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Radical Islamism and Jihad (26 Sep 2008 NewAgeIslam.Com)

Indian Muslims: Let us come out of denial

By Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam


The disconnect is almost total. The police and the national media say one thing. The Muslim Press something entirely different. The national media is rejoicing that the culprits of terror bombings in Delhi, Rajasthan and Bombay have been caught and some killed in an encounter at Batla House in Delhi. Naturally if this is so it is a moment of joy; tinged with sorrow, of course, for the innocent victims of senseless terrorist attacks. But a moment of joy nevertheless, as there will be no more terrorist bombings and blasts taking lives and limbs of innocent people any more.


But the Muslim intelligentsia and Press don’t share this joy. Those caught and killed were Muslim. It is simply impossible for Muslims, practitioners of this great religion of peace, to have been involved in such dastardly acts. The police and the government are out to get our educated youth who are on an upward trajectory, seeking to make something of their lives.  This reasoning is being proffered again and again throughout the Muslim Press, in different words and different idioms and different styles, but the story line is the same. The encounter was fake. The celebrated police officer killed was shot from behind, hence by other policemen themselves and not in a genuine encounter. The police story is entirely concocted, the media too is fabricating new stories everyday and they are all out to get us.


Now the police versions have proved wrong and fabricated on many occasions. The national media too, in its race for TRP ratings or circulation, doesn’t care too much for finding out the truth before putting it out. Alleged terrorists and killers are just terrorists and killers, even if they be fathers of murdered daughters, in the new milieu in which our media functions. So treating police-version-based media stories with a bucketful of salt is in order. No one is a terrorist or murderer until proven guilty in a court of law or indeed courts of law as there are superior courts too which sometimes overturn judgments of lower courts. Even in advanced countries of the West with better judicial and investigative systems, people have been found to be innocent, not only after convictions, but also after death sentences have already been carried out. So scepticism is in order and healthy.


But in the case of Indian Muslim intelligentsia and Press, one detects something more than simple, healthy scepticism. It is a state of total denial. One would have thought that with the world media in the last several years saturated with stories of Muslim brutality, of how Muslims are at each others’ and everybody else’s throats nearly everywhere in the world, particularly in the Muslim world, we would have become inured to the idea of Muslims being capable to extreme and senseless violence. But no, we are just victims; the world is out to get us.


We have even forgotten out history. We killed even the best of our Khalifas (successors to Prophet Mohammad PBUH), called Khulafa-e-Rashedeen. Then not long after the Prophet’s death, we killed his grand children and every member of their families, while torturing them with hunger and thirst first, and of course we continued to call ourselves Muslim and great believers in the religion that had been revealed by God to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Indeed half the world called the killers of Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) children Mohammedans until recently. Are we all killers of Prophet Mohammad’s family members? Yes, indeed, as long as we revere their killers, who were scions of the biggest enemies of Islam and the Prophet, and continue to accept their children and grand children as legitimate Khalifas. Indeed we not only killed prophet’s family but also allowed his system of complete equality of all human beings to be subverted. We accepted not only his killer to become his khalifa but also allowed him to set up a dynasty in compete violation of Islam’s basic rule of complete equality of all human beings and a rule by consultation (in short and in modern terminology, democracy). We also allowed the monarchy thus created to create a new institution of clergy, Mullahs and Maulanas, who then fabricated a lot of so-called Ahadees (plural of Hadees, Sayings of the Prophet), as they were unable to bring about changes in the Holy Quran to justify their un-Islamic rule over a so-called Muslim people.


Why is the narration of all this history relevant today? Well, it shows we are capable of total self-delusion. Most of us genuinely believe we are Muslims, while following the religious system created by the inveterate enemies of Islam. All the enemies of Islam joined Islam after Muslim victory over Mecca, following the age-old theory, ‘if you can’t beat them join them’. For once, the Prophet’s insight and intuition failed him. Unable to foresee what was going to be the consequence for Islam and for his own family, he forgave them and let them join the fold of Islam and become equal members of the Muslim society. As a prophet charged with the spreading of Islam he could have hardly refused to take them in his fold. But he could have easily got rid of them by punishing them as war criminals. These people had committed horrendous war crimes, something that is just not acceptable to Islam. They had even mutilated dead bodies of people very close and dear to the Prophet himself. What prophet did was perhaps the greatest act of generosity and forgiveness that history has seen. But the result has been disastrous for Islam. We Muslims have been following a religious system created by inveterate enemies of Islam, in the name of Islam.


This has made us capable of the greatest self-delusion. This attitude permeates all that we do or think. We just won’t accept facts. In the present case it is a fact that a section of Indian Muslims has for quite some time been radicalised enough to want to create an Islamic Khilafat in India and the world. This started, of course, with Maulana Abul Ala Maudoodi, the founder-ideologue of Jamaat-e-Islami. So this madness has been going on for over half a century. It first infected mostly elderly people but has now travelled down to the young, largely following the fashion in the West and financed by Wahhabi money coming from Saudi Arabia in unlimited quantities since the mid 1970s. Any particular young Muslim has been engaged in terrorism or not we cannot say until evidence against him is presented in the courts of law and a verdict is delivered. But the fact that a section of our youth, particularly the educated ones, have been thinking and expressing radical thoughts cannot be denied.

Is it a crime to think radical thoughts, one young man I was arguing with along these lines asked me the other day. No, I told him, it’s not a crime at all. But if you are known to be thinking and expressing those radical and indeed crazy thoughts, someone may be justified in suspecting you of radical acts and investigating your possible involvement.  How does the society know that you have not started walking your talk? The peace and security of the society cannot be jeopardised for the interests of the individual. Some innocents also do and will suffer in the process. That is something the larger society cannot help. It would be best, of course, that we minimize what is known with that horrible term ‘collateral damage’. But the society’s primary interest lies in safeguarding the interests of the entire society.


Let us Muslims come out of our stupor and accept that there is a possibility that some of our youths may have been radicalised, partly out of Islamic fundamentalist propaganda and partly because we elders in the Muslim society, the intelligentsia and the leadership,  have not apprised them of the facts of life. We have not given them the bigger picture. We have allowed them to become obsessed with victimhood. We turned the demolition of a disused mosque in 1992 as an issue of our identity. We reacted as if our very religious freedom was at stake. We failed to see and recognise and tell our youth that tens of thousands of mosques, madrasas and dargahs are functioning perfectly well and indeed we are opening new madrasas and building new mosques everyday. We behaved as if we were worshippers of the bricks the Babri mosque was built of and not namaziz who could pray in the wilderness, in the sea, in air, in moving trains, everywhere, for the God we worship is a universal energy, a universal intelligence, supreme wisdom, an abstract, not confined to space and time.


Similarly now we are behaving as if all Muslim youngsters going in for higher education have been rounded up and ‘encountered’. For all we know now, the national media and the police may be wrong and the Muslim Press right in this particular case. If we feel strongly about the innocence of these youths, let us fight their cases in courts of law and also courts of public opinion with all the vigour required. But let us not forget the blessings this country bestows on us. Let us not forget that millions of our youth are going about their business with perfect ease. Millions of us are engaged in the business of our choice. Scores of us have reached the top in the professions of their choice.  Even in businesses like film-making and acting that depend for their success on the goodwill of millions of people, Muslims have reached the top. This country guarantees us constitutional equality and protection of the law. The implementation may be faulty, even occasionally prejudiced. Some guardians of law may not understand their constitutional duties and allow their personal prejudices to cloud their judgement.  But let us not forget that the system we have is right. We only need to make sure that it performs well.


