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The War Within Islam (22 Mar 2011 NewAgeIslam.Com)


  • Sultan, how many more years you are going to live in this world? Perhaps another twenty or thirty years?  One of your great prophets of Islam, Moses prayed to Allah “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom (Psalm 39:4) Another great prophet King David also prayed “Teach us to number our days, that we may present to you a heart of wisdom (Psalm 90:12)  It is not a surprise that 14 million Jews produced more than 180 Nobel Laureates. Counting our days helps us to penetrate through the totality of our existence and spur us to accomplish things before our death.

    Your prolific writings and excellent speeches at UNHRC are not enough. You should cause action along with other similar personalities, to forge a third front, apart from Sunni power centre, Riyadh and Shia power centre, Tehran. We have to wait and see the ‘moderate Islam’ propounded by the crown prince Mohammad bin Salman.  The immediate rejection of moderate Islam by Erdogan is sickening. May be his blood remembers the Ottoman Empire. The President Sisi of Egypt is unstable. As I have gone through the Marrakesh Declaration, King Mohammad VI of Morocco could be the possible candidate to whom all the moderates and progressives should give the necessary support. If there is a third Islamic power centre with good intentions, things could improve. It will lessen the antagonism between Riyadh and Tehran.


    Allah says “Where there is no vision people perish”

    By Royalj - 11/16/2017 8:22:33 PM

  • I think the real problem is the prophet himself. All these islamo fascists etc. are only copying from/imitating him.
    By MALLIKARJUNA SHARMA - 8/18/2014 3:39:32 PM

  • Sultan Bayta,, First of all I would like to thank  you and your brave team for all the tired less  efforts and educational research they have carried on in-spite of powerful and influential  adversary forces. Please let me have your account details so that I can make a small contribution . If not possible than I will  ask Dr.Masood Alam Flahi to donate on my behalf to the organization. I have recently read a great article "Britain &The rise of Wahhabism & The house of Saud " by Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Sindi ., it requires to be published in the NewageIslam(If permitted). I am sure it is the best I have come across for a very long time . Please note that am a great follower of the Sofism but refrain from the saintly graves and Fatwah makers .


    By ahmed rai - 2/19/2014 11:31:22 AM

  • A Life So Simple, So Happy

    Vimla Patil, June 1, 2013, DHNS:

    It's Clear

    Life, in all its colours and complexities, can be extremely fulfilling, if only we follow some basic rules, reckons Vimla Patil.

    Why do we eternally find it so difficult to be happy? Why is it that when nature – and the world around us – offers us the same opportunities to find fulfillment, joy, contentment and excitement, we turn away from this bounty and choose to be stressed out, brow-beaten, defeated, depressed and ‘deprived’ of the good things of life? Why is it that nature has the innate strength to blossom again and again after devastation while human beings – who enjoy more power and intelligence – collapse when misfortune or a low patch strikes?

    Every culture and society, over the years, has continuously researched the nature of human beings, their habitats, their social systems and their relationship patterns and offered fairly simple methods to reach out to happiness in all these spheres. Much of this simple wisdom comes to us in the form of legends, fairy tales or even lessons in our school books – which means from our childhood, we learn about the secrets of happiness but somehow when we grow up, the pressures of our lives take over and all the knowledge vanishes like a bubble on the surface of water! So here, once again, are the simple rules of self assessment which guarantee us as much happiness and peace as we can accommodate within our hearts and minds.

    Control your anger

    Anger makes us blind to opportunities of happiness. Apart from physical problems, it corrodes the mind and causes loss of judgment. Small conflicts become ‘insurmountable’ and precious time is lost in regaining the energy and peace lost. Think first and then plan how to express your anger in a manner that solves the problem. If a person or situation continuously annoys you, question why this occurs and either resolve your anger or omit the situation/person from your life as far as possible. Being aware that you are likely to lose your temper is in itself a way of avoiding a scene/fight/quarrel.

    Stop being jealous

    Accept that everyone cannot be an Ambani or a Godrej. What you possess or earn is as precious to you as their huge wealth is to the tycoons. Look in your home, workplace and make your own wish list – and then go for it! When you plan and pursue what you want to possess, you will work hard and learn how to get the objects of your desire. Learn to ‘romance’ money even if your wealth is small. It is your nest egg and will help you to wipe out envy from your life.

    Throw away hatred

    Those who choose hatred over love surely find an ugly image when they look in the mirror. Creases, discolouration, a pinched look, spots on the face – all these become regulars in your life when you don’t open the door to love – and no amount of fairness creams or face washes can help remove them. Actually, when you choose love over hatred in every situation, problems get solved amicably and wonder of wonders, your complexion glows and gets that polish which no spa treatment can give you.

    Avoid conflict of egos

    Each of us has different needs, dreams, backgrounds, and natures. Thus, conflicts, quarrels and disagreements with family or colleagues or friends are an integral part of life. But an overblown ego surely stops you from seeing these differences in a creative manner and finding solutions which lead to happiness. What we inadvertently do is that we believe everyone should agree with our plan of action. A bloated ego blinds you to the opportunities of love and happiness.

    Unruliness begets unruliness

    Every day, we read reports of young people drinking late in the night and behaving or speaking vulgarly in public spaces and getting into scraps with the police or civil society. Even the daily language of many people is peppered with expletives and rude words. Sooner or later, the more enlightened among your friends will quit your company without a murmur and loneliness will be your fate. Conversely, you will gather rude and ill-mannered pals around you because ‘birds of a feather, flock together’!

    Keep greed at bay

    If you throw a handful of grain on the ground, the first crow makes so much noise that others know food has been laid out! They don’t hoard only for themselves. Great thinkers have said that the universe is a huge basket. What you put into it, will certainly come back to you. If you share and give – not just ‘things’ but also love and respect – your will surely find even strangers offering you respect and opportunities.

    Control premature lust

    If you read any print media or watch recent films, you would think that it is our last chance to have sex or enjoy porn before the world sinks into the endless ocean. ‘Being in a relationship” – sexual or romantic – is the keyword of today’s society, not only in metro cities, but also in burgeoning small-town India. There is a somewhat blind following of the Western concept of ‘space’ which drives young people to seek sexual pleasures long before their bodies are ready for the multiple experiences. Sex is a gift of nature to all species, including the human race. But carefree lust and avarice have never helped achieve a healthy lifestyle.

    Throw aside arrogance

    Pay careful heed to Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy’s (India’s IT super-brain and founder of Infosys) famous words: “There are three kinds of arrogance in our lives– the arrogance of youth and good looks, the arrogance of wealth and belongings and lastly, the arrogance of knowledge.

    Fortunately, the first dissolves itself when old age or illness comes upon us. Wealth and belongings, as is too well-known all over the world, is fickle. One bad or thoughtless move and all money and belongings can vanish like mist in bright sunshine. The last – the arrogance of knowledge – is the most dangerous because it often goes to the grave with us.” Keep an open mind. You can never know it all.
    By Ji - 6/1/2013 6:38:03 AM

