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“God has commanded all people without exception to be jihadists. He ordered us to fight until the last man. Our soldiers will never leave the fight and they are “divinely aided,” said Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed caliph of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. His recent speech was divided into two main parts. The first one took around two-thirds of the time of the recording and lasted 17 minutes. Baghdadi tackled the failure of the international alliance’s operations, which he called “Crusade campaign,” and he mocked the Arab participation in them. In the second part, which was the most dangerous, he announced that IS is expanding and new provinces are rising in several Arab countries. Both parts were under Baghdadi’s main headline, which stated that jihad would persist and would target all people and lands at all times. He believed that the United States and Western states were afraid, and the first indicator was that they “did not dare start their campaign before gathering their slaves and dogs of Muslim rulers.” He mocked the participation of Arab states in this alliance, which he described as a “media act.” Another indicator of their fear is “the participation of the Jews (Zionist entity) in this campaign, secretly and stealthily.”

وجاء كلام البغدادي، في تسجيل صوتي حمل عنوان «ولو كره الكافرون» نشرته مساء أمس «مؤسسة الفرقان»، الذراع الإعلامية المركزية للتنظيم، وذلك بعد أيام فقط من تداول بعض الوسائل الإعلامية خبر مقتله جراء غارة أميركية، وهو ما ينفي صحة هذه الأنباء، لاسيما أن البغدادي تطرق لذكر وقائع حدثت بعد انتشار خبر مقتله مثل «البيعات» الجماعية التي حصل عليها من مصر وليبيا واليمن والسعودية، ومثل إرسال واشنطن دفعة جديدة من جنودها إلى العراق.

Radical Islamism and Jihad

Radical Face of Saudi Wahhabism
S. Irfan Habib

However, the stark parallels between IS and its ilk and the Saudi-Wahhabi travesty are telling. If IS is detonating shrines, it is following the precedent set in the 1920s by the House of Saud with the Wahhabi-inspired demolition of 1,400-year-old tombs in the Jannat ul Baqi cemetery in Medina. Again, the hatred for the Shia Muslims is one of the core beliefs of the Wahhabis. The earliest destructions and killings they carried out were in Karbala in the early 19th century, which was followed by the looting and wrecking of the tomb of Hussain, the grandson of the Prophet. Whatever be the face, bile against the Shias has remained a constant throughout Wahhabi-Saudi history, which is being carried forward by its latest flag bearers, the IS and Al Qaeda…..

Islam and Politics

Arab World: Let Citizens Be the Arbiters of States
Rami G. Khouri

Groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas, ISIS, the Houthis in Yemen, Muqtada al-Sadr’s followers in Iraq, the Muslim Brotherhood and tribes across the region all reflect the brittle nature of statehood and national identity in many Arab countries, forcing citizens to seek their critical needs in arenas beyond the control of the state. Many, perhaps most, Arab citizens have a utilitarian, mercantile and pragmatic relationship with their states and governments, rather than a deeply emotional and organic one as people tend to have with their family, clan, tribe, religion or ethnic group……

Islamic World News

Historical Landmarks Threatened by Prophet’s Mosque Expansion
Shaykh al-Yaqoubi, Syrian Sunni cleric

Arab World

Riyadh Fears Islamic State Wants Sectarian War in Saudi Arabia

23 Al-Nusra Terrorists Killed in Syria's Daraa

Dozens of ISIL Terrorists Killed in Iraq's Babil

10 ISIL Terrorists Killed in Salahuddin

Syrian Sunni Cleric: ISIS Chief Al-Baghdadi ‘Is Going To Hell’

North America

Haqqani network as much a threat as any other terrorist group: US

White House reviewing policy toward US hostages held by militants

South Asia

Taliban suffer heavy casualties in clearing operations


British Families in Shock as Islamic State Lures Sons into 'Barbaric Madness'

Spanish lawmakers pass symbolic motion on eventual recognition of Palestine


Israel echoes Modi, calls for no distinction between terror groups

2002 riots: Nanavati report gives clean chit to Narendra Modi


Pak takes issue of border spat with India to US

ATC sentences four to death in Farzana murder case


Government preparing to grant ‘political amnesty’ to Kurdistan Workers' Party militants

Turkey’s top religious body says exposing privacy with online photos ‘improper’ in Islam


Kenya police carry out fresh raid on Mombasa mosque

Southeast Asia

Islamic scholars need input from science and societal behaviour experts: Tun Mahathir

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Islam, Women and Feminism

111Muslim, Jain and Hindu, Fatherless Girls, to Be Married In Surat, Gujarat
Malala YOusufzai

Young Indian Muslim Women as Rights-Champions

Street Harassment of Saudi Women on the Rise

26-Year-Old Woman Is ISIS’s Last American Hostage

Syria Kurds Give Women Equality, Take That, ISIS!

