• Naseer Ahmed Sahebhow much it is important to believe in finality of the prophet-hood of hz mohammed?Who knows the right meaning of the last ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Rational, Do you have any answers or only tell me why like questions? Why your religion is just perfect, rational but others not? Did a Arab Muslim see Krishna ...
    ( By ahmad )
  • Rational, Do you have any answers or only tell me why like questions? Why your religion is just perfect, rational but others not? Did a Arab Muslim see Krishna ...
    ( By ahmad )
  • The article By Ram Puniyani depicts thevery true spirit of sufism and promotes it as a solution to curb down sectarian divide. It is against ...
    ( By Raihan Nezami )
  • There are many verses of the  Quran that begin with "They ask......" "Say to them....". These verses are clearly  answers to questions asked or ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Naseer Ahmed Saheb- 5/5/2015 2:06:51 AM "Even in the case of the Bible, although it contains the revelations of God, it is difficult to determine which verse is ...
    ( By Khalid Suhail )
  • I have answered the question in great detail. What more questions do you have on it? What is preserved in Loh-e-Mahfooz and why? In another thread, an important ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Naseer saheb you have ducked away many times. you think you have answers so you respond. i am the person who appreciated many of ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Naseer sahebi am not a converged person. That is why i enjoy many things in the life weather it is poetry, literature or science. ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Aftab saheball religions have some fiction like the prophet ascended to heaven and met God.If the quran can speak about Haroot and maroot who ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Rational,From this point on, when you ask a question, you also provide the best answer you can think of and ask for a second ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Naseer Ahmed - 5/5/2015 2:06:51 AMBut why Allah didn't protect his previous words? were not those worth protection?When Muslims call other holy books ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Rational says: “If the Quran was to guide all people, it should have mentioned at least some of Indian great people. People relate themselves if their ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Respected Asad, what exactly you know that Islam is not a noun or verb, rather a complete code of life,Islam teaches muslims and non ...
    ( By arshad ali )
  • Secular logic's comment has only proved my point. Not only among Muslims, but among Hindus too, thee are many who don't want these facts ...
    ( By Aftab Ahmad )
  • India is also sacred because it is associated with Adam and is the seat of the first divine revelation and the first home of ...
    ( By secularlogic )
  • Won't allow anyone to live in peace. Religious rapists will keep forcing their world view on everyone. Where the hell does this writer get ...
    ( By secularlogic )
  • GRD SahebWhy Sura Alaq which was revealed first is not first in the Quran? why it is burying in last chapter?Why the prophet didn't ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • Aftab Sahebwhen belivers fail to answer properly, they start questioning the questioner. you are not different. To muslims i may be devoid of the ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • The basic of Islam is radical ... its origin is radical.
    ( By Rishi Samajdar )
  • Sultan Shahin is provoking a fitnah. Tenets of the Quran are immutable.
    ( By Jamshed Mir )
  • Dear GRD, are you saying that Quran exists today in the order in which it was revealed?
    ( By Sultan Shahin )
  • The Prophet (pbuh) arranged the sequence or order of the Qur’an by himself and made it well-known to his Companions. There are authentic reports ...
    ( By Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi )
  • "SC Ponders Over Whether Pakistan Can Be Declared a Secular State" . . . Just a small ray of hope, but this may be ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Allah guide us all to straight path !!
    ( By Younis Majid )
  • has become an urgent need of hour!!
    ( By Saikia Siddharth )
  • Islam needs reforms.
    ( By मीना मीना )
  • Yes a lot has to be done to practice true Islam. The soul (rooh) of Islam is missing somewhere courtesy to mullahs.
    ( By Mazhar Zia )
  •  Religion is based on principles.. It should not be compromised for a set of rules and laws. The moment it degenerates to a set ...
    ( By Raghu. R.V )
  • Not only Muslims but even every non-Muslim will have to be good to end Terrorism. 
    ( By Ghulam Ghaus غلام غوث )
  • “To me it's clear that her punishment is because she is Muslim and reeks of discrimination: it's about who she is - not what she did” It ...
    ( By Ghulam Ghaus غلام غوث )
  • मैं एक हिन्दू हूं और इस साइट को देखने के बाद यह कह सकता हूं कि यदि‍ सारे मुसलमान इस साइट के मुसलमानों जैंसे ...
    ( By ashsih )
  • Its amusing to see muslims always think that others are wrong, they can't take other's book at it is, and either hate those books ...
    ( By Pankaj Verma )
  • It's right that reader's attitude may produce different explanations of a text and it is not confined to the Quran only. Even Gita has ...
    ( By ahmad )
  • Thanks Mr Ravi Prakash for your comment. Let's strengthen the bond of religious brotherhood.
    ( By Aftab Ahmad )
  • Muslims are probably maltreated more in Pakistan than in China unless they belong to the right sect. They can be killed while they are ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • "Preventing Further Radicalisation Is the Challenge Muslims Must Undertake: Some Concrete Suggestions"If this is done Muslims will be loved world over.
    ( By Ravindra Kumar Tewatia )
  • BJP failed to encash Muslim votes even when Congress crumbled. But then if they had tried to woo Muslims they would have suffered identity ...
    ( By sadaf )
    ( By Parvez Jamasji )
  • When a religion becomes an ideology, trouble starts.
    ( By Dilip Bisswas )

