• This is a very important article and honestly spells out the enormous challenge that confronts both Muslims and all of Humanity. Our collective ...
    ( By Feroze Mithiborwala )
  • It is a dearest request to every muslim brother & sister to share this post as much as possible to retain the spirituality ...
    ( By Iftekhar Alam )
  • We the progressive community of muslims hindus christians and other like minded should immediately work in this direction so that society becomes worth living.....
    ( By Veer Ji Raina )
  • The post by the Islamic scholar speaks by itself. The necessity he felt to put-up his thoughts is self introspective. All fake intellectuals, fake "generous" ...
    ( By Girish Pathak )
  • I feel you are doing the right thing. Untill and unless liberalisation happens within the islamic theology and principles, terrorism is not going ....
    ( By Babaji Vedanti )
  • True fact'
    ( By Meera Chaudhury )
  • Islamic terrorism will stay till theological injunctions are not corrected
    ( By Sanjay Narain )
  • Deobandiyat and Wahabiyat both are dangerous for Muslims and their religion.'
    ( By Ravi Kumar )
  • KHILAFAT IN ISLAM : DIMENSIONS Khilafat is a very important concept in Islam. It has important implications in the political system of Islam. Many important ...
    ( By shah abdul hannan )
  • Muslims have still not found an antidote to militant verses in the Quran// The moderate Muslims should be able to say in unison and try convince ...
    ( By Royalj )
  • Kuchh logon ko duniya ke halaat ka kuchh pata hi nahin hai woh usi par iman late hain jo unhein bataya jata hai lekin ...
    ( By Nehal Sagheer )
  • "Most of the conflicts around the world, domestic and inter-state, are the direct or indirect consequence of either injustice or poverty. Despite the United Nations ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • These crazed killers further reinforce the point that ISIS must be destroyed both militarily and ideologically. A greater prevalence of justice....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • "We have to appreciate that Muslims remain a vulnerable and backward minority. Improving their lives means strengthening India. Yet, any serious attempt to improve their ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • One may celebrate a particular day as the Prophet's birthday if one wants to. One may not celebrate the Prophet's birthday if one does ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Dear Raihan Nezami Saheb, I think It will help if you were to educate yourself a little about whay is taught in Saudi madrasas. Would ...
    ( By Sultan Shahin )
  • Raihan Nezami Saheb, if madrasas in India cannot teach anything different from what is taught in Saudi madrasas, then we should demand that they be ...
    ( By Sultan Shahin )
  • Dear Haq Saheb, perhaps you missed the following response: Dr Haq Saheb, how does it matter whether we have municipal records of Prophet Mohammad Sallallahe wasallam's ...
    ( By Sultan Shahin )
  • You would prefer a maulana over me. Take it from me.
    ( By Manzurul Haque )
  • Muslim Moderates are a scared lot. They keep quiet when fanatics take up leadership of community and surrender before ....
    ( By Arvind Bhel Manit Srivastava )
  • Well written.
    ( By Prakash Thekkadeth )
  • Thats necessity now'
    ( By Vijay Kulkarni )
  • Islam preaches peace and prosperity of humans and for its defance they can use as much force as others use againt it but still instructs ...
    ( By Gulam Nabi Sheikh )
  • @Dhananjay Srivastava ji do you know the area covered by nexalites and do you have any count of killings. Don't treat isis as Muslims they ...
    ( By M Sultan Lone )
  • @Karthikrajan Alagesan Not difficult at all. Another matter some of the hereditary practitioners due to ignorance or ...
    ( By Manzurul Haque )
  • How can muslims create another narrative without repudiating the existing one in the form of quran ?'
    ( By Karthikrajan Alagesan )
  • @Nateshan Kumaran It is for us to make it into religion and not a totalitarian ideology but that is not possible until we reflect more ...
    ( By Manzurul Haque )
  • It is important to note that Trump's call is not directed at Islam, but at Muslims -- a subtle yet important distinction that got obscured ...
    ( By Nateshan Kumaran )
  • Agree with you, that is why, we r humans. Hopefully, we will stand as one.' ....
    ( By Santi Veersa Singh )
  • agree with this text fully but wish that Hindus must also curb radicalization taking route in the name of Hindutva among themselves'
    ( By Afsar Husain )
  • Islam is facing Transition Phase just like Christianity. Thinks will become better 4 sure.
    ( By Nitish Kumar )
  • Islamic fundamentalism is more dangerous than hindutva nationalist propoganda.Islamic fundamentalism is diabolical and global and clashing with non ..
    ( By Dhananjay Srivastava )
  • It's all bull shit produced by a hireling of anti-Islam and anti-Muslim forces. There's ...
    ( By Mohammed Mahmood )
  • سمجھ سمجھ کے جو نہ سمجھے وہ بھی ایک نا سمجھ ھے....... مسلمان کبھی بھی دھشت گرد نھی ھوتا ھے...
    ( By Farooq Bhat )
  • Ref: Comment by Mr. Sultan Shahin of 15.1.16 and my comment of 16.1.16. I am still waiting for the response of Mr. Sultan Shahin on ...
    ( By Dr. M.A. Haque )
  • Haque Sb, Is celebration of the birthday forbidden only because the exact date of birth is not known? The exact date could be important to ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Ref: Comment by Mr. Sultan Shahin of 15.1.16 and my comment of 16.1.16. I am still waiting for the response of Mr. Sultan Shahin on ...
    ( By Dr. M.A. Haque )
  • To Iqbal Husian I repeat my first question through some light on it. 1)How about only one (Saud)family has became Hereditary custodian of Mecca with Might ...
    ( By Aayina )
  • In the above comment Mr. Ghulam Mohiyuddin wrote ... "Hindutva is a right wing ideology which is centered around the beliefs: the entire Indian subcontinent (which ...
    ( By Nandakishore N )
  • Mogherini claims that aversion against Islam and Muslim immigrations comes from “fear” and is a sign of “weakness”. And she openly admits that EU “fights” ...
    ( By Iftikhar Ahmad )