47% Rise in Women in KSA Seeking Divorce

Kenya Protesters Call for an End to Violence against Women

Malala Urges Pakistani Children to Fight for Education

Sindh, Pakistan, MPAs Take Up the Women and Minorities' Cause

Controversy Flares at Guantanamo over Female Guards

Saudi Arabia to Appoint Women as Board Members of Tawafa Organizations

‘Earning Isn’t As Big a Problem As Acceptance Is For Us’: A Pakistani Transgender

Egypt making slow progress on genital mutilation

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Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

Jihadism in Egypt: the General’s Law in Sinai
The Economist

Hardened fighters now face government tanks and helicopter gunships, with increasingly terrified civilians caught in-between. Casualties are rising. In October the insurgents, most of them from local Bedouin tribes, killed more than 30 Egyptian soldiers and police. Security forces claimed to have killed scores of rebels. News reports counted 14 civilian dead.....

Islam and Politics

The Hot Winds of Indo-Pak Partition Left Salim Mirza Stranded
Jawed Naqvi

The atheist Hindu migrant from Rawalpindi plays Salim Mirza in the movie, the stoically unflappable head of a Muslim joint family in Agra caught in the throes of India-Pakistan Partition. Though the unspeakable violence and communal strife of Partition has been recorded in detail in novels, films, short stories, documentaries, Garam Hawa, roughly translated as ‘the hot winds’, gives a palpably searing view of how a reasonably happy Muslim family is slowly and inevitably torn asunder by the sheer winds of Partition. The Garam Hawa had uprooted a prosperous orchard, Mirza Sahib mumbles to the Tonga driver on their way from the train station. The two had driven there several times in recent days to see someone off to Pakistan…..

Urdu Section

Takfirism Violates Islam  (تکفیری گروپ  اسلامی تعلیمات کے خونخوار  دشمن  اور طالبانی میگزین ‘نوائے افغان جہاد’ کے  مضمون  ‘ کفر و ارتداد کا مجاہدین اسلام کے خلاف اتحاد’ کی سخت  تردید (حصہ1
Ghulam Ghaus, New Age Islam

قابل توجہ امر یہ ہے کہ طالبانی دہشت گردوں کے مطابق جہاد کا مطلب مرکزی دھارے میں شامل تمام غیر وہابی صوفی مسلمانوں اورسنی بریلویوں سمیت تمام شیعوں کا قتل کرنا ہے۔ کاشف علی الخیری صاحب کی طرح دیگر تمام طالبانی اور وہابی بھی ان  مسلمانوں کو مشرک اور مرتد مانتے ہیں۔ صوفی مسلمانوں کو "مشرکوں کی جماعت" اور پاکستانی شیعوں کو " متعہ کی پیداوار اور حرام کی اولاد" قرار دیکر طالبانی نظریہ ساز کاشف علی الخیری صاحب نے مضحکہ خیز انداز میں یہ کہا ہے کہ طالبانی دہشت گردوں نے دنیا کے تمام مشرکین کو شکشت دے دی ہے۔ اسی وجہ سے "فاتحہ خوانی کرنے والے، حلوہ  کھانے والے، تیجہ اور چالیسواں ماننے والے" ان دہشت گردوں کا مقابلہ نہیں کرسکتے۔

Islam and Politics

The continued polarization between Israelis and Palestinians reflects growing hatred within both societies. On the one hand, Palestinian terrorists spew anti-Semitic rhetoric in an effort to stir their people to violence; while on the other hand, the Israeli government feeds into existing Islamophobia and deploys it when annexing new Palestinian territory. ... European elites need to start blaming the Palestinians, and Americans need to start blaming Israel—not in order to shame either side, but to acknowledge that peace is the only answer to a conflict. And without it, even worse consequences are in store for Israel and Palestine in the years ahead.....

