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  • Christian believers quote these verses to refute the claim of the prophet15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly ...
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  • "ISIS Sending 'Prettiest Virgins' To Become Sex Slaves: Zainab Bangura from UN"Source NAIthey learned it from the Quran and Sunna. Women were captured, enslaved, ...
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  • Naseer Sahebi never lost my nerves. not even when all moderates cried for my ban. if it were true i had left long back. ...
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  • "Mufti Muhammad Qavi, another noted religious scholar, does not agree with Mufti Naeem. He says only those Muslims who categorically and publicly reject belief ...
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  • "At a conference coordinated by Maulana Ziaul Haq Naqshbandi in Lahore, they said suicide attacks were un-Islamic and terrorists who were killed by the ...
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  • "Lonely Man Finds a Home in Islam, And Then in Islamic State"Positive aspect of Islam is that a Muslims can pray in any mosque ...
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  • Sir Syed's concern was for Ashraf not common Muslims called arzal. This was perfectly rational to him to think in inequality of people.many Hindus ...
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  • To some Muslims who has expressed their views on this forum call Sultan saheb "agent of enemies of Islam like RSS"Does it mean RSS ...
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  • Biggest example of contradictions within the Quran is that Muslims invented abrogation, reinterpretation and new definitions.Abrogation was not problematic to  past Muslim scholars of  ...
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  • Biggest example of contradictions within the Quran is that Muslims invented abrogation, reinterpretation and new definitions.Abrogation was not problematic to  past Muslim scholars of  ...
    ( By rational mohammed yunus )
  • the way Muslims solve the difficulties/contradictions/errors in the Quran, Christians and other belivers solve theirs. yet each of them call their scriptures corrupt.this was ...
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    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    Jihad: Fight against the Ideology
    Kamran Bokhari

    Today, in a world where people are often careful to separate the state from religious issues, most would agree that governments should stick to waging physical battles against Islamist militants rather than getting caught up in ideological wars. But the challenge insurrectionist Islamists pose is an ideological one, and it cannot be addressed without undertaking the perilous task of crafting counternarratives....

    Islam and Politics

    Nakba and the Question of ‘Palestinian Strategy’
    Ramzy Baroud

    Palestinians in the occupied territories – from the occupied West Bank, annexed East Jerusalem or besieged Gaza – experience the Nakba in its most raw and painful forms. It is not just an event that delineates memory, but the very event that ushered in a process of dispossession, dislocation and deprivation, not just of land and freedom, but even of the right to form a national identity within the safety of a place that Palestinians can call home....

    Debating Islam

    Brutal Truths about ISIL Victories
    Afzal Ashraf

    The fight against ISIL is in many ways a fight between the idea of a nation state and the idea of a revolutionary ideological empire. Lessons learned about the intrinsic strengths of revolutionary insurgencies in comparison with the strengths of conventional armies are not being applied....

    Islam and Politics
    Thuggery of Religion
    Kunwar Khuldune Shahid

    Thuggery of Religion
    Kunwar Khuldune Shahid

    Salmaan Taseer ‘blasphemed’ half a decade ago by stating a mere fact, that the blasphemy law was being misused to settle personal scores, usually against non-Muslims. Pervez Rasheed is being ‘apostatised’ for another factual remark, that the Madrasas are ‘universities of ignorance’ and promote a ‘culture of hatred’. The then ruling PPP government’s appeasement of incandescent mullahs….

    Islam and Spiritualism

    Ablution and Prayer (Part III)
    Dr A Q Khan

    “Those who believe and do deeds of righteousness and establish regular prayers and regular charity, will have their rewards with Allah. They shall have no fear, nor shall they grieve” (2:277). “(Those are the Momnis) who establish regular prayer and give regular charity” (4:162). “They are the Momnis who establish regular prayers and charity and bow down (before Allah) humbly” (5:55)….

    Islam and Politics

    Emptying the Content of Religion
    Taha Akyol

    In our religion, supreme values such as not allowing undeserved benefits and taking one’s rightful share are the fundamental principles of a high morality. However, when power struggles push these values of religion back it becomes inevitable that the content of religion is emptied....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Viewpoint: Islam v feminism?
    Huda Jawad

    It was at this moment that all the various strands of my life's work came together to ignite my passion for Islamic feminism. The answers to the questions I detailed earlier became clear - women's voices from the interpretation and understanding of Islam were absent. Since then I have come to learn of Muslim feminists who have in the past 10 years produced rigorous and religious paradigms that question long-held beliefs and presumptions about central tenets of religious laws and the handful of Quranic verses that have been used to discriminate against women and girls….