    Pakistan Press

    Intelligence Sharing between Pakistan and Afghanistan: New Age Islam's Selection, 09 February 2016

    Campus Security

    By Mohammad Ali Babakhel

    Fiction versus Non-Fiction

    By Mohammad Jamil

    Women’s Veil to Mask Man’s Folly

    By Jawed Naqvi

    Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    What ISIS Wants You to See: A So-Called ‘Idealistic Caliphate’
    Shahira Fahmy

    “Al-Walaa Wal-Baraa”, Arabic for “loyalty and disavowal", refers to the Islamic concept of friendship toward fellow Muslims – and compares it to racism in America. Come live with us in the Caliphate, they say, and you will experience Utopia on earth. Second, Dabiq, through its pictures, is more than a recruitment tool. It is making the world aware of this aspiring “new nation-state”: strong and confident, based on a foundation of strict Muslim societal norms – and giving readers the impression that the Caliphate is ready to join the world as a rule-based, righteous and responsible nation.....

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    From the Middle East to Southeast Asia to North America and Europe, Islamic State militants have shown there is no place safe in the world from their terror. Unlike other terrorist groups like al-Qaeda, attackers have shown a much more advanced network without sacrificing on a single unified command structure. However, unlike all the other terrorist groups in the past, the most dangerous ability that Islamic State has demonstrated is its capability to lure Western educated individuals. ...