Islamic History

When Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) received the command from God to lead the Muslim community in five daily prayers, their prayers were directed towards the holy city of Jerusalem. For Muslims, the city of Jerusalem is an important site. As the home of numerous prophets of Islam such as Dawud (David), Sulayman (Solomon), and ‘Isa (Jesus), the city was a symbol of Islam’s past prophets. When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) made the miraculous Night Journey from Makkah to Jerusalem and the Ascent into Heaven that night (known as the Isra’ wal-Mi’raj), it acquired an added importance as the place where the Prophet  led all the earlier prophets in prayer and then ascended to Heaven…..

The War Within Islam

Beheadings and Suicide Bombings: The New Rage in Libya
Abdallah Schleifer

How many more beheadings have to take place in Benghazi and Derna before U.N. representatives or Western statesmen stop talking about the need for all parties in the Libyan civil war to sit down and negotiate away their differences? Those same statesmen and representatives should instead put their own heads together to work out a plan to rescue the Libyans from a terrorist take-over…..

Islam and the West

Christian institution has invited a speaker with extremist connections is not particularly surprising. This sort of collaboration has been occurring for years, particularly within the interfaith dialogue industry. Britain's "non-violent" extremists realized long ago that by conducting perfunctory charity events and attending interfaith meetings, they could distract the public from their radicalism while burrowing ever deeper into the British establishment. What is most troubling is that the first non-Christian to address the Church of England synod can be linked to extreme Islamist networks. By inviting Fuad Nahdi, the Church is lending credence to the notion that only radical Islamism can represent British Islam.....

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

Meanwhile, public display of dead and or broken bodies is not novel in our history. Since the counter insurgency operation against the movements to establish an Islamic state, the DI/TII (Darul Islam / Tentara Islam Indonesia) in the 1950s, this has been a common method of state terror against Indonesia’s own citizens accused of being enemies of the state.  The tactic was used extensively during the massacre of suspected communists in 1965. ….

Islam and Politics

Religion and Politics Make an Explosive Mixture
Dogu Ergil

An identity acquires acute importance when it is faced with an existential danger. Its defense becomes a life-and-death matter. This is the time when the identity-group demands the utmost sacrifice from its members. What is our collective (national) identity? It is officially defined as Turkish and Muslim. When the constitutive ideology of the republic was Turkish nationalism, Turkishness was expressed loudly; being a Muslim was only whispered…..

Islam and the West

These acts of violence are rooted in a much wider problem than the random detention of Muslims in mosques. Such detentions have been in place in Russia for dozens of years. The Russian authorities became carried away with imposing various bans on the Islamic literature. The process is not even controlled by the central authorities, but has been delegated to regional judges. The outlawing of the Russian-language Quran (, September 20, 2013) and the banning of the best known compilations of Hadiths (, January 11, 2013) indicate that the people who outlaw these pieces of Islamic literature do not realize what they are doing. These steps are likely to anger the entire Muslim world…..

Islam, Women and Feminism

AMU had a glorious past. Islamic thought grew along with Leftist ideology, represented by doyens like eminent historian professor Irfan Habib and others. There has been a severe decline in the overall academic culture of the campus over the last two decades. Nepotism in the recruitment of teachers has resulted in stunted intellectual growth. Unlike other campuses of repute, a majority of teachers in the AMU have reduced themselves to just dictating lectures in classrooms. Debate, dissent, disagreement and rebellion are discouraged brutally…..

Arabic Section

Beware Of the ‘Islamists’: Be Sure That This Great Religion of Love and Tolerance   حذار من ‘الإسلاميين’: إستمع إلى قلبك وتأكد بأن الإسلام دين الحب والتسامح ولا يمكن أن یسمح بالقتال والدمار
Qaisar Metawea

ويمكن أن تدعوك أي جماعة "إسلامية" لتربطها لأنها جماعة مسلمة حقيقية وتارة تدعوك جماعة أخرى لأنها هي "الفرقة الناجية" وليس تلك الجماعة الكافرة. ولا تتعجب لو طلبت أي جماعة تسمى نفسها "إسلامية" منك بأن تكون عميلا لاستخبارات دولة أجنبية لأنها  بإسم "الإسلام". عليك أن لا تسمع إلا قلبك. وتأكد بأن هذا الدين العظيم للحب والتسامح  لا يمكن أن يكون دين القتل والدمار. ولا تجعل الذين يصفون بأنهم "إسلاميون" يستخدمونك لأغراضهم البغيضة غير الإسلامية. وتأكد بأن هذا هو إسلامهم الذي شوهوه و ليس إسلامك أو إسلامي.

