• so when you do not have the feel for arabic as it is not your mother tongue, how can you doubt the meaning of the ...
    ( By hats off! )
  • TRIPLE TALAQ - INSTANT DIVORCE As regards the controversy going on about the fatwa on triple talaq, I would like to say ...
    ( By V. M. Khaleelur Rahman )
  • Canada lawmakers pass anti-Islamophobia motion" though statistically in canada jews and african blacks suffer more hate crimes than muslims, a muslim ....
    ( By hats off! )
  • Nouman Ali Khan is a great islamic scholar known for his piety , scholarship and spirituality. But why new age islam is publishing his books ...
    ( By Iqbal Husain )
  • We are in larger enlighten world with different problems.
    ( By Sant Singh )
  • come out from mullaism...belief in holy honestly....god bless to all...
    ( By Amin Bharatkumar )
  • Hindu society has its own evils and devils.But it is open to logic and growth.untouchability is banned and the ...
    ( By Dr.A.Anburaj )
  • After about 18 months of independent research, it is clear that Islam is all about subordinating planet ....
    ( By Deepa Natarajan )
  • The meaning of kafir in the Quran is derived logically from how the Quran uses this word. We do not learn our mother tongue from ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • In the Koran god promises and resolves to protect the Koran against evils .So it is gods resolve  to protect Koran and Islam.If  ....
    ( By Dr.A.Anburaj )
  • Good idea as a compromise but U N charter has degree of emancipation can not be matched by any religious scripture..May ...
    ( By Dinesh Solanki )
  • Koran is sky god comic perpetuate illiteracy of public ,now public need revolt it is colonising god to convert &perpetuate their ...
    ( By Sant Singh )
  • It is clearly one of the many Bidaat ( Innovations / Highhandedness) of Hazrat Umar. Most of the Muslims are knowingly, Practice ...
    ( By Maulana Khushtar Hallauri Rizvi )
  • Islam dose not accept instant triple tallaq'
    ( By MD Aslam Khan )
  • Gud job New Age Islam'
    ( By Hardesh Kumar )
  • Nice Initiative by New Age Islam'
    ( By Avijit Adhikary )
  • I saw these womens are not in Islamic dress , so who will follow them.They have no right to lead such issue of Islam.....
    ( By Muhammad Shah Rukh )
  • Instant triple talaq has no legtimacy in islam point out scholars' ....
    ( By Waqar Bashir Rounyal )
  • How come so many are divorced this way ?'
    ( By Arvind Bhel Manit Srivastava )
  • Gives me thoughts for our blog'
    ( By Revelatory insight from Tai chi - )
  • the appalling hold that "political correctness" has gotten hold of our tongues and the stranglehold it has on our consciences is poignantly brought out by ...
    ( By hats off! )
  • The message that we derive from the Quran is influenced by our own understanding of what our religion۔۔۔
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • I have unique coin of Moulana Abul kalam azad PLease contact if you...
    ( By Aman )
  • just what IS the "authentic message" of the Holy Qur'an? according to a majority of....
    ( By hats off! )
  • Goutier record Islamic have hatred roots'
    ( By Sant Singh )
  • Hats Off cannot be blind to the fact that there is very little in common with what I say and what he points out to ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Dear Hats off: My condition of accepting my response may go against the norms of debating, it may appear childlike ...
    ( By Raihan Nezami )
  • What a snobbish and condescending rant from Hats Off
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Ill-timed satire from Hats Off!
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • An anti-Iranian point of view! Clubbing Iran with the Brotherhood is a neat trick!
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • the terrorist attack is actually a great help to the victims. it put them out of the miserable meaningless...
    ( By hats off! )
  • dear mr. raihan nezami first: i think the word "invincible" is probably not what you had in mind (i hope i am not mistaken...
    ( By hats off! )
  • thought provoking article which loses the crux of artificially created binary of a homogeneous inclusive minority community ....
    ( By Ayushman )
  • شکریہ! ایک اور خوبصورت تحریر کے لیے: یہ خود ہمارے لیے ایک لمحہ فکریہ ہے کہ‘‘جب یوروپ گی گلیاں کیچڑ آلود تھیں اس وقت ....
    ( By Mufti Arshad Jamaal )
  • درست فرمایا آپ نے (دیر آید درست آید) ۔ بے انتہاء مسرت ہوئی۔ پوری آزادی کے ساتھ اس ....
    ( By misbahul Hoda )
  • What has Hats Off's fulminations got to do with the meaning of Kafir? He is simply consumed by impotent rage at not being able to cite ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • marvellous egyptiannculture,destroyed arab pagans in the guaise of Islam.The Pre-Islamic History of Egpty is great
    ( By C.Sruguma )
  • Dear Hats off: First, you promise to accept the meaning of the word "Kafir" given by me, only then ...
    ( By Raihan Nezami )
  • mr. raihan nezami must verify the meaning of the word "kafir" before he lets loose.'
    ( By hats off! )
  • defending slave raids, ghazwas, right-hand possessions, jizya and denigration of the religion and scriptures of others produces a sickness of mind that cannot.....
    ( By hats off! )

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    Islam and Spiritualism

    Surah al-Kauthar has been discussed and explained in both the mainstream Sunni and Shia tafsir and more especially in Sufi mystical exegesis of the Qur’an. The Qur’an exegetes of all the different schools of thought in Islam have produced myriad commentaries regarding the true essence of the term ‘Kauthar’ mentioned in this verse.

