• Jazakallah there should b more work on it. Also, copulation is prohibited during mestrual cycle that proves islam didn't consider women inferior but plays a ...
    ( By Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi )
  • Janab Muhammad Ashraf Kachuchwi, I fully agree with you that ISIS and other Muslim terror outfits of this era are profaning God and the ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • ISIS' ambition is to conquer the whole world to ensure all countries practise all the Sharia law instead of democracy. The following is the extract to ...
    ( By zumamusa )
  • Sandip Roy should either know or explain what made M.F.Husain Leave India ? He will know it was Intolerance.'
    ( By Naseem Ahmed )
  • This Article is eye opener that How God Of Islam used the securely or mix society like India and once the popultion or followers grow ...
    ( By Aayina )
  • Tis a bit more complicated. I will just say this in short. America is an ally of Saudi Arabia. Russia is an ...
    ( By Amy )
  • That was true , Islam was weaker during early phase according to maulana Modidi Saheb. One should look into post conquest Meccan period and the ...
    ( By Aj )
  • India should learn the modern concept of secularism. Secularism is defined was separation of state & religion; equal rights & opportunities for all irrespective of ...
    ( By Hasan Abbas )
  • We can see true face of Islam here easily
    ( By Amit )
  • ہمیں ا س سوال پر بھی غور کرنا ہوگا کہ آخر داعش جیسی تنظیموں کی پشت پناہی آخر کون کررہاہے ؟ اسکے پاس اسلحہ اور ...
    ( By Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi )
  • There is a pressing need to give a widespread / global publicity to the following fatwa by Dr. John. Andrew Morrow (Imam Ilyas Islam), a ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • Muslim and Islam are blamed wrongly indeed. But Muslim are seen going berserk at the publication of any material insulting their Prophet and have blasphemy ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • superb article by Roshan. hope Muslims read this and read this article again and again. A Muslim acquaintance after reading this superb article
    ( By chintu )
  • Couldn't agree more. The problem lies with Islamic scholars instead of abrogating those controversial verses instead they are spinning it , as it should be ...
    ( By Aj )
  • We have this article and we also have Roy Abbas's article on the same page of NAI. There is some truth in both of them. ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Mauls a Sahib, Do you believe Sharia Law
    ( By Aj )
  • Dear Ghulam Ghaus sb, you are well when you say "The sacred texts of the Qura’n and Sunnah imply that both husband and wife are ...
    ( By Ameen Ansari )
  • Beautiful write-up in beautiful way “The most perfect of believers in belief is the best of them in character. The best of you are those ...
    ( By Zahid Sabri )
  • The issue is Cherry Picking scripture. Qur'an has to be understood holistically as it explains itself.'
    ( By Mubashir )
  • I think some part of article is exaggerated but no one denied the fact that in India for being secularist, you should be pro- Pakistan, ...
    ( By Anurag Shukla )
  • I think some part of article is exaggerated but no one denied the fact that in India for being secularist, you should be pro- Pakistan, ...
    ( By Anurag Shukla )
  • If people follow the religion of their choice there will be no blood shed. ISIS is neither islam nor human. And had Jesus followed the ...
    ( By Mujtaba Ahmed )
  • In order to know Islam's stand on bloodshed like the one we saw in Paris, we should reflect on the following prophetic tradition reported in ...
    ( By Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi )
  • Owasi is the only person..for whom i can sacrifice myself'
    ( By Adeeb Iqbal )
  • Yeh Sultan Shahin kon hai aur kis Arab desh mein is ki sultani chal rahi hai aur yeh sultan wahan se yahan ke musalmano ko ...
    ( By Pervez Ahmed )
  • It is there for cherry picking. The adherent of puritanical creed like Mulha Modidi, Abdul Wahab, Islamic brotherhood and salafi they believe themselves the ...
    ( By Aj )
  • Very informative . Good read. There is lesson to be learn from such a tall political leader who believe that simplicity is divine. ...
    ( By Aj )
  • "Unless Muslims acknowledge the violent elements in their Islamic literature and reform it according to norms of the 21st century, groups like ISIS with their ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Dear Rev. For your information the Muslim community in America is among upper soci economical Group. They are doing quite well
    ( By Aj )
  • Ghulam Mohiuddin Sahab, If you were a Christan and lived 100 years ago or earlier, you would say why there is so much confusion with Bible ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • I would invite you to take a look at David Chandler on U-tube. I was married to a person who dealt with implosions and ...
    ( By Amy )
  • Yunus sahib, your point is well taken, but I still wonder why such misinterpretations are more common with the Quran than with the Bible although ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • "To counter the propaganda of terror outfit Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (IS), prominent Muslim organisation Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind is planning to move into the ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • “Unless Muslims acknowledge the violent elements in their Islamic literature…” You mean MUSLIM literature. Yes there is a lot of that there. Islamic literature is Quran and ...
    ( By not so learned )
  • Dear Ghulam Mohiuddin Sahab, It is a pity you say "It is a shame that the Quran can be so misinterpreted." The truth is even the noblest ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • Examining text of any, one needs to ask this question as to whether author acknowledge Imam e Mubeeen existing as Noorun ala Noor or not. ...
    ( By Muhammad Mukhtar Alam )
  • None from the Sunni social background recognised Imam e Mubeen decreed as Noorun ala Noor. This is the reason, they were thrown aside for their ...
    ( By Muhammad Mukhtar Alam )
  • To Serajuddin Khurram Yes malysia and Indonesia was not converted by sword but some centuries ago in Far East countries public has to follow Relegion of ...
    ( By Aayina )
  • To Ashraf Ali Well Hindus do not Hate Muslims it can be your and many Indian Muslim mindset but on the contrary we Hindus live in fear, ...
    ( By Aayina )
  • Dear Ghulam Mohiyuddin and Ghulam Ghaus saheban, Your points are well taken. Much of the world agrees that the Daesh needs to be crushed. But how ...
    ( By Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi )

