• Nice study of the situation in Bangladesh
    ( By Shadaab Saaquib )
  • Great!
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  • test
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  • Rational,What the ISIS is doing is not proof of contradictions in the Quran.You have lost your nerve on the strange case of Prophet Yunus ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • "A Thousand Years of Persecution"at whose hands? believers in the Quran at the hands of believers of the Quran.if belief in the Quran could ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Christian believers quote these verses to refute the claim of the prophet15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • "ISIS Sending 'Prettiest Virgins' To Become Sex Slaves: Zainab Bangura from UN"Source NAIthey learned it from the Quran and Sunna. Women were captured, enslaved, ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Naseer Sahebi never lost my nerves. not even when all moderates cried for my ban. if it were true i had left long back. ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • "Mufti Muhammad Qavi, another noted religious scholar, does not agree with Mufti Naeem. He says only those Muslims who categorically and publicly reject belief ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • "At a conference coordinated by Maulana Ziaul Haq Naqshbandi in Lahore, they said suicide attacks were un-Islamic and terrorists who were killed by the ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • "Lonely Man Finds a Home in Islam, And Then in Islamic State"Positive aspect of Islam is that a Muslims can pray in any mosque ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Rational,You have lost your nerve now and have dropped the "strange" case of Prophet Yunus (pbuh) and to cover up your final defeat, are ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Sir Syed's concern was for Ashraf not common Muslims called arzal. This was perfectly rational to him to think in inequality of people.many Hindus ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • To some Muslims who has expressed their views on this forum call Sultan saheb "agent of enemies of Islam like RSS"Does it mean RSS ...
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  • The Quran never produces a rightly guided person. "Sheik Yusuf estes(Background)Sheik Yusuf was raised in a strong Christian home, he was educated in Texas, became ...
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  • Naseer saheb's last refuge is calling anything islamophobic sources if it doesn't suit ti him. Are Islamic sources better? Are Islamic sites better? Are ...
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  • Allah created his throne above water:Allah -The Exalted- said: {And He it is Who has created the heavens and the earth ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Praise be to Allaah. Allah, may He be exalted, says (interpretation of the ...
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  • Naseer sahebthe empty vessel sounds more.example is Muslims are shouting "islam is religion of peace, tolerance and justice" throughout the world but killing, raping, ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Rational,Yes man is imperfect and sees everything through his imperfections and to the extent he is imperfect, he will see everything differently. The fault ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • The Nakba meaning "catastrophe" in Arabic, is the central piece denied and evaded by Israel in 1948, when Palestinians were ruthlessly attacked, massacred and driven from their ...
    ( By Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi )
  • Great article!  Mr. Yunus has been providing us with some wonderful perspectives, and hopefully, it will all end soon for ...
    ( By Meru )
  • The author says that in Bangladesh a section of political leaders have been insisting on including Jama'at-e-Islami in the political mainstream. Even some leaders ...
    ( By Mujib sheikh, dhaka )
  • sultan sahebi hope i am wrong. there may be a technical fault so that i can't post my comments. if you have taken decision ...
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  • Normal 0 false false false EN-US ...
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  • What does Pamela Geller want? It is safe to assume that she wants what her financiers want. While her monetary sources are not fully ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Naseer sahebYou two are human beings not perfect in delivering your points. rest people are also human being imperfect, biased etc.but the god is ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • interesting is the prophet mohammed was sent to Arabs his own folk who spoke his language. rest people are not his folks and people ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • "Then after him (Noah) We sent (many) messengers to their peoples: they brought them Clear Signs, but they would not ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Rational,When two people who take diametrically opposite views debate in a forum like this  which according to Shahin Sb is read by several thousands, ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Naseer saheb You are right. But the reason is that speech of god is incoherent, verses contradict those who are scholars reach to diametrically opposite ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Good article indeed. Reinforces my analysis of the historical fault-lines underpinning of the explosive rise in terrorism in the recent era. To quote from ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • سوال یہ نہیں ہے کہ رسول خدا نے کیا کہا، مسئلہ یہ ہے کہ کیا انکے ماننے والوں نے اس پر عمل کیا اور ...
    ( By C M Naim )
  • Good article! This is what I have said umpteen times in the past. The extremists are only playing into the hands of the US ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Rational,I am sure you cannot make sense of any of the 6000 verses but I cannot be answering all your questions relating to all ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days; then He mounted the Throne. ... ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • "Say: O disbelievers! I worship not that which ye worship; Nor worship ye that which I worship. And I shall not worship ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Biggest example of contradictions within the Quran is that Muslims invented abrogation, reinterpretation and new definitions.Abrogation was not problematic to  past Muslim scholars of  ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Biggest example of contradictions within the Quran is that Muslims invented abrogation, reinterpretation and new definitions.Abrogation was not problematic to  past Muslim scholars of  ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )

