• Rational,The fault is not with the Quran. Talk about human weaknesses. Bigotry is a universal trait. Hazrat Umar (RA) understood the meaning of "fitna" ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Rational,By tribals, I mean the adivasi kind of tribals. What is partiality?  ·         Kufr is relative to what a person knows and believes to be “the truth” ...
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  • The weakest part of the Quran is that in more than thousand years only Nasser saheb understood the Quran correctly.Millions of scholars in thousand ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Nasser sahebWas there no urbanised people in the long history of banu Ismael? At that time tribal life was norm. Even bank Israels lived ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • A general rule that is followed in all speeches, articles is that it should reflect and bring out the fact that Allah has inscribed ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Shahin Sb,That is exactly what I have said in my article:Action Points for Defeating the Extremist IdeologyThe extremists are only extreme in their actions and ...
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  • Gm Sb,There are some oft repeated words in the Quran or the keywords and these cannot be simply wished away and must be understood correctly. According ...
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  • Rational,,  Is God holding them or any person responsible for any kufr in the spiritual dimension unless it is from knowledge, deliberate and wilful? They will be ...
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  • So much time wasted talking about kafir and mushrik! Is that all that Islam is about?
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Nasser sahebWhy Allah kept so many generation ignorant. Why guidance of those people didn't matter to God.Ignorant people! Why! Whose fault it is that ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Shahin Sb,  There are precisely three verses in the Quran that talk about the punishment of the Mushrikin. These are:  Kufr - a relative concept  (33:72) We did indeed offer the Trust ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Kafir and mushrik were not ready to accept hz Mohammed God's prophet. This is only their fault. Otherwise good and people are found everywhere. Sincerest ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Mohammed yunus sahebWhy don't you agree with Nasser saheb on mohkimat(clear verses). Why it needs so much explanation? Either you or Nasser saheb is ...
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  • Shahin Sb,(1) Those who reject (Truth), among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, were not going to depart (from their ways) until there ...
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  • From the perspective of muslim ulema it is not demonization of Islam and its prophet. It is service to Islam. From their perspective they ...
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  • Mohammed yunus sahebRead the article in full. Maulana doesn't think madarsa education needs any modernisation.
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  • Mohammed yunus saheb.Please read the interview of maulana wahiduddin khan saheb available on this site. And when Muslims are not one on basic issues of ...
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  • Yunus Sb,If the intention of the Quran was to say all the polytheists and the kafaru among the people of the book would ...
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  • Sultan Shahin Sahab,Why can't you split the subject of the verse into two categories:i) Those who disbelieved among the People of the Book ii) ...
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  • There is no need to study other philosophies. Just read and contemplate on ambiguous book and you will have mastery over every philosophy.The Quran ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Dear Rational Muhammad Yunus,There is no reference to 'madrassa' in the article nor is the 'madrassa education' blamed. It has connected the explosive rise ...
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  • And what was that clear prophecy? Is not that so called clear prophecy not bone of contention.These prophecies have been used to declare people ...
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  • Let us assume the Quran is vilifying only those were disbelievers among the people of book. But what was that those people didn't believe ...
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  • Thanks Sultan Shahin Sahab for your comment.I do not agree with you. The Ulama will NOT allow the ISIS to carry on with their ...
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  • madarsa are blamed for radicalization of muslims. They say madarsa curriculum must be changed.But to maulana wahiduddin khan saheb madarsa are doing perfectly well. ...
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  • Dear Sultan Shahin,I agree with you that 98:6 is referencing a certain population of "People of the Book" and "polytheists", but in a slightly ...
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  • There in a nutshell you have it!
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Another whitewash of islamic crimes - Jews and Christians were dhimmis - second class citizens and the Almoravids did large scale persecution of both in ...
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  • Md Yunus Saheb: "The question is: Are the Muslim Ulema going to allow a faction of Muslims (ISIS and its ideological affiliates) to demonize ...
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  • Modern exegesists should write on the Message of Islam rather than on the words of the Quran. A book on "The Message of Islam" should be in ...
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  • Muslims should definitely engage with the following verse and note that the translation is decidedly wrong, nonsensical:Surat Al-Bayyinah (The Clear Proof) - سورة البينةThis is a portion ...
    ( By Sultan Shahin )
  • "Kharijites" is a good label for ISIS. "Inhuman monsters" is another.
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Very useful collection of Verses Addressing All Of Mankind, particularly the chronological Order. Thank you Naseer Saheb.
    ( By Sultan Shahin )
  • Sad and shameful, but true!
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • This is much like childish enthusiasm. saying that the Quran answers all philosophical questions puzzles a bit. The purpose of life and why evil ...
    ( By kuuzie suurkudome )
  • this article is worth reading how to attract many educated Muslims and Non-Muslims to this web to educate both about true Islam is the ...
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  • Rational,The issue is very simple. There is no need for anyone to be a great scholar of the Quran. We are discussing only one ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Ziaur Rehman sahebHow many moderate Muslims on this site came forward to support you?Two of  them ultra moderates wrote that NAI is not the ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Dear Ziaur Rehman - 4/25/2015 6:15:21 AMBefore you leave, let me make myself clear to you.I wanted that the Quran should be inclusive. ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Dear Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi - 4/24/2015 4:14:45 PMBut one became the father of Pakistan and one Indian Nationalist. One led to Tanashahi and ...
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    Islamic Society