  • Being in love with yourself
    Alvina Clara, June 1, 2013, DHNS :
    Self Love
    It’s time we all begin to see ourselves through our own eyes. What do we want from ourselves? Alvina Clara takes you through a session of self-exploration.
    Pretending to be someone you are not invariably leads to feeling tensed, almost scared. After all, you could be found out at any moment! Accepting who you are leads to a feeling of calm, of relief, of happiness. Finding and discovering your true self is the most ecstatic journey in your life. It is essential that we renew our relationship with ourself every once in a while to understand our underlying needs, values, and motives that drive our actions and behaviours.
    At times, our true self gets hidden in the labyrinth of societal values, varied cultures, castes, religions and educational sources. We tend to get lost and feel isolated amidst others by putting on a mask in order to get into the crowd. Oscar Wilde once said with his uncanny wit: Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. As humorous as this might seem, it’s a basic summation of the truth.
    Rediscover yourself and fall in love with yourself. Here’s how:
    Live for yourself first
    The best relationship one can have is the relationship with one’s own self. You need to accept yourself the way you are, understand your inspirations, drives and the reason behind your existence. You need to deeply understand your strengths and weaknesses, in order to get acquainted with yourself thoroughly. Find the time to dwell upon what you value and take time to consider what makes up the essence of who you are. Evaluate your choices and options to build your mark.
    Don’t people please
    There are better jobs in this world than to please others. You were not created in this world to make others happy. The right sort of people will recognize you and accept you for what you are. Find your own values. While doing so, don’t be surprised if some of them seem to conflict. This is a natural result of taking broad values from a variety of sources, including culture, religion, people like mentors, teachers, educational sources, and books. Continue working through these conflicts to resolve what values feel most true to yourself.
    Frame your terms, follow your style
    In the rat race even if you come first; the fact is that you still remain a rat. Emulating others creates chaos and disturbances. Copying others style just makes you lose your originality. There’s no meaning in drowning yourself in others views and perceptions. If you can’t fit into another’s routine, please discover a new route. Other people’s judgments are insignificant as they have not traveled your journey to judge your path.
    Find your USP
    It’s a fact that uniqueness sells. Create your niche, stand out from the crowd and just follow your inner voice. Follow your passion, inspirations, and turn your dreams into reality. Don’t let other people belittle or change you. You have a life of your own, stop living it for others sake. It
    akes guts to be different, and the difference is that your distinguished personality acts like a magnet that draws people towards you. When people are lost in the herd, they admire someone who dared to be original.
    Leave the past behind
    It is unhealthy to allow the past to haunt you. Experience is the best teacher and time is the best healer. Wait for your time to come. It just unfolds, gradually turning you into a more mature person. Allow yourself to improve and become wiser as each day goes by. Forgive past errors and behaviour that you are not proud of. Work on accepting the choices and mistakes that you had made in the past. Just embrace the new as they unfold in front of you. You never know where life can take you. Its twists and turns are perplexing but definitely has something great in store for you.
    Stand up for yourself
    To some extent we all are seeking the approval of our friends, relatives, partners, parents and bosses. Your purpose in this world is not to justify yourself to others. Our prime aim is to be true to ourselves, standing up for what we feel is right. There is a lot of growing and learning in understanding our imperfections in order to become better human beings.
    Develop your individuality
    Striving to be something that you are not can be unhealthy. It’s harmful to have others popularity, appearance and attitudes rubbing off on you. Just focus on your strengths and passion and this will make you a healthy individual. It’s healthy to take inspirations from others, but it’s not mandatory to lose yourself to become them. Express yourself the way you are and see the magic take place.
    Your version of you
    Stop caring about how other people perceive you. Some of them may like you and some may not. It is only important how you perceive yourself! Without your consent, no one can make you feel inferior. If you feel degraded by others nasty comments, it’s because you feel incomplete inside. Just care for yourself, nurture yourself, and strive for yourself first.
    Compete with yourself
    If you strive to be happy by comparing your gains with someone else’s you’ll forever feel poor. Instead, compete with yourself. How were you six months back? Are you a b
    tter person, personally and professionally today? If not, what can you do to make yourself even better? If you ever feel let down it should simply be because you didn’t achieve the targets you had set for yourself, based on your own previous performances. But never compare yourself to others. You were made differently, just as each of the five fingers on your hands.
    Pamper yourself
    Never tarnish your relationship with yourself. Just treat yourself like the way you would treat your best friend. Spend time with yourself; it makes you understand what you want and what you do not want. Increase your self-esteem by doing something for yourself whether it’s a pedicure, gym session, spa or a facial. Make yourself the focus of your life. It boosts your self-confidence and renews you with invigorating energy. Refresh your spirit with each day.
    To make it simple, take responsibility for yourself. Your first duty is to yourself! Tell yourself you’re special, wonderful, and worthwhile. When you believe in yourself, others will gradually recognize that glow of self-confidence and begin to realize your worth. This done, you will be able to make decisions you'll never regret, because you'll be following your heart. And the big truth is your heart will never lead you astray.
    By Ji - 6/1/2013 6:35:10 AM

  • Hi,

    Who are you? Though I concede that in many parts of the Muslim world there is an urgent update to carry out, why do we need a new age Islam? Would it not rather be a revival of Islam on its true founding principle?

    The Christian New Age Movement in many aspects have highly degenerated into a new age Materialism, is it your view about the New Age Islam??? I am just concern about its delusional potential.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my message. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    By Noorjahan Lallmamode-Dauhoo - 5/31/2013 9:56:42 PM

  • If the global moderate communities do not propound a strategy to abolish the growing menace of injecting the virus of supremacy into the mankind, the future will be overcast with disappointment and despair for all humanity together.

    The way Pakistan is treating with the people believed to be innocent of blasphemy is a matter of devious process of politics rather than that of Islam.

    I agree to Dear Sultan Shahin Sb. The Barelvis who were counted to be moderates have now become a little bit extremists. The concocted rumours of blasphemous crimes often made by Wahabis radicals have injected hate and prejudice into a few of Barelvis majority groups. Consequently they are falling prey to the emotive issues raised by radical fascist ideologues.

    By GHULAM GHAUS غلام غوث - 5/24/2013 12:44:52 AM

  • Mr Sultan Shahin gives his concluding remarks under the following Hadith which is all remedy for coping with the growing pernicious idea of supremacy.

    “All of mankind is from Adam and Eve (Hawwa), an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; a white has no superiority over a black nor does a black have any superiority over a white, EXCEPT BY PIETY AND GOOD DEEDS.  Do not therefore do injustice to yourselves.  Remember one day you will meet Allah and answer for your deeds. So beware: do not stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone.”

    If someone wants to be bigger in status, must do piety and good deeds and never hurt any human being, I will be the first one to regard him as superior to me. Really this is all the matter of piety and good deeds
    By GHULAM GHAUS غلام غوث - 5/24/2013 12:41:33 AM

  • Dear Sultan Shahin, I completely agree with your views that so-called preachers are projecting wrong image of Islam. Earlier, they had influence only on illiterate class of the Muslim society but now a large section of the middle class are following them proudly. That was the worst example when assassin of Governor Salman Taseer was welcomed by Pakistani lawyers in court campus. Salman Taseer never committed blasphemy; he was only against the draconian law which was being used against the minority community in Pakistan.
    In madarsa, our children memorize Quran in Arabic, the language which they don’t understand. Then, how they will come across with the exact and real message of Quran? If we recall the days of General Ziaul Haq, it was the time when foundation of hundred of madarsas had been laid down with Saudi fund. And it will not be wrong to say that it was pioneering era when seed of hatred was sown in Pakistani civil society.
    I believe, the gloom will keep on pervading until the crusaders like Sultan Shahin stand firm against these fanatic Mullahs who can go to any extent to spread their own interpreted Islam'
    By khaleel - 10/24/2012 8:24:10 AM

  • Aeneas, there is far too much appmaseeent going on in Europe. Only this morning, I read this article in 'Die Welt', , stated by Schauble, the Interior Minister. The titlle, translated, reads 'Islam is part of our future'! How stupid is that?
    By Janet - 2/23/2012 8:11:13 AM

  • My Reply to Mr. Bashy Quraishy:

    I genuinely disagree with your view point Mr. Bashy Quraishy. I will mince no words and there shouldn’t remain any ambiguity that I disagree.  And reading your write-up, I guess you should be more interested in knowing whether Mr. X agrees or disagrees because you have proved yourself to not change your mind for decades.

    I am sounding bit impolite and undiplomatic, because I do not want to waste my hopes on someone who think he has the most correct picture of things.

    Your way of telling who you are and doing it repeatedly and then adding to it that it isn’t meant to impress is an over smart way of presenting your mediocre research work with silver wrappings.

    To not embarrass Mr. Sultan Shahin, let me add a disclaimer that I am not his relative nor I write at his instruction. I am a right wing Muslim who is so much right that the rightest ones are left behind by miles.  I am a practicing Muslim, and ritualistic as well. And by the Grace of Almighty, I have avoided falling in trap of many who advocate my concerns but push their Islamist agendas instead.

    All your definitions of what Islam means what way is something that I have no issues with. However I have issues where you suggest to not blame Muslims or Muslims alone. This is a covert way of mishandling my case - a Muslim’s case, by pretending to be someone who is balanced and also who will not let Muslims’ honour belittled.  You know such an insidious work is nothing but sabotage.

    I mean for 40 years you have been advocating that Muslims aren’t at fault! It is like not diagnosing the real problem in a genuine incapable ways or if not, then not acknowledging after identifying it in a deliberate way, either with the belief that such an acknowledgement will harm Muslim interest (political supremacy) or who knows, the real intention could be as bad as to let Muslims sleep for some time more till it will be too late.

    I can point out line by line what you have mentioned and what does it mean, but I think I can defer it for later as there is no urgency. You will Inshallah, struggle here to get your viewpoint across for another 40 years. People like you buy the theory of West – Clash of Civilization and then get Muslims involved into that clash and then very cleverly climb atop some Muslim-Christian-Jewish dialogue forum to say that everybody should listen to everybody projecting yourself on masses as some kind of great visionary who believes in dialogue.

    Sir, if you believe in dialogue and as you said you have some association with Muslims of India and Pakistan however non-religious you are (in your own words) then the dialogue is needed more amongst Muslims than non-Muslims. Because non-Muslim's most lethal question is that shouldn’t you practice what you preach? If you preach universal brotherhood, then why are you still divided into 72 sects? On sidelines, let me tell you, this usage of ‘72’ sect is also an indicative that how much you have overdosed yourself with cheap Islamic literature. I know where it comes from. 

