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New Sharia Laws Of Brunei Not In Accordance With the Injunctions of the Quran; They Are Similar To Those of ISIS and Taliban

By S. Arshad, New Age Islam

09 April 2019

The Islamic country Brunei has implemented Sharia Laws. The Brunei government claims that the laws are based on Islamic jurisprudence. But they have not mentioned the source of their interpretation of the laws that have been implemented. According to the reports in the press, the new Sharia Laws provide for amputation of the hands of the thieves ;stoning to death of the gays, lesbians and adulterers and fine or jail for failing to attend Friday prayers.

Brunei had already Sharia Laws in force but it has introduced new Sharia Laws which are harsher. Brunei had implemented the first stage of Sharia Laws. In this year, the Brunei government has gone ahead with the next stage of the Sharia Laws. Earlier, the punishment for homosexuality was ten years in jail. Now the punishment for homosexuality and Lesbianism is death sentence.

The new Sharia Laws of Brunei are influenced by extremist interpretations of the injunctions of the Quran. In some cases the new laws are not in accordance of the injunctions of the Quran but on age old practices and traditions.  For example, the punishment of adultery between a man and woman is not stoning to death or Rajam according to the Quran. On adultery, the Quran says:

“Adulterer man and woman should be lashed a hundred times” (Al Nur:2)

For homosexuality the Quran prescribes physical punishment and not death:

“If two men among you commit sexual offence, give them physical punishment, then if they repent and become pious, leave them” (Al Nisa: 16)

O Muslims, if women among you commit sexual offence, bring four witnesses against them and imprison them.” (Al Nisa: 15)

For theft, the Quran has prescribed amputation of hands but the new Sharia Laws of Brunei have provided for amputation of leg on second offence. This is also not in accordance of the laws of the Quran.

Missing prayer or Friday prayer or not fasting in the month of Ramazan are not crimes but sins against God. Islam declares sins against the society or members of the society crimes. Sins against God (not praying, not fasting or not giving alms or not feeding the poor) are not considered crimes. But the government of Brunei does not distinguish between sins against God and sins against society and people.

Now the government will imprison people for not attending Friday prayers or not fasting in the month of Ramadhan. During the so called Khilafat of ISIS, two teenagers eating something in the marketplace in Ramadhan were executed. This was in violation of Islamic Shariah as Islam does not prescribe death for not fasting in Ramadhan. Also Taliban regularly stone to death people alleged to have indulged in sex out of wedlock though the rajam verses have been replaced by lashing verse.

On punishment for theft, in modern society theft has taken new dimensions. Theft has taken the shape of corruption. Powerful officials of the government steal money meant for the public by unscrupulous means. This also comes under theft but here the ‘thief’ does not use his hands. Instead, he uses the loopholes in the system generally in connivance with a number of people involved in the process. Has the Brunei government brought all such people (government officials, Ministers and bureaucrats) under the purview of theft laws or will it only catch poor hungry boys and old people stealing some coins or breads or food grain to feed himself or their starving family members? If yes, then it should follow the example set by Hadhrat Umar who had suspended the punishment for theft during drought because drought would force hungry people to steal food grains. Before implementing punishment for theft, the governments in Brunei and elsewhere should make sure that people are sufficiently provided with food and necessary items of daily use.

Unfortunately, the first victims of implementation of Sharia Laws are adulterers and poor thieves because it gives these so-called Islamic governments to demonstrate that they have implemented Sharia Laws by cutting hands of poor people.

The ISIS too had implemented ‘Sharia Laws’ soon after announcing the establishment of Caliphate by amputating the hands of thieves though during the turbulent period people were starving and children were dying without food; anarchy  had ruled everywhere.