    I request people like Dr Debra and Bargretta to go back to their countries. We cannot protect your lives in our country. We are a people who consider vaccine haram and polio halal and respect for benefactors cannot be expected from a nation that considers diseases halal and medicines haram.

    We are a tyrannical people. If you don’t believe, go through our history. From the state of Madina to Yemen crisis now, 129 states of ours were terminated during the last 13 hundred and fifty years. From the martyrdom of Usman Ghani to the ISIS attack in Jalalabad a few days ago, we never put our sword in our sheath. We have been slaying our own people for the last 1350 years. We do not have peace. During the last 1350 years we only have had 13 islands of peace spanning not more than three or four years. We are a tyrannical people.

    God had given us a religion of peace but we could not get peace.  As soon as we enter any Islamic country, we get oppression, anarchy and fear whereas outside the borders of Islamic state, we find peace, stability, justice and equality. We are tyrannical people.

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    The ISIS And Its Likes– The Muslim Violent Extremists Must Be Outlawed To Save The Middle East From A Tsunami Of Bloodshed And The World From A Clash Of Civilizations
    Muhammad Yunus, New Age Islam

    “Finally, as a word of reassurance, the violent extremists – the modern Kharijites and Qaramites, of Islam are no more than poisonous sediments of history, and like their counterparts of almost a millennium ago, they are bound to be increasingly marginalized, and eventually jettisoned from the world of Islam.”….

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    Declare the ISIS as the Kharijites (Those Who Seceded From Islam) As This Article Demonstrates and Declares: Global SOS to the Ulema, Muftis, Intellectuals and Scholars of Islam

    The Heinous Crimes That ISIS Is Perpetrating Totally Opposed To Islam And Those Killed Fighting For ISIS May Earn Divine Wrath Instead Of Paradise And ‘Hurs’ – An SOS To All Mosque Imams

    Islamic Ideology

    The Rules for Discussing Themes and Verses from the Quran in Public
    Naseer Ahmed, New Age Islam

    While it is understandable that those whose objective is to defame Islam, merely cite isolated verses or just part of a verse to omit the context contained in the verse or omit to cite previous or succeeding verses which contain  the context or qualifiers, Muslims who have respect for Islam and the Quran should avoid doing the same. They should avoid doing anything that result in shocking people, horrifying them or causing feelings of disgust and revulsion. The excuse cannot be that they are merely citing the Quran and that God should be blamed for any feelings of disgust and revulsion that result! That is the excuse of the Islamophobes….