Think of the Muslim countries in our neighbourhood and beyond. What kind of constitutional rights do they give to their religious minorities? Can a Hindu become the President of Pakistan or Bangladesh? Can a Hindu even build a single temple in Saudi Arabia? Are Muslims, the majority community, fighting for their rights in these countries, as the Hindus, the majority community, fight for our rights here in India? Who brought the horrendous crimes perpetrated in Gujarat to the national and even international consciousness? Surely not the Muslim Press. It was the national and, if you like, the Hindu media that did it. Some Hindus, even at the cost of their patriotism being questioned, seek to fight our case.


And we, what do we do? It is our religious duty to fight for the rights of the oppressed, in a constitutional manner, of course, and within the ambit of the law. We could have at least articulated the grievances of these oppressed people in so-called Islamic lands. But not only we do nothing ourselves, we even condemn and excoriate the one lady who staked her life to highlight the plight of religious minorities in Bangladesh. She should have been our heroine. We should have garlanded her when she sought protection in our land. She has been doing what we should have been doing, fighting for the rights of religious minorities in Bangladesh. But we throw rotten eggs and chappals at her. In fact our elected representatives do that, shamelessly enough, and take pride in that affront.


The so-called Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid -- a relic of the Mughal rule surviving on account of a strange fascination of our Hindu leaders with beards -- has called for an all-Muslim parties meet on October 14 to discuss the situation arising out of the Batla House encounter. All the bearded fuddy-duddies have accepted and will be deliberating their next course of action. I hope they will remember that the security and future prosperity of the Muslim community depends not so much on the shape of the next government but on the amount of goodwill we have in the hearts of our neighbours from the majority community. It is this that we have been putting at stake by refusing to accept the very possibility of a few hotheads among us taking to the route of evil. We can continue to say that this particular individual is not guilty in our estimation or that this particular police or media theory does not seem right, but if we discount the very possibility of any Muslims being involved in acts of terrorism as we are doing now, we stand to lose the goodwill of our neighbours. That is a much worse situation than that of a seemingly friendly or not so friendly government coming to power or losing power. Governments will come and go. Political parties will gain and lose power. But we have to live with our neighbours; let us not lose their goodwill through stupidity and worse.

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  • It is necessary for us to do introspection
    We should focus on education, development, and peace-building.

    By Kaniz Fatma - 5/27/2019 10:02:45 AM

  • The following was originally written in some other context, but it seems relevant here. Hence the posting:


    Thanks Nusrat for taking this debate to a higher level because the problem that afflicts our society had to be taken with a very broad view.  There are sinister attempts to divide India on communal lines as blasts one after another is definitely aimed to create schism between Hindus and Muslim The design is alarming as  there are concerted effort to alienate the otherwise pacifist community of the  Christians by systematically attacking them in the name of conversion.  What a silly excuse, the Hindu society has survived so many onslaughts in its 5000 year old culture how a minuscule community can be a threat to a great civilization.

    So there is a systematic plan to divide the Indian social and demographic order.  The authors are unknown but the impact it would leave for the country would be enormous.  I dread to think of the day when the volcano would erupt as till now the resilience of the Indian society has saved the day.  This is what the authors of the present chaos in India are aiming.  There is no major threat from Shiva Sainiks or the Bal Thackerays, as  they have a face and can be fought politically. But my fear is the unknown people who have a definite plan and whose aim is to destroy and defame not only the Muslims but India as a whole.  We need to remain alert and vigilant than to indulge in pushing one view or the others.

    I totally agree that time has come to stop this nonsense and the process of dialogue must begin. We need to strengthen the present social fabric through incessant dialogue, meeting and exchange of views.  The media must be told in clear term, I think the government is totally incapable to take any decision on this score, not to sensationalize an event like blasts or projecting the stereotype images of any particular community.  If at all the government can do anything is take due action against media both print and electronic in case they foray to communalize the issue.

    Let me give you one example.  Thirteen people from one district Azamgarh were nabbed by the police and the whole district was labeled as Aatangatrh (den of terrorism) Muslim constitutes just 12 percent of the population the rest are Hindus.  Why did Amar Singh or the local MP and even Samajwadi party Rajya Sabha who hailed from the district failed to raise a voice.

    If Dawoodf Ibrahim is from Maharashtra can this great state be called as Don Pradesh. Azamgarh has produced luminaries like Maulana Shibli, Kaif Azmi, Chandrajit Yadav, Ram, Naresh Yadav and others.  If people from Azamgarh including Muslims are doing well it is because many of them have gone abroad to earn.  The process of people leaving Azamgarh is old, even the ancestors of Trinidadian president and the former Mauritius President hailed from the district. I remember the name it was Basudeo Pandey from Trinidad.

    These stereotyping of images especially by the media is what the communal forces want.  But I am disturbed at the silence of the secular forces, it is time for them to act and save the country.  This is our country and not you and mine as you rightly said


    S A H Rizvi,

    Editor, India & Gulf, The Times, Kuwait

    By SAH Rizvi, editor, India&Gulf, The Times, Kuwait -

  • The following was originally written in some other context, but it seems relevant here. Hence the posting:


    As a Muslim I have read this debate and want to give my observation. While for the blog writer my sincere suggestion is to impartially analyse the realities and for one DS  I would like him to rationalise his views. It may be easy to shout discrimination on one pretext or the other but one must remember that it is the vast majority of Hindus who fought the fascim in Gujarat and even after the riots of Mumbai.  Today if the BJP was defeated despite its Shining India and Feel good blitz it was because the Hindus rejected the carnage in Gujarat.  Today if India still remains a secular state it is because of the Hindu population which by and large is accomodative and secular in approach and not because of the Muslims.

    The Muslims must come out this minorityism as its leadership both at the clergy level and at the political level have desperately failed them. 

    The debate is going nowhere.  If you scratch me I scratch you cannot be the idiom of this civilisation stoked by information network.

    Discrimination is there and had it not been then the question of reservation does not arise.  The very fact that the government and the Court agree to give reservation is indicative of the fact that all are not getting equal cake.  If Muslims are discriminated so are the Hindus, Christian and even Sikhs.  The Dalit are oppressed lot in many states facing social ostracism and closure of all opportunities.  It is the system that has gone wrong somewhere and the need is to strengthen and correct the system than to divide lines on communal basis.  It is sad that Muslims are fired out of job but there are many Hindus who also face the same consequences.  One should take a broad view.

    Equally wrong is to generalise that all Muslims sire ten children. Census report says that Muslim population is going down not for any other reason but merely because of the demographic economy. Educated person like DS should not view the world with this bias mirror propagated by the Sangh Parivar

    That Sohrabuddin and his wife were killed in a fake encounter has been established. Many cops were suspended and this prove that rule of law exists.  But the moot question is that Sohrabuddin was killed for some other reason besides him being a Muslim.

    It is time for introspection and for both Hindus and Muslim to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Terrorism has no face or religion.  Muslims have condemned terrorism in the past and will do so in the future and so does the Hindu community.  No one can ever justify the killing of the innocents in bomb blasts or in a riot.  The need of the hour is to fight this demon unitedly and with full force. Division on communal lines will only serve the interest of this monster which today is wearing the garb of religion and wants to destroy our great nation by fuelling fire of communalism, regionalism and castiesm.


