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Radical Islamism and Jihad (28 Feb 2017 NewAgeIslam.Com)


  • A sane muslim fighting a lonely battle !
    By Karthikrajan Al - 3/5/2017 6:03:06 AM

  • Islamic theology needs radical reforms

    By Sanjay Narain Saigal - 3/5/2017 6:01:12 AM

  • To. Riyansh/Nasser Ahmeed
    I beg both of your pardon for jumping into your conversation, but I always do when try to question Hindus or mockery, intensions are not hurt but shiw equal flaws of both traditions.

    To Riyansh/Naseem Ahmed
    Various people claim to be God in Hindus do they speak truth, I think it is questionable same as various people in Abrhamic tradition claimed to be paigamber, but both can be pretty much liars even your Muhmmad paigamber too can be or not?

    One(Jesus) did tried to raise himself from status of paigmaber to Son of God, we know how he was killed.

    I Abrhamic tradition you can declare upto messenger and can talk to God and self declare mesanger(except Moses) as in Hindu people self declare or irrartional  Hindu community will declare him/her God.

    First and Last thing this both tradition try to do is try to control human true nature of love, compassion, forgiveness and questioning his/her violence against the humans and other beings as part and parcel of God, Hindus do have more( not perfect or complete) kindness toward other beings but their actions are contradictory.

    Riyansh Biswas do not get dispponted when Muslim like Naseer Ahmed question Hindu humans as God or idol as God,  Muslim have equal flaw in their explanation as we have have but muslim keep on questioning, condemning and do mockery all time everything that is contrary to Muslim  Practises, because they use violence in public so people cannot say anything in public but internet have provided biggest platform.

    By Aayina - 3/4/2017 2:11:08 PM

  • A good article by Mr. Khaled Ahmed in India Express today.   
    ..The first is, wherever in the world there is “kufr” (non-belief) and apostasy, it has to be quelled through defeat at the hands of Muslims. The second is, all states must become Islamic and Muslims should strive to convert them to Islam. The third is, the modern nation state is unlawful under Islam and should be ruled by a caliph instead. And the fourth is, Muslims should have one global state ruled by a single caliph, not many states calling themselves Muslim....
    By Ashok Sharma - 3/4/2017 6:31:02 AM

  • Syria was Christian, Iran was Zorastrian, Pakistan was Budhist - Ayaan Hirsi Ali

    By Jayaraman Subri - 3/4/2017 4:52:22 AM

  • Shaheen Mumtaz,what a benevolent act! Muslim nations collect zizya from minorities for their welfare? But here in India minorities are treated as son in law! From subsidies to Haz and now some special benifits from government too.Would you have liked it if minorities in India were treated like that in Muslim nations?
    By Samir Padhi - 3/4/2017 4:51:46 AM

  • The various people you claim as Gods of Hindus are great men only..People have option whether to follow them and their dictum is not compulsory for all to follow.Hope you have a clear vision now!
    By Samir Padhi - 3/4/2017 4:51:31 AM

  •  Riyansh Biswas, Various person claimed that they are God of Hindus , It means they speaks truths.
    By Naeem Ahmed - 3/4/2017 4:51:03 AM

  • @Shaheen Mumtaz what is written in your book is of no use in practical life. What kuran prescribes for a person whose faith is different from muslims is known to me. Kafir, is a derogatory term used as an abuse. They are third grade citizens. Hindusthan is a Hindu majority nation. Would you accept the same status for you? A Kafir can not preach his religion in a muslim country and also can not practice openly himself. Would you like it for you? Say thanks that you are in a Hindu country where you have rights more than equal .
    By Sudhir Bharti - 3/4/2017 4:49:09 AM

  • Naeem Ahmed, who else killed all those great men which I mentioned? Your hatred towards RSS is because of your religion. Your statement that you did not want to indulge religion does not match with your intentions.
    By Sudhir Bharti - 3/4/2017 4:48:30 AM