    Islamic World News

    India Not Immune to ISIS Threat, Says UAE
    David Coleman Headley


    David Coleman Headley Deposes Before Mumbai Court, Says Two Attempts Failed Before 26/11 Attacks

    ‘Pak-Based’ Groups Hack IRS Website

    South Asia

    MoD: 34 Militants Killed, 30 Wounded In Afghan Army Operations

    3 Killed, 20 Wounded In Suicide Attack near Mazar-iSharif

    Pakistan Interference the Main Cause of Issues in Afghanistan: Taliban Leaders


    'Deadly Air Strike Hits Hospital in East Libya' Killing Four People

    ‘Somalia Plane Bomber Was Meant To Be On Turkish Flight’


    Pakistan behind Rise of International Jihadi Forces: Report

    Czech Govt Paid $6m Ransom for Two Women Kidnapped In Balochistan: Report

    Arab World

    Saudi Forces Shoot Down Scud from Yemen

    Kurdish Fighters Expel Militants from More Lands North of Syria's Aleppo

    Syria: Terrorists Sustain Heavy Defeats in Homs Province


    Erdoğan Says He Will Not Meet Sisi Unless Brotherhood Death Sentences Lifted

    1 Dead, 1 Injured In Shooting at İstanbul Coffeehouse


    Slain Italian Student in Egypt Suffered 'Inhuman, Animal-Like' Violence

    'ISIS Men with Paris Attack Kingpin Now In UK'

    North America

    Donald Trump Says He Has 'At Least 20 Muslim Friends' But Fails to Name Them

    Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Call for Female Departments At Islamic University In Madinah

    Bosnian Women Protest against Hijab Ban in Judiciary

    Female Prof Who Wore Headscarf to Leave Christian College in Chicago

    Female Writer Perihan Mağden Faces Up To 4 Years in Jail for ‘Insulting’ Erdoğan

    More Haredi Men Working, As Arab Women Drop Out Of Labour Force

    Nada Al Naqbi Made Head of Women's Committee of Arab Basketball Union

    Young Muslim Women Help Feed Homeless Community in Canterbury

    Non-Muslim Women Don Hijab To Express Solidarity in Minnesota, United States

    Some 2,000 Bosnian Muslim Women Protest Ban of Hijabs in Legal Institutions

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islam and the West

    Muslim World Needs Its Own Version of a Westphalian Peace
    Munir Akram

    In many ways, Islam’s wars today resemble the Thirty Years War in 17th-century Europe. That war was ended by the negotiated Peace of Westphalia, constructed through a balance of European powers and agreement to allow each power to impose its own religious order within its territory. Today, the Muslim world needs its own version of a Westphalian peace which accommodates the essential interests of the major Islamic states and builds a new post-colonial regional security order within the Muslim world. ....

    Islam and the West

    Palestine’s Deepening Occupation
    Stanly Johny

    What makes the latest spell of violence dangerous is that, contrary to Israel’s claims, it’s not controlled by anybody. If the Palestinian political leadership was directly or indirectly associated with the first and second intifadas, the series of assaults started last year are largely “lone wolf” acts, carried out by young Palestinians on their own.

    Current Affairs

    Don’t Mess With Secularism
    Salman Soz

    The usual examples of Muslim personal law and issues like triple talaq (in one sitting) or polygamy among Muslims are used to argue that Indian secularism has gone astray. Such opinion makers push forward the notion that Muslims sticking to old ideas, politicians pandering to Muslims and emergence of Muslimfirsters are the real obstacles to a new, modern secularism.

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    From Atheism to Violent Extremism: The 8 Stages of Religiosity
    Abhinav Pandya

    Counter-terrorism measures must reflect a nuanced understanding of the process in which an individual turns from a "religious person" to a "terrorist". Most followers fall in the second and third categories i.e. "religious" and "religious fundamentalist" so the right kind of policy intervention at these stages will be very helpful in checking the growth of radicalisation. And, it might be very helpful to engage liberal and spiritual religious scholars in such policy interventions as followers will be able to repose their trust in them.....