    Current Affairs

    The Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind was bitterly opposed to the Pakistan plan. Its arguments against the Muslim separatism were (1) The Pakistan demand has British support and is nothing but an instrument forged by them to further their policy of divide and rule (2) Pakistan will split and, therefore, weaken the Muslims in India (3) Muslims’ real enemy is British imperialism and their only duty to defeat it and only a united action can achieve this (4) Muslims left behind India after separation will be at the mercy of the Hindus (5) Partition will hinder the missionary activities of the Ulema (6) Muslim League leaders are ignorant of Islam, have no ideology, and are only exploiting the name of Islam for the worldly gains of Muslim vested interests (7) Muslim League leaders are incapable of building up an Islamic State and their Pakistan will be no better than the Turkey of Mustafa Kamal.....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Michigan Woman Blasts Muslims Who Say Stabbing Jews Is Forbidden Under Islam
    Female-Only Motorbike

    Indonesia's Muslim Women Hail Female-Only Motorbike Taxis

    AIMMM gets is first woman executive member

    Woman gang-raped by two youth

    Woman among 3 nabbed after 4-hour shootout

    Finally, Filipino gets a call from Saudi ‘dad’

    Pink Caravan Ride to start on March 7

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic Society
    Concept of service in Islam—III
    Hamid Naseem Rafiabadi

    It was actually the impact of these Islamic teachings and traditions that Islamic Sufis have developed a well defined system of philanthropy and articulated the exemplary principles governing this noble cause. There are copious sayings regarding the best morals presented by the Sufis found in Risalah-i-Qusihriya and other Sufi treatises.

    Islamic Society
    Concept of service in Islam—II
    Hamid Naseem Rafiabadi

    Islam consists of three elements: System of beliefs, worship and social relations. To some extent Muslims take care of belief system though there is much to be done in order to educate people on the niceties of belief. ...

    Current Affairs

    Dialogue With Pakistan Is Not India's Necessity
    Tufail Ahmad, New Age Islam

    The ISI's ideological proposition is this: if we were to live in peace with India, why there was a need to create the state of Pakistan? The ISI views Pakistan as an Islamic state which was born because it was incompatible with India. As a result, each time there are talks between India and Pakistan, the ISI sponsors terror attacks on Indian interests.

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Saudi Arabia Arrests Sister of Jailed Blogger Raif Badawi: Amnesty
    Samar Badawi, sister of jailed Saudi blogger

    Egyptian Women Fight Stigmas for Future Gains

    Four Women Appointed To Top Posts in Organization of Islamic Cooperation

    Women Candidates in Sharjah Elections Briefed On Campaigning Rules

    Islamic State Threatens To Kill Pune ATS Officer Who Deradicalised Young Girl

    First Saudi Woman Colorectal Surgeon to Address Arab Health Conference In Dubai

    Muslim Women Must Be Emancipated

    Female Illiteracy in KSA Drops To 8.27%

    Attempt To Smuggle Woman into Saudi Arabia Foiled

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic Society
    Concept of Service in Islam—I
    Hamid Naseem Rafiabadi

    Concept of Service in Islam—I
    Hamid Naseem Rafiabadi

    Sayyidna Umar (RA) filled another moneybag with four thousand dinars and sent it with the servant to Sayyidna Mu'adh Ibn Jabal (RA), with the same message to him and with the same instruction to the servant. The servant followed the instruction. Sayyidna Mu’adh Ibn Jabal (RA) took the bag of money and supplicated to Allah for Sayyidna 'Umar (RA). Then he too immediately sat down to distribute the money.

    Islam and Pluralism

    Sufism Set the Tone for Religious Co-Existence
    Raziuddin Aquil
    What distinguished Sufism from other forms of Islam was its belief that a human soul could achieve union with God, a belief later formulated in the doctrine of Wahdat-ul-Wujud (unity of existence, or monism as a reality). This doctrine often brought Sufis into conflict with Islamic orthodoxy (represented by the Sunni Hanafi Ulema or theologians). The latter believed that God was unique and therefore to suggest that a human’s soul could achieve union with God was to imply that there was no distinction between God and human beings. .....

    Current Affairs
    Has The BBC Urdu Become Another Madrassa?
    Tufail Ahmad, New Age Islam

    Has The BBC Urdu Become Another Madrassa?
    Tufail Ahmad, New Age Islam

    ...If the BBC correspondents are opposed to the RSS and the BJP, they should also be opposed to the Marxists, the Congress, Naxalites, the Muslim fundamentalists, and partisans of all kinds. That will be true journalism. Journalism is also about balance as well as representing the other side. However, since the Left-wing's so-called progressive journalists often are silent supporters of their own ideological movements, they fail to see that the other side too has a reasoned viewpoint...