    Muslims are not required to implement the Sharia by force. Sharia law is a matter of option and not a matter of implementation. The word “revision” is not very appropriate in this regard. The better word is Ijtihad....

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad
    Malaysia's ISIS dilemma
    Joseph Chinyong Liow

    The recent emergence of an ISIS recruitment video featuring young Malay-speaking (and possibly also Indonesian) boys attending religious classes and engaging in weapons training in ISIS-held territory has caused a furore in Malaysia. Estimates of the number of Malaysian fighters in ISIS - the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria militant group - vary from 60 to almost 150....

    Muslims and Islamophobia

    Poison, The Pen, Political Correctness and Islamophobia
    Michael Curtis

    In the case of Charlie Hebdo, those circumstances requiring limitation of free speech did not exist. Satire, even if xenophobic, does not call for revenge of any kind. The real reason for the withdrawal of the six writers was not so much that the cartoon were vulgar and did not deserve an award, or that the magazine was an example of French cultural arrogance, but that they disagreed with the political position of the magazine, accusing it of racist and Islamophobic provocations....

    From the Desk of Editor

    Is It Time Muslims Standardize A Contextual Qur'an, Asks A Reader. Yes, Perhaps, But Building A Quran-Based Islam, Shorn Of Deviations, Will Not Be Easy.
    Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

    What do you mean by logical order, Hamza Saheb? Do you mean chronological order, which would also restore primacy to Meccan verses of universal significance? After all, it's in a chronological order that early Muslims including the Prophet (saw) must have understood and memorised the Quran. They could not have memorised contextual verses that had not been revealed yet, as those situations had not arisen by that time.

     In any case read chronologically, Quran reads like a beautiful book of spiritual and moral guidance, relevant in the 21st century, not requiring much contextual knowledge to begin with.

     I am saying this, as, for the last several years I am in the process of collecting essential verses of the Quran in a chronological order. Have not gone very far yet. Mainly shortage of time. Far too many duties requiring immediate attention. I wish Hazrat Usman had not destroyed those versions of Quran that early Muslims in Mecca used to recite. I imagine it as a beautiful Quran which would invite everyone, except the exploiters and the tyrants. It had no calls to war and defence and  offence and punishment.

    You are not going crazy, Hamza Saheb, you are thinking new thoughts. We Muslims are in a desperate situation and one has to think of all sorts of thoughts, some even crazy-sounding to come out of the quagmire we are in.  Actually, large sections of Muslims seem to be going crazy in different parts of the world. Last night I read of what used to be moderate Sufi-minded community of Malaysians demanding criminal punishments based on pre-Islamic Arab cultural practices. We already know of  British Muslims demanding "Sharia-Controlled zones in England!" And, of course, many crazy things happening around the world, mostly atrocities perpetrated by Muslims on fellow Muslims.