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    Africa’s Muslim Belt Is Getting Bloodier
    Yaroslav Trofimov

    “The Islam that is spreading through society in Africa today is the new active Islam, not the dormant, Sufi, private-life only [version]. It’s going into policy, into economy, into culture, into education. It’s going into public life,” said Hassan al-Turabi, the leading ideologue of political Islam in Africa, who hosted Osama bin Laden and other al Qaeda leaders as Sudan’s de facto ruler in the 1990s....

    The War Within Islam

    Islamisation of Pakistan’s Legal System
    Yasser Latif Hamdani

    Never in the 1,400 years of the history of Islam was there ever an institution that was vested with such jurisdiction. The closest the Muslim world ever came to this was under Caliph Mamun’s reign in the ninth century with his attempt to create a Church of Islam inspired by the rationalist doctrine of Mu’tazila. It ended in terrific failure. The very existence of the FSC therefore is a censure on the democratic will of the people of Pakistan....

    Interfaith Dialogue

    O' My God, My Best Friend Is a Muslim
    Charu Chhitwal

    Bizarrely, I half-expected her mother to be wearing a Burqa, her father to be chewing Paan and her brother to be wearing Kajal in his eyes. Everything typical Indian movies had taught me about Muslim families. But they were too normal, almost bordering on boring when I saw them. They looked, you know, ordinary, like, say my family. Educated, happy and well, routine. Can you believe my disappointment when I realised she had only one mother (yes, I thought every Muslim had multiple wives, blame it on the movies again)....

    Islamic Personalities

    Prophet Joseph: A Prophet against Odds
    Sadia Dehlvi

    My favourite story in the Quran is the most detailed one, that of Prophet Joseph. I particularly read it when I feel low. It’s a story about love, wealth, family, betrayal, tribulations, hope, failure, strategy, success and, above all, complete trust in God.....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Did the Pakistan Courts Expect an Ostracised, Victimised, Terrified Young Woman to Testify against Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan’s Rule?
    Nazish Brohi

    Courts should know how structures are designed to silence women. Whether rape, incest or domestic violence, women are told to pretend it didn’t happen. Insisting it did happen is to go against the family’s honour, against the community’s equilibrium, against the legal system’s patriarchy, against the police’s misogyny.....

    Islam and the West

    Under The Watchful Western Eyes, Syria Unravels
    Hisham Melhem

    Those in the West, particularly in the United States, who may have allowed themselves to entertain the scandalous notion that things could not get worse in Syria, should be forced to see the blank and numb faces of people on the move who are already beyond pain and hope, to realize the folly of their wishful thinking. Syria’s new tragic chapter is unfolding under watchful but impotent Western eyes....

    Middle East Press

    Principles of Geneva ONE or the Concessions of Geneva TWO:  New Age Islam's Selection, 08 February 2016

    Peace Only on Assad’s Terms

    By Andrew Bowen

    What Corruption Indexes Don't Tell Us about Afghanistan

    By Helena Malikyar

    As Syria Talks Fail, Should We Prepare For The Worst?

    By Brooklyn Middleton

    Iran Chasing a Mirage

    By Amir Taheri

    Racism against The Lebanese

    By Qaiser Mutawea

    Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    Social Control Is Emerging As ISIS Motive for Erasing Our Cultural Heritage in Syria
    Franklin Lamb

    By controlling antiquities like other resources, ISIS inserts itself into countless holes in the ground. The real goal is not simply cash profit but rather it is psychological control over new ranges of behaviour and thought of its subjects which is part of its totalitarian vision of absolute control. ISIS has transformed the pre-Islamic past of Syria into a forbidden zone...

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    The Islamic State Is Still on the Rise
    David Ignatius

    Asian security officials say the Jakarta attack demonstrates the Islamic State's appeal in normally quiescent Muslim populations, in such nations as Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Indeed, the Indonesian affiliate was the first to swear allegiance after Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed the caliphate in late June 2014 and changed its official name to the Islamic State....

