• Pakistan has not yet taken back the 5 lac Bihari Sunni Muslims, who fought for Pakistan in 1971 against Bangladesh'.
    ( By Shan Barani )
  • Respect for other faiths and a willingness to learn from them are signs of maturity.
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Mary has penned a beautiful touching piece on interfaith understanding. Mary Mary please....
    ( By chintutinku )
  • Congratulations to Mr Sultan Shahin Sb for raising this issue at the international forum UNHRC, GENEVA. THE Instant triple talaq is a curse for....
    ( By Raihan Nezami )
  • Your article throws light on the pathetic situation of the Rohingyas. Nobody seems keen to extend assistance...
    ( By Meera )
  • Naseer Sb, You have placed good argument based on Yusuf Ali's translation. But your argument will...
    ( By muhammd yunus )
  • Bangladesh reduced its kafirs from 33% in 1947 to 8% today Hence has plenty of room to take in muslim Rohingya.
    ( By shan94 )
  • Since India's rejection of refuge for the Rohingyas flies in the face of the Indian constitution, the government had....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Everything started by Islam. It thought animals how to eat and humans how to eat animals, that how it is best. Islam thought how wear cloths before ...
    ( By Aayina )
  • In Bangaladesh and Pakistan hindus are facing extermination. No one is bothered about that.
    ( By dr.A.Anburaj )
  • Naseersaab keeps repeating arguments that have already been shot down several times. He ....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • As I had predicted, Naseersaab is now in full takfiri mode! He wants to make my beliefs an issue instead of defending...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • There is no excuse whatever for any country having any blasphemy laws. Free speech....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Well then GM sb, if you agree that in the Quran not all the disbelievers are kafir, then kafir cannot mean disbeliever just as terrorist ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • A believer never has a problem proclaiming his belief very proudly. Neither does a disbeliever have a problem. It is only a hypocrite who has a....
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Naseer saab, I know what the dictionary definition of kafir is. I also know what some learned people have said about how the word....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Naseersaab again has to use abusive words like "hypocrite". He is truly shameless....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • "A fact-based analysis makes it clear that Muslims are generally trying to integrate...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Trumpism masked as intellectualism.
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Rohingya- Children of the Great Mother India. HOMELESS Rohingya CAN be settled in the Brahmputra Basin, in a NEW Home-Stay ....
    ( By Dhirendra Sharma )
  • The way things are moving there will be a major backlash soon .... Loosers? the Muslims!! Sad ... But they would have bought it onto ...
    ( By Rajinder Verma )
  • Is GM sb with the rest of the ulema in continuing to believe that all the Mushrikin were always kafir until they accepted Islam and ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • (62:5) The similitude of those who were charged with the (obligations of the) Mosaic Law, but who subsequently failed in those (obligations), is that of ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • When is this brain washing under religion gone stop.How can a God be if he tells to kill others animals or people it's not God.....
    ( By Prashant )
  • Poor Hats Off! He has to compulsively refute even a plausible claim which most persons would let pass without comment!
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Does GM Sb for the reasons given by him believe in the existence of an immortal soul? Or is he a disbeliever in the ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • before the advent of islam in the world, people did not know how to breath. it was islam that taught the world to breath.
    ( By hats off! )
  • The Sufis Of The 13th And 14th Centuries Paved The Way For The Bhakti Movement...
    ( By Who me )
  • Naseersaab's despicable personal abusive attacks are truly a shame for this ....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Poor Naseersaab just can't get beyond calling me a hypocrite, because being....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • The frame of discourse of the arguments advanced and the discussion in the triple talaq judgments....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • No one has the right to harm another person on the pretext that he or she is not a good Muslim." Killing in the name of ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • To do so is to risk being unprepared for often messy realities. ….. and to protect...
    ( By Rashid Samnakay )
  • As for the translation, following exactly what you say, isn't the following more correct? He enlightened the nafs to its wrong (fujur) and its right (taqwa)?....
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • As far as blocking of advancement of religious thought on this forum is concerned, it is Yunus Sb who has been blocking it. It took me.....
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • If we believe that religion of Islam, the Quran and the Prophet of Islam are really from true God, the creator of the Universe; ...
    ( By Abbas Ali Baig )
  • Yunus Sb, I find your arguments very strange. You gave seven translations of the verse in support of your interpretation and I said I agree with ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • GM Sb and Yunus Sb are deflecting the issue by trying to make out that the issue is one of defining the correct meaning of ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • He is not. Hats Off is.'
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • According to GM sb, non existence of an immortal soul is an outlandish theory and yet this does not mean that he believes in an ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )

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    Islam, Women and Feminism

    A Yezidi Woman Who Escaped ISIS Slavery Tells Her Story
    Twenty one year old Nadia Murad Basee Taha

    ‘Muslim women should be aware of their rights’

    Muslim woman files lawsuit following termination from Livonia clinic

    Hate crimes against Muslims rise in U.K.

