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Islam and Sectarianism

My Enemy’s Enemy - the Battle for Secularism
Maryam Namazie

“Although we may have deeply disagreed with your views, we committed an unforgivable sin in the Arab world when we responded with indifference to the fatwas and calls for your death. So indifferent were we that we colluded – even if just by our silent complicity – in excluding and eliminating difference, while acting as if the whole thing had nothing to do with us. And so here we are today, paying the high, blood-soaked price of that collusion, and finding ourselves the main victims of the obscurantist ideology now infiltrating our homes and our cities… What a shame this much blood has had to be spilled for us to realise, finally, that we are digging our own graves when we allow thought to be crushed by accusations of unbelief.”….

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad
Pakistan Is Sliding Toward Extremism
Farahnaz Ispahani and Nina Shea

Pakistan Is Sliding Toward Extremism
Farahnaz Ispahani

The reality is that Pakistan is facing a serious problem, with the mushrooming of Islamist appeal within Pakistani society reminding us that we risk seeing the Talibanisation not simply of a small minority of ordinary citizens, but large swathes of the populace of the world’s second largest – and only nuclear-armed – Muslim country. Pakistan abounds with violent sectarian and Islamist groups headquartered in semiautonomous tribal areas….

Islam, Women and Feminism

The Woman Who Murdered Her Alleged Rapist Has Been Executed In Iran
Iran executes Reyhaneh Jabbari

South Sudan’s Women Suggest Intimacy Strike to End the War

Boko Haram Frees Abducted Women, Girls Rumoured Married Off to Insurgents

Malala Seeks To Come Pakistan, Join Politics

U.S. Girls’ Journey to Join Islamic State Shows Travel Flaws

Colorado Girls Urged Friends to Pray For Them As They Headed To Syria

Meet Syrian Girl, the internet sensation dismissed as a Kim Kardashian wannabe

Work-From-Home Opportunities Offered To Abha, Saudi Arab, Women

Saturday Turkey Mothers Meet for 500th Time In Hope Of Finding Lost Loved Ones

WA Muslims Hold Open Day at Mosque as Women Wearing Hijab Bear Brunt of Tensions

350,000 school-aged Syrian children in Turkey, just half receiving education

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Islamic World News

ISIL Destroys 2 Religious Landmarks of First Abbasid Era in Salaheddine
Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais

Arab World

Kurdish TV Parodies Islamic State as Sex-Crazed Morons

Deviant Ideology Has No Place in Islam: Al-Sudais

Over 100 ISIL Terrorists Killed by Army in Iraq's Babil

South Asia

37 Taliban militants killed, 55 injured in clearing operations


Iran, Russia Create Joint Operations Headquarters to Fight IS

Latest Britons Reported Dead In Syria Are an Aid Worker and a Violent Jihadi


Assam Muslims for Speedy, Unbiased Probe into Jihadi Activities

India’s Warning On Pro-Pak Group’s Rally on Kashmir in London

North America

Ottawa Gunman Complained Mosque He Attended Was Too Liberal, Inclusive

Canada Vows Tougher Laws As Citizens Worry In Face Of Attacks


Qadri to create Hazara province when in power

Pakistan Welcomes UN Decision to Grant D-8 Observer Status


South Yemen separatists turn out to demand independence


Osun state Governor Educates Boko Haram on the Correct Meaning of Jihad

Southeast Asia

Halloween a ploy to make Muslims godless, says Isma

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War on Terror

Battling the CrISIS: The US-led coalition will be sucked deeper into quagmire, even as the ISIS consolidates itself as a military, political and economic force
Talmiz Ahmad

However, the more immediate confrontation remains the one between Saudi Arabia and Iran which has sectarian and strategic connotations. The Kingdom perceives an existential threat for itself in a West Asia that in its view is overwhelmingly under Iranian influence. The most recent challenge for Saudi Arabia is the dominant role now being played by the Iran-influenced Shia Houthi group in Yemen, giving the Kingdom the sense of being encircled by hostile sectarian forces....

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

Canada's Innocence: Ottawa Attack Will Likely Lead To Little Change
Rex Brynen

However, political leaders from all parties have been loud and clear in drawing a sharp distinction between the Muslim faith and jihadist radicalisation, and Muslim community leaders have been equally quick to condemn the attacks. However imperfect it might be, multiculturalism is deeply engrained in much of Canadian society and robust enough to withstand whatever pressures recent jihadist violence might bring…..