    S A H Rizvi,

    Editor, (India & Gulf), The Times, Kuwait

    By SAH Rizvi, editor, India&Gulf, The Times, Kuwait -

  • Date:    Sat, 27 Sep 2008 19:09:03 +0530 [09/27/2008 07:09PM IST]

    From:   NEFM <nefm06@gmail.com>

    To: Editor@NewAgeIslam.com


    Bajrang Dal role in blasts need investigation

    27 Sept, 08, New Delhi


    The Jamia happening is not an sporadic incidence, but part of larger conspiracy, but Muslims must keep faith in the system. We have to dialogue with the Government and Civil Society members to seek truth in the 'so called encounter' at the Jamia, said veteran social activist, Sh. Kuldip Nayyar today 27 Sept, 08 at the India Islamic Cultural Centre. He said that in all such raids, encounters and investigation teams, there has to be one member belonging to the minority community. He advocated for tough anti-terrorism laws, but provision for punishment for police also for carrying out fake encounters and framing wrong persons in the name of terrorism. Mr. Nayyar said that the Indian State is increasingly becoming the police state and it is becoming state v/s Muslims, where most common people seem to be sympathising with the Police, thanks to the overdrive of electronic media.


    Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Udit Raj, President of All India Federation of SC/ST Employees and Indian Justice Party said that the role of Bajrang Dal and other RSS affiliates need to be investigated, if we want to know truth and stop such bomb blasts from taking place in future. He said that in the last five years some seven instances are known in Tamil Nadu, Nanded, Parbhani, Thane, Faizabad, Guwahati and more recently Kanpur, where persons making, carrying, planting or getting killed in making bombs, in all only RSS affiliates were found involved and not a single Muslim. And yet, if there is a bomb blast, all muslim sounding names start flashing within no time. There seems to be Muslims Demonisation Project underway. He said that Muslims should seek political alliance with Dalits and not hang on with the so called seculars like Congress and SP, whose role is always diabolical.


    Speaking on the occasion, Sh. Santosh Bhartiya, vetran journalist said that there seems to be larger international conspiracy involved in what all is happening for last couple of years, and more importantly, in more recent days. The bombs planting, the fake encounter, the police stories and media sensationalisation. If responsible members of the civil society do not stand up now, it will be too late. We need to stand up for justice and truth.


    MJ Khan, Convener of Muslim Economic Forum said that the recent spate of bomb blasts in Delhi and other parts of the country are very unfortunate. The set pattern of picking up Muslim youths is invariably the same. But, what is causing great concern is the way this time the entire community seems to have been linked to the terrorism. When Gujarat riots took place, the vast majority of our society was feeling pained and even apologetic. But, today the way the atmosphere has been vitiated, any torture upon Muslims will not generate much sympathy from the society.


    Others who spoke on the occasion included Dr. Tahir Mahmood, former Chairman, National Commission on Minorities, Ms. Nafeesa Ali, Social Activist, Sh. Alok Verma, noted journalist, M. Adeeb, Political activist.


    With regards

    MJ Khan,

    Muslims National Economic Forum

    New Delhi

    By MJ Khan, Muslims National Economic Forum -

  • Date:    Sat, 27
    By MJ Khan, Muslims National Economic Forum -

  • Date:    Sat, 27 Sep 2008 11:56:37 +0530 [09/27/2008 11:56AM IST]

    From:   Ghulam Muhammed <ghulammuhammed3@gmail.com>

    To:  Editor@NewAgeIslam.com

    Subject:   Memorandum Submitted to Shri Manmohan Singh, Honb’le Prime Minister of India By COORDINATION COMMITTEE OF INDIAN MUSLIMS

    Dawat Nagar, Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi 110 025


    A rally of prominent citizens of Delhi was organized today under the auspices of the Coordination Committee of Indian Muslims today, Friday, September 26, 2008 at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi.  The rally was attended by leaders of major Muslim organizations, leftist and secular leaders, students, youths, social activists, intellectuals and concerned citizens. They condemned all disruptive and terrorist acts committed by anyone as well as the incidents of State brutality. The rally demanded the following:


    1)            The Government of India should take note of the pertinent questions raised by several citizens' inquiry teams about the questionable nature of the 19 September 2008 "encounter" at Batla House, Jamia Nagar. A high level judicial time-bound enquiry should be conducted into the whole incident to find out the truth and its findings must be made public.

    2)            Without proper inquiry and tangible evidence, no person or organization should be blamed for terrorist acts.

    3)            All innocent persons picked up by the police in Delhi, Azamgarh, Mumbai and other places should be immediately released. No one should be arrested without substantial grounds which should be made public.

    4)            The heavy police deployment in Okhla since 19 September 2008 should be withdrawn forthwith in order to remove uncertainty, sense of insecurity prevailing in the area.

    5)            Harassment of common people in Delhi should be stopped. Landlords should not be harassed and coerced into evicting their tenants.

    6)            Police should desist from torture and third degree methods and should respect the guidelines of the Supreme Court in this regard.

    7)            Even minors are being picked up by the Police. They should be immediately released.

                Some of the arrested students have clear evidence available of their innocence. They should be immediately released.

    9)            In conducting raids and detaining people for questioning, the police should take the residents associations and leading personalities of the area into confidence.

    10)        The media must be made to behave in a responsible, unbiased and impartial manner. The rally condemns the blatant anti-Muslim bias exhibited by a section of the media which rushes to conclusions, blows up and in effect blames the whole Muslim community and entire regions of committing/abetting terrorism.

    11)        The Government should respect the verdict of the Justice Geeta Mittal Tribunal  and lift the ban on the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). It should note that dozens of former SIMI activists have been acquitted by courts across the country.



    Mujtaba Farooq, Convenor, Coordination Committee & Secretary, Jamaat-e Islami Hind

    Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, President, All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat

    Ml. Abdul Hameed Nomani, Acting General Secretary, Jamiat Ulama-e Hind

    Ml. Abdul Wahab Khilji, Asstt General Secretary, All India Milli Council

    Ml. Mahmoodul Hasan, President, Jamiat Ahl-e Hadees, Delhi Pradesh

    Dr Taslim Rahmani, President, Muslim Political Council

    Ml. Zeeshan Hidayati, Chairman, Majlis-e Fikr-o Amal

    Irfanullah Khan, Chairman Jamia Nagar Coordination Committee

    Ml. Jalal Haidar Naqvi, Secretary, Majlis-e Ulama-e Islam

    26 September 2008




    Released to the Press on 26 September, 2008 at a Press Conference in New Delhi


    A fact finding team constituted by Janhastakshep, Campaign against Fascist Designs and People's Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR)  went to look into the issues being raised in context to alleged an encounter at Batla House, Jamia Nagar on September 19, 2008.  Members of the team were, Dr. N.K. Bhattacharya retd. Principal of a Delhi University College, Shahana Bhattacharya of Delhi University, Dr. Ish Misra, Delhi University, Prashant Bhusan, Advocate Supreme Court, Mr. N. D. Pancholi, Advocate, Delhi High Court, and Ms. Shreerekha, a teacher in Jamia Milia Islamia. The team was accompanied by Prof. Mir Imtiaz of Jamia Milia Islamia.