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Cultural Taboos Still a Hurdle for Women in KP to Join Police

    Indonesia's Muslim Women Hail Female-Only Motorbike Taxis

    23 Saudi Women on Trial over Terrorism Charges

    Children of Non-Saudi Fathers To Be Counted As Citizens: Mol

    Washington Muslim Women Fight Fear with Self-Defense Lesson

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Rayani Air’s Islamic branding finds support

    Fatwa prohibits unmarried Muslim women from freezing their eggs

    Malaysian Minister: No need for a ‘Men’s Affairs Department’

    Palestinian wave of violence marked by increased female role

    Do Muslim Women Paint a Target at Their Back by Wearing a Hijab?

    Plaza Indonesia to Host Women Themed Film Festival in May

    Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau

    Islamic Ideology

    Fighting the Ideology of 'Radical Islam'
    Fareed Zakaria

    In fact, the enemy is radical Islam, an ideology that has spread over the last four decades — for a variety of reasons — and now infects alienated young men and women from across the Muslim world. The fight against it must, at core, be against the ideology itself. And, that can be done only by Muslims — they alone can purge their faith of this extremism.

    Islamic World News

    No Santa Hat or Xmas Greetings: Sultan of Brunei Bans Christmas
    Brunei's Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah

    Southeast Asia

    Islamic State Hopes to Expand ‘Caliphate’ into Indonesia

    Arab World

    Muslim and Christian Leaders Meet in Egypt to Work for Dialogue & Peace

    Through ‘Voice of the Caliphate’, Daesh Threatens To Kill Journalists in Nangarhar

    ISIL Sustains Increasing Casualties under Syrian Army Attacks


    207 More Saudi-Led Troops Killed in Yemen Ballistic Missile Attack

    Drone Strike Kills Four Al Qaeda Suspects In Yemen


    Kenyan Muslims Protect Christians in Shabaab Attack

    Nigerian Army Continues Destroying Shiites' Buildings in Zaria

    South Asia

    Afghanistan: 6 American Soldiers Killed in Taliban Suicide Attack

    Pakistan Says ‘Radio of the Caliphate’ Operates From Afghan Territory


    Do Not Be Provoked, Babri Action Committee Leaders Tell Community

    Pune: One of Three Missing Youth Suspected To Have Joined IS Detained


    Akbar Bugti's Son Files Plea Seeking Exhumation of Father's Body

    Indo-Pak Ties: Pakistan Proposes Foreign Secretary Level Talks in January

    North America

    U.S. Muslims Reach Out to Address Questions on Islam and Violence

    Religious Leaders Alarmed By Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Islamic Ideology

    The rise and spread of ISIS, Wahhabism, Boko Haram, and other supremacist religious creeds is rooted in their evil design and the use of Islamic vocabulary with falsified definition. So, Muslims must rediscover the original meaning of Islamic vocabulary as defined in the Qur’an to discredit these evil outfits. Traditionally, the term al-Islam stands for the religion of those who are commonly known as Muslims, the followers of Prophet Muhammad (s). In this traditional understanding, the term al-Eman has been used to also describe the ‘faith’ of these Muslims, the adherents of al-Islam. By the linking of al-Eman to al-Islam, the followers of Muhammad (s) were thought to be both the Muslims (الْمُسْلِمِينَ) and the believers (الْمُؤْمِنِينَ)……

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    Ijtihad, Rethinking Islam
    If Islam Means Peace, Why Is Much Of Its Theology Soaked In Hatred, Humiliation, Offensive War?
    Sultan Shahin, New Age Islam

    Among many factors, social, economic, political, psychological, the one common feature is a brainwashing of vulnerable people on the basis of a supremacist, xenophobic, intolerant, exclusivist and totalitarian Jihadi theology. This is a blatant misuse of Islam, a spiritual path to salvation, that 1.6 billion Muslims believe, teaches peace, pluralism, co-existence and good neighbourliness.

     But there has to be a reason why jihadi ideology has gained acceptance so quickly; why fatwas issued by reputed moderate scholars prove so ineffective? How are Jihadis able to create a 100 percent certainty in the minds of some Muslims that violence against innocent people, including Muslims, whom they consider infidel, will please God and lead them to heaven?

     Clearly we Muslims need to rethink some basic features of our theology. Success of jihadism lies in the fact that, at its core, the jihadi theology is not very different from the consensus theology of all other schools of Islamic thought. For instance, jihadists are able to misuse the intolerant, xenophobic, war-time verses of the holy Quran, as Muslims believe that all verses, regardless of the context, are of universal applicability. Indeed, the Islamic theology of consensus, taught in all madrasas, says that Quran is uncreated, meaning that it is just an aspect of God; and so, divine like God Himself.....

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