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Taliban Leader, Haibatullah Akhundzada, Was Openly Teaching and Preaching In Pakistan

Muslim Americans Express Disappointment over Debate Rhetoric Tying Muslims to Terrorism

Libyan Army Kills over 70 ISIL Militants in Sirte



Objectors to Nawazuddin’s Participation in Ram Leela are Ignorant of India’s Pluralistic Traditions

Muslim Milkman Donates 60 Litres Milk to Goddess Durga for Making of Prasad during Puja

South Asia

US Drone Strikes Kill 8 ISIS Loyalists in East of Afghanistan

North America

Alabama Police Chief Criticized For Perceived Anti-Muslim Facebook Posts

Arab World

ISIL Terrorists Fleeing Nineveh to Turkey


Turkey Kills 38 ISIL Militants, Rebels Advance in Syria

18 Killed In PKK Suicide Bomb Attack in Turkey’s Hakkari


Police Asked To Trace 102 Missing Militants

Cleric Vows to Stop WCLA from Running Badshahi Mosque


PM Voices Concern over Islamic State Presence in Somalia

Southeast Asia

Myanmar Sends Troops into Muslim-Majority Region after Deadly Attacks


Russia Plans Permanent Naval Facility in Syrian Port of Tartus


An Anti-Muslim Vigilante Group Is Roaming The Melbourne CBD Pledging To “Keep Our Streets Safe”

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