    Some of the findings of the Fact finding exercise undertaken on September 21, 2008


    1.                  L-18 Batla house, the scene of the two 'encounter' killings of Atif and Sajid, is a four storied building with two flats on each floor and a single stairwell. There is only one entrance to the building. All the other spaces are grilled and cannot be used to get out of the building. The building is abutted on the left and right by two buildings which are only about two floors high. There is a narrow lane to the front and an even narrower lane at the back.


    2.                  Documentary evidence proves that Atif had submitted his correct details to the police in a tenant verification form duly received by the police on August 21, 2008. The form is a printed form which has been countersigned and bears the seal of the Jamia Nagar police station. The form also has his correct mobile phone number.


    3.                  The shooting seems to have begun at around 11 AM, Eyewitnesses state that the regular police arrived about fifteen minutes thereafter, and the media arrived five to ten minutes after the police arriving, by which time the area had already been cordoned off.


    4.                  The police did not show anyone the faces of the victims of the 'encounter' killings. Neither have they allowed the media access to the scene of the crime which has been sealed. By the time the media arrived, Mohan Chand Sharma had apparently already been carried down four floors of stairs with wounds, which eventually proved fatal. There seems to be a photograph of a conscious M.C.Sharma being carried out of the building by two of his aides showing some bleeding. People who saw him a few meters ahead, however, state that he was bleeding profusely when he was being carried past the Khaliullah Masjid in the vicinity.


    5.                  Zeeshan who also shared the flat was writing the IIPM entrance test at the time of the alleged encounter and was arrested later in the night of 19 September from the Head Lines today studios at Jhandelwalan, soon after he had given an interview at the television studio which was partially aired. As he was coming out of the television channel's office he was arrested by the police. He too is being called a terrorist.


    Questions Regarding the Police version


    1.                  How many masterminds are there? A succession of organizations such as the HUJI, SIMI and the IM have already been named by different State police as the organizations responsible for the blasts that have taken place in Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Delhi and the bomb scare in Surat. Atif suddenly becomes the new mastermind of all the blasts after a succession of other masterminds such as Abu Bashir, Tauqeer, etc. His name was never mentioned earlier, not even a few days ago when the sketches of the Delhi Bombers were released.


    2.                  When did the police get to know that they were terrorists? If they knew before they entered, why did they not seal the exit to the building and ask the alleged terrorists to surrender without going in?


    3.                  If the Special Cell knew that they were terrorists why was M.C.Sharma not wearing a bullet proof vest if the Special Cell was going to arrest/apprehend dreaded terrorists?


    4.                  If the Special cell did not know that they were terrorists before they entered, how did they claim soon thereafter that these were the terrorists and mastermind behind the blasts without even the opportunity of an interrogation of the person arrested and a thorough investigation of the evidence from the scene of the alleged encounter?


    5.                  Could two persons have escaped, considering there are no escape routes save one which was the entrance from which the STF entered heavily armed?


    6.                  If they were truly the terrorists behind the bombings they would surely not have given their correct personal details in a tenant verification form to the police on the 21st of August, 2008, just after the Ahmedabad Blasts and before the Delhi Blasts.


    7.                  The Special Cell now claims that the verification form is forged, despite the fact that it is countersigned and bears the seal of the Jamia Nagar Police Station. However these documents were handed over to the media by the caretaker of the apartment within two hours of the alleged encounters and hence he did not have enough time to have carried out such a forgery.


    8.                  As per news reports the police has so far not carried out a Test Identification Parade by eyewitnesses who claim to have seen those responsible for the Delhi bomb blasts? Was a TIP done before the burial of the two boys who were shot dead? Has the police tried to match the sketches of the accused made at the time with those being arrested? What are the results of such efforts if they have been made?


    9.                  In view of the continuing speculation and controversies surrounding the 'encounter' and a version of the postmortem reports being discussed by the press, why have the post-mortem reports of the two youths and the policeman who were killed in the house not been made available to their families and to the public?


    10.              Has an FIR been lodged or investigation launched into the incident of the 'encounter' itself? *

    *This is what the law requires.  NHRC guidelines on  encounter killings clearly state "That when information is received that death was caused in an encounter as a result of firing by the police, prima facie the ingredients of culpable homicide under section 299 of the IPC are satisfied. That is sufficient to suspect that an offence of culpable homicide has been committed."


    11.              Since, according to the press statement issued by Holy Family Hospital on September 19, 2008, X rays of the chest and abdomen of M.C.Sharma had "not revealed any foreign bodies", what has happened to the bullets fired on him? have they been collected from the scene and sent for forensic analysis?


    Preliminary Conclusions


    1.                  The version of the police that they had learnt that these youths were behind the Delhi Blasts when they went in to arrest them is clearly false since, in that case, Inspector Sharma, and his team who were experienced policemen from the Special Cell and had in fact been involved in several lethal encounters in the past would not have entered the premises at all and certainly not without bullet proof vests.


    2.                  The police gave the version of these youths being the terrorists behind the Delhi, Ahmedabad and Jaipur blasts and of Atif being the mastermind to the media soon after the alleged encounter. Till this point the police had not had the time to interrogate Saif, who had been arrested, or to thoroughly investigate the laptops recovered from the scene of the incident etc. and hence had no actionable information on the basis of which to make such claims. Therefore the police version that they were the terrorists behind the blasts with Atif as the mastermind clearly seems to be a story concocted by the Special Cell before they went to pick up these people.


    3.                  The story of 2 people escaping from the building is an utter lie.


    4.                  The subsequent picking up of Zia ur Rahman, the caretaker's son, and of Shakeel and others on the pretext that they were also involved in this conspiracy is highly dubious and smacks of vindictiveness against individuals who came out with statements and evidence that contradicted the police version.


    5.                  The claim of the police that the tenant verification form, handed over to the media by the caretaker, Rahman, only a couple of hours after the incident, is forged, is not at all credible. There appears no reason for Rahman to have forged such a form and kept it with him in advance, and there was certainly no time for him to have forged the papers and handed them to the media soon after the incident.


    6.                  Saquib Nisar, who the police claim provided logistical support for the serial blasts in Ahmedabad and the bomb scare in Surat, was taking an MBA examination from July 23 to July 28, 2008. Copies of his admit card and exam sheets signed by the examiners are available.


    7.                  None of the accused who are alive and arrested have legal representation or counsel. Moreover the police have been releasing information supposedly procured from them during interrogation to the media. This further adversely affects their chances of justice.




    1.                  It is imperative that an independent, time bound comprehensive probe has to be carried out by a sitting Judge of the Supreme Court of India into this incident and the claims of the police, to answer these questions. In any case, the NHRC guidelines on encounter killings require such an investigation.


    2.                  The continuing random arrests and harassment of residents of Jamia Nagar and students of Jamia University since the time of the Delhi blasts and particularly after the alleged encounter must stop immediately.


    3.                  The competition among various police agencies to claim credit for arresting dreaded terrorists and masterminds is resulting in the targeting of innocent Muslim youth. This must stop immediately. It appears that after making SIMI the scapegoat, the police has now shifted focus to Azamgarh which is being dubbed the nursery of terrorism. This targeting and victimisation of young Muslim boys from Azamgarh or those who may have been members of SIMI in the past, as terrorists involved in the blasts, has led to an enormous sense of insecurity, fear and resentment in the Muslim community of the country in general and young Muslim boys from Azamgarh or those who may have been members of SIMI, in particular.