    Major Issue Muslims in India Facing Today is Secular Education
    Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

    Major Issue Muslims in India Facing Today is Secular Education
    Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

    Muslims always complain of discrimination. Now, what is this ‘discrimination’? The fact is that Muslims are backward in secular education, because of which they can’t compete with others. And if you can’t compete with others, it is but natural that you can’t get jobs and avail of many other opportunities....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    The Abaya Unifies and Liberates Women, Says Emirati Student
    Ghazala Hayat

    'Women of Achievement' Honours Faith Perspectives Blogger Ghazala Hayat

    Belly Dancer Draws Criticism for Performing At Egyptian School Prom

    No ‘Halal’ Sex Shop in Mecca, Story Fabricated By Moroccan Media

    When Women Are Exploited By Saudi Men In The Name Of Love

    No Pak Woman Contestant Has a Party Ticket

    Human Rights: Missing Measures in the Push to Empower Women and Girls

    Action on Sanitary Wear for Girls in Poverty Stricken Parts of Africa

    First ever UN resolution passed on School-Related Gender Based Violence

    The Spreading Militancy and Islamic Salafism Threatens Women's Dignity

    'Time for Revolution' On School's Oppression of Women: Former Al-Taqwa Student

    Ferrer Calls for End to Discrimination against Muslims, Women in PH during Clinton Awards

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic World News

    Close to 200 Taliban Killed and Wounded in Fresh Military Operations in Afghanistan
    Sabeen Mahmud, Pakistani Human Rights Activist

    South Asia

    Two Solders Martyred, 15 Militants Killed In Kundoz Clashes

    Arab World

    Isis Militants Embrace 'Gay' Men before 'Stoning Them to Death in Public' In Syria

    Hezbollah: Prolonged Yemen War to Incur Bigger Loss on Saudis

    I S Kills 10 People, Shoots Down Plane in Syria


    10 Militants, 3 Soldiers Killed In Tunisia Clashes

    Boko Haram Retakes Key Town from Nigerian Army: Witnesses


    9 Suspected Militants Killed In Airstrikes in Khyber Agency

    Pakistani Human Rights Activist Killed In Karachi


    Ansarullah: Saudi Intelligence Leading Terrorist Groups, Militias in Yemen

    Israeli Forces Shoot and Kill Palestinian Armed With Knives


    Germany Calls On Houthis to Stop Fighting

    Irish Expert: Al-Qaeda in Yemen Assisted By US, Saudi Intel. Operatives

    North America

    Kerry Urges Houthis, Allies to Enter Talks

    Southeast Asia

    No Marital Rape in Islam, Muslims Say after DAP Launches Anti-Rape Campaign

    Hadi Awang: PAS Adamant about Implementing Hudud in Kelantan

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    Zakir Naik, Radical Islamist Video Evangelist
    Stephen Schwartz

    Naik is considered by moderate Indian Muslims to embody the core ideology of Wahhabism, which underpins the Saudi kingdom and supports the terrorism of groups like Al-Qaida. The brutality of the so-called "Islamic State" in Syria and Iraq represents a metastasized version of Wahhabism, unrestrained by the economic and regional politics of the Saudi rulers. The "Islamic State" targets Shia Muslims as well as moderate Sunnis, spiritual Sufis, Christians, and ancient sects that have survived in Syria and Iraq for millennia. But in India, Sunnis and Shias have joined together against the destructive efforts of Zakir Naik....

    Islamic Society

    What Andalusia Can Teach Us Today About Muslims and Non-Muslims Living Together
    Akbar Ahmed

    Prince Turki connected Andalusia with the earliest days of Islam and talked excitedly about the charter of Madina, which he said was the first written constitution for society providing a social framework for the state itself. He underlined the importance of the concept of knowledge or Ilm in this vision. Ilm, he pointed out, meant studying the Quran, Fiqh, or Islamic law and Hadith, or the sayings of the Prophet.