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Muslim group wants PM Modi to ban polygamy, order compulsory marriage registration

    Muslim woman forced off plane in US cites Islamophobia

    Muslim women and participation in politics

    Police reluctant to register rape cases

    Black abaya a must-have for fashionable Muslim women

    Japanese woman feared murdered in Bangladesh; buried as a Muslim

    Despite Barriers, Saudi Women in First Election Bid

    Demand high for self-defence classes for Toronto's Muslim women

    Najran’s King Khalid Hospital restores woman’s sight

    Program makes women aware of breast cancer risks

    Over 100 Female Projects compete in Entrepreneurship Competition

    Two women cleared of kissing in public in Dubai food court

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic Society

    Friday Sermons in Indian Mosques Should Refute The Extremist Theology Of Violence And Xenophobia And Promote Positive, Pluralistic, Inclusive Values Of Islam?

    Any sort of support, openly or tacitly, to extremist activities through any means completely goes against the basic principles of Islam. But there are still an overwhelming number of mosque preachers who seem to live in denial and hence don’t utter a single word in the rejection of the extremist ideology. But what about the Prophetic exhortations in which he urged Muslims, particularly the leaders of the Ummah, to stand against the evils at least by tongue or heart?...

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    How Modi can destroy Wahabi extremists like ISIS
    Uday Mahurkar

    How prepared is the Narendra Modi government should India face a Paris-like attack? It might be prepared to tackle the immediate challenge, but it is yet to come out with a long-term strategy to promote Sufism and tackle the challenge of ultra-Wahabism.

    Islam and Politics

    You Won’t Win a War Against Isis If You Don’t Know What The Peace Looks Like
    Giles Fraser

    We wouldn’t bomb the suburbs of Brussels to eliminate the Isis cells stationed there. So why bomb Syrian towns when there are so many innocent people living there too? A few years ago, Cameron tried to persuade us to go to war against Bashar al-Assad because he was dropping barrel bombs on his own people. Now it is us who are proposing to do something similar, perhaps to the very same cities. ...

    Islam and the West

    The Arab World is at war with itself: New Age Islam’s Selection From World Press, 27 November 2015

    The Arab World is at war with itself

    By Lamis Andoni

    Turkey and Russia on collision course in Syria

    By Joyce Karam

    Why Turkey’s move against Russia was inevitable

    By Manuel Almeida

    Donald Trump has ripped off his mask

    By Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor

    Isn’t preserving EU values the best answer to terrorism?

    By Yossi Mekelberg

    Putin’s ‘realpolitik’ aims to make Russia indispensable

    By Paul Taylor

    Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau

    Current Affairs

    Straws in the Paris wind: New Age Islam’s Selection From India Press, 27 November 2015

    Straws in the Paris wind

    By Happymon Jacob

    Terror versus what?

    By Vappala Balachandran

    Cults and conscience

    ByVamsee Juluri

    A reminder from god’s own country

    By Oommen Chandy

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Current Affairs

    The West must learn from failed attempts: New Age Islam’s Selection From Pak Press, 27 November 2015

    The West must learn from failed attempts

    By Muhammad Ali Ehsan

    Why do people hate Altaf Hussain?

