• Blasphemy laws must be abolished. They are in-Islamic.
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • The New York Times has published one editorial, three op-eds and two news stories on Farooq Ahmed Dar's photo already!​ I am sure this does ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Rarely do we find such a beautiful piece. Many many thanks to you, Ghulam Ghaus sahab.
    ( By Akmal Raza )
  • Dear Hidayath Basha, Answer is 1 provided the triple tallaq is pronounced in a state of mental equanimity. However a tallaq pronounced 3 or 100 ...
    ( By muhammd yunus )
  • There is no need to prove or, deny something which is in public domain. The sight of hijab or burqa clad women with several children ...
    ( By Ashok Sharma )
  • दुबई और आबू धाबी में जुम्मे की नमाज के वक़्त खुतबे का एक-एक लफ्ज सरकार की मर्जी से तय होता है. कोई भी....
    ( By Nida Nabeel )
  • The word, fight, in the books of Hadith would have no implication in this present days due to contemporary non-Muslims are not hostile as those ...
    ( By zuma )
  • Beautiful 1'
    ( By ଜ୍ୟୋତିର୍ମୟ ପଣ୍ଡା )
  • Until the advent of Islam, women in all major civilization lived virtually at the mercy of men and suffered deep and oppressive misogyny. NO.'
    ( By Deepa Natarajan )
  • You are advocating 1. Triple talaq in one sitting is only one talaq or....
    ( By Hidayath Basha )
  • From all my previous comments, it would conclude that the word, fight, in the books of Hadith should not be interpreted as aggressive fighting but ...
    ( By zuma )
  • Another propaganda news to defame modi and India, Kavita Krishnan has long record to run such activities Shame on traitors'....
    ( By Intolerant )
  • If the word, fight, in the books of Hadith were meant for aggressive fighting instead of defensive fighting, there should not be any reason why ...
    ( By zuma )
  • Dear Muhammd Yunus, You have mentioned Muslims might use Sira to refute the claim. However, the books of Hadith do expose the violence of non-Muslims ...
    ( By zuma )
  • Dear Khwaja Saadat Noor Thank you so much for reading the article in full to appreciate its significance. It appears ...
    ( By muhammd yunus )
  • " Where are those prepared to learn and thus engage in proper dialogue with the other?" Good question.
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • No need to go to Pakistan. Many parts of India have already become Pakistan through the activities of such elements. India should always remain multi-cultural ...
    ( By Ashok Sharma )
  • this is an excellent article a must read for the ignorant ulemas. this article is also for those non muswlims who think Islam is about ...
    ( By Khwaja Saadat Noor )
  • Dear Zuma, You can add the following verses to those quoted in your last comment to demonstrate the defensive character of the Prophet's mission: "God ...
    ( By muhammd yunus )
  • Dear Zuma! I fully agree with your comments and your concluding statement that instruction to "fight, in Quran could not be applicable to modern days ...
    ( By muhammd yunus )
  • I have shown that the road for reform through the Ulema is blocked and the reasons for it. I have also shown the alternate path to ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Naseer Ahmed says: "No one actually supports Triple Talaak, or considers it desirable. The traditionalist ulema and sects which believe in taqlid are bound by ...
    ( By Asif Merchant )
  • Dear Zaheer Hussain Khan, Hazrat Umar (r/a)'s era was different. It overlapped with the pre-Islamic era, when the sexual relations were lose and women were free ...
    ( By muhammd yunus )
  • The following are the extracted quranic verses to support non-Muslims were violence when Muhammad was on earth:...
    ( By zuma )
  • Dear Muhammd Yunus, You have quoted the past history on how Muslims were surrounded by hostile Muslims due to their hatred upon Muslims. ...
    ( By zuma )
    ( By Zaheer Husain Khan )
  • Secular parties should stop giving legitimacy to these mullahs. By legitimizing them...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • These jihadists do not just take Islam backwards. They actually negate Islam. They...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Dear Zuma! I appreciate your explanation of verses 9:5 and 9:29 by cross referencing other...
    ( By muhammd yunus )
  • Since the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (and many other ex-colonies) follows to the letter...
    ( By Rashid Samnakay )
  • ok... so lets say that a muslim saudi guy married a christian girl , which is halal , then they had sex , then he ...
    ( By Ahmad Nicolae Khalaf )
  • Muslims must be wise enough to handle the interpretation of the word, fight, in Quran. No doubt Quran was the inspiration from Allah, one has ...
    ( By zuma )
  • Vishnu Prasad, let’s me explain why Quran 9:5 as well as Quran 9:29 should not be misinterpreted as aggressive violence against non-Muslims. Before ....
    ( By zuma )
  • Free speech seems to be fatal throughout the subcontinent. What can be worse than killing a man for his views or beliefs? Just reciting the ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Vishnu Prasad, You have quoted Quran 9:5 as well as Quran 9:29 to draw attention on Islamic teaching to direct Muslims to fight against those ...
    ( By zuma )
  • Whither we are headed”? A quote from Abraham Lincoln says, “If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we ...
    ( By Royalj )
  • @gulam mohiyuddin K ban triple talaq.But when u r talking about gender equality.U should also raise the issue of banning the saints sadhus who roam ...
    ( By Bristol King )
  • @Ghulam Mohiyudin Itz Not what Muslim personal Law board says.. Itx what Quran anD Hadees is saying..
    ( By R'aina F'ayaz )
  • Translation of Azaan:
    ( By Jayaraman Subri )
  • Ayaan Hirsi Ali:
    ( By Jayaraman Subri )

