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Islam and Spiritualism (01 Aug 2012 NewAgeIslam.Com)


  • Wonderful, insightful, uplifting and edifying words.  Truth is truth, it matters little where it is from. A Right mind- words, thoughts and actions that compliment God, the self and others seems to be a Universal Truth.
    By Al McDonald - 8/21/2012 11:44:55 AM

  • An absolute treasure. Notice that in keeping with the spirit of the contents, the compiler has remained anonymous
    By Asif Merchant - 8/4/2012 7:32:15 AM

  • Beautiful moral guidance. But it is indeed a matter of shame for us (me) that we are still very far from the message of Allah.

    By Aiman Reyaz - 8/2/2012 6:52:54 AM

  • Excellent piece of research work which has brought about the most important and significant jewels of Quran before us, we must keep it in practice, preserve it in our heart and on record as well.
    By Raihan Nezami - 8/2/2012 2:04:54 AM

  • What great teachings!! How sad where we are (I am)!!

    By Manzoorul Haque - 8/1/2012 10:08:51 PM

  • It is an excellent distillation of Qur'anic tenets on day to day behavior. I wish all the commentators retain this in a separate file for reference from time to time as a single reading is hardly likely to register them in their minds.   

    By muhammad yunus (1) - 8/1/2012 8:57:18 PM

  • Good guidance. Let us pray that we come as close to following it as is humanly possible.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 8/1/2012 3:00:54 PM