    4.                  It is very unfortunate and disquieting that significant sections of the mainstream media, particularly the electronic media, has been uncritically amplifying the successive absurd stories and concoctions of the police, built only on supposed confessions made before the Police. This has not only defamed a large number of apparently innocent people but is also encouraging rapid communalisation and polarisation of people in the country.



    Dr. NK Bhattacharya

    JAN HASTAKSHEP                           PUDR

    Issued by N. Pancholi <azadpancholi@yahoo.com – 26 September 2008

    By Ghulam Muhammed -

  • Date:    Sun, 28 Sep 2008 13:42:39 +0530 [01:42PM IST]

    From:   Ghulam Muhammed <ghulammuhammed3@gmail.com>

    To:       Editor@NewAgeIslam.com


    Subject:            THE SIEGE WITHIN - Is it really Muslims whose credibility is at stake? By M. J. Akbar - Sunday Times of India, 28 Sep 2008


        There is nothing more subversive than the alternative narrative. A parallel version of the Godhra incident and riots sabotaged the re-election of the NDA government four years ago. A subaltern variation of the police operation at Batla House, near the Jamia Milia Islamia University on 19 September, is undermining the credibility of the Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi government today. It cannot undermine the credibility of home minister Shivraj Patil because he has none.


        The first doubts began to circulate even while Patil, wearing a very self-satisfied expression on his face, began to congratulate himself in front of television cameras for delivering bullet-justice to two young men living in a small apartment of this building. He had, he said, personally supervised the encounter, presumably without taking any break whatsoever for fresh laundry.


        Ironically, doubt needs the support of evidence. If it is mere partisan belligerence, it will last no longer than a puff of acrid smoke. Some things did not quite add up in the official story. It was, to use a phrase familiar from the Sherlock Holmes oeuvre, the dog that did not bark that raised the first question. You rarely slip on hard concrete; it is generally the banana skin that turns a measured tread into a painful fall. The Rashomon effect, where the same event induces sharply different perspectives, can make for intriguing fiction; in real life, it can rip up communication lines carefully planted by a government trying to sell a fable.


        The first question, followed by two photographs, began to dilute the triumphalism of the Delhi police even during the early phase of its self-glorification. The authorities noted, with satisfaction, that two 'terrorists' had been killed. They added that two had escaped from the rented urban cage where they lived, which was all they could afford. The deaths were explicable; the escape was not. The building had only one entrance, and hence only one exit. It was surrounded by policemen. How could the two escape?


        When the murmur became a buzz, the police attempted damage control with a weak suggestion. The two could have escaped through the roof, hopping across rooftops. But it was daytime. The roofline was surely as closely monitored as the roadline. Neighbourhood eyes were tense and alert. Had anyone seen this acrobatic, even melodramatic, form of flight?



        Two pictures propped up two ends of a growing conviction of foul play. One showed Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma, who lost his life, walking towards something, presumably the car that would take him to hospital, supported by two colleagues (one in a tie, the other in a T-shirt). His gunshot wound was obvious. There was a heavy patch of blood on the upper part of one arm, and only a faint discolouring on the lower front of his bush shirt, near the abdomen. Police had said that Sharma had died from a bullet in the stomach. The picture proved that the bullet had not hit the stomach, and that Sharma was able to come down four flights albeit with help. A bullet in the stomach would have left him a stretcher case, and caused far more blood loss, particularly through the exit wound.


        The official story changed. The self-acclamation had been blared over media, the change was released discreetly, through a plant that said that he died of a heart attack caused by blood loss.


        The questions multiplied: was Sharma hit by what is known in military parlance as 'friendly fire'?


        The police would have been far more comfortable about their theories if some intrepid photographer had not snapped Sharma. The second picture, however, was part of their public relations offensive. It showed three suspects, Zia ur Rahman, Saqib Nishad and Mohammad Shakeel. As is usual in the case of suspects being put on display, their faces were covered with cloth: the police are gracious enough to disguise the identity of suspects for they cannot be deemed guilty until a court has passed judgment. But there was significant departure from normal practice. These three had been shrouded by Arab-style headdresses (made famous by Yasser Arafat, and now a staple of Arab identity in countless TV images) instead of the anonymous black cloth used by police.


        Who had decided that these three suspects should be given an "Arab" identity? Was this a not-so-subliminal message to even the densest in the audience about the nature of the "enemy", that the headdress was a signature of "Islamic terrorism"? Did this brilliant idea emerge from the home minister, now the handson commander, or did it emerge from somewhere lower down the food chain?


        Indian Muslims did not need to open a political dictionary to gauge the meaning of this forced symbolism? They knew that it was an attempt to stigmatize the whole community and link terrorism in India with an international conspiracy, with an implied hint at Osama bin Laden, the most famous Arab terrorist.


        If the purpose of the UPA government's officialdom was to intensify fear of Muslims among non-Muslims, then it succeeded. Indian Muslims are used to being fearful ? of riots, police prejudice and arbitrary authority. They have learnt to temper their response with realism. They believed in the government of Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi, if only because they reassured themselves that they had been primarily responsible, through intense electoral mobilization, in adding the crucial 20 odd seats to the Congress that enabled it to become the largest single party in the last general elections. That perception has been shifting slowly, almost reluctantly, because Muslims had no other national political anchor. The Jamia incident has become a wake-up call. The growing perception is that the UPA government has deliberately killed innocent men to satiate the demand for action against terrorism.


        Is that the truth? I have no idea, because the truth is privy only to those who control the guns ? on either side of the divide. But this much I do know. In public life, perception becomes the operative truth.



    By Ghulam Muhammed -

  • Date:    Fri, 26 Sep 2008 14:12:55 +0530 [02:12PM IST]

    From:   Ghulam Muhammed <ghulammuhammed3@gmail.com>

    To:     Editor@NewAgeIslam.com 

    Subject: Preliminary Statement of the fact-finding team that visited Jamia Nagar, the place of the alleged 'encounter' of the police


    A team of teachers, students, civil rights activists and intellectuals visited the siteof the alleged encounter of the police with the 'terrorists' as claimed by them, on the 24th September 2008. The team comprised of  Prof. Siddique Hassan, Deputy Amir Jamat-e-Islami Hind, SAR Geelani, Reader, Zakir Hussain College, Delhi University, Dr. Waqar Anwar, Jamat-e-Islami Hind, Dr. SQR Ilyas, Editor, Afkar-e-Milli, Suvojit Bagchi, Journalist, Anil Chamaria, Journalist, Dr. Karen Gabriel, Reader,St. Stephens, DU, Rona Wilson, Secretary (Public Relations), Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners (CRPP), Mahtab Alam, Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR), Banojyotsna Lahiri (JNU), Vanessa Chisti (JNU) and Sumati Panikkar (Independent Researcher)


    The following is a synopsis of the preliminary findings of the team. This will soon be followed by an exhaustive report of the team after putting together a lot of background information along with more findings and inputs. The exhaustive report will be an elaboration of the following statement of facts with substantive documentation.


