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Letter to the Editor ( 26 Dec 2009, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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'New Age Islam', 'Moderate Islam' or 'Satanic-Illuminati-Masonic-Islam'

Apropos: Anti-Christmas’ Fatwa Troubles Egyptians, New Age Islam, 25 Dec, 2009,

No. It doesn’t trouble them (Egyptians). It troubles you.

You want 'New Age Islam', 'Moderate Islam' 'Satanic-Illuminati-Masonic-Islam'.

Probably you don't know but you people are playing in the hands of Zionists. They used similar tactics on Christians and now Muslims are the last target.

You are brain-washed sheep.

With the grace of Allah I recognise B.S. when I see one spreading it.

I requested you before and I am saying it again.....delete my email address from your delusional group. i don't wanna hear from you.



Qalan Bab



Anti-Christmas’ Fatwa Troubles Egyptians

By Rachelle Kliger

December 24, 2009

Muslims told to refrain from buying Christmas gifts by high-profile cleric.

Islamic ruling forbidding Muslims to participate in Christmas celebrations or mark the holiday is troubling Egypt’s Christians.

The call, which is being described as a fatwa, or Islamic decree, came from Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradawi, an influential firebrand cleric criticized in the West for his controversial rulings.

“Egypt has over the last two decades been infiltrated by Wahhabism,” Magdi Khalil, executive editor of Watani International and the Middle East Freedom Forum told The Media Line. “This culture and atmosphere is new in Egypt.”

The Egyptian-born Al-Qaradawi denounced the purchasing and selling of Christmas gifts, including Santa Claus dolls, Christmas trees and turkeys for Christmas dinner as “Christian and Western.”

Sales of Christmas gifts in Egypt have gone down by nearly a third this year because of the edict, according to one news report.

Christians contacted by The Media Line said they were unaware the fatwa had affected the celebrations or the Christmas revenues, but did express concern over the wider ramifications the fatwa may have on Christian minorities in Egypt and elsewhere.

In a Friday sermon, Al-Qaradawi criticized public celebrations of Christmas in Qatar and elsewhere in the Muslim world, claiming they undermined Islamic identity.

“Such appearances are prohibited by Islam,” he said. “Muslims participating in them are ignorant of Islamic teachings in this regard.”

George Ishaq, an Egyptian Christian and one of the founders of the opposition Kefaya movement, rejected the cleric’s sermon.

“He’s Egyptian but he doesn’t live here and we reject what he’s saying,” he told The Media Line. “There are many people in Egypt who are very tolerant. The people are celebrating Christmas and we’re sharing the celebration. I haven’t encountered any objections to what we’re doing.”

“Al-Qaradawi is ignorant and we cannot rule against what he said but we’re against what he said, both Muslims and Christians.”

Khalil said the fatwa reflected a wider problem of persecution against Christians in Egypt.

“The [Egyptian Christians] are always under threat,” he said. “They lack religious freedom, and according to all international definitions, Christians in Egypt are under persecution and suffer from racism.”

“There are a lot more things that will affect the people than this fatwa,” Khalil said. “The state police and intelligence persecute the Christians directly and this is more dangerous than Al-Qaradawi’s fatwa.”

One of Sunni Islam's most prominent clerics, Al-Qaradawi, is head of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), and a spiritual guide for many Islamist organizations, including the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt’s 83-million strong population has a sizeable Christian minority - mainly Copts - constituting almost a tenth of the population. They complain of consistent discrimination from the government.

Muslims do not celebrate Christmas, but shops tend to be filled with decorations and gifts for the holiday season.