Urdu Section

Search for Truth   حقیقت کی تلاش

تمام مذاہب دنیا کی زندگی کو اہمیت نہیں دیتے، کہتے ہیں دنیا کی زندگی ایک سراب ہے، آنکھوں کا دھوکا ہے ، اس دنیا سے دل نہ لگاؤ۔ اصل زندگی وہ ہے جو آنے والی ہے۔ اس کے برعکس قرآن  کہتا ہے ‘‘ یہ زندگی بہت اہم ہے ، آنے والی زندگی تو اِس کا نتیجہ ہے ’’ یہ زندگی وہ درخت ہے جس پر وہاں کا پھل لگے گا، جیسا درخت ہوگا ویسا ہی پھل لگے گا۔ دنیا کی زندگی  میں رچ بس جاؤ، اس سے ہم آہنگ ہوجاؤ ، اس زندگی میں توازن پیدا کرو، سکھی رکھو، سکھی رہو ، علم حاصل کرو، اپنے کردار سے اپنا مرتبہ بلند کرو، ہمدردی ، محبت، خلوص اپناؤ ، جو لوگ آس پاس مفلس ہوں، بے سہارا  ہوں، مسافر ہوں ان سب کے طعام و قیام اور خاطر داری کا بندوبست کرو، دولت کماؤ مگر سب سے لقمے بانٹ کر کھاؤ آخرت کی زندگی کا خوشگوار ہونااِسی بات پر منحصر ہے کہ تم یہاں کی زندگی کیسے گزارتے ہو ! مذہب دوسرے مذاہب کے خلاف زہر اُگلتا ہے ، تعصب پیداکرتا ہے ، کہتا  ہے صرف میں سچا ہوں باقی تمام مذاہب جھوٹے ہیں۔

Urdu Section

اکبر الہ آبادی کی شاعری میں وحدانیت اور للّٰہیت  پورے طور پر عیاں تھی، ان کی شاعری کا مقصد لوگوں کو صحیح راستے پر لانا تھا، اس کے لیے انہوں نے اپنی شاعری میں طرح طرح کے حربے استعمال کئے، جس کی وجہ سے ان کی شاعری میں تلخی محسوس کی جاتی رہی  اور طنز و مزاح کا عنصر  بھی  ان کی شاعری  میں بدرجہ اتم پایا جاتا ہے۔ اکبر کی شاعری سے یہ پتہ چلتا ہے کہ ان کی شاعری میں تو حید اور وحدانیت کاپہلو بھی کافی حد تک پایا جاتا ہے ، چونکہ اکبر کی  زندگی میں مذہب کو خاص اہمیت  حاصل تھی ، وہ مذہب کو انسانی زندگی کا محور جانتے تھے، ان کاعقیدہ تھا کہ مذہب ہی وہ ادارہ ہے جو انسان کی صحیح  رہنمائی کرسکتا ہے، انہیں مذہب اسلام سے گہرا  لگاؤ تھا ، وہ مذہب اسلام کے ارکان کی بھی پابندی کرتے تھے، مگر ان کے خیالات میں کٹر پن نہیں تھا۔

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

Battleground North Waziristan, Epicentre of Terrorism
Zahid Hussain

As one officer lamented “It is painful to pick up every day the bodies of our fellow soldiers and young officers often blown into pieces by IEDs, but it is more agonising to hear some politicians sympathising with the killers.”….

Islamic Society

Beware Of the ‘Islamists’: Listen To Your Heart; Be Sure That This Great Religion of Love and Tolerance Cannot Be the Same Religion That Kills and Destroys
Qaisar Metawea

With bad intentions, some of us have used others’ natural love for Islam and for everything Islamic to make personal, sectarian, political, social or commercial gains. Some of the exploiters of our love for everything Islamic started using the word “Islamic” to defend their unholy actions and ideas against any critique. They will begin their conversation with you by using the word “Islamic” to tie themselves to Islam and to make you believe that they are the sole representatives of this great religion…..

Islam, Women and Feminism

In The Middle East, Female Bodies Are a Battleground
Elif Shafak

Female adulation of male autocrats is widespread throughout the Middle East. I have met Syrian women who have tried to convince me that Bashar al-Assad is the best option for modern women. The Syrian regime seems aware of this rhetoric, recruiting hundreds of so-called Lionesses for National Defence, who are said to be fighting against Islamic fundamentalism and defending women’s freedom. Turning to autocrats for protection is a response born of fear…..

