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Muslim Obsession with Conspiracy Theories Is a Dead-End
Dr. Mohammad Ghitreef, New Age Islam

Recently a well known Urdu columnist wrote an article on Muslim World's malaise in today's world. He did not delve into the real problems facing the Ummah i.e. crisis in Muslim mind, stereotypes and dogmas, lagging behind in education and lacking in scientific thinking and approach which has resulted  in economic, political and all-round backwardness of Muslims. Rather strangely, he discussed the situation in a bizarre manner, concentrating mainly on conspiracies being hatched and spun everywhere in the world against Islam and Muslims. He cited this as the major cause of the decline of the Ummah….

Islamic World News

Republic Day Parade: Obama Watches India's Military Might, Cultural Heritage
US President Barack Obama


Pakistan's Future Worries Both India, US

An Auto Driver with a Heart of Gold

North America

US Assures Support to Arrest, Kill Fazlullah, Pakistan Senate Committee Told


Obama's visit to South Asia to help reduce tension in region: Sartaj

Counter-Terrorism Plan: Deadlock As Religious, Secular Parties Stick To Their Guns

Leaders of Different Parties: ‘Disgrace of Prophet (PBUH) Cannot Be Tolerated’

Arab World

Peshmerga Forces Report: Kobani 90 Percent Free From ISIL Militants

23 Died At Protests on Egypt Revolution Anniversary

Iraq: Over 13 ISIL Terrorists Killed in Tikrit


16 Killed during Clashes in Libya's Benghazi

South Asia

At Least 30 Taliban Killed In Kundoz Operation

Japan Working to Gain IS Hostage’s Release, Analyzing Video


French Arrests Beg Question: Is Free Speech For All?

Islamophobia Harming Nation’s Image: Berlin

Southeast Asia

49 Philippines Police Killed Hunting for Malaysian Bomb-Maker


Yemen Crisis Is First Big Test for Saudi Arabia's King Salman

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Islam, Women and Feminism

10-Year-Old Girl Forced For Suicide Bombing In Helmand
Afghan Girl, 10-Year-Old for Suicide Bombaing

Bollywood Actress Soha Ali Khan Ties Knot with Long-time Love Kunal Khemu

8-Year-Old Girl Who Saved Grandma’s Life Gets Bravery Award

Women Power to the Fore at Rajpath

Yazidis Freed By Islamic State Enjoy Bittersweet Homecoming

Failed Iraq Female Bomber Wanted By IS For Remaining Japan Hostage

14-Year-Old Girl Becomes Youngest Palestinian in Israeli Jails

Egyptian Female Cyclists Pedal for Acceptance

Saudi Women’s Participation in National Development ‘Steadily Emerging’

Miss Indonesia Wins Best National Costume at Miss Universe Pageant

World Fails to Protect Civilians in Iraq, Syria: US Actress Angelina Jolie

Egypt Convicts Doctor, Father in First Ever FGM Trial

World Bank to Lend $400m More For Primary Education’s Uplift In Bangladesh

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Islam and Human Rights

Saudi Arabia: the Root of all that is Medieval
Inas Younis, New Age Islam

We need to recognize that the only difference between the  human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia and  those of any other illicit gang is that a criminal does not expect his victims  to sanction his crime with the pretense that he is exercising a right over them.  Delaying lashes,  or decreasing the number of lashes from a thousand  to one hundred are meaningless gestures.   If the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia intends to flog their citizens, behead them, imprison women for driving, and deprive them of sunlight, then let them do it in broad day light so the world can see with greater clarity, just how reprehensible their laws are.  We need to leave them at the mercy of the one billion Badawi's who might one day  be able to do what the most powerful government in the world could not; and that is to say to the kingdom and its monarch- you have no power over us........