  • Mehtaj, I am not less proud of my great Dharm and know the reality of your Islam. That is the religion which fixed that a Caliph would be only from Koraish. It is the example of your so called equality . Ashraaf, Azlaaf and Arzal are not in Hindu dictionary but in Muslims. Despite of the caste system we all are Hindus but you are a glaring example of hypocrisy that each firqa declares others as Kharjis. It were muslims who killed the whole family of their peophet. Role of Ayesh, the wife of Mahomet is a historical fact in the killings of Ali's family. I know your Islam well. It is the religion which is identified world wide to produce terrorists. Where ever it reached, peace was the first casualty. So do not beat drum of false greatness. Also do not take pride to be more in numbers. In animal kingdom, inferior are always in great number and the superior less.
    By Sudhir Bharti - 3/4/2017 4:48:04 AM

  • We are proud to be Muslim,sudir don't try to teach a Muslim what tidbits u collected from here and there,why don't u ponder over the caste system of Hinduism,brahaman is born from head and low caste from foot,u don't in ur democratic country allow lower castes to use the common source of water,yesterday u killed a dalit sarpanch in Gujarat,u still cant eat from the same plate with si called lower castes.Alhamdulilah Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.i challenge u give ur sister or daughter to a qualified dalit or lower caste but u will not do that because u hate dalits and lower caste's for non of their fault. Today Muslims may have many draw backs because we have moved away from religion of Islam ,if they return back to the islam they will be walking angles on earth.
    By Malik Mehraj - 3/4/2017 4:47:26 AM

  • Naeem Ahmed Muslims actually killed their own caliphs after Abu Bakr. Remember, there was no America or Israel back then either so can't blame them :v
    By Riyansh Biswas - 3/4/2017 4:46:05 AM

  • Sudhir Bharti Sahab Islam never advocates to recite kalima or to oust any non believers from the country. Regarding zejia there is Gross misconception among our Hindu brothers. A Muslim majority country may collect a meagre nominal amount for the security and Welfare purpose of the tiny population. The state will be bound to make it assured that they are not compelled to convert their religion. The whole amount of zejia must exclusively be used for them only apart from the state fund.
    By Shaheen Mumtaz - 3/4/2017 4:45:19 AM

  • Sudhir Bharti , But Muslim did not killed Mahatma and other Higher rank person of Hindu Community. These so called hindu groups killed so many scholar.Further I do not want to indulge in religion. I can quote from your books but that is not my intention.
    By Naeem Ahmed - 3/4/2017 4:44:11 AM

  • Ali brothers who were famous mulla around 1920 gave fatwa that even a condemned muslim was better than mahtma Gandhi. They could utter it only in accordence with Quran and Hadis.It is because Gandhiji was a Kafir and had no right to enter into Jannat. As per Islam, a kafir has only 3 optipns, 1- read kalma, 2- get lost from the cointry 3- pay Zejia. Fourth option of getting killed is akways there. Some Muslims are much worried for the life of a kafir. It is strange.
    By Sudhir Bharti - 3/4/2017 4:38:00 AM

    By Sudhir Bharti - 3/4/2017 4:29:47 AM

  • @Sudhir Bharti  Similarly RSS and other hindu organization even could not tolerate Mahatma Gandhi.
    By Naeem Ahmed - 3/4/2017 4:16:06 AM

  • Sufies were never tolerated by Islamists. Sarmad and Mansoor both were put to death by muslims centuries ago. At that time Mahomet Bin Abdul Wahab Najdi was not even born. Ibn Taiyimia had of course already issued fatwa of Takfirism. To gain acceptance in muslim world, one had always to prove that he was more hardliner and orthodox than others.
    By Sudhir Bharti - 3/4/2017 4:15:30 AM

  • The stooges like Sultan Shahin bomb at the crowds near sofi shrines or Masjids to create sectarian violence for defaming Islam.
    By M Sultan Lone - 3/4/2017 4:08:14 AM

  •  katartabadi chodo..apne apne dharm me jo bhi khamiya hain ose accept karo aur sudharo apne app ko..chahe Muslim ho ya hindu..sachai se dur nehi bhagsakte..koi bhi likhi hue kitab ho..ankh band karke nehi mansakte.chahe asmani kitab kiun na ho...agar dimag hai to sehi aur galt ko parakho..
    By Ajit Gadtya - 3/4/2017 4:00:29 AM

  • Sufi are needed only in begining of campaign for Islam. To confuse local people. What is the need of sufi sect when there is nobody to convert in Pakistan? So they need to be assimilated in mainstream.
    By Devender Bakshi - 3/4/2017 3:54:17 AM

  • This will continue for ever !