    Islam and Politics

    Baghdad Must Empower Sunnis or Lose Iraq
    David Ignatius

    The ISIS breakthrough in Ramadi brought wild celebration in other Sunni areas under its control. The group released a video Monday that appeared to show jubilant Iraqi men and boys in the Ninevah area spontaneously dancing and waving its black-and-white banners….

    Debating Islam

    ISIS’ capture of Ramadi: Setback or Turning Point?
    Chris Doyle

    ISIS will be counting on the militias doing just that. Its currency is fear and panic. It trades off an Iraqi Sunni Arab population who believes that they are the only force capable of protecting them. Its brutality is designed to polarize and divide. Any Shiite militia crimes will likewise serve their immediate ambitions of securing permanent control over Anbar….

    Bangla Section

    বিশ্বের কোনো দেশেই স্বাধীনতাবিরোধীদের রাজনীতি করার ইতিহাস নেই। সমাজে অবহেলিত হয়ে বসবাস করতে হয় তাদের। বিশ্বের বড় দুটি অর্থনৈতিক শক্তি আমেরিকা ও দক্ষিণ কোরিয়া। আমেরিকার স্বাধীনতা যুদ্ধের সময় দেশীয় সহযোগীরা ব্রিটিশ সেনাদের মুক্তিযোদ্ধাদের বাড়ি চিনিয়ে দিত। ইতিহাসবিদদের হিসাব অনুয়ায়ী, প্রায় পাঁচ লাখ দেশীয় সহযোগী ব্রিটিশ সেনাদের সহযোগিতা করছে। এরা সমাজের ধনী ব্যক্তি ছিল। শত শত কালো দাসকে ব্রিটিশের পক্ষে যুদ্ধ করার শর্তে ব্রিটিশপ্রভুরা মুক্ত করে দিয়েছিল। কিন্তু ওরা মুক্ত হয়েই ব্রিটিশদের বিরুদ্ধে যুদ্ধে অংশগ্রহণ করেছিল। আমেরিকা যখন স্বাধীন হয়, তখন ওই ব্রিটিশ সহযোগীদের ২০ শতাংশ আমেরিকা ছেড়ে ব্রিটিশদের আরেক সাম্রাজ্য, কানাডার অন্টারিও, কুইবেক ও নোভাস্কশিয়াতে চলে যেতে বাধ্য হয়। জর্জ ওয়াশিংটন ঘোষণা দিয়েছিলেন, ‘‘আমরা পরাজিত ব্রিটিশ সৈন্যদের কিছুই বলব না। তবে যারা এই সৈন্যদের মুক্তিযোদ্ধাদের বাড়ি দেখিয়েছে, তাদের পিছনে আমরা একটি গুলিও খরচ করব না। তাদের গরম আলকাতরায় চুবিয়ে মারব।’’…..

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Where girls are not allowed to even step out of their homes unchaperoned, that Ziratunnisa Khatun, 14, and her friends have been leading a campaign on family planning since the last two years. “We are members of the Kishori (adolescents) programme being run by the Bihar Voluntary Health Association. Our group comprises girls between 12 and 18 years and we have been trained to create awareness on the need for family planning, the ill effects of child marriage….

    Urdu Section

    Countering Violent Extremism by a Counter Terror Narrative Drawn On the Qur’an   قرآن کی انسداد دہشت گردی تعلیمات سے پرتشدد انتہا پسندی کا سد باب
    Muhammad Yunus, New Age Islam

    سچائی یہ ہے کہ اگر اسلام تشدد کا مذہب ہوتا تو تمام اسلامی معاشروں میں بنیادی سطح پر پر تشدد واقعات رونماں ہو تے اور اسلام اپنی پیدائش کے بعد جلد ہی دم توڑ چکا ہوتا کیوں کہ مسلمان اپنی ایک مذہبی ذمہ داری کے طور پر ایک دوسرے کا قتل کرتے۔ لیکن اس کے برعکس اسلام پھلا پھولا اور آفاق و اکناف عالم میں مروج بھی ہوا۔ عباسی سلطنت کے خاتمے کے بعد منگولوں اور صلیبیوں کے ذریعہ تقریبا مکمل طور مٹا دیے جانے کے بعد بھی اسلام نے امن کے ذریعہ منگولوں کا دل جیتا، پھر اس کے بعد اسے تجدید و احیاء کے مراحل سے گزارا گیا اور اس کی ترویج و اشاعت کی گئی۔