    Islam and Spiritualism

    Following the fatwa, Hussain was arrested and sent behind bars for one year. Next year, he escaped from the jail and went to Khuzastan but was arrested again thanks to betrayal of his own slave. This time he was jailed for eight years. But after one year, he was arrested again at the insistence of the minister Hamid bin Abbas. This shows Hamid’s personal grudge against him. According to Massignon, 84 Ulema testified against him and the case against him continued for one year. He was sentenced to death by hanging. After hanging to death, his organs were amputated and finally his dead body was burnt. In another account, his head was burnt. Before dying, Hussain is said to have said: “O my God! If you had shown them what I am seeing, they would have never punished me; and if you had concealed also from me what you have concealed from them, I would never have raised the slogan of An al Haque. O God, forgive my killers.”...

    Islam and Politics

    The Mysterious Ideologue on Jinnah’s Left
    Nadeem F. Paracha

    Ironically, Latifi, who was one of the architects of this victory and a passionate supporter of Pakistan’s creation, did not move to the new country. He was constantly asked why, but he always refused to answer this question. Latifi was a good friend of famous Indian writer, Khushwant Singh. In fact, one of the main characters in Singh’s celebrated novel about India’s partition (1956’s Train to Pakistan) is entirely based on Latifi.....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Islamic State Claims Forced Sex Is Not Rape and Calls Michelle Obama A Prostitute
    Marina Mahathir

    Saudi Woman Power to Be Tested At Civic Vote

    Nigeria: Baby Born With Traditional Beads in Lagos

    Stark Reality of Saudi Schools: Female Students’ Have Dashed Ambitions

    Marina Mahathir says will leave Malaysia if Hudud arrives

    Women Hold High Status in Kingdom: Rights Panel

    Burmese Women Could Be Forced To Have Fewer Children under New Law

    Turkey Elections: Gay, Transsexual Candidates Spotlight LGBT Rights

    Females ‘Can’t Be Ignored In Sports’: President Saudi Youth Welfare

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic World News

    Syrian Military Expert: Al Saud's Strategic Mistake in Yemen Strengthening Iran's Int'l Status
    Najma Heptulla, Indian Minority Affairs Minister

    Arab World

    Over 40 ISIL Terrorists Killed by Peshmarga Forces in Iraq's Sinjar

    Dozens of Takfiri Terrorists Killed in Army Operations in Dara'a Province

    Southeast Asia

    Marina Mahathir: Malaysia Undergoing ‘Arab Colonialism’

    South Asia

    ‘Ansarullah Bangla Team Now Eying Madrasa Students’ To Increase Strength

    At Least 10 Afghan Police Officers Killed In Taliban Assault

    North America

    York County Pastors Call on Christians to Love Muslims, ‘Fear Not’

    Negotiator: Iran Agrees To 'Managed Access' To Nuclear Sites


    Islamic State, Other Terrorist Organizations Recruiting NRIs: NIA

    Not Just Today, Muslims Feeling Alienated Since 1947: Minister

    Indian Muslims Are Nationalists Who Oppose Terror: Home Minister


    Nigeria Military Says ‘Scores’ Of Islamists Killed, 20 Hostages Rescued

    Female Suicide Bombers In Nigeria: A Boko Haram Tactic?


    Iranian Troops Sent To Fight ISIS in Iraq Operation

    3 Dead, 19 Injured In Saudi Attacks in Hudaydeh


    German Army Planning To Recruit First Imam for Muslim Soldiers


    Over 100 Suspects Including 25 Afghans Arrested In Peshawar

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Interfaith Dialogue

    Religious extremists believe in an angry, punishing God and see themselves as the agents of this God. On the other hand, the mainstream followers of the Qur’an and the Bible understand themselves as called to be agents of divine mercy and love (Berry as cited in Trefle, 2013). Religious extremism leads to terrorism, breeds bigotry and hatred, and uses violence as its methodology with the aim of exacting punishment on those who are perceived to be enemies or infidels. The result is the reign of terror, the reign of violence and bloodshed….