    Islamic Ideology

    I Found Qur’an Mother of All Philosophies
    Myriam Francois-Cerrah

    Myriam Francois-Cerrah became popular when she was a child for acting in the 90s hit film 'Sense and Sensibility.' Now she is gaining more popularity for being one of a growing number of educated middle class female converts to Islam in Britain. She has recently contributed to a series of videos on Islam produced in the UK titled, “Inspired by Muhammad....

    Islam and Human Rights
    We are All Migrants
    Aijaz Zaka Syed

    We are All Migrants
    Aijaz Zaka Syed

    Why do people migrate? Given a choice, who would want to leave the comforting familiarity and security of their homes, loved ones and the land of their birth? And when one does leave, one often does so compelled by extreme circumstance. This is why the act of migration is seen as a great act of courage and sacrifice in Islam. The Prophet (pbuh) was the saddest when he left Makkah for Medina. The distance between the two holy cities may not be much. But the journey that he undertook defined the trajectory of the new faith....

    Islam and Spiritualism

    Increasing the Power of Soul
    Harun Yahya

    Every increase in the depth of the soul will be instrumental in having a better knowledge and appreciation of Allah; loving our Lord with a greater love and passion and fearing Him with an even greater awe. It will permit the person to better understand the delights created by Allah, to see the deep signs of these more clearly and to love them even more....

    Debating Islam

    The religious dimension at its core is obvious. However much we may point to absent permits and municipal laws, these were not the concerns of the 50 protesters. They were reacting, maybe irrationally, to the possibility that their faith and that of Muslim youths’ might somehow be challenged or compromised by the inanimate cross symbol....

    Islamic Culture
    Happily Ever After
    Amin Valliani

    Happily Ever After
    Amin Valliani

    Allah says in the Holy Quran that it is “He who has created man from water, then He established relationships of lineage and marriage. …” (25:54). Relationships in human societies are formed mainly by way of marriage. Therefore, individuals celebrate weddings in all societies. They consider marriage an event of special significance in their lives....

    Islam and Politics

    The Middle East based IS has left its mark in Pakistan and Afghanistan several times in the recent past. On April 18, 33 people were killed and more than 100 injured in a terrorist attack in the Afghan city of Jalalabad, that President Ashraf Ghani said had been carried out by Islamic State militants....

    From the Desk of Editor

    Is It Time Muslims Standardize A Contextual Qur'an, Asks A Reader. Yes, Perhaps, But Building A Quran-Based Islam, Shorn Of Deviations, Will Not Be Easy.
    Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

    What do you mean by logical order, Hamza Saheb? Do you mean chronological order, which would also restore primacy to Meccan verses of universal significance? After all, it's in a chronological order that early Muslims including the Prophet (saw) must have understood and memorised the Quran. They could not have memorised contextual verses that had not been revealed yet, as those situations had not arisen by that time.

     In any case read chronologically, Quran reads like a beautiful book of spiritual and moral guidance, relevant in the 21st century, not requiring much contextual knowledge to begin with.

     I am saying this, as, for the last several years I am in the process of collecting essential verses of the Quran in a chronological order. Have not gone very far yet. Mainly shortage of time. Far too many duties requiring immediate attention. I wish Hazrat Usman had not destroyed those versions of Quran that early Muslims in Mecca used to recite. I imagine it as a beautiful Quran which would invite everyone, except the exploiters and the tyrants. It had no calls to war and defence and  offence and punishment.

    You are not going crazy, Hamza Saheb, you are thinking new thoughts. We Muslims are in a desperate situation and one has to think of all sorts of thoughts, some even crazy-sounding to come out of the quagmire we are in.  Actually, large sections of Muslims seem to be going crazy in different parts of the world. Last night I read of what used to be moderate Sufi-minded community of Malaysians demanding criminal punishments based on pre-Islamic Arab cultural practices. We already know of  British Muslims demanding "Sharia-Controlled zones in England!" And, of course, many crazy things happening around the world, mostly atrocities perpetrated by Muslims on fellow Muslims.