    Urdu Section

    حنفی ،اہل حدیث اور شیعی تینوں مسلکوں کے برخلاف میرا نقطہ نظر یہ ہے کہ قرآنی ہدایت کے علیٰ الرغم دی گئی طلاق خواہ ایک ہو یا زیادہ دو واقع نہیں ہوگی ۔ ایک مجلس کی تین طلاق کے بارے میں قارئین نے دیکھا کہ ائمہ کرام کی رائیں ایک دوسرے سے مختلف اور متضاد ہیں ۔ اس لیے دونوں رائیں عین شریعت قرار نہیں دی جاسکتی ۔ ورنہ لازم آئیگا کہ خدا کی کتاب اور اس کی شریعت میں تضاد بیانی پائی جاتی ہے۔ جو بہت بڑا نقص اور عیب ہے ۔ البتہ دونوں متضاد رائے رکھنے اور ماننے والے یعنی مقلداور غیر مقلد سبھی قسم کے علماء کا اس بات پر اتفاق ہے کہ ۔۔۔شوہر کومکمل اختیار ہے کہ وہ جب چاہے یکطرفہ طور پر لفظ طلاق بول کر نکاح کوختم کرسکتا ہے۔ اس معاملہ میں مسلم معاشرہ یا عدالت کودخل دینے کا کوئی حق نہیں ہے۔ مگرکوئی عورت نکاح کو ختم یا فسخ کرناچاہے تو اسے عدالت سے رجوع کرناپڑے گا ۔کیا اسے شرعی اور انصاف پر مبنی قانون قرار دیا جاسکتا ہے؟

    Hindi Section

    Education Necessary to Lead the World: Why then Muslims Are Depriving Girls from It  संसार के नेतृत्व के लिये शिक्षा का होना आवश्यक फिर आखिर लोग इस्लाम में लड़कियों को शिक्षा से महरूम क्यों कर रहे हैं
    Talha Haroon, New Age Islam

    अल्लाह के अंतिम पैगम्बर हज़रत मुहम्मद सल्लल्लाहु अलैहि वसल्लम हिदायत का पैकर बनकर इस संसार में पधारे l उन्होनें सम्पूर्ण संसार को ज्ञान के प्रकाश से जगमगाया l यही कारण है कि पवित्र कुरआन में अल्लाह पाक ने फरमाया कि शिक्षित (अहले इल्म) और अशिक्षित (जाहिल) कभी बराबर हो ही नहीं सकते l शिक्षा अर्थात इल्म ही सभी तरक्की और सफलता का माद्ध्यम है l या इस प्रकार कह सकते हैं कि दुनिया की कयादत (नेतृत्व) के लिये इल्म सबसे आवश्यक है l

    Islamic Society

    UP CM Seeks To 'Modernise' Madrasas: Madrasa Education Reform Is a Key Issue For Indian Muslims
    Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

    Clearly, this would be typically seen by the 'conspiracy theorists' among Muslims as an 'onslaught' of the 'Hindutva nationalists' on the madrasa education system. Nevertheless, unlike the previous governments which loudly announced the 'reform movements' in the UP madrasa, Yogi Adityanath's government is gearing up for a major overhaul in the age-old madrasa education system. Apart from the new vocational courses which are highly required in the educational curricula of the UP Madrasas, tech-based education programmes and professional skill development will also be included in the new educational curriculum....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    From Pakistan to Egypt, The Muslim Countries That Have Moved Ahead From Triple Talaq
    Radhika Iyengar

    .... Talaq al-Bidat emerged during the second century, when Omayyad rulers found that the laws “imposed by the Prophet on the facility of repudiation interfered with indulgence of their caprice and endeavoured to find an escape from the strictness of law.” Ahmad further writes, “It must be noted that it was not Islam, but Omayyad practices that gave validity to these divorces.”....