Islamic Ideology

Unlike the terrorists’ prophet, my Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Qur'an stand tall on the side of free press by asking Muslims to ignore the insults and extend kindness and decency to mockers and in worse cases to withdraw from the source of mockery. According to Qur’an, the right to blaspheme is essential to the Islamic order, but there is no duty to blaspheme or react violently to blasphemy. “And verily messengers before you were mocked but in the end, the mockers were overwhelmed by the very thing they ridiculed.” [Qur’an 21:41.]…

Islamic World News

Syrian Army Kills over 220 Al-Nusra Terrorists in Daraa
President Barack Obama

Arab World

Iraqi Source: Over 20 ISIL Terrorists Killed in Baiji

Hezbollah: Israel Wants To Set "New Rules" With Syria Raid


Report: France Is the Most Dangerous Country for Jews

U.N. Team to Visit Pakistan to Assess JuD Funds Freeze

Germany Stops Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia


Govt Lawyers Not Ready To Prosecute Mumtaz Qadri. Salman Taseer Killer

Pakistan Air Strikes Kill 35 Militants in Northwest: Military

Obama Should Impress India Leaders about Resolution of Kashmir: Jamaat-e-Islami


Peace Lectures, Counselling, and Army Camp: IS Recruit’s College Sends a Message

Obama Promises To Back India for Permanent Seat in UNSC

Delhi Police Left Red-Faced, NIA Clears ‘Terrorist’

Delhi Police Warned Of Potential Threat to Obama from Maldivian Nationals


Boko Haram Gunmen Kill 15 in Nigeria's Northeast

Gunmen Kidnap Libya Deputy Foreign Minister


Thousands Chant For Hizbullah In Charlie Hebdo Protest In Southeast Turkey

South Asia

Afghanistan Taking Steps for Repatriation of 1.6m Refugees

Good Sense to Prevail Upon Khaleda, Hopes Hasina

North America

Indo-Pak Tensions Cast Long Shadow over Obama’s Visit: WSJ

Group Says 'American Sniper' Film Spurs Threats against Muslims

Southeast Asia

With Pamphlets, Muslim Missionaries Reach Out To ‘Enemies of Islam’

At Least 27 Philippines Police Die In Clash with Rebels

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Islam, Women and Feminism

Malays Bare Insecurities In The Face Of K-Pop ‘Threat’
Angelina Jolie, U.N. Refugee Envoy

In A First, Woman Officer Leads Guard of Honour at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi

‘Women Can Seek More Maintenance under Domestic Violence Act’: Bombay HC

Female Protester Killed On Eve of Egypt Uprising Anniversary

In Egypt, Sowing Seeds of Gender Equality

Domestic Violence in Turkey Climbed 33 Percent In 2014

Syrian Women Fear Abuse during Marriage – But Divorce Frightens As Much

Wife, Children of Australian ISIS Fighter Long To Go Home To Australia

Angelina Jolie Visits Refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan

Ghana: Gender Ministry to Eliminate Violence against Women/Girls

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

Once Every Single Muslim in the World Apologises For Charlie Hebdo, Then We Can Move On To Making Every Single Christian in the World Apologise For Hitler
Shehzad Ghias

I am sure the world would reciprocate in kind. We can start an apology trend. Once every single Muslim in the world apologises for Charlie Hebdo, then we can move on to making every single Christian in the world apologise for Hitler. Hitler’s moustache is for the Christians what an unkempt beard is for the Muslims. I have no idea why mass murderers are so keen on making fashion statements too. The British can fly all Brits to all their previous colonies and make them all apologise to every single member of those countries. It might be much harder for the Americans to do the same considering the amount of things they have to apologise for. They can make a world tour out of it; Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Vietnam, Palestine, Cuba, Mexico, Spain, England. At this stage, it is easier to just name the countries America does not need to apologise for…..

Islam, Women and Feminism

Kashmir Girls Have Not Much to Celebrate As Gendered Stereotypes Persist
Shannon Maureen Conley, Denver woman

The Girls Training To Fight ISIS

Two Montreal Women Left To Join ISIS

Cairo Conference Urges Women to Combat Extremism

Curb Increasing Numbers of Child Marriages in Saudi Arabia

Guru Dutt Wanted Me to Change My Name: Indian Actress Waheeda Rehman

China Official Calls for Reduced Birth Rates in Xinjiang

Shannon Conley Gets 4-Year Prison Term for Trying To Join Islamic State

Muslim Women, Israeli Settlers and the Struggle for Al-Aqsa Mosque

Late Saudi King Abdullah Leaves (Relative) Legacy as Women's Rights Advocate

At Least 250,000 Children Being Used In Wars around the World

The Golden Era for Saudi Women

Taxi Driver’s Muslim Daughter Clears CA In 1st Attempt in Ahmedabad

Asian Football Community "Happy" To Bar Women In Order To Comply With Iranian and Saudi Restrictions