    There is a good reason why you, Hamza Saheb, are being so cautious. I wonder about my own chances of survival too. God, of course, is the final arbiter. But, as I shared this with readers before, my two maulana interlocutors have told me that they consider me kafir but not qabil-e-gardanzadni (worthy of the honour of beheading) yet, Why? Because I am a kafir only by virtue of not calling Ahmadiyas kafir. That's all, there is no specific charge against my own faith and conduct. But there is a warning, coming from someone who was supposedly a friend 30 years ago, though he will not reveal his identity. I don't know who he is but for old time's sake, he will not get me killed, until -- yes, there is a condition -- until, I confine my work to websites, books, magazines, newspapers and television, etc. If I start going out in the field, talking to Muslims, showing them what I consider the right path, I would have crossed a red line and then I am on my own or on the mercy of those who think they decide our fates on earth, without permission from God.

    This warning came just as I talked to some maulana friends about the possibility of holding a meeting and discussing the meaning of kufr, kafir and other derivatives of the term in the light of what Naseer Saheb had written. I thought, I would invite Naseer Saheb and ask him to bring out before this mixed audience of Muslims and non-Muslims and some journalists and academics every verse of Quran, without any exception and show what these words meant in those verses, leaving at the end the audience to gather the real meaning of this word.

    The misuse of the word Kafir is a major issue of discord between the Hindu and Muslim communities. Apparently, the Mullah community got word; they knew what would happen, if this conference were to go through, even though I was inviting Mullahs from all denominations to discuss the subject. If it could be proven that kafir in Quran does not mean non-Muslim or polytheist, or idol-worshipper or infidel, but it is a religion-neutral term simply meaning the oppressor, religious persecutor, particularly the one who is engaged in stopping people from practicing their religious freedom, much like the Arab kings today or other Muslim countries, much of the strife could be wiped out.

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Gaza Women Shed Veil, Spark Conversation
    Asmaa al-Ghoul

    Women wearing the veil or Niqab and frequenting mosques have become commonplace in the Gaza Strip. This phenomenon calls for an analysis of its underlying reasons. Is it because society is conservative that people are prone to be more religious, or because a movement affiliated with political Islam is in power....

    The War Within Islam

    'Islam at War' Vs 'War within Islam'
    Marwan Bishara

    Islamism is an ideology that preaches extremism and terrorism and must be confronted and eradicated by force. Some go as far as to claim that Islam as a religion spouts hate and breeds violence and therefore must be radically reformed and/or confronted head on....

    Islam and the West

    Enough of the Blame Games and Excuses in the Mideast
    Chris Doyle

    No one party, no one bloc, no one set of rulers, no one group of actors is uniquely to blame for all the ills of the region nor the rise of Islamic extremism. To argue that it is only the fault of the U.S., UK, France alone is ridiculous....

    Islam and Human Rights

    These are the people who claim Islam as a fair and just religion, yet make contradicting statements of how a Muslim husband is the rightful owner of his wife’s body. These religious scholars promote kindness and love in Islam....

    Islamic History

    The Crisis of National and Religious Identity in Afghanistan Today
    Amanullah, King of Afghanistan,1919 - 1929

    Arabic Muslims completed the campaign they began in 642 to dominate the lands that make up present day Afghanistan. During the next five centuries, most Afghanis converted to Islam. Afghani Muslims have made major contributions to Shariah, theology, Sufism, philosophy, physical sciences, literature, and art with local features....

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    The growing pervasiveness of Islamophobia among Europeans, precipitated by the rise of violent extremists of all colorations and the seemingly endless bloodshed between Muslim communities and against Westerners, which has produced a conscious and unconscious repudiation of anything related to Muslims in general....