    West Africa Seeks Islamic Veil Ban To Curb Female Suicide Bombers Amid Boko Haram Insurgency

    650 Muslim women given leadership training in Doon

    Nigeria: Economic Downturn - Aisha Buhari Calls for Women Empowerment

    Writing A New Narrative About Africa

    Afghan men march to demand reinstatement of woman governor

    Missing girl found dead

    Medical expert speaks against use of sonar to visualize the fetus

    Population of Saudi women increasing

    Ministry issues executive rules for beauty sector

    Kuwaiti women turning down jobs alongside men

    Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau

    Islamic Sharia Laws
    Reforming Muslim Personal Law
    Ali Raihan, New Age Islam

    There are two main stumbling blocks when it comes to reforming personal law of Muslims. First of course are the Muslim Ulama who argue quite erroneously that the personal law cannot be changed as it based on sharia which in turn they proclaim as divine. In their thinking, disturbing the Muslim personal law is equal to disturbing the divine law which is understood as perfect. ...

    Books and Documents

    In Search of Oneness—The Bhagavad Gita and the Quran Through Sufi Eyes
    Yoginder Sikand, New Age Islam

    ‘Every people is on the right path, in their faith and in the direction of their prayer,’ Raza quotes the noted Sufi of Delhi, Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya (b. 1238), as saying. This recognition of spiritual universality can enable people to appreciate and value the truths contained in spiritual traditions other than the ones they have ‘inherited’, as it were, by birth.   And that is just what happened with Raza, born in a Muslim family, as he began to study the Gita and several other scriptures after studying the Quran.

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Man Spits At American Muslim Women; Tells Her To Get Off Bus
    Sharareh Delara Drury

    After terror attacks, Muslim women say headscarves have made them targets for harassment

    Muslim-American women seek change from within

    3 Women of Muslim Backgrounds Receive US Human Rights Prize

    Laws must enforced to end violence against women

    California shooting: IS ignored Tashfeen's contact attempts, say US sources

    Suicide attack by foreigner woman leaves 4 dead in Nangarhar

    Saudi Council Recommends Allowing Women To Obtain Passports Without Male Guardians

    16 Gulf women to climb region’s highest peak in Oman

    Faith in their fight: Women campaign to scrap Haji Ali Dargah ban

    Awareness seminar on women status

    First Saudi vote campaign for women enters final day

    Campaign ends for first Saudi vote with women participation

    Muslim women launch developmental organization

    Inside a container, visitors hear story of an abused woman

    Bahrain puts spotlight on women's status

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic World News


    Islamic Educational Board of India against Uniform Civil Code


    Can’t blame all Muslims: British war veteran’s strong message against Islamophobia

    US-led anti-Daesh coalition has failed in Iraq, Syria: Russia


    Turkey urges citizens to leave Iraq, excluding Iraqi Kurdistan

    Israeli-Palestinian 'peace' elusive, US president says


    Terror attack may spark Pak-India war: US official

    Made in Pakistan - ISIS song to attract Chinese youth to global jihad

    North America

    Does Sparks Muslim school teach Sharia, Jihad?

    Toronto Islamic school scrutinised after US attack

    South Asia

    Breakthrough at ‘Heart of Asia’: Kabul agrees to restart dialogue with ‘reconcilable’ Taliban

    37 killed in Taliban siege at Kandahar airport

    Southeast Asia

    Jihadist attacks spark anti-Muslim outbursts

    Malaysia under DAP’s ‘anti-Malay, anti-Islam rule’ if UMNO rejected, Najib warns

    Arab World

    IS suicide bomber kills 8 near Baghdad mosque

    Qatar Supplying Tens of TOW Missiles to Terrorist Groups in Syria


    U.N. seeks $166 mln in Libya humanitarian aid

    10th Terrorism Suspect Arrested in Eagan

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    The Beheadings of Seven Hazaras and Afghan Women’s Struggle

    Sushma, Maryam exchange pleasantries

    9/11 hearings stumble on female guard spat

    Dubai Police shows their humanitarian side by helping elderly woman receive medical attention

    Now Saudi women can work in airline catering

    Husband threatens women with gun in Saudi Arabia

    When we go beyond the border we learn the importance of limitation!