    Debating Islam

    Why Islam Doesn't Need a Reformation
    Mehdi Hasan

    Islam isn't Christianity. The two faiths aren't analogous, and it is deeply ignorant, not to mention patronising, to pretend otherwise - or to try and impose a neatly linear, Eurocentric view of history on diverse Muslim-majority countries in Asia or Africa. Each religion has its own traditions and texts; each religion's followers have been affected by geopolitics and socio-economic processes in a myriad of ways....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Focusing on a Woman’s Disobedience to Husband Wrong Way to Read Quran
    Ratna Osman

    Saudi Women of the Desert Set Example of Determination and Will

    Dutch Cabinet Backs Partial Islamic Veil and Burqa Ban

    For Some Malay Muslim Women, Divorce Not the End of Marital Hell

    One Woman’s Crusade for U.K. Town’s Young Rape Victims

    Developing Kelantan More Central to Islam than Hudud, Women’s Group Tells PAS

    In Fuel-Starved Yemen, Women Turn To Bikes

    Turkish Women Speak With ‘Single Voice’

    Up To 5,000 Fistula Cases Surface In Pakistan Every Year

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic World News

    ISIS Claims It Could Buy Its First Nuclear Weapon from Pakistan within a Year
    Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah leader


    Prayer Leader Blows Himself Up In Charsadda Mosque

    Bahria Town: Masjid-e-Nabvi Cleric Leads Friday Prayers

    South Asia

    Seven Soldiers Martyred, 131 Militants Killed In Separate Military Operations

    Southeast Asia

    Families Leaving For Isis as Malaysia Not Islamic Enough, Says Top Anti-Terrorism Cop

    Hudud Not Applicable In Current Global Climate, Says Islamic Scholar

    Arab World

    Nasrallah: Hezbollah May Call for Mobilizing Volunteer Forces against Takfiri Terrorists

    Iraqi Airstrike Kills over 24 ISIL Commanders in Anbar

    Dozens of Terrorists Killed in Syrian Army's Operations in Damascus Province

    North America

    Dispute Erupts Over Mideast Nuclear Arms Ban


    Isis in the UK: Police Commissioner Warns 5-Year-Old Girls’ Dream of Becoming Jihadi Brides

    U.N. Urges Safe Exit for Civilians Fleeing Palmyra


    Ansarullah Captures 15 Saudi Spies in Hudayda Port

    Islamic State Claims Yemen Mosque Attack: IS Twitter Statement


    Muslim Youths Burn Down A Kano Sharia Court over Blasphemous Comments


    Centre Proposes Three-Year Visa for Pakistan Businessmen

    Terror Taint Off, Man Acquitted In Akshardham Case Details ‘Torture’ In Book

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Islam and the West

    Internecine Quarrels are Helping ISIS in Iraq
    David Ignatius

    Political strife in Iraq led to the debacle in Ramadi. The Shiite-dominated government wouldn’t supply weapons or training to embattled Sunnis in Anbar province, and the mistrustful Sunnis quarreled among themselves and refused aid from Shiite popular militias that might have saved Ramadi....

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    The Islamic State (IS) caliph’s recent remarks about the knowledge, competence and credentials of Mullah Omar, the Taliban’s caliph, have not merely spawned the strange scenario of two contending caliphs muddling the most flaunted Muslim concept of a single unrivalled Caliphate but are also feared to be fuelling fresh turf wars among terrorists trampling various regions....

    Spiritual Meditations

    Building Spiritual Capital
    David Brooks

    Innate spiritual capacities can wither unless cultivated — the way innate math faculties can go undeveloped without instruction. Loving families nurture these capacities, especially when parents speak explicitly about spiritual quests....

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    Saudi Suicide Bombing: Shi'ite Stronghold Qatif was a Sunni Terrorist Target Waiting to Happen
    Gianluca Mezzofiore

    In Saudi Arabia, this tension has only been fuelled by the war in Yemen, which pits the Sunni Wahabbi Saudi government against the Shia Houthi rebels, who are widely perceived to be backed by Iran, the Shia powerhouse in the Middle East and Riyadh's main rival….

    Islamic History

    Why the Ancient City of Palmyra, Seized by the Islamic State, Matters
    Ishaan Tharoor

    Palmyra, which is located in the center of Syria, was an old oasis town that turned into an influential desert crossroads for around the first century A.D., at a time of significant Roman influence in the Near East. Its architecture and artifacts reflect its place as a meeting point between civilizations and cultures….

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    Rather than inducing panic in Western capitals, it should lead to a realistic assessment of the Islamic State’s strengths and weaknesses. One setback in a long war must not trigger hasty strategic shifts that lead to foreign countries’ becoming mired in Iraq once more….

    Islam and Politics

    Yemen Crisis: Problem and Solution
    Abdulrahman Al-Rashed

    Saudi Arabia accepted most of the Yemeni explanation for the border dispute, and back then Saleh considered the agreement a great achievement. By signing it, Saudi Arabia eliminated any justification for future disputes. However, Saleh violated it and let Yemeni groups ally with regimes opposed to the Kingdom — such as Libya’s Moammar Qaddafi — allowing them to carry out armed assaults against it....