    There is a good reason why you, Hamza Saheb, are being so cautious. I wonder about my own chances of survival too. God, of course, is the final arbiter. But, as I shared this with readers before, my two maulana interlocutors have told me that they consider me kafir but not qabil-e-gardanzadni (worthy of the honour of beheading) yet, Why? Because I am a kafir only by virtue of not calling Ahmadiyas kafir. That's all, there is no specific charge against my own faith and conduct. But there is a warning, coming from someone who was supposedly a friend 30 years ago, though he will not reveal his identity. I don't know who he is but for old time's sake, he will not get me killed, until -- yes, there is a condition -- until, I confine my work to websites, books, magazines, newspapers and television, etc. If I start going out in the field, talking to Muslims, showing them what I consider the right path, I would have crossed a red line and then I am on my own or on the mercy of those who think they decide our fates on earth, without permission from God.

    This warning came just as I talked to some maulana friends about the possibility of holding a meeting and discussing the meaning of kufr, kafir and other derivatives of the term in the light of what Naseer Saheb had written. I thought, I would invite Naseer Saheb and ask him to bring out before this mixed audience of Muslims and non-Muslims and some journalists and academics every verse of Quran, without any exception and show what these words meant in those verses, leaving at the end the audience to gather the real meaning of this word.

    The misuse of the word Kafir is a major issue of discord between the Hindu and Muslim communities. Apparently, the Mullah community got word; they knew what would happen, if this conference were to go through, even though I was inviting Mullahs from all denominations to discuss the subject. If it could be proven that kafir in Quran does not mean non-Muslim or polytheist, or idol-worshipper or infidel, but it is a religion-neutral term simply meaning the oppressor, religious persecutor, particularly the one who is engaged in stopping people from practicing their religious freedom, much like the Arab kings today or other Muslim countries, much of the strife could be wiped out.

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    Battling Islamic State Influence
    Marina Mahathir

    Jakim may think that issuing a Fatwa against IS is the right move. In fact, it makes hardly a dent. For one thing, most people are not aware of any such fatwa. Secondly, such a fatwa is going to be ignored by IS recruiters because they obviously do not respect Jakim’s authority anyway. And their own Fatwas, or opinions, on why it is a good thing to join IS are far more seductive to certain impressionable people, male or female....

    The War Within Islam

    Yemen’s Long Shadow
    Khaled Ahmed

    Now that the Yemen war has gone from combat to consultative negotiation under the UN, Pakistan will feel less divided at home, between the Saudi-assisted Wahhabi and Deobandi clerics and the hunted Shia community, which fears another bout of “relocated” sectarian war. The state in Pakistan can disarm Arab suspicion of its loyalty but far more difficult will be the task of “delinking” from the Wahhabi and Deobandi non-state actors, now allied with al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, who have caused disturbance in Pakistan’s neighbouring states....

    Islam and Pluralism

    No justice for the Tahiras' of Sindh
    Manesh Kumar

    The laws dictate severe punishments for honour-killings and other acts of violence against women. The Supreme Court had declared Jirgas as unconstitutional. The rule book suggests strict punishments for the Vani custom. But these curses are nowhere close to seeing an end; Jirgas are hold in every nook and corner of Sindh, as are girls all over subjected to Vani. The authorities have spectacularly failed at implementing a single law in the province....

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    Muslims Must Confront Islamist Terror Ideologically: An Islamic Reformation Required
    Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

    We seem to be living in an era of Islamist terror. Massacre of journalists in Paris has followed the massacre of children in Peshawar. Thirteen years after 9/11, the world is facing a more complex, more diverse and more dangerous threat.  While the world has focused on fighting the terrorists militarily, the challenge of their ideological narrative has gone essentially unchallenged. ...

    The malaise of Islam is clearly far deeper. The problems are basic, fundamental to Islam. But ulema, the supposed custodians of faith, continue to be in denial.