    Islamic World News

    Another Member of Minority Religious Sect Ahmadi Muslim Slain in Pakistan

    Hanging of Mufti Hannan May Not Mean The End of HuJI in Bangladesh

    Hundreds Of Palestinian Prisoners In Israel Go On Hunger Strike

    French Muslim Party To Run In Parliamentary Elections

    Indonesia’s Capital Votes, Muslim Hardliner In The Fray



    National Assembly Approves Compulsory Teaching Of Quran In Schools

    South Asia

    Taliban’s Shadow Governor Among 16 Killed In Kunduz Airstrike


    Saudi Military Helicopter Crashes In Yemen, Killing 12 Officers


    Islamic Lender Shows UK Appeal Of Sharia Finance

    Southeast Asia

    DAP: Explain Zakir Naik’s PR Status And Why It Was Given

    Arab World

    Over 50 Civilians Killed, Injured in US-Led Coalition Airstrikes in Eastern Syria

    Syria: Evacuated Gunmen, Family Members from al-Wa'er Exceed 2,000

    North America

    More Canadians View Different Religions Positively

    California Gunman Kills Three 'In Race Attack' In Fresno - BBC News


    Sonu Nigam Azaan Row: Priyanka Chopra’s Video Praising Azaan Goes Viral As Sonu Defends Self


    Police Fire 'Live Bullets' At Nigerians Urging Zakzaky's Release

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Muslim Teen Shares Dad's Response To Her Taking Off Her Hijab

    U.S. Media 'Spinning Lies' About Female Genital Mutilation

    Yemeni Women’s Living Conditions Difficult Under Houthis

    Bangladeshi Advert On International Women’s Day Grabs World’s Attention

    Malala's Mother Focuses On Education In Rare Interview

    Female Commuters Are The Worst Sufferers In Bangladesh

    Dubai Women’s Establishment Launches Five-Year Plan

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islam and Politics
    Iqbal’s Wrong Turn
    Pratap Bhanu Mehta

    Iqbal’s Wrong Turn
    Pratap Bhanu Mehta

    Many modern Hindu thinkers like M.S. Golwalkar suffered from Prophet Envy. They wanted Hinduism with a totem of unity. They settled on the cow, not as religious piety but as symbol of Hindu unity, and it is beginning to psychologically function in the same way. It is not an accident that there is chilling similarity in the way Mashal Khan was killed, and the way in which people are killed on suspicion of trafficking in cows....

    Islam and Spiritualism
    Journey into the Light
    Islamic Unity Society

    Completing our first Umrah was a beautiful and joyous experience. Many group members over the course of the remaining nights performed the Umrah again on behalf of family and loved ones. Performing the rituals helped strengthen our willpower and discipline. It was a workout for the soul. Every Tawwaf (circumambulation) we completed around the Holy House was a step closer to achieving nearness to Allah (swt). We felt lighter. Cleansed.....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    For The First Time in the U.S., A Doctor Is Charged With Female Genital Mutilation
    Alene Tchekmedyian

    The girls were told they were brought to Detroit from Minnesota for a “special” girls trip, according to a court filing. After arriving at a hotel, the girls were taken to the doctor “to get the germs out” because “our tummies hurt.”...

    Current Affairs

    Anatomy of a Lynching
    Aatish Taseer

    Almost 60 percent of India now lives in B.J.P.-controlled states; there is no opposition left to speak of. What voices of moderation and reason there used to be within the B.J.P. are either too cowed to speak or feel that it is politically inexpedient to do so....

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    Books and Documents

    Relevant Religious Guidance for Muslims Requires Knowledge of Scriptural Tradition As Well As Contemporary Contextual and Social Realities

    ‘The debate over whether knowledge has two roles, both for worldly flourishing and after worldly salvation, remains unresolved in madrasa circles.’ Many traditionalists focus only on the former role, thus seeking to limit madrasa education to the study of texts described as religious in a restricted sense....