    May be Mr. Sultan Shahin will be more polite in his response if he chooses to give, but I have no such bindings imposed by Islam that I do not tell in a straight language which I am sure you will not find difficult to understand given your command over Urdu/ English mannerism. You chose to give snide remarks, I chose to say straight, in a firm Muslim way, that even as you are not religious, you want a position where you would be seen amongst Muslims as someone who has soft corner for them but at the same time that shouldn’t upset your non-Muslim constituency so you disguise yourself. You un-ritualistic ways support your need to appear un-ritualistic and thus be more appealing to them. You are playing a double game. Perhaps you will be able to fool many Muslims and non-Muslims alike, but not all of them. Also, Allah sees the truth and he will take notice of your lip services. And as for me, this stunt of yours to my eyes is nothing more than that of the king with no clothes.

    Before I end this, I tell you, that Dr. Zakir Naik whom you see as some kind of most correct version, and your God-father, is one of them who has fallen in such a trap in spite of his possible good intentions. People like you provide him his arsenals. He isn't unlike the routine low intensity mullahs who do not listen to people like you. His fellows show him various websites including this one and he reacts on the stage.  However not all Muslims subscribe to his rote 150 solved questions of Islam kind of Islam. Islam encompasses so much more than the 150 odd simple question answer that his session meant for non-Muslims to listen and Muslims to get impressed about their 'Mighty' and 'Scientific' religion is insufficient to cure Muslim's lethargy to practice what they preach. No surprises then that Muslims outnumber non-Muslims in his monologues sessions and then they go back home with a feeling of freshness in their imaan, at the same time non-Muslim feel humiliated without provocation thereby getting more distanced from Islam. Actually what you fear doing, you, I mean your type get it done through Dr. Zakir Nayak without losing your face in front of non-Muslims if nothing else. Imaan wise, you already admit to be hollow. So if you are coming here with Dr. Zakir Nayaks coins in hand, then for your kind information, it values here naught.

    By sadaf - 5/23/2011 4:28:07 PM

  • Dear Sultan Shahin,

    A close friend of mine sent the contact of your Blog. Since I work with Islamophobia and human rights of minorities in the western world, he wanted me to look at your article; The War within Islam (22 Mar 2011, NewAgeIslam.Com) and correct some of your outrageous claims like; Islamo-Fascism and Islam-Supremacism feeding Islamophobia worldwide. It seems that on behalf of International Club for Peace Research, you also sent a letter to the United Nations Human Rights Council, 16th session, Geneva - 28 February 25 March 2011, where you lambasted Pakistan and its so-called connection with terrorism and extremism as well as warned the UNHRC against Jihadi vigilantes and Islamist radicals originating in Pakistan.

    Then you go on to argue that barring a few pockets, moderates are losing the war within Islam everywhere. In the end, you very conveniently link the issue of Sharia and the demands of few Muslim minorities who wish to live by its dictates in non-Muslim majority countries.

    Interestingly enough, you have addressed your blog article to Madame President.

    Let me inform you that the High Commissioner for Human Rights is Navi Pillay from South Africa and Mr. Sihasak Phuangketkeow is the President of the Human Rights Council, Fifth Cycle (2010 - 2011). He is from Thailand.

    Before I go further and refute some of your assertions, let me tell you, who I am. Not to impress you but to present myself, since we do not know each other but seem to work for the same cause. If you check my credential, on my web: www.bashy.dk, you will see that I have worked tirelessly against anti-Semitism and Islamophobia for the last 30 years. I am against extremism, violence and terrorism of all kind – religious and secular. I am non-religious person with Muslim background with Indian/Pakistani roots.

    Mr. Shahin, in your blog article, you have raised many issues, which I can sigh under and agree that these must be tackled but then some of your views and terminology is very problematic, not only for me but ordinary Muslims in the west and people, like Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer and Zakir Naik. I have no doubt if Allama Iqbal and

    Allama Shabbir Ahmad Usmani were alive, they would be really cross with too.

    Reading and analyzing your text, I think that you mean well but know very little about Islamophobiain the West. It is difficult to assert what lies behind your generalizing way of blasting Islam, painting ordinary Muslims with one dark brush and especially being poisonous towards Pakistan. Could it be because you live in India or perhaps you have a particular political agenda? Please pardon me if I am stepping on some soft spot. This is not my intention.

    So let me discuss with you the term Islamophobia, which you actually but erroneously blame on Islamo-Fascism and Islam-Supremacism in the world.

    One of the topics which is increasingly and heatedly discussed in the Western societies is, Islam and the challenge it poses, not to the Christianity or Judaism as divine religions but to the norms of the European cultures, the Western way of living and the humanistic values, the Western civilisation is built on. If these discussions were taking place in a civilized manner and with the Muslim minorities, then it would be a healthy development, which I would also support and work for.

    However this discourse has found its way, right into the top political leadership, mass media and down to the population in general. This mindset has produced an atmosphere where freedom of expression is misused to vent abusive opinions and hate speech. This has in turn given rise to Islamophobia and cultural racism.

    It is manifested in newspapers, on the radio, on television, in church sermons and in literature. Even in entertainment magazines for men and children's books, one can find anti-Islam stories and remarks. The media constantly portrays non-European cultures, especially cultures from different Muslim countries as inferior and primitive.

    Islamophobia is now a reality and not a fiction.

    During my many years of collecting information on religious dialogue between Islam, Christianity and Judaism, I have tried to make some sense, out of this massive negative description, which the Western media utilizes in its coverage of most religions, especially Islam. I am also struck at the liberal use of concocted terminology and doctored images; I find my self-facing multifarious problems but few useable explanations as to why derogatory words are used, in relation to Islam.

    Why Islam is in focus?

    My qualified guess is that after the fall of the Soviet Empire, the only remaining ideology or system, which stood in the way of the total Western dominance – commercial, political and to some extent religious, is Islam and the Muslim communities. Another factor is the historical rivalry and competition between Islam and Christianity for geographical dominance and getting new followers. Islam has now 1.7 billion followers worldwide and is the majority religion in nearly 57countries. It is also said to be the fastest growing faith, in Africa, USA and in Europe.

    Most of the oil resources are under the control of the countries, which profess to be Muslim. Furthermore, in order to physically occupy, oil rich Middle East or to start any future confrontation, between Christianity and Islam, demonizing Islam and its followers would be a useful tool in the hands of political forces. They would need to win a majority public support in the West, to carry out”A clash of civilizations”.

    And such public backing can only come if Islam is portrayed as a terrible enemy. Some observers may find this rationale, farfetched or at worst, my prejudice against the West. I wish that my feeling was only an individual case, but the reality is that I have heard of such scenarios from people, right from Morocco to Indonesia, as well as from many concerned Western citizens. Invasion of Iraq is a classic example of this tactic; demonize and destroy. Now Iran is in the pipeline. Weapons of mass destruction and atom bomb program are being used as an excuse. Interesting enough both countries is rich in oil and gas resources.

    Historical development of Islamophobia

    By the way, anti-Islam hatred in the west is not new. A hostile view of Islam began in the8th century when Muslims expanded into the Iberian Peninsula. Islam as a faith was rejected as a fundamental religion and seen as a direct challenge to Christianity; Muslims were seen as heretics and their prophet a diabolical fraud.

    By the time of the Crusades, Muslims were viewed as a geopolitical threat and military means were seen as the only ways to address the danger to the Church.

    This massive anti-Islam propaganda resulted in formation of a mindset, which resulted in colonialism and the conquest of most Muslim lands. When the

    French General Henri Gouraud, entered Damascus in July 1920, he stood over Saladin's tomb next to the Grand Mosque, kicked it and said, "Awake, O Saladin, we have returned. My presence here confirms the victory of the Cross over the Crescent."

    As we all know or at least should know, that Salahuddin Ayyubi was the great Kurdish general and king who defeated the Crusaders in the last Crusade and expelled them from the Holy Land. On top of his battlefield brilliance, he was so gracious as to pardon the defeated soldiers and let them return to Europe.

    Double standards practiced against Islam

    • When an individual does something that is repugnant to humanity at large, and if he happens to be a Muslim, then the media describes him by his religion.

    By contrast the media and history does not single out Hitler who massacred Jews as “Christian", or more recently, the Serbs and their atrocities against the Bosnians as "Christian ethnic cleansing".

    • When in Rwanda an act of genocide took place, although almost all, Rwandan nationals are of Christian faith, no one was presenting the atrocities as religiously inspired acts, although even some priests or nuns also participated in the killings.

    • While Bin Laden’s call for the destruction of the United States is described, in the name of Allah, one never hears of the US bombing of Iraq in the name of Christ. That is the difference. Although many neo-cons who were in power - right up to President Bush himself - in Washington openly consider it as a kind of a religious battle or duty. We have also heard both President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair openly admitting that they did have divine intervention in their decision to go to war in Iraq, meaning that God has Himself sanctioned their actions.

    Mr. Shahin, I gather from your name that you have a Muslim background. If it is so, then am I justified to deduce that terminology such as Islamo-Fascism and Islam-Supremacism also applies to you. The same goes for the terminology, you use such as; Islamist and Jihadism. These terms were manufactured by diehard Bush loyalists who wanted to malign Islam. You of all people should be able to know better.

