• Comment-4 The meaning of the word daraba as used in the Qur'an. As you will surely appreciate each scholar/ mufassir of the Qur'an, no matter ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • Comment-3 Dear Khalid Suhail Sahab, You command of Islam's secondary sources is admirable. You quote extensively
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • Comment-2 Interpretation of the word 'nushuz' in the verse 4:34 based on Qur'an's internal diction.....
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • Comment-1 You make grievous and unpardonable error in interpretation of the verses 4:34-35 when you say: "If We agree ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • All laws passed by parliament have this clause. Hence when v drafted v followed the pattern But of course anybody who wants to use this ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Well said, Yunussaab!'
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • please read Huruf-e-jaar instead of Huruf-e-atf in the following lines ….but its meanings change with the change of prepositions, called Huruf-e-atf like ba,ala,baina,an,fi, etc
    ( By Khalid Suhail )
  • हिंदुस्तान में रहने वाले हिंदू, मुस्लिम, सीख और ईसाई हम सब हिंदुस्तानी हैं. हिंदुस्तान में रहने वाले मुस्लिम खुद ही इस्लाम प्रति वफादार हैं लेकिन ...
    ( By Bushra )
  • मुसलमान पुरुषों को शादी के अलावा और कोई काम नहीं है. वहीँ अगर मुसलमान महिलाओं की शादी की बात आ जाये तो मुल्ला-मौलवी फतवे पे ...
    ( By Bushra )
  • मुस्लिम पुरुषों को शादी के अलवा शायद और कोई काम नहीं है वहीँ आगर मुसलमान महिलाओं की दुबारा शादी की बात आ जाये तो मुल्ला ...
    ( By Bushra )
  • इस्लाम का नाम सुनने के साथ ही लोगों के दिमाग में चार शादी, जरुरत से ज्यादा बच्चे और तलाक जैसे शब्द सबसे पहले आ जाता ...
    ( By Bushra )
  • Actual meaning of Nushuz: When one of the spouses is refractory , it is called Nushuz on the part of that spous....
    ( By Khalid Suhail )
  • अगर इस्लाम पढ़ नहीं सकते, उस पर अमल नहीं कर सकते हैं. इस्लाम को बदनाम न करे. इस्लाम में मुल्ला और मौलवी की गलत बयान ...
    ( By Bushra )
  • Decades ago there was an ad in the community paper for an ……. type of imam for their mosque. Told them that I know ...
    ( By rs )
  • dear muhammad yunus - 9/2/2015 1:02:28 AM why Allah remained happy (careless) with all lawlessness you mentioned in your comment for centuries between
    ( By rational )
  • Miss soya, yes USA full developed country hai but Saudi Arabia bhi developed country me ata hai... But jha baat no.1 ki baat hai .. ...
    ( By zahur )
  • "No Scope of Change in Triple Talaq System, Says All India Muslim Personal Law Board" . . . . . . This is very disappointing and ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • An interesting online debate: From: Taimur Tareen wish to give my views and do not claim these views are "the truth", these are only my views ...
    ( By Admin )
  • This is a step in the right direction. God wants nothing but justice for his creation, and the insecure men made up the codes that ...
    ( By Mike Ghouse )
  • मुसलमान भारतीय हैं या हिंदू भारतीय ऐसा कहने से अच्छा है की ये कहें आप हम सब भारतीय है. हमें अपने भारत देश पे नाज ...
    ( By Bushra )
  • Excellent article .Pity is that most Muslims are ignorant and illiterate of the main message of their religion: justice, mercy ...
    ( By humera ahmd )
  • The Government should empower the andolan by allowing it to register marriages, grant divorces and arbitrate in issues involving Muslim Personal Law...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • The following is based on edited excerpts from the published research of Michael P. Johnson, Pennsylvania State University....
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Nida jee...sir shaheen ne likha.15 अगस्त 2015 मीडिया रिपोर्टों के अनुसार एक नए अध्ययन....
    ( By Anis )
  • Social and religious justice in the family fold is very well possible within the jurisprudenceof Quran and Hadith.' ....
    ( By Raihan Nezami )
  • I wonder why God has created mentally ill people who can never find Sukh aur....
    ( By Satbir Singh Bedi )
  • I agree with Bushra. Indian Muslim must change their attitude....
    ( By Satbir Singh Bedi )
  • I agree with Bushra. Muslims must not consider their daughters as a burden. This also applies to non-Muslims. There should be ...
    ( By Satbir Singh Bedi )
  • I agree with the comments of Bushra in the interests of Muslim women.'....
    ( By Satbir Singh Bedi )
  • I wish that all Muslim men and women would support this draft act by Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan for development and progress of Indian Muslim.... ...
    ( By Satbir Singh Bedi )
  • Dear Khalid Sohail Sahab! Actually if you go by the internal vocabulary and illustrations of the Qur'an, you can, bearing in mind the holistic message of ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • The Hindu view that every method of spiritual growth, every path to the Truth is worthy of reverence has much to commend itself.” . . ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • This is clearly better than our present Muslim Laws. It deserves support.
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • "जियो और जीने दो" ऐसे इस्लाम का क्या फायदा जिसमें महिलाओं की कोई ईज्ज्त नहीं होतीं हैं. सारे अधिकार मिलने के वाजुद समान अधिकार
    ( By Bushra )
  • बेटी घर की रहमत है एक खूबसुरत अहसास है, बेटी मानो घर की परी जैसी है. लेकिन समाज उन्हें बोझ समझते हैं. खुदा लोगों को ...
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  • आज का मुसलमान वैज्ञानिक और तकनीकी के विभाग में काफी पीछे हैं. जबकी मुसलमानों की जनसंख्या सबसे ज्यादा हैं. मुसलमानों की जो हालत है वो ...
    ( By Bushra )
  • 4:34 . Muhammad Asad in his famous tafseer, “The Message Of the Quran” interprets this verse more correctly. He writes, MEN SHALL take full care ...
    ( By Khalid Suhail )
  • Shahin mian; your effort is good and would like to believe that it is sincere. Without truth, you can neither convince Muslims nor ...
    ( By bhagwat goel )
  • Ajkal Pakistan ka name aisa ho gya hai Ki har Kisi ke muh pa ek hi name Ata hai aatankwadi desh. Or hindustasn badla hi ...
    ( By kausar alam )
  • I always read your comments closely as one can always benefit from the knowledge and erudition of the learned. But I am a little sad ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )

