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آج سے چند ہفتوں پہلے تک  ایسا لگتا تھا کہ سیکولرزم ، انصاف ، آزادی ، مساوات اور آپسی بھائی چارگی کچھ  ایسے بے جان الفاظ ہیں جن کا کوئی خاص معنی نہیں ہے ، جو ایک ایسی  کتاب کے صفحوں میں بند ہیں جسے کم ہی لوگوں نے پڑھی ہے ۔.......


The Christchurch mosque terrorist attack allegedly carried out by a self-declared violent, rightwing extremist changed the Muslim communities in Australia in ways that are hard to articulate....


A judge of the Supreme Court is also facing ouster by the Supreme Judicial Council for being too “critical” in his remarks over a case involving the army and an extremist religious outfit called Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan....


Not only was he beloved of the emperor but the people of that vast empire had great hopes in him – the Sikh Guru Harrai, the celebrated Muslim mystic Mian Mir and the Hindu pundits who worked with him in translating the Upanishads held him in high esteem. When he fell seriously ill there were prayers for his recovery in mosques, temples and churches....

Despite their claims to being the “guardians of Islam” and “protector of Muslims,” Arab monarchies have demonstrated they care only for two things: countering Iran at every turn, and growing trade ties with the powerhouse economies committing human rights violations against Muslims.....


Muslim scholars after their encounter with the Hellenic philosophical literature, Judeo-Christian religious corpus, and the Iranian gnostic illumination felt the urge to explain their religious rituals, norms, and doctrines in a scholarly language in line with the contemporary systems of epistemology....


As for the plans of citizenship on the part of God Almighty, He has made this Law equal for all human beings, without any discrimination. Such a beautiful act of God Almighty is a lesson for all human beings to observe the will of God Almighty and enough for my objectivity of what I want to clearly say through this short write-up based on my spiritual observation that you too can easily do willingly…

• Stage Set For Biggest-Ever Arab Women Sports Tournament

• Trail-Blazing Pakistani Women On Peacekeeping Mission In Congo Awarded UN Medal

• Nada Abdul-Maksoud, 12-Year-Old Girl Dies after Botched Genital Mutilation in Egypt

• What Jameela Did Was Historically Important: Studying At FTII in 1969 of a Woman, • Especially From The Muslim Community Was Surprising

• Shaheen Bagh Refuses to Fall Into “Trap” of Controversies and “Efforts to Malign”

• On World Hijab Day, Women across the Globe Are Polarised

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• Muslim Board Has Little to Offer Muslim Women Demanding Right to Pray In Mosques

• Indonesia Approved ‘Chemical Castration’ For Child Sex Offenders

• Bangladesh Allows Formal Education in Rohingya Camps to Reduce Risk of Child Trafficking

• Pakistan Needs to Spend Money on People’s Welfare, Says Hoodbhoy

• UNRWA Fears US Middle East Plan Will Spark Violence

• German Report Spells out China Human Rights Abuses against Uighur Muslims

• UNESCO Chief Highlights Importance of History’s Lessons At Saudi Arabia’s AlUla

• Tens of Thousands Of Yemenis Protest Against Trump's 'Deal Of Century'

• Weapons used in Nigeria killings also used by Al Qaeda in Mali — Report

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• ‘Muslims, Stop Being Apologetic’: An Actor Told A Rally Against the Amended Citizenship Regime at Park Circus

• CAA In 'Clear Violation' Of Indian Constitution and International Human Rights Law: Amnesty

• Erdogan: Evil Will Arrive at Kaaba If Arab, Muslim Countries Remain Silent

• Moroccan King’s Visit to Historic Jewish Center Hailed by Community Leaders as Symbol of Diversity

• Be Flexible: Islamic Party Lawmaker Wants Indonesia To Export Cannabis

• The Fight of Egypt’s Dar Al-Ifta Against Extremism, Islamophobia

• Carter: Trump Plan Works Against ‘Peace’, Breaches International Law

• Pakistani Premier Says War Averted in Middle East, Things Still Tense

• Ghani’s Remarks About Timur Gurkani Spark Anger Among Afghanistan’s Uzbeks

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• Women Hold Their Ground at Mumbai Bagh, Despite Police Warning

• Jordanian Sportswomen Eye Gold At Arab Women Sports Tournament

• Pakistan’s First-Ever All-Female Peacekeeping Team Awarded UN Medal in Congo

• Afghan Old Man Donates Private Land to A Girl’s School in His District

• Ilhan Omar: ‘I Always Stand Up to Bullies’

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प्रदर्शनों के प्रकार बड़े पैमाने पर सेकुलर ही रही है और प्रदर्शनकारी केवल संवैधानिक अधिकारों के बहाली का मुतालबा कर रहे हैं। या उन प्रदर्शनों की बहादुरी और दूरदर्शिता है है कि उन्होंने अब तक किसी धार्मिक आलिम को अपने करीब नहीं आने दिया।.....