    Islam by the way, is not a nationality or an ethnicity but a simple religion, practiced by 1.7billion people divided in to 72 sects, 60 countries and hundreds of cultures. To lump all these diverse groups as Muslims is not only stupid but is a good neo-con argument.

    Islam can be used in many different ways

    •Spiritually, to attain a higher state of mind and to be a better human being

    •Dogmatically, by following the traditions blindly and obediently for present worldly and future heavenly rewards

    •Progressively, to create social harmony in the society and advance human dignity and universal rights

    •Politically, to bring an administrative change in the country to help the disadvantaged and the poor

    •Economically, to built a non-exploitary financial order

    •Ideologically, to compete with other faiths for obtaining influence, recruit followers and exercise power

    •Practically, to provide a framework for life for those who prefer boundaries and order in their daily lives

    In the end, I would suggest that you focus on denouncing and criticizing a tiny fraction of extremists, no matter they are Muslims, Christians, Jewish or Hindus.

    When it comes, to extremism among Muslims, it is important to, not only distance us from it in the strongest possible terms but also analyze the reasons, why people commit violence. When American interference in Muslim lands and oppression of Muslims in non-Muslim countries will be tackled, I am sure people will have no need to take up extremism. In Pakistan, there was no violence and suicide bombings until USA started attacking Afghanistan and other Muslim countries. This is a fact. The same goes for Kashmir struggle. People in Kashmir were never violent until Indian military started killing thousands. Just read Amnesty reports, Human Rights Watch and even accounts from Arundhati Roy. Maybe you should also write something about it.

    Sorry that this letter became a long one, but some of your ideas are very anti-Islam and I could not help but reflect on it. In short, the only way forward lies in our ability to listen and act rationally. Acting on our emotions may satisfy our short-term need or allow us to get some funding from the state, but it will not help the Muslim communities to be respected and accepted.

    My experience of 40years in the West tells me that no matter how bleak the future looks; there is always a ray of hope and a tiny candle of light burning to show us the way. Faith in the best in humanity can move mountains and if we do not loose sight of our goals, the journey will one-day be completed. But it is imperative that the progressive forces must wake up, because to those much is given, is much required.

    Kind regards

    Bashy Quraishy

    Secretary General -EMISCO -European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion - Strasbourg/Copenhagen

    Chair-Advisory Council-ENAR - Brussels

    Chair-Jewish Muslim Co-operation Platform - Brussels

    Mobile; 0045 40 1547 71

    Phone; 0045 38 8819 77


    By Bashy Quraishy - 5/21/2011 10:30:02 PM
    By Bashy Quraishy - 5/21/2011 10:30:02 PM

  • Sultan Shahin Saheb, thanks for your comment, but I like to make a distinction between a possible troll and a confirmed troll. The latter is here to disrupt all discussions with deliberately inflammatory comments and would ordinarily be kicked out by most websites.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 5/16/2011 2:27:10 PM

  • Thanks a lot Ghulam Mohiyuddin Saheb for a vey apt reply to possibly a genuine question from

    Narayan Rao Akhelikhar & keshavrao Bindu of Hyderabad.


     It is important that we respond to such queries even if we feel these are coming from motivated individuals whose business it is to denigrate Islam. For, in an open forum like New Age Islam, what is important is not so much the person who has put forward such issues but he readers at large.

     I hope Narayan Rao Akhelikhar& keshavrao Bindu would listen to your advice in the spirit of interfaith dialogue in which it has been given without raising any question about their motives.

    By Sultan Shahin - 5/16/2011 1:56:05 PM

  •  Narayan Rao Akhelikhar & Keshavrao Bindu, the words from the Quran to remember are, "There is no compulsion in religion," and "To you your religion and to me mine!" We are not asking you to call Islam the religion of peace or anything else. To you your religion and to us ours!
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 5/16/2011 12:23:47 PM

  • The Editor, NewAge Islam
    We are still waiting to hear how Islam canbe called as a Religion of Peace when the so called religious book. QURANreportedly tells Muslims to Kill, be harsh and treat the Non-Muslims whom itcalls as KAFIRS??? Yes we are expecting your reply. Why are U silent???HYes....We want to know why Islam cannot be called as a religion of Intoleranceand one which its leaders look for revenge, retribution and Violence..Terror issynonymous with Islam...What Islam is doing to counter the HOME GROWNTERRORISTS is:  INDIAN MUJAHIDEENS / SIMIand Bangladeshi Illegal Immigrants. Why are the terrorists being supported bythe local Muslims???Yes.. Islam is under great suspicion since evil deigns ofIslamists are suspected to seek to ISLAMISE INDIA.
    Narayan Rao Akhelikhar, & keshavraoBindu
    .. ----Original Message-
    Sent: Monday, May 09, 2011 8:50 PM
    To: NewAgeIslam_Newsletter@newageislam.com
    Subject: RE: Is There an Osama Constituency inIndia?, NewAgeIslam.com - 09 May, 2011
    First tell us, Non-Muslims how a ReligiousBook like Quran can promote enmity between Muslims and N0n-Muslims calling thelatter as "Kafirs/ Infidels " and asking Muslims to be kind to theirco-religionists but harsh towards Nopn-Muslims until they convert toIslam...not to speak of Jihad / Islamic terrorism, Islamic Shariah, Not singingVandematrum ( all of a sudden, at the fancy of some fanatic Mullah, when it wassung all the time., Not practising Family Planning and practising polygamy toincrease the Muslim populations, Not condemning Unequivocally the terrorist, OsamaBin Laden, and some Muslims even portraying him as a Muslim Martyr...
    PAKISTAN IS A TERROR STATE. Why can’tMuslims of India be Patriotic ( unmindful of their co-religionists) and tellPakistan to GET OFF instead of all the time giving importance to Islam,religious brotherhood instead of showing Nationalism??? Some Muslims * wolveswearing the garb of sheep like SHABNAM HASMI, the Social Activists and MuslimJournalists like ZAFAR AGHA, have gone hammer and tongs to say that Muslims arebeing treated as second class citizens... If that is so, there would not be somany Muslims in high positions---unlike in any Islamic state where Non-Muslimsare not allowed to rise beyond a certain level. Then if that is so, why donethese Muslim fundamentalists LEAVE INDIA and find greener pastures in anIslamic country? This they do not do...Hypocrites...They want to stay on hereand want Reservations, prudential treatments, breaking Christian churches,Jewish synagogues, Buddhist monastries, Hindu Temples...They wantNizam-e-Mustafa and to Islamise India...Jihad in the cause of Islam...
    Wellthere is bound to be ISLAMOPPHOBIA AND HATE OF MUSLIMS...Unfortunately doe thesame of some IUML. MIM SIM. LeT Jmat-e-Ulema, the entire Muslim community hascome to be NOT respected and their loyalty to the Nation issuspect....LIBERAL  MUSLIMS  MUST INTROSPECT AND find out Home GrownMuslim Terrorists who are seeking shelter in Mosques and with theirrelatives.
    Why is it that no other religion / community is under suspicion asMuslims are...Of course there are 5-10% Good Muslims who are loyal but theirstrength is infinitesimal as the fundamentalists and Jihadi mentality Muslimsin India is growing...Such of the Muslims who are not happy in India, MUST go away to some othercountry...No . This they will not do and make a nuisance of themselves ad forthe rest of the community...Shame on them for their disloyalty and betrayal asNamak Harams.
    Narayan Rao Akhelikhar, & keshavraoBindu, Hyderabad
    By Narayan Rao Akhelikhar& keshavrao Bindu - 5/16/2011 5:48:01 AM

  • What Tamra has posted is an anti-Muslim diatribe. Such hate literature has the common theme of propagating the lie of zionists, sanghis and apostates that there is no such thing as moderate, progressive or liberal islam. Such hate pieces can be written about any religion, but it seems only the enemies of Islam have the time and the resources to put such stuff in circulation.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 5/10/2011 3:49:08 PM

  • Read from here:

    By tamra - 5/10/2011 4:15:02 AM

  • Muslims should love Hindu's  bcs they are very happy in India better than other country even other Islamic country as well..this is bcs of Majority HIndus...Hindu Treat them like small brothers...In India there is One civil code but Muslims have rights to follow there Shariyat rule also ...you can say they have Two civil code ...they can follow Indian civil code when they need justice or they can use Shariyat rules when there is som incentives for the....i mean you can say that Muslim women can wear Burk ha or Bikini ..no problems ...this is possible in India only and because  of Majority Hindu's are very soft for other religions ...you will surprise one of very small community of PARSI  having only One  lac population but they are very happy and they have big business like TATA's are Parsi  na ? ?  ..if Majority peoples not like them than how it is possible ? ..This miracle in India only and that is BECAUSE  of Hindu's ...SO START LOVE HINDU'S AND THERE OLD RELIGION ...ITS PROFIT FOR NEXT GENERATIONAL AS WELL AS  IT WILL SAVE THE SYSTEM OF COMING TIME ON THIS EARTH...BHANUSHALI JETHABHAI , MUMBAI - INDIA.BHANUSHALI JETHABHAI
    By Bhanushali Jethabhai - 5/9/2011 1:33:11 AM

  • hi, sir, assalam alaikum,

    i m new user of your website,actually my friend Asad always asks me your to study your website, that why Ihave opened the site. To study something of the new thoughts which I am unableto understand in general but it seems something true. I m from MAU NATHBHANJAN, UP.

    thanks and regard


    By mohammad danish - 5/3/2011 9:59:23 AM

  • Walker says, " I don’t deny that we as christians have committed crimes against humanity in history, but then we accept that as ourfailing and we feel ashamed of it."

