose a suitable name for the Tableeghi Jamaat, after a prolonged consideration. I could not find a word in the dictionary, which can give the double meaning of leadership and piracy at the same time.


And now those remaining people who will say instantly, after reading my account that it is hundred percent incorrect, baseless and a fraud from top to bottom. I would request them to use all their means to prove me wrong to their own satisfaction. I assure them that I am ever ready for any test.


After returning from the Nizamuddin Centre, Hazratji’s instructions had such a profound effect on me that I remained speechless for days. I was continuously thinking of what will be the religious future of the Sunnis? We do have the ammunition to fight a war of words but we cannot easily defend ourselves against fraud and deceptions. Our religion does not tolerate drawing anyone to Islam fraudulently, or to plot and scheme our Dawah practices.


From that very day this became a burning issue in my heart as to how must we save the simple-minded Muslim from this snare. If I had the power to caution the Muslims, to protect themselves from the deceptive snare of the ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’ I would have used it. The deep desire to save our Muslim brethren made me restless and I began to react.




On the invitation of my friends at Trichnopoly (Madras) I traveled to South India in the year 1969. On my return journey I had to break the journey to stay at Hyderabad for a day, as it was included in my program, therefore I had to return via Bangalore by “Sikandrabad Mail”. Unfortunately this was that period when the Talangana Movement was in full swing. In the major part of the state, the demonstrators were involved in conflagration. The systematic life in the cities was turned topsy-turvy. My train was passing through this region during the night and it was the center of the revolutionaries, it stopped suddenly with a jerk, and all the passengers stood up spellbound. On enquiry it was found that the railway line ahead had been uprooted. We had to stop and wait there for 18 hours for the repair to the rails.


In the morning, descending from the train I sat under a tree and then I saw a Molwi-like gentleman approaching me, he had a young companion with him. He sat beside me and he wanted to know where I was coming from and what my intended destination was. During the conversation, I asked him to introduce himself. He told me that he was the Amir of the Tableeghi Jamaat, Hyderabad. He went to Kerala to attend an Ijtema and was returning from there. He further said that the accompanying young man was the son of a very wealthy family who had recently joined the Tableeghi Jamaat. I then sat comfortably, taking an interest in the talk. He went on to relate stories about Tableeghi Jamaat and I sat silently listening. He was not aware of my impressions about the Tableeghi Jamaat; hence he continued his talks without hesitation. In this connection he began describing the successful work of Tableeghi Jamaat, Hyderabad. When he stopped talking, I asked him a question: “Hyderabad is a great center of Religious Shrines, hermitages and has traditions of ‘grave-worshipping’, how could the Tableeghi Jamaat obtain a permanent footing there?”


On this query he became so cheerful as if I had accepted him as a paragon of intelligence and diplomacy, and after this he related the following story under a fit of happiness. “It can be said beyond doubt that Hyderabad, from the glorious past had been a center of Polytheists. At every step there were spots of infidelity and polytheism. 98% of the Muslim population were involved in polytheistic customs and considered the seceremonies as Islamic. Therefore we had to pass through this with great intelligence and diplomacy. Instead of opposing the observance of Urs and Fateha, we adopted this method. Wherever Urs was celebrated, we reached there with our Missionary delegation and preached to the Muslims to recite the Kalima and to offer prayers. By this we gained a strong foothold. Our first benefit was that our voice reached a new circle of strangers. The other benefit was that when the Polytheistic Molwis wanted to mislead the people about us, these very people falsified them by saying that they had seen them in that particular Urs. Had they been against Urs and Fateha, they would not have gone there!”


Describing the details of his deeds he said: “In this connection we have received much cooperation from the Gaddi Nashin Pirs, who are not as adamant as the Barelvis in their religious beliefs. We presented ourselves in their hermitages (Khanqah) and like good believers we kissed their hands and requested them to participate in our meeting. After many visits, when they were ready, we brought them, with the display of great honour, to our congregation. With them, their disciples also attended the meeting and they got close to us, observing us according respect to their Pir. They then conveyed the message of our good beliefs to their friends and their brother followers.”


“In this manner we gradually entered into strange circles without any ideological differences, to this extent that today a big portion of that circle has become part of our Jamaat and we have changed their minds so much that they may severe relations with their Pirs, but they would not like to hear anything against the ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’!!!”


At this point his tone was changed, he said in a victorious manner: “Maulana you should thank Allah, that due to silent endeavours of the Tableeghi Jamaat, now in those centres of Infidelity and Polytheism, there is no more pomp and glory of the past! Milad, Fateha and other customs of polytheism are losing their charm day by day. If our spirit of Jihad remained intact like this, then that day is not far off when flies will hum around these shrines and we will offer prayer of thanksgiving on the desolation of these temples!”


On the last portion of this speech I could not keep up my patience and I said in an angry tone: “Listening to the story of your deeds I feel that the Tableeghi Jamaat is the last training centre of deception and fraud in this world. This world is passing through the last phase of its time, it is quite possible that the Camp of Dajjal is being naturally prepared by you people!”


Hearing this reply, he was spellbound and he stood up saying: “I was deceived. I thought you were from my school of thought, and that you were one of us!”




Mentally I was already against Tableeghi Jamaat. This incident awakened my religious sense of honour, even further.


At the time I firmly decided to write a comprehensive book on this Jamaat, therefore on reaching Jamshedpur the first thing I did was collect all the material available on this subject. I anticipated the book to be about 100 pages but as you can see it has reached about 150 pages.


The repeated insistence of Syed Burhanul Millat of the State of Jabalpur, the President of All India Sunni Jamiatê Ulema Bombay, Hazrat Ustazul Ulema, Sheikul Hadith Ashrafia Mubarakpur, Hazrat Sultanul Mutakallimeen Mufti Azam Kanpur, Huzoor Mujahid-e-Millat Raise Azam Orissa, Hazrat Allama Shah Abdul Mustafa Azmi, Hazrat Moulana Sayed Shah Abdul Haq Chishtee, Maulana Syed Muzaffar Husein Kachauchvi, Hazrat Maulana Mushtaq Ahmad Nizami, Hazrat Maulana Abdul Wafa Fasilii, Maulana Shah Ghulam Asi, Hazrat Maulana Raise Alam Quadri and a Philanthropist, made this book a reality.


I sincerely pray to Allah to reward the following people who assisted in the publication of the book - The Secretary of Madressah, Ahmed Baksh and Assistant Manager, Maulana Irfan. It was because of these gentlemen that I could avail my spare moments for writing this book.


I cannot say anything about the usefulness of my book on this topic, because it is the reader’s own right, but I shall only request them to oblige me with sending their impressions on the book. We hope to present in the near future a wonderful book and a revolutionary treaty bearing the name “Zalzala” (Tremor).




World Islamic Mission

Bradford (England)

Published by World Islamic Mission, Durban, South Africa, 1987