    Debating Islam

    No Arab Bolivars: As Region Implodes, Arab Socialism Fizzles Out
    Ramzy Baroud

    ‘Islam is the Solution’ became quite dominant. That new slogan pierced through the collective psyche of various Arab Muslim intellectual groups throughout the Middle East and beyond, specifically because it seemed to be an attempt at tapping into the region’s own historical and cultural references....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Muslim Girls in Kathmandu Live In Different World after Quake
    Shirin Ebadi

    Allowing Sodomy ‘Worse’ Than Forced Sex in Marriage, Isma Portal Says

    SC Takes Notice of Abuse of Women in Sindh, Pakistan

    Nobel Winner Shirin Ebadi to Publish Memoir with Random House

    We Pay ISIL to Save Yazidi Women, Kurdish Regional Government Says

    Australian Muslim Woman Wants People to Look Beyond Her Hijab

    President Jacob Zuma Must Deal With Islamic Marriage Bill

    2 Muslim Women to Be Featured On Interfaith Panel in Central Minnesota

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


    Inside the Qur’an — An Author’s Journey to the Heart of Islam
    Hamida Ghafour

    The stereotype is a grey-bearded man in a mosque. But he found women who were riding across Arabia on camelback and horseback to do lecture tours. He found a woman in Samarkand who was issuing not only her own Fatwas but writing Fatwas of her less-talented husband. These are unthinkable freedoms for many women in this day and age....

    Islamic Ideology
    Reapplication of the Quran
    Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

    Reapplication of the Quran
    Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

    The Quran is an eternal book, but conditions of society keep changing. And so, there is a need to explain Islam in the context of changed conditions in such a way that it can address the prevailing mindset of the times....

    Islam and Politics

    Islamic State’s New Afghan Front
    Javid Ahmad

    The Islamic State’s followers are making significant inroads and steadily gaining strength in Afghanistan, as demonstrated by their recent vicious attack in Jalalabad that left 35 people dead. However, new reports have surfaced, though unproved, that the group’s emergence represents “a rebranding of marginalized Taliban” that has splintered from Taliban factions and pledged allegiance to the self-declared caliphate of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    French Muslim Student Banned From School for Wearing Long Black Skirt
    Niloofar Rahmani, Afghanistan's first female pilot

    Army Rescues 200 Girls, 93 Women from Boko Haram, but None Are Abducted Chibok Girls

    Finally, a Podcast That Explores the Travails of Being a Muslim Woman in America

    Tough Law Needed To Fight Crime against Women, Kids: Family Protection Society

    Filipina Spared Indonesia Execution: Mother Hails ‘Miracle’

    A Tale of 2 Sisters from Syria, Now Worlds Apart

    Female Afghan 'Top Gun' Soars above Gender Barrier

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic Ideology

    Do We Need Religion-Sanctioned Morality?
    Hurmat Ali Shah

    The ethical code of each era represents the social and moral characteristics of the people of that era. When human knowledge was limited to understanding scriptures and the concepts of freedom and equality were alien, morality then was also devoid of such concepts....

    Islamic Society

    Saudi Arabia’s Islamist-Liberal Divide
    Madawi Al-Rasheed

    The monarchy contributes to widening the gap between them by supporting loyalist, official Salafist-Wahhabi Islamism while also patronizing several other Islamist tendencies as well as liberals. In mainstream educational and judicial state institutions, it gives the Islamists a free hand, but in the economic, foreign policy and cultural arenas and the pan-Arab media….

    Current Affairs

    Why Does Turkey Refrain from Cracking Down on ISIL?
    Emre Uslu

    Turkey not only avoids cracking down on ISIL branches within its borders, but also tries to block all journalistic inquiries into the matter. There is a gag order in place concerning all lawsuits against ISIL members, as journalists are effectively prevented from reporting about them. Any journalist who dares to write about ISIL is monitored and threatened by intelligence units....

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    Bangladesh: Another Killer Dies
    S. Binodkumar Singh

    The significant support base of the radical Islamist formations in the country, as well as of the BNP which allies with them, retains the potential to cause extreme harm within the country, and it will require both an iron will and political sagacity to carry the War Crimes Trials process to its logical conclusion....