    What does the larger society do? I think the world needs to first inform itself of what is going on within the Muslim community. We should have credible surveys to find out the extent of radicalisation, monitor Friday sermons, study text books of different madrasas, and  confront the ulema with the fundamental questions raised here. If the ulema really want to save Islam from being considered synonymous with terrorism, they should at least make the following commonsensical declarations, which are also consistent with the faith:

     1. Quran is a created book of God, not divine as God Himself;

    2. contextual, particularly militant verses, in Quran are no longer applicable to Muslims;

    3. Hadees is not an Islamic scripture a la Quran.

    4. Shariah cannot be considered divine.

     What the ulema, intellectuals and politicians have done so far amounts to nothing more than a cosmetic endeavour; they have been hoping and perhaps praying that the issues will go away. But radicalism is deepening and intensifying. It is attracting more and more converts. 

    So clearly Muslim theologians will need to go beyond superficial statements, walk further in the direction of rationality, prepare a coherent theology of peace and moderation and propagate it among masses, if they want Islam to survive as a moderate religion, a moral standard, and a spiritual path to salvation rather than allow Islamic scriptures to degenerate into terrorist manuals.

    If the ulema do not agree to walk their peaceful talk, the larger society should encourage and support those few moderate, progressive Muslims who are willing to go out on a limb, perhaps  putting their heads on the chopping block in this process. This section should be able to go to the community directly, bypassing the ulema and campaign for sanity. 

    Urdu Section

    موصوف نے جس کو اکلوتی توحیدی اسلامی حکومت قرار دیا ہےتاریخ شاہد ہے کہ اس سے ہمیشہ اسلام اور مسلمانوں کا ہی نقصان ہوا ہے۔ کہیں سعودی عرب میں اسپین کی تاریخ تو نہیں دہرائی جا رہی ہے۔ جہاں عیسائی مسلمان عالم کی شکل میں مسجدوں میں امام بن گئے تھے، جہاں کے مدرسوں میں عیسائی مسلمان عالم  کی شکل میں استاذ کا فریضہ انجام دے رہے تھے۔ اور تاریخ نے یہ بھی دیکھا کہ ایک وقت ایسا آیا کہ وہاں اسلام کا نام لینے والا کوئی نہیں بچا اور وہاں پورے طور پر عیسائی حکومت صرف قائم ہی نہیں ہوئی بلکہ مسلمانوں کو گاجر مولی کی طرح کاٹ کر رکھ دیا گیا۔ ….

    Urdu Section

    دنیا میں ظہور اسلام کے زیر اثر تصوف نے باطنی علم سے استوار ہوکر ایک عالم گیر تحریک کی صورت اختیار کرکی۔ اہل تصوف کے یہاں رائج تصور ’چار پیر چودہ خانوادے ‘ مے مطابق پیغمبر اسلام کے بعد مولا علی سے جن چار برگزیدہ ہستیوں تک باطنی علم پہنچا وہ حضرت امام حسن ، ھضرت امام حسین ، خواجہ حسن بصری اند خواجہ کمیل ہیں۔یہ وہ چار پیر ہیں جن میں سے خواجہ حسن بصری سے مربوط چورہ خانوادے سامنے آئے جن سے صوفیوں کے تمام سلسلے منسلک ہوئے۔تصوف کے یہ سلسلے ہیں زیدیہ ، عہاضیہ، ادمیہ، ہبیریہ ، چشتیہ ، عجمیہ، طیوفوریہ ، سقطیہ ، جنیدیہ ، گازردیہ ، طوسیہ ، سہروردیہ ، نقشبندیہ اور فردوسیہ۔ در حقیقت صوفیوں نے رضاکارانہ طور پر دنیا کے عیش و آرام کو ٹھوکر مارکراپنے سادہ لباس اور اعلی کردار کے ذریعے اپنی الگ شناخت قائم کی۔

    Islam and Politics

    Ghani's Afghanistan: Policy Options for India
    Shakti Sinha

    Indians should reflect on GHQ’s refusal to let the Taliban and the Afghan government talk to each other even now. Mullah Baradar was just the first to be put through the grinder for trying to respond to former president Hamid Karzai's outreach. The Taliban are no doubt reliant on the Pakistani army for providing them with sanctuaries, training, arms and ammunition, but as they showed the last time around when they held power in Kabul, they did not agree to recognise the Durand Line as the international border....