    Q&A: Probing Islamic State’s Sex Atrocities with the United Nations
    James Reinl

    IS is organised, coordinated and operates on a widespread and systematic basis to commit a staggering array of atrocities. They are institutionalising sexual violence; the brutalisation of women and girls is central to their ideology. They use sexual violence as a "tactic of terrorism" to advance key strategic priorities, such as recruitment, fundraising, to enforce discipline and order – through the punishment of dissenters or family members – and to advance their radical ideology....

    Islam and Sectarianism

    Pakistan That Bleeds
    Mehr Tarar

    The tags of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are bestowed as per the status of the divine power that is being prayed to. Islam, despite being the religion of almost 98 per cent of the population, is being ‘protected’ by those who think their ideology is the only one that matters. Instead of focusing on the true teachings of the Holy Quran and Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that stress unequivocally the rights of all human beings to live unharmed regarding the practising of their faiths, here the differences are delineated in blood....

    Islam and Sectarianism

    Pakistan of the Ismailis
    Zaigham Khan

    Aga Khan had finally ordered them to convert to Islam if they wanted to keep the connection. They found it easier to leave their religion than disobey their spiritual mentor. With the help of local Muslims, they converted to Islam in a simple ceremony held at a Sunni mosque, though they chose to embrace the Ismaili denomination....

    Islam and Politics

    Bashar al-Assad: The beginning of the end?
    Marwan Bishara

    But even those loyalists in the capital Damascus or from among the Alawite sect, who've become dependent on the regime, will soon conclude that it's wiser to sacrifice Assad in order to save the capital, the community and the country, than sacrifice them all in a desperate attempt to save a dictatorship....

    Islam and Tolerance

    There is Zero Tolerance for Hate Speech in Pakistan, Even If You are a Cleric!
    Zara Hafeez

    In Pakistan, stirring religious hatred is unlawful. The law clearly states that any act or speech which instigates sectarian odium, whether inadvertently or wilfully, can lead up to a possible prison sentence for nearly seven years. Yet, there are hundreds of these clerics on the loose, who incite hatred every day....

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    An American in Mumbai
    Khaled Ahmed

    Nadir Soofi, a Pakistani American born to a conservative, religious Pakistani father from a “military family” and an American mother, was shot dead by Texas police as he and a friend were about to assault a “blaspheming” cartoon contest in Garland, Texas....

    Hindi Section

    अंग्रेजी अखबार TOI में छपी खबर के अनुसार 20000 हजार लोगों की क्षमता वाले इस विशालकाय हिंदू मंदिर के लिए मुस्लिमों ने बड़े पैमाने पर अपनी जमीन दान दी है। इसके अलावा कुछ मुस्लिम परिवारों ने काफी कम कीमत पर मंदिर के लिए जमीन मुहैया कराई है।

    Urdu Section

    No Ill-treatment Allowed in Religion  دین میں زیادتی ہرگز نہیں ہے
    Syed Shamshad Ahmad Nasir, New Age Islam

    ابھی چند دن کی بات ہے کہ جماعت احمدیہ کے ترجمان مکرم سلیم الدین صاحب نے ایک پریس ریلیز جاری کی ہے جس کے مطابق وہ کہتے ہیں کہ2014ء میں احمدیوں کے خلاف ہونے والے واقعات کی وجہ سے احمدیوں کے خلاف مزید نفرت میں اضافہ ہوا ہے سال 2014ء میں 11احمدی عقیدہ کے اختلاف کی بنا پر قتل ہوئے اور ٹارگٹ کلنگ زیادہ تر پنجاب میں ہوئی۔ گوجرانوالہ میں احمدیوں کی دکانیں اور گھر نذر آتش کر دیئے گئے جس کے نتیجے میں ایک ہی خاندان کے 3افراد زندگی سے محروم ہو گئے اس موقعہ پر پولیس بھی موجود تھی جس نے کوئی موثرقدم نہ اٹھایا۔