    Islam, Women and Feminism
    Europe and the Muslim Body
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    Europe and the Muslim Body
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    Sex and sexuality was never a taboo subject and early Islamic texts devote pages after pages to its discussion. Hence in Islam liberal ideas may not develop a critique of the body similar to the West for the simple reason that the Muslim body was never denied its pleasures. Thus the reason why some Muslim women would not see the veil as a symbol of sexual repression while the Christian West will is precisely because their historical and religious experiences have been very different. By reading the veil only as a symbol of oppression, Europe wants to universalize its own historical biases, anxieties and particularisms. ...

    Islam, Women and Feminism
    The Burqini Dilemma
    Dr. Adis Duderija, New Age Islam

    The Burqini Dilemma
    Dr. Adis Duderija, New Age Islam

    Importantly, changes in the ethico-moral compass among conservative-minded Muslims of various ideological viewpoints, including those living in the West,  in the context of late  modernity/ (post)-coloniality have taken place which have given rise to a  novel phenomenon whereby selective and for all purposes un-principal appropriation of  aspects of pre-modern Islamic gender cosmologies...

    Islam and Politics

    Invoking the Constitution to Save Muslim Law Unwise and Erroneous
    Tahir Mahmood

    The Muslim law claimed to be of “divine” origin is practised in India in an awfully distorted way going in a direction diametrically opposed to clear teachings of the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet who was indeed one of the greatest social reformers in human history...

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    God is not a fashion designer and milliner, else Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden would have donned His designer labelled dress and headgear, instead of wearing a giant fig-leaf each to ‘hide their shame’. Nor is He one who orders people to dress up in particular mode of apparel to enter His kingdom. It is not a ‘clubhouse’ that requires a necktie as its “code of dress” to gain entry. A nineteen century brave comedian wearing ONLY a necktie tried to enter such an exclusive clubhouse, but was thrown out ignominiously for his efforts!... 

    Spiritual Meditations
    Problems Are Also a Mercy
    Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

    Problems Are Also a Mercy
    Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, New Age Islam

    If you allow the problems that you face to turn you into someone who is constantly grumbling and complaining, they will only destroy you. But if your problems lead you to develop the habit of introspection, they will become a source of mercy for you....

    Islamic Ideology

    “Every word of the Qur’an is God’s message for all times to come, but every injunction of the Qur’an is not applicable for all times. There are mentions in the Qur’an that were clearly applicable for the Prophet’s (PBUH) time alone, like for example the guidance that the Prophet’s (PBUH) wives cannot get married to anyone after his death is a stipulation that is not applicable to our times. Similar is the case with many of the mentions in the Qur’an on slavery. An objective reading of the Qur’an itself clarifies which injunctions of it are time-barred and which of them are eternal.”...

    Islam and Politics

    Political Islam Is an Obstacle to Peaceful Coexistence
    Samar Fatany

    Political Islam has no place in our world today as it is an obstacle to peaceful coexistence and an impediment to global prosperity. It has alienated Muslims everywhere and continues to threaten the lives of innocent believers all over the world. Rejectionist voices who maintain a negative stand and impose their ultraconservative interpretations of Islam to gain power are impediments to peace in the region....

    Islamic Society

    The Real Problem for Muslims is Being Unaware of the Contemporary Age
    Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

    Most educated Muslims think that America is an enemy of Islam. They think America is a font of what is referred to as ‘Islamophobia’. But this supposition is completely baseless. If you travel in America, you will find that Muslims there are prospering. There are many mosques and Islamic centres in America. In terms of religion, there are no restrictions at all on Muslims.....


    Maulana Wahiduddin Khan on Islam, Peace, Interfaith and Christian-Muslim Relations
    Victor Edwin SJ, New Age Islam

    Muslims have viewed Christians as their rivals instead of looking at them as partners. This was a big mistake that they made. For long, I used to think about why the Quran advises Muslims to help God just as the disciples of Jesus said that they would be God’s helpers. The verse in the Quran which mentions this is in the chapter called As-Saff: “Believers, be God’s helpers, as Jesus, son of Mary, said to the disciples, ‘Who will be my helpers in the cause of God?’...

    Islamic Society

    Why Islamists, Occasionally, Desecrate Islamic Holy Sites
    Tarek Fatah

    After occupying Medina these Muslims, who came from the neighbouring region of Nejd, systematically levelled the “Jannat al-Baqi” cemetery, the vast burial site adjacent to the Prophet’s mosque that housed the remains of many of the members of Muhammad’s family, close companions and central figures of early Islam, including his beloved daughter, Fatima. These acts of sacrilege were re-enacted by a new generation of Wahhabi zealots led by Abdel-Aziz Ibn Saud during the second Saudi state, a century later....

