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When Syed Manzoor Alam brought out the urine-related hadees, to challenge Mr. Ghulam Ghouse's blind faith in hadees, he was, I think, not focusing on that particular hadees but the unreliability, absurdness of many so-called authentic (sahis) hadeeses. When some people arguing against blind belief in hadees quote pornographic material, their intention is not to either discuss that particular pornographic content, or even to disabuse us of the very institution of hadees but to attack the blind faith in hadees, putting it on a pedestal even above the holy Quran, as Tablighi Jamaat and ahl-e-hadees people and generally nearly all Muslims do. ... Let us keep putting before our public the most absurd of the thousands of such ahadees from the sahih-e-sitta and ask Muslims to apply their minds and think if the prophet could have said things like that. This is a minimum test that the great imams of hadees should have necessarily applied. Had they done so, we would not be in such a sorry mess today or indeed in our history.


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