    That's not how you spell "Christians"! Apart from the fact that your crimes are huge, it takes you a long long time to accept guilt. For someone with that background to point fingers at Muslims is a joke. Your intervention would only strenghten those who oppose reforms.

    Walker says, "what a contradiction when someone says , that the fastest growing religion is Islam and at the same time they say that islamophobia has increased."

    Although I do not know whether that is true or not, people like to talk. To try to make a big point out of it is stupid.

    Walker says, "I can't believe it is from the same religion which is followed by Saudi Arabia."

    Saudi Arabia is in the stone age. By the way, how much do you think Americans are in compliance with the Sermon on the Mount? If there is a vast divergence, why don't you spend your time helping them?

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 4/28/2011 10:34:56 AM

  • Ghulam

    I am not against Islam, though i mayappear to be so, if you go through my comments superficially..You will have tolook beyond the words to understand that i am actually doing a favour on youMuslims by pointing out your failings.

    Following hadith in preference toquran is a failing from my point of view, if you claim quran to be your holybook.

    Everyone in your religion knows itpretty well, that hadith can and cannot be authentic, and that’s why I keephearing the words like Authentic hadith. I don’t deny that we as christens havecommitted crimes against humanity in history, but then we accept that as ourfailing and we feel ashamed of it. You guys are doing that and linking it toyour religious belief system, that’s another failure from your side..

    And what a contradiction whensomeone says , that the fastest growing religion is Islam and at the same timethey say that islamophobia has increased. How can both be true, while thenatural consequence of islamophobia is that there should be a decrease inconverts to Islam and vice versa?

    I feel there is some missinginformation here..Can anyone clear that out..

    Now just look at the words thrown inthe article so as a 'matter of fact'...... of the last sermon of your Prophet -

    “All of mankind is from Adam and Eve(Hawwa), an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has anysuperiority over an Arab; a white has no superiority over a black nor does ablack have any superiority over a white, EXCEPT BY PIETY AND GOOD DEEDS. Do nottherefore do injustice to yourselves. Remember one day you will meet Allah andanswer for your deeds. So beware: do not stray from the path of righteousnessafter I am gone.”

    What is this?? I can't believe it isfrom the same religion which is followed by Saudi Arabia.. If this is a part ofthe religious teachings which you follow, i have no objection to it..In fact Iwould go to the extent of admitting that it’s a humanitarian religion, whichshould be in fact the purpose of a religion i.e. To make us more humane.

    And i am willing to support you allin conveying the right message to the deviant Islamist..

    Because after all i am not sostupid, not to realise that if I don’t get involved positively in helping thepeople who are opposing the deviant group, i won’t remain immune to the outcomeof any blunder they commit. We have already seen the micro demo of a nuclear falloutfrom the reactors in Japan and how it has the potential of affecting the wholeworld, very easily. What if country like Pakistan or Israel with nucleararsenal..gets cranky in reaction to extremism and uses the weapons , we can’ttotally ignore the potential threat..

    That’s the reason why i amvehemently reacting to the wrong interpretation of the religious doctrine youguys are following. If it is potentially easy to exploit misrepresentated andout of context statements from your Quran regarding warfare, why don’t youspell it out clearly through your religious leaders unanimously (for the needfor contextual understanding of Quran) so that there is no element of doubtleft in the neutral parties and no potential of its being mis-utilized by thedeviant groups for brainwashing innocent and susceptible people.

    And as for the people who oppressothers unjustly, whether it be in Saudi or Israel, or even at a micro level inthe dealings between two people, my stand is clear irrespective of religion orregion.

    I would favour the unjustly oppressed, since i amessentially a humanitarian and myself a God fearing person.

    By Lee Jay Walker - 4/28/2011 3:59:24 AM

  • Walker, depraved is the person, who forgetting all the atrocities that have been committed in the name of his religion, comes to an Islamic site and projects all the sins of his history on a religion that is struggling to free itself from medieval influence. You should be ashamed of yourself for your un-Christian behavior.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 4/27/2011 2:52:40 PM

  • Ghulam

    Depravity - yes, in Pakistan a lady is gang-raped and of course the men are going to be cleared.

    Depravity; yes, Somalia and stoning a raped teenage female to death.

    Depravity; yes, child marraige sanctioned in the teachings of Islam.

    Sadaf - clearly you are in cloud cuckoo land and the RSS is nothing to do with me; however, your ancestors were Hindu so maybe you could learn something from them.

    Your Arab God says "everything is written" - Paganism to the full, but more dangerous, because Islam supports the killing of innocents who only use free will.

    Islam - "everything is written" and then "kill the apostate" but if "everything is written" then why kill somebody when God had decided?

    Christianity is based on "free will" and Ghulam; no, Islam is based on death and jihad.....and Muslims do not follow God.....no they follow Mohammed like a deity and if Mohammed married a child then sure, Saudi Arabia must allow child marriage.

    God.....no, Islam is about the Hadiths......hmmm, the Hadiths are only about Mohammed.............and the Koran, well, God comes a poor second.

    Keep on praying to your black stone and supporting a religion based on hatred; your ancestors believed in religious freedom but Islam does not allow religious freedom.

    Does India or Pakistan have a better future?  Why?

    The answer is obvious; Islam equals backwardness.

    By Lee Jay Walker - 4/27/2011 1:25:09 AM

  • Walker's tirade forgets that Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism went through the same phases that Islam is going through now. They weathered it, and so shall we. His coming to this forum as a heckler should be attributed to his own depravity. We can't blame Christianity for this sorry specimen.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 4/26/2011 8:27:51 PM

  • Tu phir aa gaya Lee Jay Walker? In re-incarnation? Or has someone else just used this brand name. This time you haven't worded things which usually invites censor on this website. Anyway.

     Since writing this is not for you but for readers here, I do not care if it isn't you in real. Since this website has reaches to RSS, it is a good opportunity to have some dialogues with them else other times they simply ask question but do not listen. Also, since Muslims in India are more  tolerant of their differences in sects compared to Muslims of Pakistan or many other countries, it must be acknowledged that presence of RSS has proved as blessing in disguise and glued Muslims of various sects together. Muslims get consolidated with the presence of RSS who bring in anti-Muslims air with them.

     However while I feel satisfied with Muslims not getting divided, I have a worry for India. Such polarisation of Hindus and Muslims is harmful to India. Pre-Independence, this same polarisation had Mother India mutilated. I blame RSS equally as Muslim League for divison of India. But then I have reason to blame RSS more as I have come across RSS mentality which wanted India divided and continue to want so, so as to do away with Muslims. Their hatred for Muslims made them and continues to make them blind that they were ready to divide India.

     There are few exceptions too however, RSS Sarsanghchalak M S Golwalkar had appealed to win over Muslims, but with love. But to expect all paidal (pedestrian) RSS wala to be as profound as 'Guruji' is to be as foolish as pedestrian Muslims who find this website irrelevant.

     LJW's blasphemy bring in censor on this website which claims to be more liberal than liberal websites- just because it is New Age Islam. However it serves a great purpose to expose the hatred RSS nurse or at least so is the perception amongst Muslims, that even a liberal Hindu get aghast at the misrepresentation of liberal philosophy of Hinduism by RSS walas.

     The best thing however would have happened if conservative and complacent Muslims too followed this website more than liberals to get to hear what they escape leaving only liberals to deal with. Where liberals fail to bring conservatives to discussion table RSS attracts them. They only perhaps love to hear RSS. In fact liberal Muslims will benefit most if conservatives get some exposure to queries and accusations what liberals have been subjected to and after which liberals have got liberated and equipped with the best of answers.

     LJW had accused liberals of kitmanship, and that was so natural, even though he is fool he found out ultimately, who is in real profitting. But as I identified his stupidity in his actions and words on his fisrt mail and which I had even pointed out, once again I point out a fundamental flaw in LJW and other pedestrian RSS walas; they are creating more and more kitmans whom they have no clue to deal with. Strange na? But I am not surprised. Kalidas cutting down the same Shakha (branch) on which he sat is now an old story which isn't discussed much amongst RSS walas sitting in their Shakhas. There they discuss, Islam,  Muslim and Pakistan.

    By sadaf - 4/26/2011 4:03:51 PM

  • Hello Sultan Shahin and everyone!