    By Syed Kamran Hashmi

    Being labelled anti-Pakistan

    By Zeeba T Hashmi

    Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau

    Urdu Section

    داعش جیسی دہشت گرد تنظیموں کے دہشت گرد اللہ اکبر جیسا مقدس نعرہ لگاکر بے گناہوں کا خون بہا رہے ہیں جن کی وجہ سے پوری دنیا میں امن،شانتی کامذہب دین اسلام بدنام ہورہاہے۔دہشت گرد تنظیمیں جہاں ایک طرف اسلام کی بدنامی کا سبب بنی ہوئی ہیں وہیں یہ انسانیت،امن اورہمارے پیارے وطن ہندوستان کی بھی کٹر دشمن ہیں۔

    Urdu Section

    اسلا م نہ تو خون ناحق کو بہانے کی اجازت دیتاہے اور نہ ہی دشمنوں کے املاک و جائداد کو تباہ و برباد کرنے کی اجازت دیتا ہے او رنہ  ہی یہ اعمال اسلام کے مقاصد جلیلہ کے شایان شان ہیں۔ اسلام فتنہ و فساد کو نا پسند کرتاہے اس لیے کہ حقیقی معنوں میں یہ امن و آشتی کا علمبردار ہے۔ یہی وجہ ہے کہ حالت جنگ میں بھی اس بات کا خیال رکھا جاتا ہے کہ نہ کھیتیاں تباہ و برباد کی جائیں ، نہ ہی  پھل دار درختوں کو کاٹا جائے او رنہ ہی املاک کو نذر آتش کیا جائے۔ یہاں تک کہ کفر و شرک کا علمبردار محارب فریق میدان جنگ میں بھی اہل ایمان محارب فریق سے امن و عافیت کا خواہاں ہے تو ہاتھ روکنے کا حکم ہے۔

    Islamic World News

    Muslim Community Speaks Out on Paris Attacks
    Qari Asim, imam of the Makkah Masjid in Leeds


    UK Imam: Extremists Have 'Hijacked' Islam

    How the twisted ideology of Islamic State came to dominate British universities

    Southeast Asia

    From Indonesia, a Muslim Challenge to the Ideology of the Islamic State

    Islamic State leader Adnani issues new order to attack Westerners

    Arab World

    Terrorists Fleeing Syria's Lattakia in Hundreds after Army's Large-Scale Operations

    'KSA leading efforts to dry up Daesh sources'


    Mumbai Muslims ready plan to fight back Islamic State

    IS lures new recruits with promises of job, rule of sharia and 'jihadi bride'

    Can Muslims in forces sport beard? SC no to urgent hearing


    ISIL claims Tunisia bus bombing

    Turkey, Arab world condemn Tunisia attack

    Pope says Christian-Muslim dialogue 'essential' for peace


    293 Punjab seminaries linked to terrorism

    Call for citizens’ role in safeguarding human rights

    South Asia

    UK hails Hasina’s zero-tolerance policy on terrorism

    Suspect held over death threats to secular writers in Bangladesh


    Putin sends S-400 missiles to Syria to deter Turkey

    Turkey made big mistake downing Russian jet, US made bigger mistake backing it: Larijani

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    The Indian Feminists’ Counter-Misogynist Campaign 'Happy To Bleed:' Where Does Islam stand?
    Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

    It must be made clear that in Islam, menstruation is not regarded as something that makes a woman inferior to man. Many common misconceptions occur because of misogynist patriarchal interpretations of Islam that go against its true egalitarian spirit. One must understand that in such a scenario, it is the Mullah that humiliates the woman and not Allah.....

    Islamic Ideology

    Islam's First Constitution Shows It Is a Religion of Peace, Tolerance
    Imam Mohammad Jamal Daoudi

    This constitution made all those who lived in Medina belong and feel the belonging to one nation. That means immigrants from Mecca, residents of Medina, neighboring tribes, and those who fought with and for them. This further developed the meaning of a nation after it had only referred to the loyalty to the tribe.

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    “Internet has become an easy platform to propagate crime and ideology. We have seen recently there has been lot of talk about IS on the net and attempts to radicalise Hyderabad youth. So, we are mastering the same technology,”…

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    Thousands of such institutions, many located close to the Bangladesh border, form the base of the radicalisation, training and recruitment of potential jihadists in West Bengal, intelligence officials say. Trainers use video clips, indoctrination documents and short films in Bengali to indoctrinate the youth.

