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Islam, Women and Feminism

Demanding Repeal of The Citizenship Law,1,000 Jafrabad Women Block Delhi Road Over CAA, Back Bhim Army's Strike Call

Saudi Arabia’s Reform Drive Empowering Women, Morgan Ortigas, US Diplomat Says

Rising Divorces, A Sign of Justice, Not Arrogance

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• Muslim Women come out to Join Anti-CAA Protests at Ludhiana’s Shaheen Bagh

• Amritsar: Takht Jathedar Meets Pakistan Sikh Girl's Family

• Bengaluru: Woman Held For 'Kashmir, Dalit, Muslim Mukti' Placard Sent To 14-Day Judicial Custody

• Ensuring Women-Owned Business Stand A Chance

• Theatrical Performance Highlights Violence against Women

• Japan Gives Egypt $US 83,708 Grant To Support Women’s Empowerment

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Stereotype-disproving is an undercurrent of my day, embedded in my way of thinking. It’s almost like I work as an unpaid PR agent for my community as I interact with the “outside world.” Through my work, activism, and persona, I demonstrate that Muslim women are not oppressed—that we are, in fact, empowered....


• More than Football: Kurdish Women Win Big With Syria Title

• Lucy Van Der Haar Crowned First Ever Dubai Women’s Tour Champion

• Amna Baig Is My Dream Pakistan Police Officer For She Has Empathy

• Major Sabrina Saadi, the Muslim Female Police In Israel Became The First Hijabi Police Officer In The Jewish Majority Country

• Iraqi Women Seek Rights – And To Be Part of A Change

• Women Leaders Award Honours Iconic Women From Pakistan And Abroad

• CAA: Muslim Women In Malegaon Continue Stir

• Each Additional School Year for Pakistani Girls’ Increases Future Earnings By 10pc: WB Country Director

• Turkey Will Review Measures in Women’s Rights Convention, Erdoğan Says

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• Tears and Defiance As Shaheen Bagh Protesters Meet SC Interlocutors

• Iranian Headscarf Campaigner Calls For Vote Boycott

• Woman Lawyer Who Exposed Secret Yemen Prisons Wins Rights Prize

• Nahid Sobhan, First Bangladeshi Female Envoy to Jordan Vows to Promote Women’s Cause

• Indonesia’s Family Resilience Bill Says Housekeeping Wife’s Duty

• ‘Wusool’ Transport Program Benefits 60,000 Saudi Women

• Women Empowerment In Pakistan: How Well A Society Treats Its Women Is One Of The Strongest Indicators Of The Success

• Macron Draws Fire As Admirer Flouts Law over Islamic Face Veil

• Pakistani Woman Offended By Traffic Police 'Speaking To Her In Punjabi In A Muslim Country'

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• UN Must Include More Women in Peace Talks: UAE

• Muslim Girls Harassed By Miscreants for Not Wearing Burqa In UP

• Egypt’s National Council For Women To Propose Toughening Anti-FGM Law

• More than Football: Kurdish Women Win Big With Syria Title

• Pak Court Orders Action against Minor Hindu Girl’s Muslim Husband for Child Marriage

• Female Labour Force Share on the Rise in Pakistan unlike India

• Muslim Student Association raises awareness for Hijab Day

• Qatari Foreign Ministry Official Praises Women’s Role in Kuwait

• Pakistani Female Student Contesting To Represent 31,000 Students In London

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Throughout the Muslim world, a groundswell of feminist sentiment is growing among women who are seeking to reclaim Islam and the Quran for themselves. For decades, many women believed they had to choose between their Muslim identity and their belief in gender equality....

• Muslim Couple Conducts Wedding Of Adopted Hindu Girl in Hindu Temple

• Muslims Perform Last Rites of Sikh Woman as Per Sikh Tenets in Malerkotla, Pakistan

• Muslim Woman Ensures Dignity Indeath for Unclaimed Bodies in Chikkamagaluru

• Israel Police Set to Get First Hijab-Wearing Muslim Lieutenant

• Shaheen Bagh’s Women Have Transformed Who Speaks For India’s Muslims, Says NYU Anthropologist

• Women, Children Injured In Police Lathi-Charge Against Anti-CAA Protesters In North Chennai

• Good to See Muslim Women at Anti-CAA Dharnas and Protests, Says Sumitra Mahajan

• Imprisoned Iranian Women Call For Boycott Of Upcoming Elections In Iran

• Women Set On Azaadi March In Pakistan

• FIFA Demands Iran Allow Women To Attend All Football Matches

• I Loosened My Hijab At A Chess Championship. Now I’m Afraid To Return To Iran.