    Urdu Section

    اسلام کی اخلاقی تعلیمات کا ایک روشن پہلو یہ ہے بھی ہے کہ ان کو قانونی دائرے میں جگہ دی گئی ہے ورنہ دیگر مذاہب میں اخلاقی تعلیمات محض و عظ و نصیحت تک محدود ہیں،لیکن اسلام نے اس کو قانون کےدائرے میں پیش کیا ہے۔ مثال کے طور پر کسی کے گھر میں تاک جھانک کرنا ، مخرب اخلاق افعال کا مرتکب ہونا، سرعام ننگا ہو جانا ، فحش حرکتیں کرنا، ناپ تول میں کمی بیشی کرنا، اشیائے خوردنی میں ملاوٹ کرنا، دھوکہ دینا، جھوٹی گواہی پیش کرنا ، جھوٹی خبر پھیلانا،دوسرے کی ہتک عزت کرنا، یہ سب ایسی باتیں ہیں کہ دنیا کے قوانین و مذاہب میں کوئی سزا مقرر نہیں ہے،مگر اسلام ان کے لیے تعزیری سزائیں مقرر کرتا ہے اور ایک مسلمان کو مجبور کرتاہے کہ وہ ان بد خلقیوں سے پرہیز کرے۔

    Books and Documents

    The Broader Notion of Din Al-Islam: Chapter 7, Essential Message of Islam

    There can be no debate that din al-Islam is the religion of the followers of the Prophet Muhammad: Islam. However, the Qur’an also uses the generic word Islam, and its different roots, and the word din, with various shades of meaning. Thus the Qur’an uses the word ‘din’ to denote judgment (1:4), divine law (2:193), law (of the land) (12:76), obedience or devotion (39:3), faith, religion, moral responsibility (107:1), religion in the conventional sense (110:2) etc. Based on these Qur’anic illustrations, the term din would appear to embrace the broader notion of obedience (to God) or compliance (with God’s commandments), as against religion in its popular sense.....



    Radical Islamism and Jihad
    Preventing Further Radicalisation Is the Challenge Muslims Must Undertake: Some Concrete Suggestions
    Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

    Now the question is, how do we go forward? If we really want to make a difference, we will have to start a substantive dialogue with the ulema and make sure that they agree to:

    1) open the gates of ijtihad, rethinking all tenets of Islam in the light of the situation prevailing today. As we have not done our homework for over a millennium, this will have to be pretty revolutionary.

    2) declare that only constitutive and essential, not the contextual and allegorical verses of Quran, are meant to guide us today.

    3) compile Qur'anic verses in the order in which they were revealed, thus restoring primacy to Meccan verses that mostly constitute the essential and universal teachings of Quran, as they can be understood without any need for knowing the context in which they were revealed.

    4) declare that Ahadees cannot be considered any form of revelation from God. Islamic State’s millenarian thesis is almost entirely based on ahadees, though they use some allegorical verses of Quran as well. The claim of al-Baghdadi leading an end-time war, al-Malhama, just before the final Armageddon, has been a big draw. Some Muslims have come to think life on earth has no meaning left in the times of al-Malhama and so are rushing to join the war.

    5) declare that Sharia (fiqh) is not divine. It was created over a century after the demise of the Prophet by ulema who tried to codify laws on the basis of Qur'anic postulates and Arab cultural practices.

    6) declare clearly that Islam believes in co-existence with other religions, not dominion over the world.

    7) re-define commonly used Islamic terms like Muslim, kafir, mushrik, ahl-e-kitab, jihad, qital, farz, sunnat, etc.

    In a word, we must evolve a truly Islamic and a coherent theology of peace and co-existence, moderation and modernity, to counter the very coherent theology of violence and xenophobia, intolerance and supremacism that Jihadi ulema have created over centuries. All ulema say Islam is a religion of peace and co-existence. It's time for them to walk their talk. But if they refuse to consider change, we will need to directly reach the Muslim masses. ...

    Finally, the larger Indian community too should introspect. As Daniel Pipes said in an international counter-terrorism conference in Jaipur recently, in this war of ideas, the world should not only encourage and support progressive, modern Muslims but also oppose and refrain from supporting the fundamentalists and extremists.

    1) Our national leadership supported Khilafat in 1920s, considering it an essential part of Islamic theology. That was wrong. Now we must repudiate that stance and acknowledge our mistake.

    2) Muslim Personal Law in India has not been reformed even to the extent it has been in Pakistan and Bangladesh. This must change. At least General Ayyub Khan’s reforms in Pakistan must be introduced and Ulema should be told to accept what their Pakistani and Bangladeshi counterparts did decades earlier. This is not a satisfactory solution but at least it will be a start and it is doable.

    3) Madrasa education is a serious violation of the human rights of Muslim children. It destroys their lives and fills their minds with xenophobia and intolerance. Our government not only allows this but partly funds some madrasas. This must stop, unless, of course, madrasas actually change to become modern versions of what madrasas used to be like, in the Golden Age of Islam, and produce scientists and philosophers. A secular, democratic government should not be in the business of funding xenophobia and intolerance.

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