    Books and Documents

    Guiding Souls—Dialogues on the Purpose of Life
    Yoginder Sikand, New Age Islam

    Leading a truly meaningful life is about ‘finding God in the human heart’, as Kalam puts it. Realising our true selves—the purpose of life, according to various spiritual traditions—is something that requires both self-reflection as well as social engagement, Kalam suggests. The ‘voyage of inner exploration’ leads us to realize our connection with the rest of humanity, guided by compassion: ‘independence from narcissism is self-realisation’, as he beautifully puts it.

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Calgary Self-Defence Class Will Teach Muslim Women to Protect Themselves
    Burqa-clad women

    Burqa-clad women to be fined £6,500 in Switzerland

    Bombay high court reunites Hindu-Muslim couple from Rajasthan

    One in three women around the world are subjected to violence

    Report says women depicted more in Pakistani media but men still dominate

    UN chief calls for steps to end violence against women, girls

    Young Muslim’s defiant letter to Donald Trump goes viral

    Labor Ministry extends retail store feminization deadline

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Current Affairs

    How Tolerant Minds and Calm Politics Can Stop ISIS' War of Terror from Spreading
    Gopalkrishna Gandhi

    ISIS' manslaughter in Paris has placed on Muslims across the world the agonizing task of self-definition and self-explanation. It has placed Muslims in India in the doubly agonizing predicament of fearing a local backlash for what ISIS does as part of its global agenda.

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    ISIS — A Growing Global Threat
    Raulston Nembhard

    The war against ISIS does not justify killing perhaps hundreds of thousands of civilians to root out a terror group like ISIS. President Barack Obama would be very naïve to think that bombing ISIS would degrade them and finally rid the world of them. But now that the rest of the world is waking up to the reality that this group presents a global threat and can strike at any time in any part of the world, there will be greater coordination from these countries to fight this growing threat.

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    No country for journalists: New Age Islam’s Selection From Pak Press, 26 November 2015

    No country for journalists

    By Editorial

    Afghan refugees & the perception problem

    By Madiha Tallat

    Towards a world war?

    Ali Malik

    Don’t blame the people

    I.A. Rehman

    Turkish adventurism

    By Daily times Editorial

    Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau

    Islam and the West

    Turkey's move against Russia: Cold War redux?: New Age Islam’s Selection From World Press, 26 November 2015

    Turkey's move against Russia: Cold War redux?

    By Akin Unver

    Why Turkey’s move against Russia was inevitable

    By Manuel Almeida

    Britain is showing resilience after Paris - for now

    By Chris Doyle

    Where is ISIS’s Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

    By Raed Omari

    A giant leap toward WWIII?


    Stirring anti-Saudi hysteria


    Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau

    Islamic Ideology

    The Condemnation of ISIS by the Qur'an and Legal Prohibition is Absolute: So Why Keep Blaming Islam?
    Mohamad Abdalla

    If we are genuine about finding solutions to violent extremism, then we must move beyond vulgar criticism of Islam and Muslims and work instead with the Australian Muslim community as a key partner in this fight. Constantly blaming Muslims for the crimes of others is counterproductive. And ISIS thrives on this.

    Islam and Sectarianism

    However, given the increase in the persecution of religious minority communities in recent years — as illustrated by the torching of a chipboard factory owned by Ahmadis followed by attacks on an Ahmadi ‘place of worship’ in Jhelum on Saturday, reportedly in response to ‘blasphemy’ allegations - what is needed now is a lot more than heartfelt sentiment.

    Current Affairs

    An Open Letter To Aamir Khan: Is Leaving India A Way To Fight Intolerance?
    Sandip Roy

    As a Muslim man, even if you claim to “represent everyone”, you do realize that even in the First World, Muslims are hardly the most welcome? In 31 states and counting in the US, refugees from Syria are no longer welcome. CAGE, an advocacy group, has warned that British Muslims are being subjected to “cradle-to-grave” levels of surveillance that go beyond America’s McCarthy witch-hunts during the Cold War. …

    Islamic World News

    To check Islamic State, focus is on counter-radicalisation
    Bollywood Actor Amir Khan


    ISI may help al-Qaida gain foothold in India

    If Amir Khan feels ‘intolerance’, he should go to Pakistan: Subramanian Swamy

    Southeast Asia

    Malaysia: Confront Daesh with both military and non-violent measures

    ‘Daesh’ the right term, say scholars


    Putin calls jet's downing 'stab in the back'; Turkey says warning ignored

    French Muslim body calls for imams to need a permit to preach

    Arab World

    IS frees 10 kidnapped Syrian Christians

    Syrian Forces Complete Full Control over All Areas around Kuweires Airbase

    French jets strike ISIS command center in Iraq

    South Asia

    Leaders vow unity against IS terror

    Taliban seize 15 Afghan soldiers after chopper crash


    ISIS not be correlated with Islam: Dr Al-Turki

    ‘Religious discrimination harms Pakistan, defies Quaid’s vision’