    Hindi Section

    Now Direct Attack on Islam  अब इस्लाम पर सीधा हमला
    Shakeel Shamsi

    हम सभी जानते हैं कि अलबगदादी ने पहले मसलक के नाम पर मुसलमानों का, फिर इराक के ईसाइयों का, फिर यज़ीदीयों का और उसके बाद कुर्दिस्तान के सुन्नियों का खून बहाया। उसकी इन हरकतों ने बताया कि अलबगदादी मुसलमानों का दुश्मन है, लेकिन अलबगदादी ने अब यह बात भी साबित कर दिया है कि वे इस्लाम का भी दुश्मन है। इस्लाम को युद्ध का धर्म क़रार देकर वह रहमतुल्लिल आलमीन सल्लल्लाहु अलैहि व सल्लम के मिशन पर वार कर रहा है, और तथाकथित जिहाद के नाम पर मुस्लिम युवकों को नर्क की ओर आमंत्रण दे रहा है, उसके गिरोह ने कदम कदम पर जिस तरह सख्त दिल और बेरहमी का मुज़ाहिरा किया है।

    Urdu Section

    Do not Violate Anybody's Rights  کسی کے ساتھ زیادتی نہ کرو
    Syed Shamshad Ahmad Nasir, New Age Islam

    بھارتی پولیس کے ایک سابق اعلیٰ اہل کار جولیو ر بیرد نے کہا ہے کہ ملک میں ہندو قوم پرست تنظیمیں بنیاد پرستی کے راستے پر آگے بڑھ رہی ہیں جو جنرل ضیاء الحق نے اپنے دو رمیں پاکستان میں دکھایا تھا اور جس کا نتیجہ آج کے پاکستان میں نظر آرہا ہے۔۔۔ ان کا کہنا ہے کہ بھارت میں جب سے بی جے پی کی حکومت آئی ہے مذہبی کشیدگی میں اضافہ ہوا ہے اور قوم پرست جماعتوں کے حوصلے بلند ہوئے ہیں۔

    Urdu Section

    آج کے زمینی حقائق اور معروضی سوالات میں ایک بہت بڑا بلکہ شاید سب سے بڑا مسئلہ یہ ہے کہ دنیا میں کسی بھی جگہ جہاد کی بات ہو یا نفاذ شریعت کا تقاضا ہو، مسلمانوں کے خلاف سب سے اہم حوالہ بین الاقوامی قوانین ، انسانی حقوق اور گلوبلائزیشن کے تقاضوں کا پیش کیا جاتا ہے اور ان کے خلاف سب سے بڑی چارج شیٹ یہی ہے کہ وہ ان تینوں کی خلاف ورزی کررہے ہیں، بین الاقوامی نظام و معاہدات میں شریک ہونے کے باوجود علمی طور پر ان کے ساتھ چلنے کے لیے تیار نہیں ہیں اور اس سے انحراف کے راستے تلاش کرتے رہتے ہیں ۔

    Arabic Section

    Countering Violent Extremism – Muslim Ulema and Custodians of Faith Must Avert a Potential Holocaust  على علماء المسلمين تجنب المحرقة المحتملة ومكافحة التطرف العنيف
    Muhammad Yunus, New Age Islam

    ويتبع هذا المقال سلسلة من المقالات على الموضوع المنشور خلال الأشهر الأخيرة على هذا الموقع (1) ويهدف إلى تبيين التداعيات المذهبية والسياسية والحضارية القاتلة بالقوة من الإرهاب المؤدلج المدعم من قبل المتطرفين العنيفين بإسم الإسلام. ويهدف المقال إلى إقناع العلماء المسلمين بالإعلان أن التنظيمات الإرهابية هي نسخة حديثة للخوارج والمرتدين عن الإسلام الذين قد فقدوا كل إدعاء لإيمانهم كما قد شرح في أول المقالات المشار إليها. (1)  

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    Countering Violent Extremism by a Counter Terror Narrative Drawn On the Qur’an
    Muhammad Yunus, New Age Islam

    Anybody with very intellect who has any familiarity with the common religious rituals of Islam will know it for sure, that all Islamic rituals are totally devoid of any gesture of violence. Muslims daily or Congregation prayer, fasting, charity, pilgrimage and recitation of the Qur’an are all spiritually fulfilling and free from any association with violence. There are countless millions of Muslims living far below the poverty line in many Muslim and secular countries....