    Hindi Section

    भले ही एसे धर्मगुरु यह क्यों न समझते हों कि वे इस प्रकार का उन्माद व उत्तेजना फैलाकर तथा किन्हीं एक-दो व्यक्तियों पर ऐसे दोष मढ़कर उनके विरुद्ध भीड़ को हिंसा पर उतारू होने हेतु वरगलाकर अपने धर्म की सेवा कर रहे हों अथवा पुण्य लूट रहे हों या अपने लिए जन्नत जाने का मार्ग प्रशस्तकर रहे हों। परंतु वास्तव में इस प्रकार की हिंसक प्रतिक्रियाएं न केवल धर्म व इस्लामी शिक्षाओं के विरुद्ध हैं बल्कि इस प्रकार की हिंसक घटनाओं से इस्लाम धर्म कलंककित होता है। .....

    Ijtihad, Rethinking Islam

    Shah Waliullah’s Islamic Reformation in 18th Century India: Sufi or Wahhabi?
    Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

    Shah Waliullah tried to strike a balance between the orthodoxy in Islam introduced by Ibn Taimiya and the Islamic heterodoxy championed by Sufis. He believed that Islam had two vital aspects. Its exoteric side was concerned with the protection of the public good but its esoteric aspect involved the purification of the heart through virtuous deeds......

    Islamic Society
    Translating the Quran in the Languages of the World
    Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

    Translating the Quran in the Languages of the World
    Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

    This story has interesting parallels with the relationship between people and the Quran today. By their very nature, human beings are seekers of Truth. They want to discover their Creator. The language of the book of the Creator is Arabic, but many people do not know Arabic....


    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad
    Facing The Jihadist Challenge: Muslims Need To Refute Jihadis’ Xenophobic, Supremacist, Millenarian Thesis And Focus On Islamic Pluralism, Says Sultan Shahin At UNHRC In Geneva
    Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

    Facing the brutalities of Islamist terror, while President Obama will not go beyond calling it violent extremism, the head of Sunni Islam's oldest seat of learning, Jamia al-Azhar admitted in a counter-terrorism conference in Mecca that extremism was caused by “corrupt interpretations of Quran and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad”, and Islamic curriculums needed to change.

    This call for reform, coming from Jamia Al-Azhar, is gratifying. But a half-hearted approach to reform will not work. The problems Muslims face are very basic and cannot be solved with mere tinkering with text-books. The global Muslim community will have to introspect. One question repeatedly asked, for instance, is about the contextual verses of the holy Quran that are utilised by Jihadists to brainwash our youth. Jihadists present these contextual verses as an eternal guide for Muslims.

    One would imagine that the followers of Islam who believe, and many certainly do, that Islam is a religion of spirituality, peace, coexistence and tolerance, would be up in arms against the Islamic State. But while routine denunciations from some sections do come occasionally, there is no outrage visible in the Muslim society. The world cannot help noticing that while tens of thousands of Muslims come out on streets to demonstrate the moment there is an allegation of so-called blasphemy against any one, hardly any Muslim would protest at the myriad brutalities perpetrated by Islamist terrorists.

    Clearly there is something wrong, some disconnect, some deeper and more complex phenomenon at work than what can be understood from a superficial look at the issue. Instead of expressing outrage, we find thousands of Muslim young men and women running from their comfortable homes, private schools and cushy jobs to fight and join in the brutalities of the so-called Islamic State. Some 12,000 Muslim young men and women are said to have joined so far from 80 countries……

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