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Islamic World News

Daesh and Islamic Extremists Rejoice At Death of Saudi King
Amir Khan and Shahrukh Khan

Arab World

Syria: Regime kills 92 people on Friday

Syrian Army Ambushes, Kills 50 Terrorists in Daraa Countryside

ISIL Executes Mosul University Professors

ISIL 'Sharia Mufti', Four Aides Killed In Heet


Urdu Medium Schools in a Fix over Saraswati Puja Circular

Hindu Mahasabha to Shahrukh, Amir and Saif: Convert If You Love Your Wives

Indian Agencies Write to Twitter; Want Islamic State Tweet Location


Prestigious Award for 145 Peshawar Martyrs

Maulana Aziz Delivers another Friday Sermon Over the Phone


New Libya Case Reveals UK-Qadhafi Intelligence Ties

Saudi Rights Still Urgent Issue after King's Death: Amnesty


New Tunisia Premier Forms Cabinet without Any Islamists

Sudan: Four Killed in Militia Attacks in North Darfur Region

South Asia

18 Insurgents Killed In Police Operations

At least 34 dead in Bangladesh violence

North America

Terrorists Functioning With Impunity in Parts of Pakistan: US

UCLA Defends Muslim Call to Prayer as One-Time Event

Southeast Asia

Deviants Tricking Muslims into Killing Each Other, Says Minister


Turkish Justice Ministry: Uludere Killings ‘Mistake,’ But Not ‘Unfair’

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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Islamic Society
Madrasas: Genesis and Problems
Muhammad Tahir Iqbal

Madrasas: Genesis and Problems
Muhammad Tahir Iqbal

If you go for this argument, you find doctors, engineers and the elite besmeared with extremist ideologies. Recently, a practicing surgeon of the UK with Pakistani origin joined the ranks of Jamat-ul-Ahrar, a splinter group of the Tehrik-e-Taliban, Pakistan. Adnan Rasheed, a hardcore terrorist, is from another class; and Faisal Shahzad hails from an elite one. There are three stages in the evolution of these madrasas in Pakistan: pre-Soviet war, post-Soviet war and post 9/11. These three stages spreading over three different eras carry three different ideologies…..


Ensaf Haidar: Raif Badawi Is a ‘Peaceful Person’ Who Deserves To Be Freed
Ensaf Haidar

My husband is an activist and the founder of the "Free Saudi liberal network". Raif believed in the freedom of speech and the respect of other beliefs. The main reason he launched the network is to promote debate and discussion about lots of topics in Saudi society. He is accused of lots of things. In my opinion, Raif's detention is unjust and they should re-try him and set him free. All he was asking for was freedom of speech. And because he wrote that down, he was thrown in jail…..

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

And before partition, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan called for a new interpretation of Islam on rational basis, maintaining that superstition and blind adherence to tradition had kept Muslims backward. Little attention is paid to this aspect of Sir Syed’s thought in Pakistan. Our age of reason could begin in our schools— by encouraging rational thought, purging curriculum of hate teaching material, and instilling in young minds the importance of questioning received wisdom. Education reforms must become the central pillar of a policy that would eliminate religious extremism and promote the use of reason…..

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

Freedom of Speech: The Sound Of Silence

The reason lies in French history. Blasphemy laws carried the death penalty before the 1789 revolution, but were scrapped in 1881 as part of a bloody struggle against the Catholic Church. Such latitude is not granted to incitement to racial or religious hatred, which was made a crime in 1972, partly as a response to a rise in attacks on Algerians. Holocaust denial was outlawed in 1990, and “apology for terrorism” last year. ….

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

The Left Has Failed To Confront Islamism
Tarek Fatah

“It is particularly important to bear in mind: The need for a struggle against the clergy and other influential reactionary and medieval elements in backward countries; … the need to combat Pan-Islamism and similar trends, which strive to combine the liberation movement against European and American imperialism with an attempt to strengthen the positions of the khans, landowners, mullahs, etc.” I detest what communism ended up doing, but Lenin’s wisdom on this point left an imprint on this Muslim’s mind forever…..

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

People willing to murder thousands of innocents while killing themselves are not cowards. Nor are their acts senseless given they have a very specific aim: to avenge historical wrongs and to bring the West — the architect of the wrongful, weak position of Islamic civilisation as perceived by the terrorists — to its knees….