    By Sudhaker Chintawar - 3/4/2017 3:52:24 AM

  • Sufis are parasites.
    By Manzar Khan - 3/4/2017 3:51:39 AM

  • Image may contain: 1 person, text
    By Jayaraman Subri - 3/4/2017 3:50:35 AM

  • Dear friends, the question is killing of people in the garb of religion. No religion teaches violence. He who uses violent means is a terrorist.
    The Development of Islamic Thought, shows us that Peace has remained always favourable in expansion of Islam in the world.
    Only selfish people interpret it this or that way to grind their own axes.
    It may be Wahabe or any other.
    Present age demand development in science and technology, but Muslims are being engaged in irrelevant matters.

    By Nazir Reshi - 3/4/2017 3:48:59 AM

  • Lets first become human beings....
    By Predeep Thakur - 3/4/2017 3:36:40 AM

  • It is propaganda nothing else as all over world America killed billion and billion of people world wide but no one raise their voice against them as it is truly said that might is right and it is absolutely true for America and other west.
    By Muna Bhai - 3/4/2017 3:35:56 AM

  • Better to be a true Muslim than to b a Sufi or wahabi.on lslam there is no place for hatered.one has bow before Allah love n respect his creation.
    By Tayer Wali - 3/4/2017 3:35:37 AM

  • Muslims who loves Art, Music, Literature, Science are all anti-islamic and traitors of Islam as per Wahabism.
    By Vijay Tiwari - 3/4/2017 3:33:38 AM

  • If you go by literal meaning of Scriptures it appears salafis are right if you give figurative interpretation then you can have a different prception
    By Satishkumar Govind - 3/4/2017 3:24:23 AM

  • Followers of same pirs ... pir pagaro & others had played major role in genocide of hindus during partition. They had agressively supported partition of greater india also. Denstiny changed. They r paying price for it now.
    By Jitendra Bargaje - 3/4/2017 3:09:15 AM

  • Sufism are never been understood by salafi, N other extremist.
    Stop believe in Hadish as Quran, 
    Consider out of your own thoughts, don'tbe egoistic in own knowledge,
    Respect paradox.
    Otherwise nothing will change.

    By Syed Mohd Sanaullah - 3/3/2017 12:25:41 AM

  • Enjoyed this insightful piece! Such is our civilizational motherboard of India, that love echoes most , whether hindus or muslims
    By Rajesh Sinha - 3/3/2017 12:24:45 AM

  • Islam is extremely violent, racist, selfish, hate mongering cult. 
    Whoever belives in peace, love, kindness, tolerance, spirituality etc is not true muslim according to Islam.

    By Bharat Gadhavi - 3/3/2017 12:24:05 AM

  • It is because of Sufis and mercy of Allah on them Islam spread throughout the globe. Not because of Wahabis/Salafies who just spread hatred all over killing innocent and getting the tag of Islamic terrorism.
    By ShuAib Malik - 3/3/2017 12:23:09 AM

  • Ye Salman rashdi, tasleema nasreen , tariq fateh se bhi zyada zaleel hai , ye brabar islam k khelaf bahaunkta rahta hai , pagal kutte ki tarah, iske kuch hamnawa bhi hain jo iski han me han milate hain, sasti shuhrat hasil karne ka zaleel treen tareeqa.Ye musalman nahin hai , ho sakta hai kisi badnaseeb muslim family me pada hua ho , lekin ab ye daharya hai , ghyr muslimon ko khush karne k liye ye barabar kameena pan karta rahta hai.
    By Noor Khan - 3/3/2017 12:21:55 AM

  • Wahabiyat is the worst section existing in Islam.
    By Ahmad Aijaz - 3/3/2017 12:20:44 AM