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    Countering Violent Extremism – Muslim Ulema and Custodians of Faith Must Avert a Potential Holocaust


    Declare The ISIS As The Kharijites (Those Who Seceded From Islam) As This Article Demonstrates And Declares: Global SOS To The Ulema, Muftis, Intellectuals And Scholars Of Islam


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    Countering Violent Terrorism – Muslim Community Leaders Must Warn Youngsters against the Dangers of Radicalization


    ‘Azan: A Call to Jihad - On the Road to Khilafah’: A Comprehensive and Conclusive Refutation by an authoritative Quranic exegete"

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    In the West erroneous views are basically determined by the lack of knowledge of Jihad and its role for Muslims. Common myths about this noble practice are perceived as ‘holy war’: Islam is spread by force by sword or guns: it is wrongly equated with acts of violence/terrorism against civilians and suicide bombings: and Islam / Quran promotes clash of civilization….

    Islamic World News

    Bihar's Muslims Donate Land for World's Largest Hindu Temple
    Michael L. Fitzgerald, Catholic Archbishop


    Impending Nuclear Deal with West Makes Iran Talk Tough With India

    Arab World

    Saudi Arabia Releasing Al-Qaeda Prisoners for Yemen Mission

    Syrian Army Kills over 115 ISIL Terrorists in Homs

    U.S.-led strikes in Syria kill 170 ISIS militants in 48 hours


    Armenia Creates Muslim Muftiate, Names Imam Trained in Iran to Head It

    Police Officer in Germany Forces Muslim To Eat Rotten Pork, Shares Video on WhatsApp


    Jihadist Group Calls On Muslims to Save Burmese Migrants from 'Savage Buddhists'

    Suicide Attack Kills 8 in Nigeria, Breaks Calm


    Pakistani Imam Jailed For Five Years for Anti-Shia Sermons

    13 Suspected Militants Killed In North Waziristan Blitz: ISPR

    South Asia

    Four Soldier Martyred, 44 Rebels Killed In Military Operations

    Insurgents Kill 12 Afghan Policemen in Uruzgan: Official

    North America

    Catholic Archbishop Teaches the Quran to Christians, Muslims Alike

    Police Arrest 10 Attempting To Leave Canada to Join Islamic State


    9 More Civilians Killed in Ongoing Saudi Air Raids

    Sources: S. Arabia Hires Israeli Experts to Supervise War against Yemen

    Southeast Asia

    Malaysia and Indonesia Say They Will Take in Migrants at Sea, Temporarily

    Philippines Says Prepared To Help Sea-Stranded Rohingya People

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Over 1,000 Women in Saudi Arabia Ask For Divorce in Six Months
    Rifqa Bary, Muslim schoolgirl

    An Antidote to IS Recruitment of Women

    Kenya: Two Missing Girls Claim They’ve Joined Islamist Group in Syria

    Sexual Violence by Security Forces Used In Egypt on ‘Massive Scale’

    Girls Boxing For Self-Defense, Empowerment in Kolkata, India

    Muslim Women's Hip-Hop Collective Confronts Stereotypes and Breaks Up the Boys' Club

    Schoolgirl Rifqa Bary Who Converted To Christianity over Facebook Is Living In Fear

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Current Affairs

    The Utility of Ishratul Ibad
    Najam Sethi

    In the 1980s and 2000s the MQM was the darling of the military establishment because it was first needed under General Zia ul Haq to counter the PPP in Sindh and then under General Pervez Musharraf to counter the PPP and PMLN in the rest of the country. Even during General Ashfaq Kayani’s time, the military establishment used the MQM to leverage power-relations with the PPP and PMLN...

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    The Washington Post wrote, “Attacks on progressive writers and critics of Islam are happening with increasing regularity in Bangladesh, where nearly 90 percent of citizens are Muslims. The country has a long tradition of official secularism — the principle was enshrined in the 1971 constitution (though that section was nullified between 1979 and 2010). But in periods of conflict, it also has a tradition of antagonism toward religion's most radical critics....