Islam and Politics

Terrorism and Pakistan
Junaid Malik

In the age of information, ignorance is a choice and we as a nation have chosen to remain ignorant. Dumbed-down to the lowest common denominator, devoid of any aspiration, we are swallowing the dominant myths and mindlessly repeating the mantras inserted into our skulls, derived from a generation of cleverly crafted propaganda. Why else would we allow our country to be destroyed? Why else would we be rewarding its destroyers? The fact often disavowed that we are being directed, controlled, censured, commanded, preached at and indoctrinated by creatures who neither have the rights, nor the objective merits to do so……

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

Paris, Peshawar and Boko Haram- Religion, Politics and Violence
Ram Puniyani

Not too long ago we did witness acts of terror from the like of Andres Behring Breivik (Norway); the people like Ashin Wirathu (Buddhist Myanmar) were in the news for related actions. Swami Aseemanand is in jail and had confessed to the acts of terrorist violence not too long ago. Does one want to underplay the association of Islam-Muslims and acts of terror? Is one wanting to be in denial mode as for as violence by some Muslims is concerned? The teachings of Koran notwithstanding; there are some Muslims who take to the senseless killings in the most insane and cruel manner; is definitely true. The question is; are such acts due to Islam or Muslims as such? How does one understand the association of label of religion with acts of violence and terror?……

Current Affairs

On Religious Conversion, a Question
Khaled Ahmed

Why convert now? I can understand Pakistan doing it because the state is in crisis and, by some estimates, is falling apart and can’t prevent this criminal activity. But India is already populated by a great mass of Hindus; why should it add more, when it knows that the new Hindus will not be genuinely absorbed?  By the middle of this century, India is supposed to become an economic giant, second only to China. The BJP government is led by a man who can achieve this milestone through his economic policies. The world will convert to India because of the big market it is going to become. Isn’t it enough that at least three nation-states of South Asia boast national anthems based on the poems of the greatest Hindu genius, Rabindranath Tagore?....

Islam and the West

Will Europeans Get Anti-Terrorism Right?
Rami G. Khouri

The main problem in both cases is that countries or societies that see themselves as innocent victims of foreign terrorism have tended to respond with a broadly failed combination of massive military attacks and jingoistic patriotism at home that touts one’s own fine values of liberty, pluralism and freedom of speech, alongside a desk-pounding determination to be strong and to assert those values due to the terrorist threat…..

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

Looming Shadows of Islamic State
Vijay Prashad

One of the essential elements of the I.S. is that it operates like a pendulum. When it was hit hard in Kobane, its fighters moved towards the Lebanon-Syria border and back into Iraq’s Anbar Province. They do not stand fast in the face of defeat. Retreat and regroup is the methodology of their battle groups. In the Qalamoun Mountains that divide Syria from Lebanon, the I.S. sent some of its most battle-ready fighters and its most respected clerics to try and absorb Al Qaeda’s fighting group, Jabhat al-Nusra. ….

Current Affairs

Take Aim, Fire at Will: Australian Hypocrisy on a High Pedestal
Pierre Marthinus

All lives matter greatly, not just Australian ones. Any debate that does not start from these fundamental premises of equality of human life and dignity is not worth visiting and is a waste of the Indonesian public’s valuable attention and time…..

Urdu Section

Islam and the State: A Counter-Narrative  اسلام اور ریاست : ایک جوابی بیانیہ
Javed Ahmed Ghamidi

دنیا میں جو لوگ مسلمان ہیں، اپنے مسلمان ہونے کا اقرار، بلکہ اس پر اصرار کرتے ہیں، مگر کوئی ایسا عقیدہ یا عمل اختیار کرلیتے ہیں جسے کوئی عالم یا علما یا دوسرے تمام مسلمان صحیح نہیں سمجھتے، ان کے اس عقیدے یا عمل کو غلط قرار دیا جاسکتا ہے، اسے ضلالت اور گمراہی بھی کہا جاسکتا ہے لیکن اس کے حاملین چونکہ قرآن و حدیث ہی سے استدلال کررہے ہوتے ہیں، اس لئے انہیں غیرمسلم یا کافر قرار نہیں دیا جاسکتا۔ اس طرح کے عقائد و اعمال کے بارے میں خدا کا فیصلہ کیا ہے؟ اس کے لئے قیامت کا انتظار کرنا چاہئے۔ دنیا میں ان کے حاملین اپنے اقرار کے مطابق مسلمان ہیں، مسلمان سمجھے جائیں گے اور ان کے ساتھ تمام معاملات اسی طرح ہوں گے، جس طرح مسلمانوں کی جماعت کے ایک فرد کے ساتھ کئے جاتے ہیں۔