    Books and Documents

    Exemplary Punishments for Major Crimes: Essential Message of Islam: Chapter 37 To 41

    They could bully, beat up and rob any unprotected soul, commit major crimes, spread terror in the community and roam about in broad daylight, or disappear in the desert wilderness - depending upon their clan clout. The Qur'an had to stop this outrage. There were past examples of rulers inflicting severe punishment on those who defied them and of communities suffering awesome punishments because of their errant ways. The Qur’an reminds its audience of these punishments (5:33), and commands amputating of hand for stealing (5:39) as an exemplary punishment. It, however, leaves a forgiveness clause (5:39), thereby allowing flexibility in the mode of punishment.....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Pakistani Girl Suffers Serious Burns in Acid Attack by Father, Uncle
    Hameeda Waheeduddin, Pak Punjab minister

    What Pakistani Woman Says About Indian Friend on Facebook

    Pakistan Women Police Performing Better: Experts

    Turkish Man Briefly Detained for ‘Insulting’ Erdoğan’s Daughter

    Saudi Women Hail Govt Effort in Promoting Them

    Muslim Dress in Egypt: Haughty About the Hijab

    Saudi Women Get the Right to Vote, but Still Can’t Drive till the Booth Themselves

    Little Justice Months after Brutal Killing of Afghan Woman

    In Afghanistan, My Girlfriends Traded for a Car

    Ratio of Pakistani women in police lowest in South Asia

    Politician with Japanese Heritage Pushing Women’s Programs in Pakistan

    More Women Choose To Serve In Pakistani Armed Forces

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic World News

    Libyan PM Blames Turkey and Qatar for Forcing Political Islam on His Country
    Mullah Mansoor


    Dozens Killed As Somali Shebab Ambush Troops

    South Asia

    Afghan Forces, With NATO Help, Attack Resurgent Taliban

    Mullah Mansoor Deployed 600 Militants to Fight Mullah Dadullah in Zabul

    ISIL Struggle to Make Progress in Taliban Bastion Afghanistan

    Arab World

    Over 45 Terrorists Killed in Syria's Aleppo

    Syrian Fighter Jets Kill Terrorists in Hama

    Syrian Air Raids Target ISIL in Palmyra Countryside

    North America

    US Asks Uzbekistan to Join Anti-Islamic State Coalition

    Feds: Arizona Man Helped Student Get Islamic State Training


    Sufi Ideology Integral Part of Indian Ethos: PM Narendra Modi

    Hiding Behind Silence, Holding On To Occasional Video Chats

    Rise in Muslim Numbers Due To Politics of Religion: Shiv Sena


    Suicide Bomber Kills Himself during Raid; Wife and Sons Also Die

    West Should Understand Difference between Islam, Terrorism: Minister for Interior Affairs

    Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal Could Become World’s Third-Biggest


    Turkey to Join Coalition's Air Fight against ISIL Soon: Pentagon

    Iran's Top Security Official: ISIL Building Security Shield for Israel

    Southeast Asia

    Displaced Shia Muslims Remain In Limbo in Indonesia

    In Talks, Muslim Rebels Seek Independence in South Thailand

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Debating Islam

    Are Women less Sensible than Men?:  Fifty Common Misconceptions about Islam - Part 3

    This misconception has arisen because of a wrong translation of the Arabic phrase Naqisat-i ‘Aql wa Din. The word Naqs has generally been translated as “defective” keeping in view the Urdu meaning of the word. However, in Arabic, the verb نَقَصَ (Naqasa) means “to reduce” and the word عقل (‘Aql) here means “worldly affairs” since it is used in conjugation with the word دين (religion).....