    Islamic World News

    Militants Deploy Child Soldiers to Fight in Syria's Aleppo
    Militants Deploy Child Soldiers

    Arab World

    Syria Says Any Foreign Troops Entering the Country Would Return ‘In Coffins’

    Iraq PM dismisses Baghdad wall plans


    Bike-Borne Suicide Bomber Kills 8 in Pakistan

    A Tale of Two Sharifs: Raheel Spares Nawaz Of His ‘General’ Problems

    South Asia

    37 Daesh, Taliban Militants Killed In Security Operations In Afghanistan

    Two Taliban Commanders Gunned Down In Maidan Wardak

    NDS Arrests Would-Be Suicide Bomber Who Had Placed Explosives on His Head, Covered With a Cap

    North America

    University of Iowa Gives Growing Muslim Student Population Prayer Space

    Spokesman: American Prisoners Released Only after US Accepted Conditions


    Turkey to US: Choose either Turkey or the PYD as Your Partner

    Official: Iran Confiscates ISIL-Bound Cargo of Guillotines


    First Event Promoting Muslim Entrepreneurship in India Taking Place Today in Pune

    'Sardana, Son of a Major General's Mail Talks of Serial Blasts in India'


    EU Urges Turkey to Keep Border Open To Migrants

    Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Tanzanian Girl’s Assault Case: Senior Police Officer Suspended

    Female Genital Mutilation Is Not a Uniquely Muslim Problem

    Speed Date a Muslim to Ask Those Niggling Questions

    Labour Accused of Brushing Aside Alleged Bias against Muslim Women

    Syrian Child Workers in İstanbul Sew Final T-Shirts Before Heading Off To Europe

    Aniseh Makhlouf, Mother of Syria's Assad, Dies

    Britons Vote Margaret Thatcher Most Influential Woman of Past 200 Years

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    Religious and Theological Underpinning of Global Islamist Terror: Full Text of Speech at International Counter Terrorism Conference 2016 in Jaipur
    Sultan Shahin, Founding Editor, New Age Islam

    ISIS may be militarily defeated tomorrow and even go out of existence. But this will not solve the problem of Muslim radicalisation. If our madrasas and educational institutions continue to prepare the ground for self-segregation and militancy, expounding the current theology, mixed with narratives of victimhood and marginalisation, Islam will continue to be hobbled, Muslims will continue to struggle to fit in the way of life in contemporary world.

    Moderate, progressive Muslims must urgently evolve and propagate an alternative theology of peace and pluralism, consistent in all respects with the teachings of Islam, and suitable for contemporary and future societies, while refuting the current theology of violence and supremacism.

    Unfortunately, as we have seen above, the task is not so easy. Radicalisation has not just happened overnight. Jihadi theology has evolved over hundreds of years. Major theologians who have studied Islam independently have brought to us a political version of Islam, stripping the religion of all its spirituality.

    While it is primarily the duty of Muslims to fight this ideological war within slam, this is no longer just a Muslim concern. The world too must confront Muslim scholars with the supremacism and extremism present in their theology and ask them to rethink Islam.  ProgressiveMuslims should join the rest of the world to defeat extremism in Islamic theology.

    Islamic World News

    Muslim Personal Law Flows from the Holy Quran, SC Can't Question It: Jamiat-Ulema-i-Hind


    NIA Arrests Delhi Man for Instigating Youth to Form IS-Inspired Terror Outfit

    Coast Guard intercepts Pakistani fishing boat in Kutch, arrests 11 onboard

    South Asia

    68 Militants Killed In Counter-Terrorism Operations Led By Afghan Army

    Over 10,000 ISIS Affiliates Based In Afghanistan and Pakistan: Report

    U.S. And Britain Suspend Financial Aid to Afghanistan Peace Council


    Lal Masjid Lodged Complaint against Civil Society Activists

    Pakistan Calls On World to Combat Islamophobia

    Arab World

    Saudi-Led Forces' Death Toll in Yemen's Missile Attack Exceeds 100

    Military Strategist: Syrian Army to Use Nubl-Al-Zahra Tactics to Free Foua'a, Kafria