    Islam and the West

    The US and the Middle East
    S P Seth

    Hezbollah in Lebanon and now the Houthis in Yemen, why is it then forging a tactical alliance with it in Iraq against IS and doing a deal on its nuclear programme? In this regional power play, there is also an overlay of the sectarian Sunni-Shia divide that seems to create its own momentum. And it is being played out viciously in Yemen to thwart the Shia Houthis from consolidating their power and to restore the exiled president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, back into the country’s capital of Sanaa….

    Debating Islam

    IS — A Baathist Brainchild?
    Linda Heard

    A recent report by the German magazine Der Spiegal, drawn from documents smuggled from Syria to Turkey, is eye-opening. Separating fact from fiction is an almost impossible task but if young Muslim men and women were being indoctrinated and manipulated by people with a very different agenda, it wouldn’t be the first time....

    Interfaith Dialogue
    As Hardline Buddhism Spreads In Sri Lanka, Some Make a Quiet Stand
    Abby Seiff, Quintus Colombage and Niranjani Roland

    As Hardline Buddhism Spreads In Sri Lanka, Some Make a Quiet Stand
    Fathima Faheema

    When Fathima Faheema is nervous, she wrings her headscarf; pulls the edges shyly over her mouth. It is only after some prodding that she admits her reasons for converting from Buddhism to Islam. In some parts of Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese woman’s conversion and interfaith marriage might have sparked outrage….

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    In Pakistan, This Activist Was Martyred for Her Moderation
    Asra Q. Nomani

    Pakistan’s involvement in the Afghan “jihad” put in place the government-sponsored training of “religious” militants. The mujahideen, or “Muslim holy warriors” of the 1980s that then-President Reagan welcomed to the White House and equated to American’s founding fathers, morphed into the Afghan Taliban of the 1990s and the Pakistani Taliban of today. The legacy survives today in sectarian extremist groups, like Lashkar-e-Taiba, Harkut-ul Mujahideen and Sipah-e-Sahaba, banned in theory but operating openly in the streets of Pakistan....

    Islam and Sectarianism
    Man-Made Wars Agains Humanity
    Dr Mahboob A Khwaja

    The Arab Middle East is the theatre of absurdity – petty ideological rivalries, enforcing daily sectarian warfare and unending brutality for the innocent people trying to escape the prevalent insanity. No carefully reasoned and politically verifiable analysis can predict how and where the entire Arab-Muslim region will escape from the amassed misfortunes....


    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad
    Facing The Jihadist Challenge: Muslims Need To Refute Jihadis’ Xenophobic, Supremacist, Millenarian Thesis And Focus On Islamic Pluralism, Says Sultan Shahin At UNHRC In Geneva
    Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

    Facing the brutalities of Islamist terror, while President Obama will not go beyond calling it violent extremism, the head of Sunni Islam's oldest seat of learning, Jamia al-Azhar admitted in a counter-terrorism conference in Mecca that extremism was caused by “corrupt interpretations of Quran and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad”, and Islamic curriculums needed to change.

    This call for reform, coming from Jamia Al-Azhar, is gratifying. But a half-hearted approach to reform will not work. The problems Muslims face are very basic and cannot be solved with mere tinkering with text-books. The global Muslim community will have to introspect. One question repeatedly asked, for instance, is about the contextual verses of the holy Quran that are utilised by Jihadists to brainwash our youth. Jihadists present these contextual verses as an eternal guide for Muslims.

    One would imagine that the followers of Islam who believe, and many certainly do, that Islam is a religion of spirituality, peace, coexistence and tolerance, would be up in arms against the Islamic State. But while routine denunciations from some sections do come occasionally, there is no outrage visible in the Muslim society. The world cannot help noticing that while tens of thousands of Muslims come out on streets to demonstrate the moment there is an allegation of so-called blasphemy against any one, hardly any Muslim would protest at the myriad brutalities perpetrated by Islamist terrorists.

    Clearly there is something wrong, some disconnect, some deeper and more complex phenomenon at work than what can be understood from a superficial look at the issue. Instead of expressing outrage, we find thousands of Muslim young men and women running from their comfortable homes, private schools and cushy jobs to fight and join in the brutalities of the so-called Islamic State. Some 12,000 Muslim young men and women are said to have joined so far from 80 countries……

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