S. Arshad is a regular columnist for NewAgeIslam.com

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  • As for new Sharia Laws of Brunei not being In accordance with the injunctions of the Quran, one should understand that Muslims let go of Quran a long time ago. Quran is by and large for most Muslims only an object of reverence, as it is uncreated like God and thus another God.
    What Brunei is doing in simply in active compliance of norms set by current Islamic theology for how an Islamic state should treat its Muslim citizens. Denying Muslims freedom of choice is an old Islamic practice. Hazrat Umar (ra) had once admonished Hazrat Osman publicly in a mosque for having come for Friday prayers without having taken a bath and having only done wuzu, though the latter had explained that he had just come back from travelling and the prayers had started. Hazrat Umar used to climb walls in the night and barge into people's houses if he heard sounds of singing and revelry coming from that house. Muslims are not supposed to have any freedom of belief and action in an Islamic State. Islamic states are known to have imprisoned and tortured some of our greatest aimma and many learned scholars for expressing thoughts contrary to the current state-sponsored belief.
    It was the same in Taliban ruled Afghanistan. We will see Taliban state 2.0 soon. Saudi Arabia, of course, is the original model of 20th century Islamic State.
    But in all fairness non-Muslins do have some freedom in an Islamic State. For instance, in Pakistan they can get a doctor's certificate showing they are alcoholic and need alcohol for survival. Having brought liquor bottles home, they can easily sell these bottles at several times the original price. But the Pakistani Muslims who buy these bottles complain that along with the hiked price to be paid, they also have to listen to moral lectures from these “kafirs” about taking hard drinks being a bad and un-Islamic practice.

    By Sultan Shahin - 4/14/2019 5:40:23 AM

  • Blatant lie by Naseer Ahmed. Sharia was directly or indirectly and constant aggression with non-Muslim is part of Islamic history and values, I wish you will answer on the Question raised below that of this current situation and this was the case in past as well with lots of documented proof from Islamic scholar themselves singing glory of Islam on non-Muslims 
    Here are the proofs, of sharia imposed and treatment of non-Muslims if you can refute them.
    1) India is paying Jajiya on the name of Asian premium when we buy oil from Middle East, A tax imposed on Kafir and Mushrkin.
    2)Not allowing worship place for Hindus in Middle East, like any other country where community buy the land built their temple, church, Gurudwaraa or Mosque and which version of "there is no compulsion in relgion of you taking Indians Hindus are ther now nearly for 50 years and treated badly in their faith.
    3)Harassing in India to Hindus to not allow to built Ram temple even prominent KK Mouhmmad Khan Archologist and others had said their was temple, so Muslim playing here land dispute card rather than relgious gourd they know that they will lose.
    4)Force conversion in Pakistan and Malaysia, in Malaysia non-muslasia are hurt economically to get converted or pay Indirect Jazzia.
    Hindus and other faith who are not Muslims.
    Jazia has taken new routes and new words like Asian premium tax, or creat environment that punished economically in Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladeh and Kashmir valley.
    Playing victim card extortion money form worlds liberal western countries, while other community is also suffering economically.

    By Aayina - 4/13/2019 5:11:46 PM

  • I agree with Arshad sahib. Making Islam a regimentation of rules, prohibitions and imperatives is to not understand the true spirit of Islam.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 4/13/2019 1:09:59 PM

  • Arshad sb,
    While "Let there be no compulsion in religion" should have been what defines and distinguishes Islam, no traditional or classical Islamic scholar has taken this verse seriously or made this verse central to our beliefs. What we see the extremists doing is because of the failure of the traditionalists and the classicists to define Islam as a religion of no compulsion.
    They have believed in compulsion all along and treated verse 2:256 lightly and even as abrogated.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 4/13/2019 8:33:43 AM

  • Mohiyuddin sb, this only reflects the growing extremism in the Muslim world. Clerics are trying to establish a society where religion will be forced on people. They will be jailed for not offering namaz, jailed or executed for not fasting in Ramazan, women will have to apply in advance for fasting leave in Ramzan submitting medical leave for menstruation period as proof failing which they would be declared punishable for skipping fasting for no valid reasons. etc etc. Muslims in non Muslim countries are better Muslims because they go to the mosque on their own will which God likes the most. They are not pressurised for fasting still  they fast and even children fast on their own. Islam wants this kind of Islamic society not like that of Brunei.
    By arshad - 4/12/2019 11:07:42 PM

  • If the Quran condemns some activity as being sinful, then exceeding Quranic punishments would earn these rulers not only popularity but the favor of God. Or so they think!

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 4/12/2019 11:26:13 AM

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