    ‘Revise allocation for women’s polls symbols’

    Woman held with Yaba in Ctg

    Ex-Umno woman files appeal to restore challenge against sacking

    Truant schoolgirls taken to shelter

    Women use exercise as a tool to canvass votes

    Once jailed for defying a driving ban, this Saudi woman is now standing for office

    Bureaucracy, male guardianship impede women participation in historic Saudi municipal elections

    Passport proposal to strengthen women empowerment

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic World News


    Skills boost for India's Muslim children: Government plans training programmes for madrasas

    North America

    From White House to neighbourhood churches, all condemn Trump

    Muslim Congressman Calls Trump's Bigotry Out Of Style, Like 'Very Negative Bell-Bottoms'


    ‘IS can be defeated through joint efforts by global powers’

    'Freedom fighters' fighting in Kashmir, not terrorists, says Musharraf


    Erdogan Sends 'Grey Wolves' to Russian Borders

    Iran warns of growing Daesh presence in Afghanistan

    South Asia

    Taliban attack in Kandahar airfield leaves at least 9 dead

    Drone strike leaves 11 Taliban militants dead in Nangarhar province

    Southeast Asia

    MTUC to ISIS: Labour enemy of the state?

    Malaysian IS fighters driven ‘by desire to be good Muslims’, says US security firm

    Arab World

    German Green Party Calls on Gov't to Impose Sanctions against S. Arabia

    Syrian Sources Deny Terrorists' Claims about Taking Back Key Aleppo Regions


    Central Somalia fighting kills 20, displaces 90k, UN says


    Third bomber at Paris’ Bataclan music hall identified

    France urges EU to act faster against extremist finances


    Religious Revolution, Tony Abbott Says Islam Must Change

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Islamic World News

    If ISIS attacks country, every Indian Muslim will thwart them, says top cleric
    Maulana Tauqeer Raza


    Take tech route to counter ISIS, says scholar

    North America

    White House slams Trump's plan to ban Muslims

    Obama says don't demonize Islam, urges Muslims to reject hate too

    Southeast Asia

    Islam advocates moderation

    Malaysia to Help Australia in Islamic State Fight


    How terror attacks impact on our mental health

    ISIL has no fighters in Fata: Brigadier Wajid


    Palestinian shot dead in Israeli army raid in Bethlehem

    Zarif, Lavrov stress joint efforts to end terrorism in Syria

    South Asia

    ISIS releases new video calling Afghan Taliban a deviant group

    Karzai calls for urgent and united response to menace of terrorism

    Arab World

    Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Continues Destroying Terrorists' Positions across Syria

    More Militants Surrender in Syria's Dara'a


    Nigeria president says may extend deadline to fight Boko Haram

    Regional anti-Boko Haram coalition in jeopardy


    German court sentences 2 returning IS militants to jail

    Italy arrests man suspected of helping militants

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Islamic World News

    Indian Muslims: Islamic State Not a Threat to India
    Dalai Lama


    Mass wedding of 51 Hindu, Muslim couples organized in Firozabad

    India is the best example of religious tolerance: Dalai Lama

    Southeast Asia

    Scholar: Quran doesn’t call for an Islamic state

    Lessons for the Middle East in Indonesia's success

    Arab World

    32 IS fighters killed in US-led raids on Syria; Assad slams UK’s participation

    Syrian Army Pushes Back Nusra Militants from Part of Dara'a City


    Iraq gives Turkish forces 48 hours to leave country

    Turkey 'astonished' by Iranian charges of IS support

    North America

    Barack Obama: Threat is real, we will destroy Islamic State group


    Deadlock in Pak-Afghan ties can hamper peace initiatives: Sherpao

    90 per cent of Islamabad mosques ‘outside’ govt control

    South Asia

    Islamic State claims responsibility for attack on Shiite mosque in Bangladesh

    Heavy clashes reported among top Taliban leaders in Herat


    Nigeria police make arrests over Boko haram ‘sleeper cells’ in Abuja area

    Citing Libya’s case, Italy rules out joining air strikes


    ISIS propaganda and ammunition found after France mosque closure

    Leytonstone Tube Attack: 'You Ain't No Muslim Bruv' Becomes Very British Response