    You state the following:

    "Butxenophobia, particularly in the form of Islamophobia, is growing in severalEuropean countries and partly feeds upon the flagrant violation of the humanrights of religious minorities in several Muslim-majority countries."

    Now, everyone in this place understands full well that only Islamic nations support killing apostates; not allowing Muslim women to marry non-Muslims; and so forth.

    The xenophobia, Hinduphobia, Christianphobia, Buddhistphobia, and so forth; belongs to the land of Mecca and Medina which forbids all non-Muslim faiths and whichwill kill any convert to another faith.

    In family law in Egypt every court case willalways favours the Muslim male or converted female over her Christian spouse -on what grounds? Yes, based on pure hatred and the belief that all non-Muslimsare unequal.

    Muslims cry Islamophobia while their nations are crushing non-Muslim minorities, andyes; are also crushing minority Muslim groups.

    The Ahmadiyya, Bahai's, Shabaks, Yazidis, and other minority faiths, are only killed and persecuted in the house of Islam.

    Only Islamists are stoning women to death in Afghanistan, Somalia, parts of northeastern Pakistan, and in other Islamic Sharia based enclaves where hatred rules the day.

    Even today, in the 21st century, people are killed and persecuted in the Muslim world for converting to another faith or for spreading the non-Muslim faith toMuslims.

    The fear of radical Islam is real - it is not a phobia.

    In Spain you have more books published in this nation than the whole of the Muslim world...................in America you have more universities than in the entire Muslim world.

    Backwardness,"year Mohammed," persecution, poverty, despotism, and killing apostates..................do you wonder why people want to keep Islam out?

    Look at mother India - have Muslims created a dynamic society in Pakistan or a nightmare?

    Focus onreality; not unreality!

    By Lee Jay Walker - 4/26/2011 2:42:20 AM

  • Human says, "you are taking it personal again."

    You did not understand what I said. I was just berating Satwa for insulting Hinduism.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 4/26/2011 12:40:20 AM

  • Car313 says to Mr Ansari, " hats off to your sense of generosity and fairness!"

    This from a guy who is always inviting Muslims to leave and go elsewhere all the time! What a hypocrite!

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 4/25/2011 6:49:13 PM

  • Hi Ghulam,   Brother you are taking it personal again - why do we need to get into a fight here. You should start believing in god almighty and believe in " FORGIVING AND FORGETTING" lets understand all these are man made and , lets not others take control of ur minds and be good to all living beings...

    By Human - 4/25/2011 4:36:50 PM

  • Dear Mr Shamshad Elahee Ansari of Toronto Canada

    Though very late, hats off to your sense of generosity and fairness! May your kind multiply in the world!

    I salute your kindness and concern for fellow humans. If the world had more people like you, we might never had the need for forums such as we are posting in.

    You made my day!


    By car313 - 4/25/2011 12:53:39 PM

  • Respected editor Sultan Shahin saheb has quoted the following Hadis in the above article"

    “All of mankind is from Adam and Eve (Hawwa), anArab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; a white has no superiority over a black nor does a black have anysuperiority over a white, EXCEPT BY PIETY AND GOOD DEEDS. Do not therefore do injustice to yourselves. Remember one day you will meet Allah and answer for your deeds. So beware: do not stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone.”

    According to the above mentioned Hadis,superiority was entirely a matter of “Piety and good deeds” ie"TAQWA" and "IMAN".

    Just for your kind information, The above Hadis is for regarding Arab and Non Arab ("Believers" , " Imanwale" ,"Kalmago") and for all those who believe in Oneness of "ALLAH SUBHANU TALA" and Prophet "MUHAMMAD" (Peace be upon him) is the last Messenger.

    It is my humble request to you (Sultan Shahin saheb), please don’t misinterpret the "Hadis" by saying "Prophet did not say a Believer has any superiority over a non-Non believer".

    By Aamir - 4/25/2011 7:09:04 AM

  • Satwa says, "Necessity is the mother of invention.  Hinduism does not have any static thought on anything, including the killing of a holy cow."

    You will sell Hinduism down the drain if it helps in your malicious hate prachar against Muslims!

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 4/21/2011 1:34:12 AM

  • @Ghulam Mohiyuddin  Necessity is the mother of invention.  Hinduism does not have any static thought on anything, including the killing of a holy cow.
    By satwa gunam - 4/20/2011 9:08:45 PM

  • Satwa says, "per hindu belief it is liberal thinking."

    Is badmouthing the religions of others considered "liberal" in Hinduism? You are now insulting Hinduism! No true Hindu goes about doing hate prachar that you and Car313 are engaged in.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 4/20/2011 10:28:12 AM

  • @Ghulam Mohiyuddin  As per islamic belief, we are infidels and was per hindu belief it is liberal thinking, so as per hindu belief i will probably go to heave and as per islamic belief all non believer will go to hell.  Cheers,
    By satwa gunam - 4/20/2011 4:39:55 AM

  • Satwa says, "Infidels are happy where they are."

     Although I do not agree with Aamir's comment, "Belivers are always superior than Infidels," I do believe that people like Satwa and car313 who go out smearing and sneering at the religions of others are contemptible. 

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 4/19/2011 2:40:11 PM

  • to Editor@newageislam.com
    date: 19 April 2011 13:17

    subject: Good website

    Respected Mam,
    I saw your website and found it of high worth for the readers and viewers. Plsend me links when you people launch anything new.

    Rajesh Jauhri,
    Mhow (MP)

    By Rajesh Jauhri - 4/19/2011 11:37:27 AM

  • @AamirWelcome with your profound definition.Infidels are happy where they are as the creator has left them to be an infidel.
    By satwa gunam - 4/19/2011 10:53:50 AM

  • Please note , dont try to mislead the people through your half knowledge of Deen. (it is request to you please dont miscode the Hadis ).  For your kind  inforamtion, Belivers (Iman wale) are always superior than Infidels , here and here after. 



    By Aamir - 4/19/2011 8:31:12 AM

  • I came across some fantastically blasphemousmaterial that NewAge Islam readers should be aware of:

    Islam converted the Pagans but did Paganism convertIslam?

    Lee Jay Walker,  Modern Tokyo Times

    Islam and the black stone

    The Arabia ofMohammed was religiously diverse during his childhood and throughout the regionyou had Pagans, Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Sabaeans, and otherfaiths.  Therefore, Arabia wasmulti-religious and extremely diverse and many faiths co-existed and thoughtpatterns were openly debated because countless families will have beenreligiously mixed.

    However, onceMohammed obtained power then the “no compulsion in religion” became “kill theapostate.”  This small aspect of theKoran and Hadiths point to a period of weakness and moderation during the earlystage but once powerful, then Mohammed desired power mechanisms in order todefeat and control the economic system of the non-Muslims.

    Mohammed andorthodox Muslims in the world today believe that the next stage was aboutmonotheism and the eradication of Paganism within the body politic ofIslam.  However, while it is true to saythat Muslim forces did defeat the followers of Paganism it is also true to saythat Paganism defeated Islam within the tenets, customs, rituals, and sayingsof Mohammed.

    The name of thenew God was “Allah” and according to the followers of Islam the impurity anderrors of Judaism and Christianity were meant to have found their final homewithin the final messenger.  This finalmessenger in Islamic tradition was Mohammed therefore Islam implies a linkwhich unifies the Abrahamic faiths and is based on “the oneness of God” and theprinciples of monotheism.

    In fact, Islam,in the eyes of conservative Orthodox Muslims is pure monotheism and the othertwo Abrahamic faiths have been diluted. Also, Mohammed and his followers believed that they had cleansed Arabiaof Paganism.

    Yet the nameAllah already existed and Mohammed’s father was called Abd-ullah (Slave ofAllah).  In fact, just like the conceptof Allah had already existed it soon becomes apparent that the very foundationsof Islam are based on Paganism. Therefore, rather than “revolutionary change” it is apparent that youhave modifications but these modifications are within the Pagan dominatedArabia of Mohammed’s childhood.

    Deodorus Sicolusin 60 B.C. mentions the Ka’aba and it is clear that the Ka’aba, hajj(pilgrimage) and other customs existed before the Islamic faith.  Pagan Arabs therefore worshipped at theKa’aba, did their obligatory hajj and threw stones at Iblis (the devil) in WadiMina. 

    If Pagan Arabscould see the modern day hajj and Muslims walking around a black stone(animism) and then witness Muslims throwing stones at Iblis; then surely theywould believe that the Pagan faith had triumphed over monotheism and otherfaiths which existed during the childhood of Mohammed. The Sabaeans inthe time of Mohammed prayed seven times a day and just like Islam, at appointedtimes.  Ritual is very powerful in Islamand the Sabaeans fasted and celebrated Eid and just like the Ka’aba and stoningIblis; it is abundantly clear that the religion of Islam incorporated all thesethings from different faiths within Arabia.

    Monotheism nowbecame fused within the power of a black stone and the animistic worldview,alongside constant pagan rituals. This transformed Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus,and others, and recreated the old texts within a fusion of Paganism.