    Of fear, terror and suspicion


    The team started its investigation at 11.30 AM on 24 Septemeber in Jamianagar area under Jamia Nagar police station. Even five days after the encounter the tension was palpable in Jamia Nagar & the adjacent areas. People were seemingly scared to talk to the fact-finding team. The stress & tension, generated after the encounter, was evident. People were nervous and requesting us NOT to mention their names under any circumstances. In the University premises the team had to face hostile queries whether we were from the media. The hostile media trial of the entire Muslim community that accompanied the bomb blasts was visible right from the premises of the university to the area of the encounter where the team visited.We felt, this is largely because of the witch hunt that ensued after the 'encounter' story of the police of two students at House No. L-18, Batla House, Jamia Nagar and the scores of arrests of Muslim youth from the vicinity. In fact, the arrests had already started right after the day of the blasts on the 14th.


    In such a scenario, to instil confidence in the people was an uphill task, as they were at the receiving end of the state terror out to brand anyone daring to speak in favour of the deceased  in the 'encounter' as 'accomplices' and 'masterminds' of the successive blasts in India. The police action followed by the media trial only parroting the 'official version' had created an atmosphere of fear and suspicion among the people. Whosoever the team had talked had the stamp of fear on their face.


    The team had to keep in mind the feeling of incarceration and isolation not to say the terror of an authoritarian and prejudiced state that was writ large on the locality. There is definitely the palpable fear of the people of anyone and everyone picked up and framed by the police, who have a story for every occasion.


     Police Siege and the wages of state terror


    To start with, the Gali where the House No. L-18 is located has been barricaded with a huge posse of police laying siege to it and the surrounding buildings. No one is allowed to enter the House No. L-18. The constables of Delhi police told us, albeit politely, that they need to ask for permission from higher authority to let us go close to the building. We are allowed after about 15 minutes. However, we were not allowed to enter the building, L-18. Rather, a man who is a resident of the house was asked to come out and give his version. As we spoke to that man a contingent of police officers, constables, plain clothes officers from special branch were surrounding us. We got this man's 'version' in the middle of all these. We also came to know, the key of the house (L-18) is with the police and they had to go undergo thorough checking whenever they ventured out or returned. Even the people staying in the nearby buildings also had to go through the police scanner. It was as if they were under house arrest. The children in the household were facing trauma-induced depression and had to resort to medical care. We also came to know, the kids missed their all important examination because of questioning by police on 19th September. They get scared of any kind of sound or noise thinking that it was a gunshot. The fear of anyone becoming the target of a vicious police action had taken over the psyche of these young minds. We also came to know two more families residing in L 18 have left the place after the encounter.


    On further investigation we came to know that one family which has one woman pregnant left the house, because that woman was getting stressed under the circumstances.


    The heavy presence of the police, in uniform and plainclothes, has only aggravated the situation. When we asked police personnel present in and around the area as to why the police is still laying siege to the premises the authority did not have any satisfactory answer.


    It is also important to mention here, through out the process, we were followed by special branch officers. Infact, a journalist, who was not the member of the fact-finding team and a member of the team, was routinely questioned about the details of the other team members. Anyone, even from mainstream media visiting the area more than once, is called up by special branch.


    The flat where the so-called 'encounter' has taken place in still sealed. The alleged seizure of weapons, laptop, etc., from the flat was done without any proper witness to the whole exercise. None of the members of the flat, not to say, of the locality was witness to the high profile 'seizure', which the police celebrated in the media. The conduct of the police was and is still shrouded in secrecy and arbitrariness that have only invited further wrath of the people. This in no way will instil confidence among the people. On the contrary, it has added further misery to their lives.     


    "It is a Fake encounter", say the people


    We could not find a single person in the entire locality who could agree with the story of the 'encounter' of the police. There is a complete unanimity in the opinion of the people about the one-sided nature of the firing and the time for which it continued. Further, there are some witnesses, (who would not want their name to be mentioned) who vouched that these youth who had fallen to the bullets of the police were just ordinary youngsters who had taken their career and their studies seriously. These witnesses have said that initially there were gunshots for 15 minutes. Then it stopped for a while. Then after a while the police went on firing intermittently for quite sometime positioned on the terrace and the Gali to show that it was a real encounter. In between, the police went on shouting loudly to create a feeling of real exchange of fire and project a real encounter. Later, the police declared that the encounter was successful. After the firing, the police had destroyed the flowerpots of the L-18 flat and the adjacent flats and used the pieces of the broken pots to break the windowpanes of L-18 to make it look like a REAL encounter.


    No one told us about an exchange of fire. It was 'only one kind of sound', they all emphasized.


    After visiting the rear and the sides of the L-18 flat, no one could have bought the story of someone escaping as there was only a single entrance, which the police had already been covering. It was impossible for anyone to jump from the fourth floor flat, as it would have resulted in near death or fatal injury. It demolishes the theory of police that two of the 'dreaded terrorists' have run away. More importantly, one of this 'terrorists', Zeeshan, surrendered to Headlines Today Channel, within hours of 'jumping and running away' from a fourth floor flat. Why will he do that – the locals ask.


    There are also witnesses to three men dragged down from the fourth floor to the ground floor. None of the body of the deceased was shown to anyone. All the bodies were covered by clothes and were kept in a vehicle which was taken inside the porch of the flat.


    The people of the locality are asking unanimously: Where have all the bullets gone?


    Why Police is NOT allowing media to go inside L 18 and shoot and talk to people even almost after a week? Do they have anything to hide? Normally it is done within a few hours!


    Why the police did not try to arrest these 'masterminds' alive? This is randomly done in India & rest of the world. In that case it could have helped the administration more. Isnt it?


     Clear evidence of point-blank shots on the head of Sajid                  


    The photographs after autopsy of Sajid (17 year old) show clear marks of 7-8 gunshots on his head from above. These shots, which are at point blank, cannot happen in the case of an encounter. Because in case of an encounter, where the shots are fired from a distance, the wounds would open up.


    Police Version of fake Tenant verification disproved


    Prominent citizens of the locality have already questioned the story of the police of fake tenant verification. They have said that none of the details provided including the driving license, address, rent agreement paper were forged. The claim of the office stamp of the authority as fake was also disproved by the citizens in a press meet as they showed their own copies of tenant verification which was carrying the same official stamp. The Locals also feel, even if the forgery has been done by the owner and the caretaker of the house – NO INFORMATION GIVEN ABOUT ATIF IS FALSE. Factually, as we came to know from local people, not a single information given – whether it is about his last residence, parentage, driving license or permanent address – proved to be wrong


    Mystery shrouding the death of Inspector MC Sharma


    No one is ready to believe that Inspector Mr. M C Sharma was killed in an exchange of fire.


    There are several witnesses having seen him taken away by two men in plainclothes to a Santro car stationed near the Khalliullah Masjid with bleeding wounds of bullet shots on his shoulder.


    It is intriguing to note as to why such an officer of importance for the Special Cell of the Delhi Police went for an operation without any protection and why he was walked all the way to the car. Moreover, the Hospital, Holy Family, which treated Mr Sharma has been told by police not to talk to press or civil society – that what we found out.


    The people of the locality are asking: Why would the most dynamic of Special Cell Officers, Mr M C Sharma, would go to an operation – where he may nab the masterminds of deadly blasts – without wearing Bullet Proof Jacket?


    Moreover, the police team also made sure that the 'terrorists' are hiding in that flat by sending an officer in the guise of mobile salesman, prior to sending the rest of the squad. So after confirming the whereabouts of the 'masterminds' how could a senior officer go without any protection?