    Islam and Politics

    Aligarh Muslim University – Muslim Leaders Need to Quit Minority Syndrome
    Tufail Ahmad, New Age Islam

    The Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College, which Sir Syed Ahmed Khan had established in 1875, was dissolved and re-established as the Aligarh Muslim University by an act of Indian parliament in 1920. The AMU therefore is subject to the provisions of the Constitution. While the Constitution gives rights to minorities to establish educational institutions, such institutions cannot retain a minority character if their funding comes from the Indian state. India being a secular state, AMU cannot get taxpayers' money. Under Article 30(2), the state can give aid to minority institutions. But the AMU's case is not a case of the state giving aid, but a case of the Indian state fully funding and running an institution specifically for a minority community....

    Islamic Society
    A Case for Dalit Muslims
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    A Case for Dalit Muslims
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    Dalit Muslims are those converted to Islam from ex-untouchable castes. They constitute a third category called the Arjals (from the Arabic rizl, meaning of no use) who occupy the lowest rung of Muslim society. These castes are considered unclean even by the lower caste Ajlafs. Some of these castes are Lalbegis (scavengers), Dafalis (the drum makers), Hawari (cleaner), Dhobi (washerman), Halalkhor, Gadhedi, Bakho, Machuara, Nalband, Bhatiara, Gorkan, etc…

    Urdu Section

    Islamic Scholars Must Join Ideological War   علماء اسلام کا اسلام پسند نظریہ سازوں کے خلاف نظریاتی جنگ میں شامل ہوناضروری
    Sultan Shahin, Founding Editor, New Age Islam

    لیکن ہندوستانی علماء کو ان کے ساتھبحث و مباحثے میں بالکل ہی مشغول نہیں دیکھا جا تا۔ انہوں نے ان کے ساتھ اس وقت بھی کوئی مکالمہ اور مباحثہ نہیں کیا جب اس نے پیغمبر اسلام صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کے پورے خاندان کے قاتل’یزید‘ کو رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ کہا اوراس طرح اس پر خدا کی رحمت و برکت بھیجی۔ انہوں نے اس کے ساتھ اس وقت بھی کوئی مکالمہ اور مباحثہ نہیں کیا جب اس نے یہ کہا کہ مسلمان بھیڑ بکریوں کے ساتھ یا جنسی غلاموں کے ساتھ جنسی تعلق قائم کر سکتے ہیں۔ وہ اس کے ساتھ اس وقت بھی کوئی مکالمہ اور مباحثہ نہیں کرتے ہیں جب وہ اپنے نام نہاد پیس ٹی وی پر علیٰ الاعلان دوسرے مذاہب کی تذلیل و توہین کرتا ہے۔ وہ اس کے ساتھ اس وقت بھی کوئی مکالمہ اور مباحثہ نہیں کرتے ہیں جب اس کے ٹی وی شوز میں ہندوؤں اور عیسائیوں کے ساتھ مکالمہ اور گفتگو سے ملک میں فتنہ و فساد کا ماحول پیدا ہوتا ہے۔ واضح طور پر اس کی وجہ یہ ہے کہ اس کی باتیں ان موجودہ اصول و نظریاتپر مبنی ہیں جن پر مسلمانوں کااجماع ہے۔ ذاکر نائک پر تنقید کرنے والے علماء اپنی عادتوں کی بنیاد پر منافقانہ رویہ اختیار کر رہے ہیں۔ مثال کے طور پر جب سلفیت اور وہابیت پہلی بار ملک میں داخل ہوئی تو دار العلوم دیوبندنے اسکے خلاف فتویٰ جاری کیا تھا۔ اور جب سعودی عرب سے سلفی وہابی علماء ہندوستان آئے تو سب سے پہلے دیوبند کے رہنماؤں نے ان کا خیر مقدم کیااور وہ عظیم الشان استقبالیہ کے لیے ہمیشہ دیوبند گئے جبکہ دیوبند نے وہابیت کے خلاف اپنے فتوے سے باضابطہ طور پر رجوع نہیں کیاہے۔

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Ban the Burqa, Allow the Burkini
    Daniel Pipes

    ...the Burkini poses no danger to public security. Unlike the Burqa or Niqab, it leaves the face uncovered; relatively tight-fitting, it leaves no place to hide weapons. Men cannot wear it as a disguise. Further, while there are legitimate arguments about the hygiene of large garments in pools, this is obviously not an issue on the coastal beaches of France....

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