    The mysticalnight journey where Mohammed claims to ride on a magical horse called Buraq;does not find itself within the Abrahamic fold. However, the image would havebeen symbolic within the Zoroastrian faith. 

     The mystical virgins in heaven who are waitingto serve men do not belong to Abrahamic concepts.  Yet, in Zoroastrianism the wide-eyed houriscould have been seen within the paaris but unlike the Zoroastrian concept; theIslamic fusion uses the houris by rewarding Muslim martyrs who killnon-Muslims.

     Mohammed, therefore, fuses elements ofmonotheism and borrows from his knowledge of Christianity and Judaism; albeit,with mistakes added.  At the same time hefully understands that the powerhouse belongs to Arab Paganism and while hedestroys other gods at the Ka’aba; he still incorporates the old ways and theblack stone and other rituals are maintained.

     In the Koran it states (3:145) “No soul willever die unless it is Allah’s will. The length of each life is predeterminedaccording to the Scriptures. Those who wish to receive their reward in thisworld will receive it, and those who wish to receive their reward in the worldto come will also receive it. And We will undoubtedly reward those who serve Uswith gratitude.”

     3:154 Then, after the trouble Allah sent downupon you, He sent down calmness to wash over some of you. Some were overtakenby sleep, and others lay awake, stirred by their own passions, ignorantlythinking unjust thoughts about Allah. And they ask, “What do we gain by thisaffair?” Say: Truly the affair is entirely in Allah’s hands. They hide in theirhearts that which they do not want to tell you. They speak out saying, “If wehad any say in this affair then none of us would have been killed here.” Say:If you had stayed at home, those of you who were destined to be killed wouldhave died regardless…”

     In these statements by Mohammed it is clearthat he believes in predestination and once more Paganism and superstition willtriumph within the body politic of Islam. Note, that Mohammed is stating that “life is predetermined according tothe scriptures” and “If you had stayed at home, those of you who were destinedto be killed would have died regardless….”

     The natural conclusion is that everything ispredestined, therefore, the killer merely killed because God had willed thisand humans according to Mohammed must support the principal of fatalism.  Once more, this is in stark contrast to theChristian worldview of “redemption” and such fatalism does not belong to theChristian concept of life because free will is valued.

     Atheists will reject both Christianity andIslam; however, the theory of free will can be found throughout Westernculture.

     Rebecca Bynum, author of Allah is Dead statesthat “By this logic, all three thousand people who lost their lives onSeptember 11, 2001 as a result of jihad action would have died at that hourregardless. And furthermore, because Allah did not intervene, it was Allah’swill that it happened. The jihadis who perpetrated this act, were only puppetson a stage, obeying the will of Allah according to a pre-written script. Theydid not cause all those deaths and all that destruction; rather, according toIslamic logic, Allah caused it as punishment for our sins, the sins of Americaas a collective entity”.

     “This further reduces to: everything thatoccurs in the reality of the material world we live in is a direct result ofAllah’s will. Human will is but an instrument of the will of Allah and thereforedoes not have an independent existence in the overall trend of Islamicthought.  Even though the concept of“testing” is present, Allah’s will is never subservient to human will.”

     Mohammed was certainly an iconoclast and hedespised images and he fused this with his version of monotheism.  However, the rituals and symbols of Paganismwere powerful and the belief system of predestination and animistic thoughtpatterns of worshipping and walking around a black stone; meant that the God ofAbraham had been transformed into a fusion of paganism, animism, andpredestination.

    This fusion,within the mindset of supremacy, dhimmitude, jihad, and the final messenger;not surprisingly would lead to the retardation of knowledge and would create aschizophrenic worldview because of the many contradictory factors. Not surprisingly, fatalism and predestination,alongside scriptures which justify jihad and dhimmitude; would lead to theopposite version of the enlightenment.

     Hudhayfa bin Asid reported that Mohammedstated that “Two angels visit every foetus in the womb upon the completion offorty of forty-five nights and say, ‘O Lord! Is it misguided or righteous?” Therefore, everything is written and ifnothing can be added because humanity is the slave of God and knowledge outsideof God is false if it contradicts the Koran and Hadiths; then knowledge fromother sources is not needed and according to the conservative Islamic view;then looking is deemed un-Islamic.

    The logical reality of this is that Spain producesmore books a year than the entire Muslim world. Also, you have more universities in America than the entire Muslimworld.  Why?  Simply put; because it is written,predetermined and knowledge outside of the word of God is blasphemy!  Therefore, in the Islamic world view of SaudiArabia the apostate to Christianity must be killed.  Yet, if everything is written and God createdthe future of the given individual then why kill what God decided?  This schizophrenia is dangerous because onlyIslamic nations like Saudi Arabia support killing people on the basis of freewill despite supporting the notion that predestination exists and everything iswritten.

    By Mohd. Arbakan - 4/18/2011 3:26:07 PM

  • @Ghulam Mohiyuddin Once again you have proved as true INDIAN MUSLIM.    Without seeing the reality of non-replenishing oil resource you are finding mistake on others and just classify as RSS.  There is no word of debating the practice of treatment of labors. Incidentally, i read somewhere that the saibaba associations give food for all labour camp resident irrspective of religion as narayana seva prasad. 
    By satwa gunam - 4/12/2011 5:42:14 AM

  • Satwa Gunum says, "You have proved as the true indian muslim."

    That is a very poor and offensive substitute for an answer. Why do sanghis frequently repeat the mantra, "Best part of the fun would be when the oil is gone or oil get susbtitute nobody would be interested then." If they get impoverished, will that be fun for you?

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 4/11/2011 7:40:07 PM

  • @Ghulam Mohiyuddin  You have proved as the true indian muslim. I have made a statement of fact with regard to oil as every body knows that oil is non replenishable source of oil. Instead of critizing the practice of gcc, you have started calling me an RSS.  GCC are blowing away the windfall profit of oil in wine and woman. So be it, i have no hassles.  i sincerely believe that thousand dogs bark, elephant walks unperturbed. 
    By satwa gunam - 4/11/2011 1:20:31 PM

  • Satwa Gunum says, "Best part of the fun would be when the oil is gone or oil get susbtitute nobody would be interested then."

    Why is it that I see this sentence quoted so often by sanghis? Is it a part of your prayer?


    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 4/11/2011 1:38:33 AM

  • Shamshad Elahee Ansari, Toronto, Canada

    You are asking too much.  Probably you have been seasoned by Canada a paradise for immigrants. But ground reality would be that they would not like to naturalized anybody as they feel that they are sharing their oil wealth.Best part of the fun would be when the oil is gone or oil get susbtitute nobody would be interested then.
    By satwa gunam - 4/10/2011 9:38:59 PM

  • “All of mankind is from Adam and Eve (Hawwa), an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; a white has no superiority over a black nor does a black have any superiority over a white, EXCEPT BY PIETY AND GOOD DEEDS.  Do not therefore do injustice to yourselves.  Remember one day you will meet Allah and answer for your deeds. So beware: do not stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone.”

    In the light of above mentioned statement, the best tribute to Mohammed could be offered by All Middle Eastern States to naturalize all expat population in their respective countries who have contributed their best to make pillars from the sand dust. This will solve many problems in their society such as, superiority of the Arabs will soon dilute and by merging expat section of society, they will have to absorb all sociological, cultural, political values as well. I know, it’s not possible since there is a vast difference in scriptures and action in the history of entire Islam. Mohammad stood for social equality but we all know, Arabs were involved in Slave trade even a few hundred years before. All Mullahs talk big but practically, they could not give their daughter to Habshi Bilal even in the life time of the Prophet. Ironically, Arabs maintained their superiority during the Islamic empire period by hook or crook, all talks of nonsense when it comes to real life practice. Even Arabs are divided in the tribes, if you see Arab society thru microscopic lenses, you can easily make out what is their character, and it’s still a TRIBAL character.

    Sultan Shahin Sb, I would request you to speak on the behalf of millions of Indians who are residing in Arab world as a second class citizen. Arab nations do not have a right to sit in UN if they do not apply the civil rule of a civilized world. World Labour Organization might be silent on this issue, but a BIG VOICE has to be raised by MUSLIMS only to demand equal RIGHTS in Arab nations. They have to prove their credentials either the SCRIPTURES(Koran & Hadis ect) are correct or their (Arabs) PRACTICE is right? No more fishy business at all, its the time to bring these rotten ruler to our terms.

    Its more about human right, labour right issue too if its not a part of Muslims society.

    Kind Regards

    By Shamshad Elahee Ansari, Toronto, Canada - 4/10/2011 4:27:20 PM

  • A very interesting and logical analysis on Islam, jihadis and present day scenario in Pakistan. As an Indian, I pray to the Almighty that Govt and people of Pakistan overcome all ills facing the country soon and both India and Pakistan live peacefully.