Interfaith Dialogue

The New Switzerland of Asia Can Become a Joint Victory Stand for India and Pakistan (Part – II)
Hamid Mir

The people of India and Pakistan have started collaborating with each other in Afghanistan. They are defying the policies of those who order firing and shelling on the India-Pakistan border. The new Switzerland of Asia can become a joint victory stand for India and Pakistan. If Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi can share a Nobel Peace Prize, then surely India and Pakistan can also share victory against terrorism and extremism in Afghanistan…..

Current Affairs

Divide and Win: Owaisi Brothers Reap the Benefits
Barkha Dutt

It is of course true that parties like the Congress and the Samajwadi Party must take primary responsibility for failing to provide Muslim voters with an imaginative or modern leadership that doesn’t box them into a corner. The fact that secularism today is increasingly seen to have become a slogan prostituted by cynical politics has only reinforced the absence of options for India’s minorities...….

Islam and Politics

Tunisia: The Arab World's Full-Fledged Democracy?
Soumaya Ghannoushi

It had watched helplessly from a dark distant corner as ordinary Arab men and women rose up to topple the corrupt despots who had crushed them for decades. As the mass popular movements of protest came to occupy the centre stage of history, its grandiose exhibitionist spectacles of violence and devastation looked more absurd than ever. Its claims about the impossibility of change except through bombs, bullets and blood rang hollower than empty drums. Never did al-Qaeda seem more isolated and less relevant….

Islam and Spiritualism

Artistry of Allah in the Spider’s Web
Harun Yahya

In contrast to natural or man-made fibbers, the silk produced by spiders can harden or soften, meaning that it can bear different types of load. Compared with other materials used in web construction, spider silk is 6 times more resistant to falling branches or powerful winds. When any pressure is placed on a web, only a single strand will break, and instead of having to spin a whole new web the spider renews the web by just repairing one strand. Spider silk, less than 1/1000 millimetre in diameter, is 5 times stronger than steel wire of the same dimension. Despite being 5 times stronger than steel, the silk is also 30 percent more elastic than rubber and can stretch up to 4 times its own length…..

The War Within Islam

‘We Are Ready For Normalization with Israel’
Verda Özer

The insecurity, instability and uncertainty in the region urge regional countries to be flexible and form new alliances. These conditions also make Turkey’s need for regional allies projecting security and stability more important than ever. The longer and deeper the war, the stronger this need will become. The fact that Ankara is keeping its door open to Israel and Egypt implies such flexibility….

Current Affairs

Disagreeing To Disagree: Opinions Are Becoming Absolute and Space for Dialogue Is Shrinking Drastically
Pavan K Varma

The Vedas begin with a sense of eclectic wonder at the miracle of creation. The Upanishads explore the ultimate essence of existence not by reiteration of dogma but by intellectual enquiry. Our sages, thousands of years ago, were prepared to accept that truth can have many facets, Ekam Satya, Bipraha Bahuda Vedanti: The truth is one; the wise call it by different names. Shankaracharya, who revived Hinduism in the 8th century CE, propounded his theory of Advaitavad, not by fiat, but through dialogue, discussion and informed argumentation, Shastrarth…

Islam and Politics

Who Prefers ISIL To Kurds?
Mustafa Akyol

“Türk Solu,” or “Turkish Left,” which is an online magazine that subscribes to a blend of very hardcore nationalism and secularism. Its website presents a nice photo of Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic, and most of the magazine’s writers define themselves as “Atatürkist” or “Kemalist”…..