  • Bros we all nee to share for Human development. I may be Hindu but as HR we want all . If possible I am in Gulf - no doubt will be for prayer at Mosque. work work knowledge sharing and need to work on lively hood - education - health etc apart from . God Bless me to work where ever deprived. Wish strong knowledge Muslim bros to grow in this path
    By Kolipaka Sudeep Kumar - 3/3/2017 12:20:07 AM

  • Youth awake what is happening and total Muslim Bros are disturbed. Let us have thought process for peace - development. what will happen big earth quake - floods can it possible to sort only one religion. Good - Bad only accounting for all of us.
    By Kolipaka Sudeep Kumar - 3/3/2017 12:18:58 AM

  • No doubt Sufism is just like a stupism and Islam have no relation to Sufism;
    By Mohd Yunus - 3/3/2017 12:15:08 AM

  • @Syed Faisal All religions have shortcoming and distortions . Actually religion itself is a distortion . But sanctioning of killings in the name of a religion is the extreme .
    By Rajesh Khanna - 3/3/2017 12:13:55 AM

  • Sulfies r the real asli muslim they have got right to kill other sects of Islam...their view is also converted muslims r also not asli muslim....in this way they think that only Arabs r real and others r fake....where is the logic......these thinking will harm Islam
    By Sushant Choudhury - 3/2/2017 8:45:15 AM

  • @Abu Basim Khan Fine Good and thanks Bhai. for enlighting me....
    By Syed Arif Abbas Abdi - 3/2/2017 8:45:01 AM

  •  All over Muslim leaders, Ulema and Muslim Politicians condemned Taliban and ISIS about their unIslamic acts .Pl.go through records.
    By Abu Basim Khan - 3/2/2017 8:44:17 AM

  • @Abu Basim Khan Yes agreed the Peoples killed in Syria should be condemed but the problem is why it should be selective the Talabani the ISIS and Boko haram when they commit muder to Muslims and Non Muslims then why there is Mute response or why attribute it to conspiracy angle as if nothing is wrong in the followers of Muslim World note here I have said Follower not Muslim religion.
    Here I will add that we as Muslims are not at all honest when it comes to critcizing when it suits the Narratives of a Particular Maslakh then that paticular Maalakh becomes Vocal..Take the eg of Iraq when Sadam Husain was ruling Iraq the Shia Maslakh that is in Majority in Iraq were crying Injustice rightfully so but other Maslakh were silent as it suited their Narrative the same case is in Bahrien.
    Now when similar act is done by an offshoot of Shia Maslakh in Syria things are quite as it suits their narrative and the Sunni Maslakh are crying injustice and rightfully so.
    Unless and until we have an attitude of Us and Them things will never change...

    By Syed Arif Abbas Abdi - 3/2/2017 8:43:50 AM

  • You are creating Sect. problem in India and Pakistan instead of talking unity of Muslims..You are very much worried about the death of 100 people in Pakistan but thousands of people are killed by Russia by bombardment in Syria,And Shia government of SYRIA to the Sunni opposition and thousands of Children killed in Afghanistan and Syria by American drones and bombardments.
    By Abu Basim Khan - 3/2/2017 8:42:40 AM

  • Killing of innocent doesn't mean any religion, its not Islam involved in all these terroristic activities, it's terrorism as opposed to Islam,what else.
    By Shabbir Shabir - 3/2/2017 8:42:05 AM

  •  All the nations should consider this as a global problem and settle the issue through deliberations in the UN and totally isolating the nations which are supporting terrorist activities.
    By Comal Mahadevan Amrtheswaran - 3/2/2017 8:41:46 AM

  • Very sad appaling
    By Anil Kumar Sharma - 3/2/2017 8:41:15 AM

  • islam doesnt permit to kill innocent people .salafis are going with wrong faith and fatwa.
    By MD Aslam Khan - 3/2/2017 8:40:54 AM

  • Sufies play an important role to spread though all over the world.today some scholers misguided people about sufies.sufies did hijrat from one place to place not for their personal benfits but for spreading islam.they did not create sects, they did work togather
    By Aashaq Hussain - 3/2/2017 8:40:36 AM

  • @Rajesh Urs.religion of rape.brutality.gav mutur .lay ho.rajesh.
    By Syed Faisal - 3/2/2017 8:39:44 AM