• Beaten During Arrest Prominent Iranian Female Activist on Hunger Strike

• Women in Decision-Making Roles Inspire Future Generations, Dubai Forum Told

• 'Be Yourself' Ex-British PM May Advises Women in Politics

• World Must Fight Anti-Vaccine Drive, Says Women In Science Winner From Bangladesh

• ‘No One Is Listening’: Pakistani Mothers Jailed In Saudi Arabia Call For Help

• Passion Grips Baloot Championship As Women Face Off Men For The First Time

• Israeli Soldiers’ Phones Hacked By Hamas ‘Women’

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• Ivanka Trump Lauds Saudi Arabia, UAE on Women’s Rights Reforms

• Two Indian Women Granted Bail Following Arrest Over School Play

• India’s Top Court Grants Equal Rights to Women in Army

• 'Hijabi Clout': The Women of Colour Unknowingly Used By 2020 Campaigns

• Hyatt Regency Riyadh Olaya Unveils Program to Empower Young Saudi Women

• NAMA Signs MoU on Women’s Projects with Sharjah Media City

• Women Can Make World $172 Trillion Richer: Kristalina Georgieva

• 586 Women among 1,287 Committed Suicides during Five Years In Sindh: Study

• Lebanese Woman Calls Out Shia Political Leaders in Lebanon

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Islamic Revolution Paved Way for Women to Be Active: Pres. Rouhani

Where Does Islamic Marriages Stand in British Law?

$40million Incentive Project for Women Entrepreneurs Launched At Global Women’s Forum Dubai

World Bank Group launches initiatives supporting women entrepreneurs 

Israeli Army: Hamas Hackers Tried To 'Seduce' Soldiers By Posing As Young, Attractive Women On Social Media

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• Muslim Women Protesting In Shaheen Bagh to Meet Amit Shah on Sunday

• Maharashtra: Five of Family Booked In Triple Talaq Case

• Female Baloot Players Show off Their Skills at Saudi Championship

• 1st Women Turkish Commandos Break Gender Barriers

• Malaysia Appoints Female Bioterrorism Expert as Police Counterterror Chief

• Iraqi Women Lead Baghdad Protests Following Cleric’s Calls For Segregation

• Nashik: Muslim Women Stage Protest Against CAA Near Golf Ground

• Ivanka Trump arrives in Dubai for Global Women’s Forum

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• Gulf Cooperation Council Reforms Are Changing Women’s Lives

• Visa Restrictions Prevented Two Pakistani Women, Anam Sajid and Bisma Zia, From Attending Game Developers Conference, So They Made A Game About It

• Women Protesters Refuse for Iraq to Be Turned into a ‘Second Iran’

• In Egypt, Renewed Outcry Against Female Genital Mutilation

• Egypt’s Aswan Women Film Festival: Blending Creativity with Women’s Activism

• 'No Society Can Progress Without Empowering Its Women,' Says Turkish First Lady Emine Erdogan

• India: Muslim Woman Cremated as per Hindu Rites after Dead Body Mix up At Hospital

• For Sex Workers and Muslim Women, the Concept of Sexual Liberation Is Complex

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• Iran's Clerical Rulers Ban Valentine's Day as 'Cultural Threat'

• Lawmakers Impressed After Muslim Woman Calls Out Rape Myths

• Why Are Israelis So Afraid Of This Female Arab Lawmaker?

• Saudi Princess Lamia Bint Majed, Goodwill Ambassador For The Arab World

• Inspired By Pakistani Women Serving As UN Peacekeepers in Congo, Says Wells

• Iranian Woman Dies of Suspected Coronavirus Infection: Media

• Arab Women Sports concludes in Sharjah

• New Jersey Woman Takes On Traffickers In Iraq's Kurdistan Region

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Sheikha, an unmarried Qatari in her late 20s who works as an academic adviser, told me she often wonders: “I have a job and future plans. Why should I marry?” “I don’t want to say that marriage erases the dreams,” she said, “but sometimes with the family commitment you can’t do it.”...


• Iran Arrests Restaurant Managers after Video Showing Men and Women Dancing

• Madhya Pradesh: Man Booked For Giving Triple Talaq to Wife

• Jamia: DCP Denies Assault Claims despite Women Hit On Private Parts

• Iranian Woman Dies of Suspected Coronavirus Infection: Media

• Meet The Two Women Who Spread Christianity to Hundreds in Iran’s Evin Prison

• Why Are Punjab Women Getting Stuck In Arab Countries They Go To For Work

• Doctors In Egypt Launch Anti-Genital Cutting Campaign After Girl Dies

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Where does Allah proclaim that a woman should not be consulted or disallowed from being a genuine witness? Where does Islam degrade a woman’s status? The answer is: it does not. It never has....