Arabic Section

Muslim Denial Knows No Bounds   هل الاعتبار- حسبما یقول السيد أبو العرفان الفرنجي- بأن البغدادي يهودي وعميل للموساد ينجح في وقف أنشطة من يسمى نفسه ‘الخليفة’؟
Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

هل أبو بكر البغدادي المعروف بإبراهيم الذي يسمى نفسه "خليفة المسلمين" ليس إلا يهودي و عميل سري للموساد الإسرائيلي؟ هل هو  جاسوس عامل لمصلحة القوات الأوروبية التي تخلق حالة الفوضى وسفك الدماء والفتنة بين المسلمين؟ هل هو جزء من خطة تقدم المسلمين كمجتمع يعتقد في القتل بدم بارد والعنف بإسم الإسلام؟ قد أثارت العديد من المدونات الإلكترونية والمنشورات على الإنترنت هذه الأسئلة نقلا عن التقارير العديدة التي تدعي أن أبو بكر البغدادي الذي يسمى نفسه "الخليفة" و "أمير المؤمنين" هو في الواقع يهودي من أب وأم يهوديين. وإسمه الحقيقي هو "شمعون إيلوت" الذي التقطته أجهزة المخابرات الإسرائيلية ليحصل على تدريب عال على التجسس، ومن ثم يرأس تنظيم داعش بهدف نشر الفوضى وسفك الدماء في الشرق الأوسط بحجة إقامة حكم الله تعالى أعني "الخلافة الإسلامية في الدول العربية". 

Interfaith Dialogue

Towards Joint Victory: Sufis Are a Binding Factor between Afghanistan, Pakistan and India Part - I
Hamid Mir

Warriors are controversial in our history but Sufis are not. Sufis spread the message of peace in this region. Hazrat Ali Hajwairi (Data Ganj Bakhsh) came to Lahore from Ghazni (Afghanistan). His follower Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti (Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz) came to Delhi from Herat (Afghanistan). These Sufis still enjoy respect in the whole region by the followers of different religions. While many of the warriors are not our mutual heroes, the Sufis are a binding factor between Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.....

Current Affairs

The festival started on Wednesday and the main congregation and prayer were held on Friday. Inside the Krishna temple, which is the main temple for the few Hindu inhabitants of the twin cities, was a riot of colour. Shiny streamers in pink, red and blue hung from the walls, and garlands of red roses and orange and yellow marigold decorated the altar. While oil lamps and candles set entire rooms agleam…..

Radical Islamism and Jihad

The inherent problem in attempting to tackle radicalisation is that often it is too late. By the time its signs begin to show, the scene is already set. Extremism of any kind is a symptom of an unhealthy society and, like any illness, in order to eradicate it; we should look to treat its cause…..

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

The Anti-ISIS Message Malala Couldn't Say In Canada
Frida Ghitis

Consider Malala's words at the U.N. last year: "We call upon all communities to be tolerant -- to reject prejudice based on cast, creed, sect, religion or gender to ensure freedom and equality for women so that they can flourish. We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back. We call upon our sisters around the world to be brave -- to embrace the strength within themselves and realize their full potential." Compare it to the ISIS appeal, "If you are not able to find an IED or a bullet, then single out the disbelieving American, Frenchman, or any of their allies. Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him."….

Urdu Section

Indian Muslims Believe in a Pluralistic Society  .........صد یوں رہا ہے دشمن
Zeen Shamshi

دراصل مغربی میڈیا اور خاص طور پر امریکی و صیہونی  میڈیا کو ہندوستانی مسلمانوں  کے بارے میں  بہت زیادہ فکر ستاتی  رہی ہے۔ اس کی وجہ یہ ہے کہ ملک کی سب سے بڑی اقلیت اور دنیا میں ہندوستان  مسلمانوں  کی دوسری سب سے بڑی   آبادی  ہونے کے  باوجود اس کا مزاج  عالم اسلام سے بالکل مختلف  رہا ہے ۔یہاں کے مسلمانوں  کے اپنے مسائل  ہیں اور اسے وہ خود  ہی حل کرنا جانتےہیں  ۔ 11/9 ہو یا ممبئی  میں دہشت گردانہ حملہ  ہو ، مسلمانوں  نے تمام طرح  کی شدت پسندی سے اپنے آپ کو دور رکھا ۔ یہاں  تک کہ بابری مسجد  کی شہادت  اور گجرات  میں بڑے پیمانے  پر ہونے والا  فساد  بھی اسے دہشت گر بنانے میں  ناکام رہا ہے ۔ دہشت گردی  تو دور کی بات اس نے ایسی تنظیموں  سےبھی  اپنا رابطہ رکھنا مناسب نہیں سمجھا جو اسلام  کی بقا اور اسلام  کے خلاف ہورہی  سازشوں کا جواب بم برسا کر کرتی ہیں ۔

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

Muslim Denial Knows No Bounds: One Way Of Dealing With Self-Styled 'Khalifa' Baghdadi Is To Call Him A Jew And A Mossad Agent, As Does Maulana Abul Irfan Firangi Mahli, But Will It Work?
Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

Is the self styled caliph of Muslims, Abu Bakr Baghdadi alias Ibrahim a Jew and a secret agent of Mossad?... Some conspiracy theorists also suggest that many ‘neo-Muslims’ coming from Jewish background have joined Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations with a motive....