    Simmering tension

     Any discerning eye can make out the simmering tension pervading the entire area of Jamia Nagar and its vicinity. Everyday is passing by with a new arrest and yet another story from the side of the police. The role of the media, except a few reports in certain dailies, has more or less demonized the Muslims. More and more Muslim youths are being picked up. Even those who have gone and surrendered before the police or media have been framed under several charges. In these circumstances the people are one in saying that they are being pushed to a situation where they have total distrust of what is becoming in the name of 'war against terror'.


     Our Demands:


    1.      Immediately withdraw the police siege of Jamia Nagar in general and theGali where house No. L-18 is situated.

     2.      Stop harassing Muslim youth under the garb of 'combating terror'.

     3.      Initiate a high-level judicial enquiry of the entire episode.

     4.      Make public the autopsy report of the two youth in the 'encounter'.

     5.      Make public the autopsy report of Inspector MC Sharma. There should also be a judicial enquiry into the circumstances leading to his death.

     6.      Press & civil society should be allowed to talk to doctors/authorities of the Holy Family Hospital

     7.      The State has to provide for the medical counselling of the residents of Jamia Nagar, who have been affected by this encounter

     8.      Police should stop releasing selective photos from CCTV cameras to Press to build opinions against Muslims.


    The Team:

     Anil Chamaria, Banojyotsna Lahiri, Karen Gabriel, Mahtab Alam, Rona Wilson, SAR Geelani, Siddique Hassan, SQR Ilyas, Sumati Panikkar, Suvojit Bagchi, Vanessa Chisti, Waqar Anwar






  • Date:    Thu, 25 Sep 2008 09:14:30 +0530 [09/25/2008 09:14AM IST]

    From:   Ghulam Muhammed <ghulammuhammed3@gmail.com>

    To:       editor@NewAgeIslam.com

    Subject:            Leading Indian Muslim bodies form a united forum to fight against bashing campaign


    New Delhi:

    In a landmark development, heads and representatives of various Muslim organizations and prominent personalities formed an umbrella body– Coordination Committee For Indian Muslims' to counter the attack on the Muslim community in the garb of terrorist attacks and consequent probes.


    Expressing strong anger and displeasure over the Muslim bashing campaign in India and Muslim leaders demanded the government to immediately end this inhuman and unconstitutional operation. Muslim organizations also demanded dismissal of Union Home Minister, Intelligence Bureau chief and Delhi Police Commissioner for their failure in checking the terrorist attacks in the country.


    The Muslim leaders present felt that so-called Hind organizations are not leaving stone unturned in terrorising the whole Muslim community while injustice is being done with the Muslim youths and they are being harassed and tortured in jails since several years in the name of terrorism.


    An all-party meeting of the heads and representatives of Muslim organizations – Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), Jamiat-e-Ulema Hind, Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawart, Jamiat-e-Ahl-e-Hadees, Shia Political Front, Muslim Political Council, Majlis-e-Ulema Hind was held at the Headquarters of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind in the Capital.


    It was attended by representatives of all prominent Muslim organizations. Besides JIH leaders, the attendees included Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan, president of All India Muslim Majlise Mushawarat, Maulana Abdul Hameed Nomani, acting general secretary of Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind, Maualan Abdul Wahab Khilji of All India Milli Council, Dr Tasleem Rahmani of Political Council of India, Dr Ghulam Yahya Anjum, noted Barelvi scholar and Shia scholar Allama Zishan Hidayati.


    A 5-member committee was formed to chalk out plans and strategy to take on the anti-Muslim campaign. The committee had Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan, Maulana Abdul Wahab Khilji, Maulana Abdul Hameed Nomani, Dr Tasleem Rahmani and Mujtaba Farooq, political affairs secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. Maulana Mahmoodul Hasan of Jamiat Ahle Hadees attended today's meeting as special invitee.


    Imam Ahmad Bukhari, Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid of New Delhi could not attend the meeting due to some urgent engagement but he gave his consent to all the decisions of the meeting.


    Reiterating the demand from Muslim organizations, the committee has demanded a high-level enquiry into all bomb blasts and terrorist attacks in the country.


    Besides sacking of Home Minister, IB chief and Delhi Police Commissioner, the committee also demanded dismissal of home ministers and police chiefs of the states where terrorist bombings took place.


    It demanded ban on Hindutva extremist organizations like Bajrang Dal, VHP and Hindu Vahini. There are a number of strict laws that are capable of tackling these crimes and so there is no need of any new law, the committee said.


    Another important demand of the committee is that every decision regarding combating terrorism should be taken by taking the Parliament into confidence.


    If these demands are not immediately met by the government, strongly presenting demands a massive agitation will be organized at New Delhi's Jantar Mantar on September 26, after the prayer of last Friday (Jumatul Wida) of holy month of Ramazan. Moreover, top leaders of Muslim organizations will give court arrest and a national public convention would be organized soon after the agitation.


    In the long-term programmes, the committee has decided to form a Legal Cell, Planning Cell and Political Cell and Media Cell. The committee has urged the Muslim community to celebrate Eid very simply and pray to God.


    Mujtaba Farooq



    By Ghulam Muhammed -

  • In the agreement with Mr.Sultan, i would like to ask is the Shahi Imam of Jama Maszid represents all the moslems from India ?  We all know, NO.  Gone are those days when Indian Moslems were found to be illeterate and could be turned to anyway. Now they are literate, they know what they need to do and they think freely and not under the essential clouds of so called ******.  Similarly Police (Specially Delhi if we think about Batla House encounter) they are not considered to be from Hindus side.

    Delhi police is not clean we all know. They have the image of something like - "WARDI WALA GUNDA"  By wearing police uniform they get the licence to abuse anybody, misbehave with anybody and sometime to kill anybody. We have see this in Delhi, irrespective of victims' religions.  Well, i do not mean to say anything about the encounter.

    Encounter seems to be real one. Or otherwise, Delhi police will not hv lost a sr.officer and hurt its own people. We cant draw another story that the cop may hv died due to Heart Attack and the deptt used his body do hide their deeds.  But the number of rumours in the public after the encounter, really serves for the purpose of those who do not want we Indians lives in peace and harmoney.  Lets see and decide ourselves what is good and what is not. If not, raise the voice.

    In India, all the voices are heard. Irrespective of religions. Even the minority Christians can force the govts to bend, we hv seen this when Karnatka CM publicly apologizing the Bishop.  Our press does not anyvoice unheard. May be due to competition. All the channels want to be first in giving the news and breaking news. So there rests very little chance of any discrimination.

    Its not Pakistan where Hindus population is decreasing drastically. Hindu girls are suddenly disappeared and the parents receive a letter in courier saying that the girls hv converted to Islam and dont want to return. And even the police, court and neighbours were of no help. What media could do the best to bring the news in light. and what the court did the best was to arrange a meeting between Girls and the parents for sometime under the eyes of cleric and 2 cops.  OH GOD, can we expect this to Moslems, Christians, Sikhs or Dalits.

    Well, i think, in India, we are living far far fairer and undiscriminated life.  Any disagreeemnt with myself ???

    By sk jaiswal -

  • I completely agree with the above two gentlemen. A little bit or introspection and honesty never hurts. Truth is bitter but essential. If we don't acknowledge we need help, we keep suferring.


    Mubashir Inayet

    By Mubashir Inayet -

  • I agree with Sultan Shahin. But we can see the trust is decreasing between the 2 community which is surely a matter of worry.



