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Islamic Ideology
Faith, Heredity and Conversion
Sultan Shahin, Editor New Age Islam
Faith, Heredity and Conversion
Sultan Shahin, Editor New Age Islam

All that one needs to be a good Muslim in India is a king-sized ego.  A very negative ego. An ego that tells you that you belong to a chosen community, the Ummat-e-Muhammadi. While the rest of humanity will go to Hell, literally, no matter how many good deeds the non-Muslims do, you will go to Heaven eventually, no matter how many evil deeds you do. If you are evil and a Muslim all that you need fear is a brief stint in Hell. The  fact  that you  belong  to the community of God's beloved  Prophet  Muhammad will  ensure that you eventually reach Heaven where you  will  be allowed  to  indulge in all the pleasures that are  forbidden  on earth. You can drink as much wine as you want. You can fornicate with as many women as you want. Indeed God is reduced to a supplier of wine and women for the Muslim residents of Heaven.  Such a view has nothing to do with Islam. But it has  not  been difficult  to  spread  this outlook among  the  ignoramuses  that constitute  the  overwhelming majority of Muslims.....

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