However, while some find comfort in newer and newer conspiracy theories, many Muslims all over the world have responded to Baghdadi with support and acceptance, little realizing that he might be an enemy of Islam in the same way as the Saudi Wahhabi Kingdom that has by now destroyed almost all symbols of Islam's historicity....

Conspiracy theories have not worked in denying Muslim support to Saudi Kingdom; they are not likely to work in the case of this self-styled Khalifa Baghdadi. What could have worked then but was not tried with any degree of coherence and consistency and what could work now is a serious rebuttal of the extremist ideology of Kharjites and now neo-Kharjites by all sections of mainstream Islam.

There is a whole galaxy of extremist ideologues who have existed throughout the history of Islam. They cannot all be called MI6, CIA, KGB and Mossad agents. These ideologues have enjoyed varying degree of support among the masses. When the ideological mentor of Abdul Wahhab, Taqî ad-Dîn Aḥmad ibn Taymiyyah, for instance, died, while in prison for several years on charges of heresy, hundreds of thousands of Muslims turned up to pray for him, and, incidentally, he was buried in a Sufi cemetery and is still called Sheikh-ul-Islam by some.

We Muslims, at least those of us who want the community to come out of the mess in which we have put ourselves, have to recognise that we have a serious problem on the ideological plane and have to exert hard to sort it out, starting from the most basic question: who is a Muslim. A community that cannot sort out the question of who has the right to be considered its member obviously has a long way to go to join the modern world.

Please read below the Urdu translation of Maulana Abul Irfan Firangi Mahli's essay. When I read it first, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Please share your reactions with us on the New Age Islam forum.

Urdu Section

Significance and Sacredness of the Islamic month: Muharram-ul-Haram  ماہِ محرم الحرام و عاشورہ کی فضیلت و اہمیت
Hafiz Muhammad Hashim Qadri, New Age Islam

اسلامی سال کا پہلا مہینہ جسے محرم الحرام کہا جاتا ہے اپنے گوناگوں پیچ و خم، عشق و وفا، ایثار و قربانی اور بے شمار فضیلت ومرتبت کی دولتِ بے بہا سے معمور و سربلند ہے۔ محرم الحرام کے مہینے میں ایک دن ایسا بھی ہے جسکے مراتب و فضائل کلام الٰہی قرآن مجید و احادیث نبویہ اور سیرت و تاریخ کی کتابوں میں بھرے ہوئے ہیں۔ وہ دن ’’ یومِ عاشورہ‘‘ کہلاتا ہے۔ ارشادِ باری ہے پارہ 10 سورہ توبہ آیت نمبر 36ِترجمہ: بے شک مہینوں کی گنتی اللہ کے نزدیک بارہ مہینے ہیں۔ اللہ کی کتاب میں جب سے آسمانوں اور زمین کو بنایا، ان میں سے چار مہینے حُرمت والے ہیں ۔ یہ سیدھا دین ہے، تو ان مہینوں میں اپنی جان پر ظلم نہ کرو،‘

Islamic World News

ISIS ‘School Of Jihad’ Trains Small Children How to Behead, Torture and Use AK-47s
Rached Ghannouchi, Leader of Islamist Ennahda part

Arab World

Iraqi Forces Kill 19 ISIL Terrorists in Babil

Saudi Arabia's Shias Fear They Are At Mercy of Region's Tumult


Two Killed As JUI-F Chief Fazl Ur Rehman Escapes Suicide Attack in Quetta

MQM Lawmaker Says Time Has Come For a 'Mohajir' Province

Stop Bangladesh, urges Pakistan Jamaat-e-Islami


Suicide Bombers May Board 2 AI Flights; Airports on High Alert

Pakistan’s Assembly Passes Resolution against ‘Indian Aggression’