    By sk jaiswal -

  • This is in response to the Editorial, "Indian Muslims: Let us come out of denia".  Though I do not fully subscribe to the views of Sultan Shahin, Editor, in this piece of Editorial, I still agree with him on many counts.

    Firstly, who this Imam Bukhari is to call for an all party meeting to discuss issues relating to Muslims? Who authorirsed him to do so? Is he the sole representatives of the millions of Muslims in the country? He is a Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, got in inheritane from Mughals, a stooge of the ruling party, like his father. He wanted to hog the lime light for some reason or the other. He thinks he could turn the table in the next elections through rehtorics. He is wrong and he will soon face the truth of his life. He is misguiding the youth of this country to believe that Islam is in danger on account of Batla House encounter, where a few young Muslims, taking upon themselves the burden of Islam, indulged in some acts of insanity that was responsible for killing innocent people in Delhi and elsewhere. To condone such acts of insanity is nothing but insanity itself. If those killed or arrested are innocent, lets prove it in the court of law and do not take law into hand.

    I totally agree that radicalisation of Muslim youth at the behest of the Moudid's Jamat.e.Islmi is the root cause of changing muslim attitude of Muslim Youth. This Jamat along with another Jamat called Tableeq Jamat have done more harm to the Islamic society than good. These two extreme Jamats have interpreted Islam in their own way convenient to them. One is right extreme while the other is left extreme in the sense, that these people have not understood Islam in its totality. The radicals have come from the Wahhabi Sect, mostly from Saudi Wahhabi teachings. Rightly said, Moulana Moududi, a great writer and thinker himself, instead of confining to writing has taken people to one extreme of the religion. Firstly this has infested the oldies among the Muslims and then travelled to the young youth living in India and Pakistan. His radical views of Islam is not acceptable to Muslims who have studied and practiced Islam in its totality. These bearded followers of Moududi, became so extreme that they even called our Prophet PBUH, was nothing but an ordinary Messenger of Allah. Majority of the Muslims hold our Prophet PBUH in very high esteem and even on hearing or reading his name, they recite Darud. What prevented these elements to say Darud when Allah and His Angels do say that. Kindly read this passage from Holy Quran, "Innal Laha wo malyikatahu, yusalluna alan Nabi; Ya Ayyuhal lazina amanu sallu alai hi wo sallimu tasleema".  When Allah and His Angles say "Usalluna Alan Nabi", why should anyone hold any other view with regard to reverence to our Holy Prophet PBUH. Certainly radicalism crept into Muslim community due to such extreme views of religion. The extremism has led the youth to believe that they are saviour of Islam and that they are there to impose Islamic Rule in India. Terrorism certainly has born out of such radical views of Islam. The Muslim youth have totally misguided on this score and led them to extreme path of violence. In the editorial above, the world PBUH was not used whenever our Prophet PBUH occured. This need be corrected, Mr. Sultan Shahin in future.

    We the Muslims of India have to live and die in India. We were left orphans by the leaders who partitioned India. Muslims were better when India was united. They had their own separate voting rights and respersentations. All these came to naught with the creation of Pakistan. In my view, the creation of Pakistan was the biggest blunder of the century. That left Muslims of India to fend for themselves, We became aliens in our own land overnight in 1947. In the aftermath of partition, Muslims were denied opportunities and their separate representation was taken away. We became second class citizens. We had to face untold atrocities in the aftermath of partition. Its all due to the creation of Pakistan. Think what would have happened to Pakistan, if India instead of absorbing Muslims, would have sent the entire Muslim population to Pakistan? Pakistan would have crumbled unable to bear the burder of such a huge mass of exodus. Jinnah and Pakistan must thank India for keeping such a huge population with them. Jinnah, a great leader no doubt, has erred in assessing the aftermath of partition. He though there would three Indias. One Pakistan, One India and another princely India. All his assessment failed and in the bargain who paid the price? Its Muslims. Therefore Muslims need not look for Pakistan or any other Muslim country to fight for our rights. We are capable to fight for our rights. It was left to Gandhiji who fought for our rights to live in India and we lived out those horrible days to see all round prosperity today. India is our country and we the Muslims love it. Then where is the need for violence to settle scores with Advanis and Modis. We have some decent ways of fighting for our rights. We must respect the sentiments of others as ordained by Allah. There is no other view on this issue. We have to live with our neighbours and their good will is as important.

    We the Mulsim of India are unfortunate for not having a true representative party of our own and a leader worthy of leading. We the Muslims constitute around 20% of the population. We must seek proper representation in the legislature, administrtion and educational insitutions of this country . We must fight for our cause not through bullet but through our pen which is mightier than bullet. Website like this opens up new vistas for our Muslim bretheren to express our views without any fear or favour as Constitution of India has guaranteed freedom of expression. Compared to the life in Saudi and other Kingdoms of Muslim world, where you cannot freely express your views, India is far better. It has given us ample freedom. Rightly pointed out in the Editorial that we the Muslims have thrived and excelled on our own ability in any field. Take the case of ex-President Abul Kalam, a renowned Scientist and Father of Missile Technology in India, film actors like Dilip Kumar, SRK, Salman Khan and scores of others, and many more personalities have excelled due to the freedom available to us. We have our own business interest and one of the riches businessmen happens to be a Muslim. Great Criketers, Musicians, Singers and actors were all Mulsims. We must be eternally grateful to India and its people for treating us with such dignity barring the incidents of violence unleashed by lunatic and fanatics among the Hindus like Modi and others. For that answer is no counter violence but a fight through legal means. This is what is expected from the beleaguered Muslim community. Violence is no answer to violence, it must be love towards us and malice towards none. Muslims are biggest minority or you may call it second largest majority community in India and what prevented us from organising into a strong and fighting Political Party with some sincere leaders leading it. There are people like the writer willing to lead, but where is chance for such an event. Let the intelligentsia work on this and organise an event that will bring to platform such selfless leaders willing to lead. This is what is needed in the present circumstance. We do not need people like Arif Mohammed, Bantawalas, or some self styled leaders. We need genuine leadership to be developed. Once we form a cohesive leadership through a party of our own with mass following, we would emerge as a formidable force and Govt or any political party would look forward to work with and address our problems. Lets all unite to fight for our cause and lay down our lives for the sake of this great country. Lets not look for  extra territorial leadership or help from across the border. We have to fend for ourselves, and no one in the Islamic world is worried about the plight of the Muslims in India. Then why should be loyal to them. They are minding their own business. No one from the Muslim world has ever expressed sympathy or protest when the muslims were killed, properties looted in a mayhem in Gujarat except US which denied visa to Modi. Mr. Shaheen was right, when we were in trouble, our cause was taken up not by any one but by our own Hindu brother organisations. These Muslims leadership was a bunch of cowards, self centered and too afraid to go to jails for the sake of the community. Who came to our rescue and who took up the cause, these great Hindu Leaders like Lalu Prasad, Mulayam Singh Yadeve, Mayawathi and the likes.  Show us one Muslim leader who court arrest for the sake of the Muslims but on the other hand leaders like Arif Mohammed, Shah Nawaz, Mohsina Kidwai, chose to join the Safron Brigade. What a shame and Muslim Ummah would never forgive them.  In the end I call upon all misguided youth to shun violence and lead a peaceful life treating all our Hindu neighbours as our brothers and sisters. This would help us to build bridges and rightly let us not lose their goodwill through stupidity and worse.

    By Jamsheed Basha -

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