    Urdu Section

    Importance of Madrasas and Dawah in Islam  اسلام میں مدارس اور دعوت و تبلیغ کی اہمیت
    Abdul Moid Azhari, New Age Islam

    حجۃ الوداع کے موقعہ پر پیغمبر اسلام ﷺ کا خطاب کئی اہمیتوں کا حامل ہے ۔ آج پوری دنیا مساوات کی بات کر رہے ہیں ۔پوری دنیا کے ترقی یافتہ ممالک ، ان ممالک کے اہل علم و دانش نمائندے ،سائنسداں ، حقوق انسانی کے ذمہ دار ، اس بات پر ذور دے رہی ہے کہ بے کسی کو کسی پر کوئی فضیلت نہیں ہونی چاہئے ۔یہ اور بات ہے کہ ان کے ا عمال ان کی باتوں کی تردید کرتے ہیں۔یہ ایک طرف مساوات کی بات کرتے ہیں دوسری طرف ایک دوسرے کو کم تر ثابت کرنے کیلئے خونی ماحول پیدا کرنے سے گریز نہیں کرتے ۔

    Islam and Spiritualism

    Ablution and Prayer (Part II)
    Dr A Q Khan

    Our teachers and religious scholars have totally ignored stressing this most important aspect of our life as a Muslim. They don’t teach ethics, manners or moral values but only harp back on the past – in short Huququl Ebad and Huququllah have been totally sidelined and ignored....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Responding to Gender Violence
    Sabria S. Jawhar

    Some Saudi men see the same oppressive measure and feel that they can commit violent acts against women with impunity. Once confined behind closed doors, those violent acts are now committed in public with bystanders turning a blind eye. The Saudi government has enacted domestic violence laws to protect women and children, but enforcement at the local level is lacking....



    Radical Islamism and Jihad
    Preventing Further Radicalisation Is the Challenge Muslims Must Undertake: Some Concrete Suggestions
    Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

    Now the question is, how do we go forward? If we really want to make a difference, we will have to start a substantive dialogue with the ulema and make sure that they agree to:

    1) open the gates of ijtihad, rethinking all tenets of Islam in the light of the situation prevailing today. As we have not done our homework for over a millennium, this will have to be pretty revolutionary.

    2) declare that only constitutive and essential, not the contextual and allegorical verses of Quran, are meant to guide us today.

    3) compile Qur'anic verses in the order in which they were revealed, thus restoring primacy to Meccan verses that mostly constitute the essential and universal teachings of Quran, as they can be understood without any need for knowing the context in which they were revealed.

    4) declare that Ahadees cannot be considered any form of revelation from God. Islamic State’s millenarian thesis is almost entirely based on ahadees, though they use some allegorical verses of Quran as well. The claim of al-Baghdadi leading an end-time war, al-Malhama, just before the final Armageddon, has been a big draw. Some Muslims have come to think life on earth has no meaning left in the times of al-Malhama and so are rushing to join the war.

    5) declare that Sharia (fiqh) is not divine. It was created over a century after the demise of the Prophet by ulema who tried to codify laws on the basis of Qur'anic postulates and Arab cultural practices.

    6) declare clearly that Islam believes in co-existence with other religions, not dominion over the world.

    7) re-define commonly used Islamic terms like Muslim, kafir, mushrik, ahl-e-kitab, jihad, qital, farz, sunnat, etc.

    In a word, we must evolve a truly Islamic and a coherent theology of peace and co-existence, moderation and modernity, to counter the very coherent theology of violence and xenophobia, intolerance and supremacism that Jihadi ulema have created over centuries. All ulema say Islam is a religion of peace and co-existence. It's time for them to walk their talk. But if they refuse to consider change, we will need to directly reach the Muslim masses. ...

    Finally, the larger Indian community too should introspect. As Daniel Pipes said in an international counter-terrorism conference in Jaipur recently, in this war of ideas, the world should not only encourage and support progressive, modern Muslims but also oppose and refrain from supporting the fundamentalists and extremists.

    1) Our national leadership supported Khilafat in 1920s, considering it an essential part of Islamic theology. That was wrong. Now we must repudiate that stance and acknowledge our mistake.

    2) Muslim Personal Law in India has not been reformed even to the extent it has been in Pakistan and Bangladesh. This must change. At least General Ayyub Khan’s reforms in Pakistan must be introduced and Ulema should be told to accept what their Pakistani and Bangladeshi counterparts did decades earlier. This is not a satisfactory solution but at least it will be a start and it is doable.

    3) Madrasa education is a serious violation of the human rights of Muslim children. It destroys their lives and fills their minds with xenophobia and intolerance. Our government not only allows this but partly funds some madrasas. This must stop, unless, of course, madrasas actually change to become modern versions of what madrasas used to be like, in the Golden Age of Islam, and produce scientists and philosophers. A secular, democratic government should not be in the business of funding xenophobia and intolerance.

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