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    Orlando Shooter Mateen Adds To American-Muslims’ Misery
    S.Mubashir Noor, New Age Islam

    A way of life increasingly at odds with Muslims living in the US, or so the right-wing press would have you believe. Republican presumptive nominee for president, Donald Trump, had a field day sneering “I told you so” after he was broadly panned by his party leadership last December for proposing a temporary ban on all Muslims from entering the US. His “suggestion” followed the San Bernardino shooting spree perpetrated by a radicalized Muslim couple that left 14 dead.

    Islamic World News


    Take the fight to IS: Diplomats, religious leaders in Delhi on Anti-Terrorism Day


    Migrant dies in Greek border clash; 2,000 rescued off Libya

    Nigerian Army detains 11-yr-old ‘potential suicide bomber’

    North America

    Obama says: not going to do an ‘Iraq-style invasion’ in Syria

    US, Israel orchestrate mass shootings to spread Islamophobia: Activist

    Arab World

    Retrial of Muslim Brotherhood head, 36 others on death row

    I’m part of ISIS: Dutch arrest Syrian teen asylum seeker


    Australia passes anti-terrorism law to strip citizenship


    Pakistan condemns terrorism in all forms: Rabbani

    State of minorities in Pakistan

    South Asia

    Islamist leader asks Bangladesh court to commute death sentence | Reuters

    Afghanistan seeks to establish fate of ‘injured’ Taliban chief

    Southeast Asia

    Islamic State a New Worry for Indonesia’s Beleaguered Christian


    Iran condemns Saudi airstrike on MSF clinic in Yemen

    Israel arrests alleged Jewish extremists over deadly arson

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Man gulps kerosene oil after fight with wife

    Woman sociologist removes common misconceptions about Saudi Arabia

    When will we admit that violence against women is a problem in Saudi society?

    Going bronze — a new trend among Saudi women

    Female Iranian MP Writes Letter to Turkey's First Lady on Her Son's Ties with ISIL

    At RSS-sponsored meet in Ajmer, Muslim women ‘pledge’ to keep ‘small family’

    Divorced Saudi women to get ID cards

    Call for women protection in disasters

    US Muslim and Arab communities fear backlash from shooting

    All US military positions to open to women: Carter

    Juri’s father detained for ‘hiding info’

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    She was a beacon of enlightenment on women, modernity, and Islam
    Fatema Mernissi

    Morocco has just lost the great progressive sociologist Fatema Mernissi, who was one of the cultural and intellectual icons of the country. The deceased spent her entire life defending gender equality, women's rights, moderate Islam, the Islam of mercy, love, and tolerance. She dealt with contemporary issues with scientific rigor, objectivity and boldness, often breaking taboos.

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    90% with genetic disorders marry cousins

    RSS to hold a seminar for Muslim women on family planning

    6.7 million social media accounts ‘malicious’

    Christian girl, 8, stripped and beaten to punish uncle for dating Muslim

    He Named Me Malala makes the 2016 Oscars documentary shortlist

    Violence over KU boys-girls cricket match: no headway in probe

    Gujarat civic polls result: Among BJP’s eight Muslims in fray, woman is the lone winner

    CSS aspirant death: Victim’s family blames media for its woes

    No space for women in Punjab LG polls

    Muslim woman inspired Statue of Liberty

    Kidnap mastermind ‘dangerous criminal’

    Widow of Briton slain by terrorists lauds judiciary

    Kidnapping alert for schools

    Female candidates pull out over ‘high costs’

     ‘Lack of support, funds forced women out’ of municipal council race

    Womens’ rights body compared to pet cat

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Washington Muslim Women Fight Fear with Self-Defence Lesson

    St. Louis Muslim Women Reach Out To Build Bridges

    New Labour Policy Hits Children of Non-Saudi Fathers

    Eight Years On, Benazir Bhutto Assassination Case Remains A Mystery

    15 Couples Tie the Knot at Mass-Wedding in Pakistan

    Three Bangladeshi Girls Return from Indian Jail

    Saudi Women Outnumber Men in Getting Scholarships

    Pair Caught with Heroin in Dubai, Disguised as Women’s Accessories

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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