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• Protest by Muslim Women against CAA, NPR, NRC, Started an Indefinite Sit-In Demonstration in Kolkata

• As India Rises In Dissent, Bollywood Reveals Its Real Heroes: The Women

• Delhi Women Say Heckled, Evicted From Rented House For Protesting Caa

• How Eskai Is Changing The Way Women Shop In Egypt

• Saudi Women Lead the Way as Cycling Breaks Down Barriers

• India: Woman Inflicts 101 Cuts on Sister-In-Law In Horrific Exorcism Ritual

• Ilhan Omar: ‘War Destroys Lives, Takes Away Futures’

• Lisa Smith: IS-Accused Bailed As Prosecutors Prepare Evidence

• Wanted: 20,000 Saudi Taxi Drivers, Women Are Welcome

• Old video from Rajasthan falsely shared as Hindu women assaulted by Muslims in Pakistan

• French Secularism Is Giving Far-Right Mps Licence To Target Muslim Women Yet Again

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