  • Religion of Peace !....
    By Rajesh Khanna - 3/2/2017 8:38:54 AM

  • Ya .actually man z unaware uneducated about the things
    By Syed Faisal - 3/2/2017 8:37:55 AM

    By Amin Bharatkumar - 3/2/2017 8:22:01 AM

  • Anyone who claims superiority over salaf i.e first three generations is misguided .....and anyone who denies true sufism is far from truth as All Salafis of three generations were noble scholars as well as sufis ....just as Imam Hasan Basri .
    By Ahraz Mohiudin - 3/2/2017 8:18:45 AM

  • Very well .jay guru jee.
    By Kalyan Kumar - 3/2/2017 8:11:20 AM

  • All Islamic terrorists are created by America- dr rampuniyani
    By Kartikaswara Gouda - 3/2/2017 8:10:47 AM

  • Lepers leprosy leprosophy
    Things are reducing to that level 
    Preaching Hate will bring hate
    Time to modify assimilate and integrate

    By Oshok Dubey - 3/2/2017 8:08:12 AM

  • Mr. Sultan Shahin has written a pointed article which posits blame of extremism where it lies in Muslim community:
    first on extremists following Salafi-Wahabi religion, 
    secondly on those Muslims who are Salafi and Wahabi like Ahle Hadith who live as minority in India and many other countries in the west but follow Wahabi Salafi ideology that Islam is a religion of strife and Muslims should continue fighting and murdering non Wahabi believers, which includes non Wahabi Muslims and non-Muslims and 
    thirdly on Muslim community's acquiscence to murder and mayhem by keeping quiet and not openly condemning terrorist actions  and extremist ideology by putting blames on Zionists and Islamophobes.

    By mohammad imran - 3/1/2017 8:10:17 PM

  • Even seculars know that there is no fun in being a religious minority in many if not most countries of the world.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 3/1/2017 12:38:57 PM

  • it is very difficult to understand why, mr. jinnah wanted a separate nation for muslims if his vision was a secular state.

    it then implies that there are different kinds of secularisms. an islamic secularism, a hindu secularism and a christian secularism. in practice this seems to be the case in india. even in the so-called secular india, no state function or event is without invocation to some god or the other, lighting of lamps or breaking of coconut, or performance of some priestly ritual - though almost always a hindu ritual. now and then some innovative politician invites christian priests and muslim ulemas, but is rather the exception than the rule. so in practice india is only "strangely" secular. not secular in the way as european nations are secular.

    it would perhaps be more accurate to imagine that mr. jinnah wanted a muslim majority country - rather than a secular state. but when some sections of minorities chose to stay back, he was perhaps forced to accommodate them - especially as bengal had a strong grass roots bengali identity.

    it looks like secularism itself is a concept which grew out of the christian religious warfare in europe.

    during this time the vast areas of muslim ruled countries had not yet felt the need for a concept of the "secular". under the mughal rule in the subcontinent, even if the rulers were loosely bound to the concept of islamic state, they were in the habit of providing grants to temples and churches, perhaps as a political expedience pending complete conversion.

    similarly even in the pre-islamic nations of the east, the rulers as well as the opinion leaders never felt the need to define a "secular vs religious" argument. after the advent of jainism and buddhism, kings patronized all religions and tended to deal with them on a political basis - rather than devising a concept where in the "state" separated itself from any "religious" aspect.

    it is only in the christian tradition that a need was felt to "separate" the state from religion.

    so the very concept of "secularism" is inherently judeo-christian construct.

    perhaps that is why the middle eastern and eastern nations are still struggling.

    By hats off! - 3/1/2017 4:45:10 AM

  • It is good this type of analysis is put by Sultan Shahin, here Muslim will appreciate the article but same is not the case when non-Muslim(a  Muslim negativity certificate) write this type of good analysis in the comment.

    He/she/Unidenfied non Muslims became fake or Muslim hating person.

    By Aayina - 3/1/2017 2:40:08 AM

  • The spread of Salafi/Wahhabi zahalat is a clear and immediate danger to our world. Apart from being blindly ignorant it is also blindly violent.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 2/28/2017 11:28:14 AM