Honestly, it was devastating to have to come to terms that a vast majority of Indians were so full of hate that they did not care if a section of their compatriots were disenfranchised or condemned to an even worse fate. Or to have to acc­ept that Indian Muslims were considered sitting ducks who could be deported en masse to detention camps without a whimper—as a famously told chronology would have it....

• Ivanka Trump, Theresa May to Address Women’s Forum in Dubai

• Calgary Club for Muslim Girls Fosters Sense of Belonging

• Speech from Returning Female UAE Soldier Wins Nation’s Heart

• Empowering Female Students in Iraq

• The Syrian Women and Girls Sold Into Sexual Slavery In Lebanon

• Houthi Violations Against Women Documented, Including Torture and Rape

• Hundreds of Jobs Available through Jeddah Women’s College Event

• Why Finding Joy Should Be the New Self-Care for Muslim Women

• High Court Rules Cairo University Can Restrict Use of Full Veils

• UAE on A Winning Run At Arab Women Sports In Sharjah

• 100 Global Leaders to Attend Global Women’s Forum Dubai

• More Women Today Hold Managerial Positions In Turkey, Data Shows

• Pope speaks up for Syria women and children

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Women’s status and rights in Islam should be judged according to Islamic sources such as the Quran and the teachings and practices of Prophet Muhammad PBUH – not on what the Muslim individual or society does….


• Tourist in Maldives Gets Arrested For Wearing Bikini

• Princess Lamia named UN-Habitat Arab World’s Goodwill Ambassador

• Saudi Team of Volunteer Doctors save Mauritanian Girl With Heart Surgery

• Woman Infected With Coronavirus Cured: UAE

• Female Syrian Doctor in Oscar-Nominated Film Hopes To Inspire Women

• 15-Year-Old Saudi Female Pianist Reflects On Her Musical Journey

• Don't Let the Child Abusers Get Away Turkish Women Tell Erdogan

• Saudi Arabia on a Fast Track to Gender Equality, Study Suggests

• Yogi's Mantri Shocks Again! ‘Muslim Women Wear Burqa Because They Are Surpanakha’s Descendants’

• Hindu Minor Girl Who Was Forcefully Converted Renounces Islam; Pakistani Mullahs Demand Death Penalty

• Afghan Women’s Views on Violent Extremism and Aspirations to a Peacemaking Role

• Can Turkey Curb Violence against Women And Put More Women To Work?

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"That was very traumatic to me as a doctor," she said, adding that she even helped hold down her daughter's legs to keep her still, while the midwife carried out the procedure. "I cried after that and said I would not have anyone in my life ever go through that," said Siraj....


UP Woman Claims Husband Gave Her Triple Talaq in Family Court

Muslim Women Take Out Rally and Organised a Public Meeting to Vehemently Oppose The CAA, NRC And NPR At Trichy

First Gym for Muslim Women Opens in Scarborough

Protests Helping Muslim Women Assert Their Voice In Jaipur

Aligarh: Post Namaz And Quran Khawani, Muslim Women Protesting At Shajmahal Raise ‘Azaadi Slogans’, Vow To Continue Anti-CAA Agitation

SP Men Meet Bilariyaganj Women After Posters Berate Akhilesh For His Silence On Police Action

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• Oak Lawn High School Students, Faculty Wear Headscarves in Solidarity With Muslim Classmates On World Hijab Day

• Pak Court Says Marriage with Underage Christian Girl Valid as She’s Had Her 1st Menstrual Cycle

• Belgium to Hire Female Theologians To Assist Muslim Women

• Stop Associating Hijab with Insecurity, Terrorism, Groups Warn

• German Authorities, Politicians Divided On Niqab, Burqa Ban

• BJP Karnataka Takes 'Kaagaz' Jibe at Muslim Women Standing At Delhi Poll Queue

• Gulf Women Dominate Shooting Competition At Arab Women Sports Tournament

• Malala Is My Hero, Says Her Father Ziauddin Yousafzai

• Egypt Frees Doctor Who Performed FGM On Girl Who Bled To Death

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Many of those who carry out FGM exploit less educated people for financial gain. Medical professionals should fight all forms of medicalisation of FGM in line with the ethics of their profession. And those who advocate that cutting girls is religious should remember that girls, just like all humans, were created by God....

Journalists need to do the hard work of speaking to Muslim women who reject the Hijab, and not just Islamist Hijab-promoters. And we have to advocate for these women, persecuted for rejecting the Hijab in Muslim-majority countries...


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