Arabic Section

Thy Freedom Is Divine, My Freedom Is Vice!  !حريتك مقدسة، وحريتي رذيلة
M. Burhanuddin Qasmi for New Age Islam

كما تنص المادة 19 على أن ممارسة هذه الحقوق تحمل "واجبات ومسؤوليات خاصة" وربما "وبالتالي، تخضع لبعض القيود" عند الضرورة "لاحترام حقوق الآخرين أو سمعتهم" أو "لحماية الأمن القومي أو النظام العام، أو الصحة العامة أو الآداب العامة". هذا هو حريتنا في التعبير التي ليست مطلقة. إنها تحمل مسؤوليات معينة وليست الشر. فلا نريد أن ندعم شارلي إبدو للتحريض على نحو 1.7 مليار مسلم في مختلف أرجاء العالم وإهانة النبي الكريم الحبيب محمد مصطفى صلى الله عليه وسلم.

Urdu Section

Thy Freedom Is Divine, My Freedom Is Vice!  !آپ کی آزادی آزادی ہے اور ہماری آزادی کچھ نہیں
M. Burhanuddin Qasmi for New Age Islam

اس کے برعکس، کچھ ایسے لوگ بھی ہیں جو بالکل اسی جملے کی وجہ سے اپنی جانیں گنواں رہے ہیں۔ آج ہم اپنے چاروں طرف آزادی اظہار رائے کے نام پر جنگ، خون خرابہ، آتش زنی اور لوٹ مار کا منظر دیکھیں اور ان سب کو یا تو جرم یا غیر مہذب قرار دیا گیا ہے۔ اگر اس میں سب کے لئے بھلائی ہے تو پھر کیوں اس کی وجہ سے ہمارے درمیان تشدد، لا قانونیت اور فسادات اپنے پاؤں پسار رہے ہیں؟ یا یہ بنیادی طور پر کوئی برائی ہے کہ کچھ برے لوگ ہمیں جہنم کی طرف گھسیٹ رہے ہیں؟ آخر یہ اظہار رائے کی آزادی ہے کیاچیز!


Islam,Terrorism and Jihad
Muslims Must Confront Islamist Terror Ideologically: An Islamic Reformation Required
Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

We seem to be living in an era of Islamist terror. Massacre of journalists in Paris has followed the massacre of children in Peshawar. Thirteen years after 9/11, the world is facing a more complex, more diverse and more dangerous threat.  While the world has focused on fighting the terrorists militarily, the challenge of their ideological narrative has gone essentially unchallenged. ...

The malaise of Islam is clearly far deeper. The problems are basic, fundamental to Islam. But ulema, the supposed custodians of faith, continue to be in denial.

What does the larger society do? I think the world needs to first inform itself of what is going on within the Muslim community. We should have credible surveys to find out the extent of radicalisation, monitor Friday sermons, study text books of different madrasas, and  confront the ulema with the fundamental questions raised here. If the ulema really want to save Islam from being considered synonymous with terrorism, they should at least make the following commonsensical declarations, which are also consistent with the faith:

 1. Quran is a created book of God, not divine as God Himself;

2. contextual, particularly militant verses, in Quran are no longer applicable to Muslims;

3. Hadees is not an Islamic scripture a la Quran.

4. Shariah cannot be considered divine.

 What the ulema, intellectuals and politicians have done so far amounts to nothing more than a cosmetic endeavour; they have been hoping and perhaps praying that the issues will go away. But radicalism is deepening and intensifying. It is attracting more and more converts. 

So clearly Muslim theologians will need to go beyond superficial statements, walk further in the direction of rationality, prepare a coherent theology of peace and moderation and propagate it among masses, if they want Islam to survive as a moderate religion, a moral standard, and a spiritual path to salvation rather than allow Islamic scriptures to degenerate into terrorist manuals.

If the ulema do not agree to walk their peaceful talk, the larger society should encourage and support those few moderate, progressive Muslims who are willing to go out on a limb, perhaps  putting their heads on the chopping block in this process. This section should be able to go to the community directly, bypassing the ulema and campaign for sanity. 

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