    Syrian Army Captures More Lands at Dara'a Border with Jordan


    Şırnak Governor's Office: 9 Terrorists Killed

    Davutoğlu Announces 10-Part Action Plan to Fight Terrorism


    Malian Troops Retake UN Base from Militants; Five Killed

    North America

    UN Chief: 34 Groups Now Allied To Islamic State Extremists

    Twitter Shuts Down Over 125,000 Accounts Linked To ISIS

    Southeast Asia

    The ‘Battle of Ideas’ to Defeat the Islamic State Begins in Indonesia


    Australian with Suspected Islamic State Links Deported From India


    German Security Chief Warns Of Islamic State Militants Posing As Refugees

    Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Nigerian Haneefah Adam Creates Hijarbie, A Hijab Barbie Taking Over Instagram
    hijab Barbie

    Muslim Women 'Blocked From Seeking Office by Male Labour Councillors' In UK

    Eleven Things Women in Saudi Arabia Cannot Do

    A Self-Defence Class for Muslim Women, By Muslim Women in New York

    Turkish Actress Vuslateri Acquitted Of Insulting President Erdoğan

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    It's Her God Too: Women Are Not Children of a Lesser God
    Mahwash Ajaz

    As a matter of fact, places of worship offer peace, quiet and sanctum. Literally and metaphorically. Yet, women are often kept away from these. They are denied the right to access — sometimes by clergies, sometimes by social norms. I often wonder that if a woman can walk into the Ka’aba alone, if we can see women present in the house of God Himself, if she can sit before Him and ask for what she wants, what right does anyone have to stop her from reaching out to her beliefs?....

    Islamic Society

    The country follows an extremist version of Islam called Wahhabism that has inspired the Islamic State and other Jihadis, and the judiciary is controlled by conservative clerics who are allowed a wide berth to apply Shariah law. Last year, the Saudi government carried out its highest number of executions in two decades. The Saudis’ bloody record has brought unfavourable comparisons to the Islamic State......


    Islam and Pluralism
    Indian Muslim orthodoxy's response to demands of modernity: Can Muslims co-exist with other religious communities in plural societies?
    Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

    While the evolution of this comprehensive and coherent theology of peace and pluralism will remain a continuing process, the already available essential elements of this theology should be brought to the Muslim masses. Since support for such a venture cannot be expected from clerics, of any hue,  popular acceptance of this theology should be gained through the use of media as well as genuine grassroots movements.

    Essentially, Jihadism is a Muslim problem and Muslims must tackle it. But the societies in non-Muslim majority countries can help kick-start the debate.  It must be understood that a madrasa graduate who has been brainwashed into believing, as most are, that "life begins in the grave," is a ticking time bomb that should be defused with the same urgency as other bombs are. A secular government should not allow anyone to spread the poison of intolerance and xenophobia either in mosques or in madrasas. A study of what is taught in Indian madrasas, and the content of sermons delivered in mosques, is urgently required. If found intolerant, supremacist, exclusivist and xenophobic, the ulema, madrasas and imams should be confronted with them and asked to change.

    Also, the least the government of India can do to ameliorate the plight of Muslim women today is to promulgate a law similar to Pakistan's  Muslim Family Laws Ordinance of 1961, with just one difference, fixing the age of marriage of girls at 18, instead of 14, as in the Ordinance. This should have been done along with reforms in Hindu personal laws in the 1950s, or at least immediately after reforms in Muslim laws in Pakistan. But better half a century late than never. Male chauvinist Indian Muslim ulema will still howl in protest. But they will not have much to say as these reforms have been acceptable to their counterparts in Pakistan and Bangladesh for over half a century. ...  Muslims have to start reclaiming the Islam that the Prophet had brought and rethinking how it can be lived and practised in the vastly changed circumstances of the 21st century.

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