South Asia

Maldives a “Land Of Sin”, Says Jihadist after Departing With Family for ISIS Territory

10 militants killed following an operation in Badakhshan province


East of Kobane, Turkish town appreciates 'peace' brought by Islamic State

Free Syrian Army Sends 1,300 Fighters to Join Kurds in Kobane

North America

Canadian Attacks Show North America At War With Jihad

Canada Attacks Follow Al Qaeda, Islamic State Instructions to the Tee


Ghannouchi says 'Tunisia model' way to defeat IS

Southeast Asia

Liberal Thinking Is Deviant Teaching, Says Malaysia’s Islamic Authority


UK Muslims criticize PM's Charity Commission proposals

Russian Muslims slam ban on Islamic books

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Islam, Women and Feminism

3 Denver Girls Played Hooky from School and Tried To Join ISIS
Asma Shirazi, Pakistan's first female war correspo

In West, ISIS Finds Women Eager to Enlist

Saudi jails 4 women for preparing sons to "wage jihad, backing Qaeda"

Pakistan: For a Majority of Rape Victims, Justice Is Still Awaited

Saudi to Deal ‘Strictly’ With Female Drivers

Malawi Muslims Fight Sex Customs Fuelling AIDS

India: Chennai Public School Celebrates Malala Day

Award winner cites ‘unsung heroes’ in Pakistan press

Iran Acid Attacks: Authorities 'to Blame for Involving Islamic Law in Women's Lives'

Yazidi Female Fighter Recalls Horrifying ISIS Massacre

Egyptian Woman Arrested For 'Anti-Police' Facebook Page

Pak SC urges govt to protect lady health workers

As insurgency burns, revival of Thai south script points way to peace

1st “Muslim Women’s’ Viewpoints” Seminar to Be Held in London

Women, Children Caught in Deadly Firefight near Tunis

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Spiritual Meditations
The Second Pillar
Aiman Reyaz, New Age Islam

The Second Pillar
Aiman Reyaz, New Age Islam

When we look at the bulk of the verses of the Quran related to Prayers, almost all of them mentions Prayer in the form of plural- establishing Prayer in a group. Which means that while Prayers, in one sense, is an individual act of worship, in the Quran it is seen also as a collective act of worship? And this has a significant implication….

Islamic Society

For Sale in Dubai: There Are No International Conventions; No Means Exist To Protect the Humanity or the Personhood of a Poor Woman or a Poor Man
Rafia Zakaria

Beyond the day-long drudgery of cooking, cleaning, caring for children and other such chores are woeful tales of passports confiscated upon arrival, wages unpaid for months, sexual and physical abuse, confinement, and denial of adequate food and clothing.....


Radical Islamism and Jihad
Facing massive appeal of Radical Islam, Moderate Muslims must refute Jihadist theology of violence with a coherent narrative of Islamic moderation, says Sultan Shahin at UNHRC in Geneva
Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

We, the silent majority of moderate Muslims are disoriented. Can those Muslims who cherish democracy, peace, and pluralism still have a say in world affairs? Only a tiny fraction of one and a half billion Muslims see in the Quran and Hadees a permission to kill innocents from other sects and communities. But Islam or Islamism is being equated with terrorism because the vast majority of Muslims are still passive and silent.

Thirteen years after 9/11, the Islamist terrorist threat has become more diverse, more complex, and more dangerous. It seems that while the world has focused on fighting the terrorists militarily, it has not faced the challenge of the ideological narrative that Jihadism offers. It is this Islamist extremist narrative that has gained momentum now, animating not only groups like al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, al Nusra, ISIS, etc but also independent actors who may prove even more dangerous. ...

What are we, the Muslim moderates, doing wrong? Why are our youth joining the radicals?

What has happened is that Jihadists have worked out a radical narrative of Islam, a complete theology of violence, xenophobia, hate and Islam-supremacism based on common Muslim beliefs which they are using to brainwash Muslim youth, while we moderates have no coherent narrative or theology of peace, pluralism, co-existence and gender justice to counter that.

So what is the way forward? In my view, this situation calls for a clear refutation of the Jihadist ideology and working out a coherent narrative and a consistent theology of Islamic moderation, peace and gender justice. If not now, when?.....

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