Islam, Women and Feminism

Indonesia Tests Female Police Recruits' Virginity
Ghoncheh Ghavami, Iranian-British Woman

Young Couple Publicly Punished For Adultery in Afghanistan

Virginia Woman Accused of Attempting To Aid Islamic State

Iran Files Charges against Iranian-British Woman

London School Warns Students of FGM, Forced Marriage

Nigeria: FOMWAN Wants Lagos Hijab Ban Reversed

Bahrain Arrests 13 Women Activists Demanding ‘Anti-Regime’ Vote

Saudis Not To Pay Insurance Fee for Unskilled Indian Maid

‘White Widow Alive And Well’ In Somalia: Report

Head of Egypt's Council for Women Slams Detained Female Activists

Tanzania: Resolute Action Needed to Combat Soaring Rape Cases

Organizers of Saudi Pageant That Never Happened Suffer Losses, Divorces

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Islamic World News

South Asian Diversities A Platform for Human Rights Mechanism
Queen Rania of Jordan

South Asia

36 Taliban Rebels Killed, 20 Injured In Clearing Operations in Afghanistan

Arab World

ISIS Using Media to ‘Hijack’ Arab World: Queen Rania

Saudi Scholar: Extremism Awareness Programs for Students Needed

Al-Qaeda Releases Video of French, Dutch Hostages

Saudi Arabia Declares War on Child Abuse


PM Davutoğlu: 'Killing Urbanite-Islam, Led To Creation of ISIS'

Four Israelis Killed In Jerusalem Synagogue Attack

Blast kills senior Islamist politician in Yemen


Pakistani Taliban Splinter Group Vows Allegiance to Islamic State

Air raids in Tirah valley kill 6 suspected militants


Leading British Islamic Organisation to Challenge UAE Terror Designation

Drones counterproductive with Zarb-i-Azb underway: UN envoy


India Should Bring Back Areas Lost To Pakistan, China: Senior RSS Leader

North America

Two U.S. Islamic Groups Called Terrorist by U.A.E


Cleric backs vigilantes fighting Boko Haram

Southeast Asia

Malaysian court to review appeal on use of the word ‘Allah’

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Muslims and Islamophobia

Challenging Anti-Muslim Bigotry and Challenging All Forms of Bigotry, Within and Against Muslim Communities
Fiyaz Mughal

Today, that bigotry has turned full circle against Islam and Muslims. It does not matter whether you have been in the UK for three days or 30 years, the target for far right groups and some on the political right, are Muslim communities. Some of what they say may have an ounce of merit whilst a lot of it comes from a place of knee jerk reactionism and prejudice. Leaving this work to those small numbers of detractors in Muslim communities would be disastrous for this area of work given some of their backgrounds and their lack of understanding of basic recording mechanisms and in working with communities such as LGBTQ, Jewish and non-faith communities……

Radical Islamism and Jihad
Facing massive appeal of Radical Islam, Moderate Muslims must refute Jihadist theology of violence with a coherent narrative of Islamic moderation, says Sultan Shahin at UNHRC in Geneva
Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

We, the silent majority of moderate Muslims are disoriented. Can those Muslims who cherish democracy, peace, and pluralism still have a say in world affairs? Only a tiny fraction of one and a half billion Muslims see in the Quran and Hadees a permission to kill innocents from other sects and communities. But Islam or Islamism is being equated with terrorism because the vast majority of Muslims are still passive and silent.

Thirteen years after 9/11, the Islamist terrorist threat has become more diverse, more complex, and more dangerous. It seems that while the world has focused on fighting the terrorists militarily, it has not faced the challenge of the ideological narrative that Jihadism offers. It is this Islamist extremist narrative that has gained momentum now, animating not only groups like al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, al Nusra, ISIS, etc but also independent actors who may prove even more dangerous. ...

What are we, the Muslim moderates, doing wrong? Why are our youth joining the radicals?

What has happened is that Jihadists have worked out a radical narrative of Islam, a complete theology of violence, xenophobia, hate and Islam-supremacism based on common Muslim beliefs which they are using to brainwash Muslim youth, while we moderates have no coherent narrative or theology of peace, pluralism, co-existence and gender justice to counter that.

So what is the way forward? In my view, this situation calls for a clear refutation of the Jihadist ideology and working out a coherent narrative and a consistent theology of Islamic moderation, peace and gender justice. If not now, when?.....

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