    Siding With ISIL? Turkey Spotted Dealing With Radical Islamists in Syria

    NATO urges calm after Turkey downs Russian jet


    Tunisian President declares ‘war’ against terrorism

    Blast kills 12 in Tunisia as terrorists target presidential guard

    North America

    Barack Obama, Hollande urge Russia to focus Syria attacks on Islamic State

    Numero Uno

    ‘No specific, credible threat’ to U.S. from ISIS

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Train passengers stand up against racial abuse of Muslim woman

    20,500 Afghan girls out of school due to conflict in 2015

    British Muslim women filmed glorifying Isis and urging Muslims to 'reject democracy' in undercover investigation

    Ex Muslim Author: ‘Sharia is With Us, And It’s The Women Who Suffer’

    Women vs Political Islam 

    120 women candidates withdraw from municipal polls

    Japanese woman feared murdered, buried in B’desh

    Saudi municipal elections sees withdrawal of 120 women candidates

    One-wheeling injures 3 girls

    Whoopi: Trump’s 9/11 Rhetoric Is Putting American Muslim Women in Danger

    NYPD: Postal worker spat on Muslim woman

    A Brisbane Muslim woman speaks out

    Glowork wins social entrepreneurship award for female career-building platform

    466,000 women recruited in private sector last Hijri year

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau



    Radical Islamism and Jihad
    Preventing Further Radicalisation Is the Challenge Muslims Must Undertake: Some Concrete Suggestions
    Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

    Now the question is, how do we go forward? If we really want to make a difference, we will have to start a substantive dialogue with the ulema and make sure that they agree to:

    1) open the gates of ijtihad, rethinking all tenets of Islam in the light of the situation prevailing today. As we have not done our homework for over a millennium, this will have to be pretty revolutionary.

    2) declare that only constitutive and essential, not the contextual and allegorical verses of Quran, are meant to guide us today.

    3) compile Qur'anic verses in the order in which they were revealed, thus restoring primacy to Meccan verses that mostly constitute the essential and universal teachings of Quran, as they can be understood without any need for knowing the context in which they were revealed.

    4) declare that Ahadees cannot be considered any form of revelation from God. Islamic State’s millenarian thesis is almost entirely based on ahadees, though they use some allegorical verses of Quran as well. The claim of al-Baghdadi leading an end-time war, al-Malhama, just before the final Armageddon, has been a big draw. Some Muslims have come to think life on earth has no meaning left in the times of al-Malhama and so are rushing to join the war.

    5) declare that Sharia (fiqh) is not divine. It was created over a century after the demise of the Prophet by ulema who tried to codify laws on the basis of Qur'anic postulates and Arab cultural practices.

    6) declare clearly that Islam believes in co-existence with other religions, not dominion over the world.

    7) re-define commonly used Islamic terms like Muslim, kafir, mushrik, ahl-e-kitab, jihad, qital, farz, sunnat, etc.

    In a word, we must evolve a truly Islamic and a coherent theology of peace and co-existence, moderation and modernity, to counter the very coherent theology of violence and xenophobia, intolerance and supremacism that Jihadi ulema have created over centuries. All ulema say Islam is a religion of peace and co-existence. It's time for them to walk their talk. But if they refuse to consider change, we will need to directly reach the Muslim masses. ...

    Finally, the larger Indian community too should introspect. As Daniel Pipes said in an international counter-terrorism conference in Jaipur recently, in this war of ideas, the world should not only encourage and support progressive, modern Muslims but also oppose and refrain from supporting the fundamentalists and extremists.

    1) Our national leadership supported Khilafat in 1920s, considering it an essential part of Islamic theology. That was wrong. Now we must repudiate that stance and acknowledge our mistake.

    2) Muslim Personal Law in India has not been reformed even to the extent it has been in Pakistan and Bangladesh. This must change. At least General Ayyub Khan’s reforms in Pakistan must be introduced and Ulema should be told to accept what their Pakistani and Bangladeshi counterparts did decades earlier. This is not a satisfactory solution but at least it will be a start and it is doable.

    3) Madrasa education is a serious violation of the human rights of Muslim children. It destroys their lives and fills their minds with xenophobia and intolerance. Our government not only allows this but partly funds some madrasas. This must stop, unless, of course, madrasas actually change to become modern versions of what madrasas used to be like, in the Golden Age of Islam, and produce scientists and philosophers. A secular, democratic government should not be in the business of funding xenophobia and intolerance.

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