Then, as now, Israeli plans had the same aim: to confine as many Palestinians as possible on as little land as possible, while legalising Israel’s illegal settlements and depriving Palestinians their guaranteed right to return to their homeland...


Rewind to 2002. The Arab League had just endorsed its land-for-peace initiative, and late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat was shouting “martyr, martyr, martyr” live on TV while under Israeli siege in his bedroom in Ramallah....


Jinnah envisaged the most capable men and women to hold public office regardless of their personal faith or lack thereof. The state was a temporal endeavour to Jinnah and not an otherworldly one...


9/11 நிகழ்ந்து 15 ஆண்டுகளுக்குப் பிறகு, வன்முறையான இஸ்லாமிய தீவிரவாதத்தின் கொடுமைகள் மேலும் சிக்கலானதாகவும் கொடியதாகவும் மாறிவிட்டது. மனிதகுலத்திற்கு எதிரான இஸ்லாமிய அரசின் போர் என்று அழைக்கப்படுவதில் உலகெங்கிலுமிருந்து 30,000 இஸ்லாமியர்கள்…


It will require a great deal of effort to bring about modernisation in the Muslim world. Foremost will be the need to form an understanding between different segments of society — between those who rule and those they govern; between the rich and the poor; and between the different sects of Islam.

On her site, Al-Khatahtbeh is especially proud of stories that deal with race and sexuality. “Of course, female sexuality is honoured within our religion, and it shouldn’t be something we shy away from or think of as a taboo.”...


The violence, sectarianism and terrorism in the name of religion can only be fought once religious texts and different schools of thought are engaged critically and reinterpreted in the changed circumstances. Sufism offers a range of discourses that can help in reining the vices like terrorism and violence....

• 1st Women Administer Floggings in Indonesia

• Saudi Female Bikers Get Ready To Hit the Road

• 18-Year-Old Girl among Youths Appointed To UAE Federal Boards

• WHD is About Wearing a Hijab for One Day. Want to give it a Try!

• Sheikha Jawaher Witnesses Opening Of Fifth Arab Women Sports Tournament

• Morocco’s Long-Burdened ‘Mule Women’ Face New Struggle

• ‘Real Women’s Empowerment Requires Action on Recommendations’

• 46% Women among 17,000 Saudis Registered To Become Conciliators

• Sabarimala Case: Supreme Court Says It Will Frame Questions Relating To Discrimination of Women in Religious Places

• There Is More to Muslim Women than Headscarves and World Hijab Day Should Show That

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• 'How Can You Question Someone's Patriotism?’ IHC Grants Bail To 23 Protesters Held For Sedition

• No Palestinian Recognition If Mideast Peace Plan Goals Unmet: Kushner

• EU Slams US Mideast Peace Plan, Urges 2-State Solution

• Punjab: Nearly 20,000 Farmers, Women Take to Malerkotla Streets against CAA, an ‘Invitation March’ Under the Banner of The Bharatiya Kisan Union

• Rohingya Muslims: ‘The Hague Court Verdict Means So Much To Us’

• Saudi Arabia Blocks Iran from OIC Meeting

• Trump Mideast 'Peace Plan' On Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Violates UN Resolutions: Russia

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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Israel does not have an interest in having the Palestinians give up on their dream of statehood and aspiring instead to becoming voting citizens of Israel. This would undermine the Zionist rationale for Israel as a Jewish and democratic state....

But luck alone is insufficient and will not lead to solutions the Rohingya deserve, and Bangladesh and the international community legitimately demand...

نہی کی دو قسمیں ہیں: (۱) نہی عن الافعال الحسیہ یعنی افعال حسیہ سے نہی (۲) نہی عن الافعال  الشرعیہ یعنی افعال شرعیہ سے نہی ۔ افعال شرعیہ وہ افعال ہیں جن کا سمجھنا شریعت پر موقوف ہو اور انسان ان کا معنی ومفہوم اپنی ذاتی قدرت سے نہ سمجھ سکتا ہو ، ہاں جب شریعت نے ان افعال کے معنی  کو بتادیا تبھی وہ معنی انسان کی سمجھ میں آتے ہوں  ۔........


US arrogance in declaring all of Jerusalem the capital of Israel has backfired on Trump's entire "vision", leaving Washington humiliated and its foolishly dubbed "deal of the century" barely alive....]

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