    By R S JOHAR - 4/10/2011 4:11:51 AM

  • Sultan Bhai, Ghreeb Musalman are world over in defficiency of roti kapda makaan how afford Jihad? These you defined jihadis groups x nos in every small country are your brothers in upper class allied to R and Y and Z irrespective of your being Jew, Chritian, Budhist or say muslim Sultan. Instead of humiliating poor and Pious Muslims waiting Masih Isa's help, please convince your people to ease suppression of the helpless muslims, who curse your these allies day and night in every prayer. Quote for them examples of Hindus, how they are helping their backward and very poor classes even of the herder grades! who are with this generous help building wonderful palaces. That will be better than abusing all Muslims for your having access to the precious journalism. Probably you don't read any comments on your writeups. Good, abuse and keep eyes and ears closed like a saint.  

    By mnaim - 4/7/2011 2:35:42 PM

  • "Unthought Thoughts" by Aziz Ali Dad (The News)

     Instead of tackling modernity on its own turf, the priest, in a bad faith, tries to cast our minds in medieval mould. This has created a cognitive dissonance or gap, for we are trying to make sense of the modern order of things with a paradigm that was evolved in response to centuries old issues.

    Late professor Mohammed Arkoun of Sorbonne University termed this gap ‘unthought’ in Islamic thought. According to Arkoun the unthought in Islamic thought has been accumulating since the 16th century. He finds the causes of contemporary semantic disorder of thought in Islamic societies and its failure ‘to contribute to the great open debate on a world scale’ in the lacuna created by unthoughts.
    This intellectual lacuna can be filled only by acquainting ourselves with modern discourses of social sciences and humanities. It will enable us to avoid anachronism in our worldview and objective realities on the one hand, and help us to deal with some of the intractable issues of our society with relevant sociological imagination.
    Modernity demands rationalisation of different spheres of life and progressive vision of religion, but our priestly class has organised itself around issues that are always divisive and mostly violent. Their myopic version of religion reduces the status of God into hangman. The managers of the sacred have turned sacred institutions into an instrument of their political agenda. The priests are misfit to assume the charge of defining an entity like God.
    On the other hand, religious discourse has remained ‘unthought’ for liberal/secular intelligentsia. As modernity is ‘unthought’ to religious class, religious discourse has remained unthought for seculars.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 4/5/2011 3:11:04 AM

  • The speech  delivered by the gentle man is a bacon of light for the humnity as a whole in general and particular to Muslims who believes that Muslims are superior to others.The speech of Mr Sultan  Shahin   is an eye opener to fundamentalist and jehadi.In fact the piety and good deeds of a man make him great and superior and not the religion in which he has born.I, whole heartedly appreciate the fine and humanity guiding speech.

    By sarvadeosingh - 3/31/2011 5:57:02 AM

  • It is the best speech I have ever heard. It definitely shows us the reality where Islam is going, or where are we taking it? It is still depressing to know that many Muslims all around the world still consider non-Muslims as sinners and their ticket to hell has already been cut. This is meaningless on our behalf. Allah emphatically says in several places in the Quran: Those who believe and do righteous deeds they will abide in heaven for ever. Believing and doing good deeds are the only criteria for the Success.

    “All of mankind is from Adam and Eve (Hawwa), an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; a white has no superiority over a black nor does a black have any superiority over a white, EXCEPT BY PIETY AND GOOD DEEDS.  Do not therefore do injustice to yourselves.  Remember one day you will meet Allah and answer for your deeds. So beware: do not stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone.”

    These lines need to shown more to the mullahs so that they too can know that others can also go to heaven.

    By Aiman Reyaz - 3/26/2011 6:54:32 PM

  • Regarding the comment about Sikh Guard killing Indra Gandhi.

    We did not see over 500 lawyers crashing into the court and glorifying a killer who shoots at a defenseless person literally from the back.

    Neither they had difficulties in finding a prosecutor as we have in Pakistan.

    Here is another one; Training young suicide bombers 


    By Syed Rizvi - 3/24/2011 9:58:40 AM

  • Just want to add to my earlier comment.

    This is what Sultan Shahin is talking about and this is what our Muslim brethren are in a state of denial.


    It is not a matter of a few bad apples.  There is a large following also.

    By Syed Rizvi - 3/24/2011 9:30:52 AM

  • It is very typical of us to deflect any criticism by simply saying "others" are doing that too.

    They see any criticism as a put down rather than an opportunity for  introspection and self correction.

    Besides that we also have a tendency to blame other nations for our backwardness.

     Take a look


    If others are doing wrong that does not make our wrong doing as "right"

    When shall we grow up?  Probably "Never"

    This mentality is ingrained into our genes.
    Syed Rizvi

    By Syed Rizvi - 3/24/2011 5:44:56 AM

  • Mr Shahin's harangue is against petro-dollar Islam and hate-spewing mullahs. As such, it is neither exaggerated nor misleading.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 3/23/2011 5:59:53 PM

  • Mr Rafiq Hasan, you strong letter made me read Mr. Shahin’s writeup, and then I read your letter once again. I did not find your assesment correct, however you have all rights to have your views.

    As for some Sikh killing Indira or some Kafir killing defender of  victimised ignorant lady is if not worse than facism, then nothing less than that by those some. About Shiv Sena, it is your exaggerated statement when you say they give call to genocide. Similar call is given by many ill grown Muslims for Non Muslims whenever they are confident that no outsider is listening to their hate talks. Such a rat like character they display when in minority. But when in majority they become tigers. This is the bitter truth that you have to swallow. But have ever Muslims done genocide when they talk loose or do Shiv Sena do genocide everytime when they utter for it? Are not Christians being killed in Pakistan? And you have asked who is helping them who earn petrodollar, then most likely it is people like you who do it. Because those petrodollars capitalists and America are hands in glove, and there is no misgiving about it but it is people like you who act pimp and will not find faults with petrodollar capitalists but only with America.  America isn’t crying the most for Islamofacism, Muslims are doing it who are now sick with people like you. America has all rights to see her interest, just as anybody else has, including those petrodollar capitalists. I am saying it bluntly that it is your kind of view which widens the gap between Muslims and Non-Muslims. Just to check it, go to nearest Shiv Sena’s office and see how close you both feel with each other.

    By sadaf - 3/23/2011 5:23:47 PM

  • Mr. Sultan Shahin's description of what he calls Islamo Fascism is highly exaggerated and often misleading. The Governor of Punjab Salman Taseer was killed by one of his own security guards who did not subscribe to his views on the blasphemy law. Mr. Sultan easily concludes from this incident that most of the Pakistanis are Islamo-Fasicists. I would recall the incident in  which India's Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was killed by her Sikh cecurity guard who thought that she had committed a sacrilege of his religion by sending troops inside their gurudwara at Amritsar which was very sacred to the Sikhs. I also remember that some Sikhs had raised their voices in support of the assassin. Would Mr. Sultan conclude from that incident that the Sikh  community is  Fascist?  

    Yes, there have been some statements in support of Taseer's killer. But in a democracy every one is free to express his thoughts. What about Shiv Sena in India which keeps on giving a call for a genocide against  Muslims in India and what about the Christians and their missionaries killed in varous tribal areas in Central India and other parts of India?

    Of course some people in Pakistan do suffer from extreme religious views. but what is the reason for this? As he has himself stated petrodollaer funding is one reason. But who is helping those who earn petrodollars? the same America who is crying the most against the so-called Islamic Fascism. Can Mr. Shahin inform us as to what steps has America taken to stop petrodollars being used for the purpose indicated by him?

    I am sorry to say that by making this speech at an international forum, Mr. Shahin has neither served the Muslims nor those who consider them to be Fascists. By labeling the entire Muslim community in the world as extremists, he has presented a wrong image of his own co-religionists. And by do so, he has widened the gulf between Muslims and non-Muslims all the world over.    

    A Muslim



    By Rafiq Hasan - 3/23/2011 10:27:10 AM

  • One of the finest and boldest speeches I have ever read.

    We all must do our part in cross posting this speech.

    Unfortunately, many of the  so called moderate Muslims refuse even to visit NewAgeIslam site or have anything to do with what Sultan Shahin Sb is pointing toward.

    These Muslims are in complete denial.


    Syed Rizvi





    By syed rizvi - 3/23/2011 3:10:36 AM

  • This is an excellent speech by Mr Sultan Shahin. We need to eradicate all supremacist and hegemonistic tendencies in Islam. The unfortunate legacy of Maulana Maududi must be rejected. We have to learn to respect the religions of others. Muslim majority countries must have democratic and secular governments which grant full citizenship rights to members of all minorities, including unfetterd rights to worship and to practice their religions. They must abolish all blasphemy laws, heresy laws and apostasy laws..

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 3/22/2011 2:21:36 PM

  • Mr. Sultan Shahin is as articulate as ever. Congratulations.

    Misunderstandings about Islam and its followers have to be countered in no uncertain terms. Islam has the potential for promoting a humane and peaceful society, but it is being misused by vested interests.

    By Ashok Sharma - 3/22/2011 7:03:17 AM