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad
    Terrorism Is the Greatest Challenge to World Peace
    By Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II

    Terrorism Is the Greatest Challenge to World Peace

    It is an honor to be with you today while my country, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, assumes the UN Security Council’s presidency for the second time during its current membership in the council. I am particularly pleased to be attending this debate on youth in conflict zones and their role in peacemaking. The world is facing a formidable challenge, namely, terrorism and extremism, which may be the greatest challenge to world peace and security, with the youth being its prime victims.


    Muslims Up, Hindus Down: The Perils of Reading the Census as Sensex

    In an interview to The Wire, ex-bureaucrat, former secretary of the Planning Commission and currently Supreme Court Commissioner for Food Security N.C. Saxena tells Chitra Padmanabhan that there are many more factors affecting the population growth rate than just the natural ones. Chief among these factors are regional patterns of population growth in India, the urban-rural dimension, and migration. Excerpts from the interview:

    Former Secretary Of The Planning Commission And Currently Supreme Court Commissioner For Food Security N.C. Saxena

    Current Affairs

    Former head of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Gen. Hamid Gul, who died recently, has been described in the Indian media as a monster, the originator and perpetrator of terrorism against India. Yet, there is another side to his personality which needs to be disclosed.

    Current Affairs

    From Yemen to Syria, counter-terrorism alone not the answer:  New Age Islam’s Selection from World Press, 28 August 2015

    From Yemen to Syria, Counter-Terrorism Alone Not the Answer

    By Manuel Almeida

    What BPJS Can Do To Comply With Sharia

    By Putri Swastika

    Saudi Women: Candidates and Voters

    By Abdulrahman Al-Rashed

    The Ghost Of Conflicts Past, Present And Future

    By Khaled Diab

    Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau

    Current Affairs

    The Myth and the Modern World: New Age Islam’s Selection From Pakistan Press, 28 August 2015

    The Myth and the Modern World

    By Elf Habib

    Shuja Khanzada and the Lej

    By Syed Kamran Hashmi

    The System under Welcome Assault

    By Ayaz Amir

    Purdah Online

    By Saadia Gardezi

    Pakistan's Afghan Problem

    By Aasim Sajjad Akhtar

    The Electoral Mess

    By I.A. Rehman

    Does Islamabad Really Care About Balochistan?

    By Zahid Ali

    Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau

    Arabic Section

    Against Unlawful Intimacy: Chapter 36, Essential Message Of Islam  ضد العلاقة الجنسية غير المشروعة: الفصل السادس والثلاثون من كتاب الرسالة الأساسية للإسلام

    هناك جدل متزايد في الغرب لعلاج الشذوذ الجنسي بوصفه قاعدة أخلاقية. ويجادلون بأن الشذوذ الجنسي هو التصرف الطبيعي الذي يأتي مع الصحوة الكاملة للدوافع الجنسية خلال فترة المراهقة وينبغي أن يعتبر هذا الفعل كسلوك طبيعي تماما. وحقيقة البيولوجي هي أن الوعي حول مجموعات الجنس يقام في وقت مبكر من الحياة. إذا كان الشذوذ الجنسي يوصف بسلوك مقبول تماما، فإنه سيكون مثل أي إدمان يصيب الأطفال حتى على مستوى المدارس الابتدائية، الذين سوف يقومون بفعل الإدمان بكل جرأة في مرحلة البلوغ ويخلقون مشاكل ثقافية وديموغرافية خطيرة جدا ويدمرون النظام الاجتماعي.

    Radical Islamism and Jihad
    Radicalization of Muslim Youths
    By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

    Radicalization of Muslim Youths

    It is said that the greatest menace of present times is the radicalization of Muslim youths. But the question is: What is the source of this radicalization? The Quran and the Sunnah are certainly not the ideological sources of this radicalization. The source of this culture is the use by Muslims of internet or social media as an extended form of Muslim media.

    Books and Documents

    Arabs in the jihadist Woodstock

    According to Mustafa Hamid, it was, however, the Qais camp run by Mawlawi Nasrullah Mansur of the Harkat-e-Inquilab-Islami, Afghanistan that was not only the training hub for Arab jihadists but also the Afghans who went on to become leaders and cadres in Mullah Omar’s Taliban.

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Call to Deport Immodestly Dressed Asian Women in Kuwait
    H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak

    Muslims Not Doing ‘Enough’ To Fight IS: Jordan’s Queen

    Kuwaiti Recruits Women as Parliament Guards

    Her Highness Shaikha Fatima Hails Emirati’s Woman Day, Praises UAE Leadership

    ISNA Joins Campaign for Women-Friendly Mosques

    Basketball Players Rejoice Lifting Hijab Ban

    More Women Doctors Share Harassment Tales in Lahore

    Dust-Covered Woman from 9/11 Dies Of Cancer

    Businesswomen to Discuss Key Challenges As Saudi Kingdom Looks To Boost Female Workforce

    Dy Home Minister Is Sexist, Says PKR’s Women’s Chief

    Hope For Pakistani Acid Attack Victims

    Nigeria Marks 500 Days since Boko Haram Schoolgirl Abductions

    U.S and Qatar Conclude a Female Partner Force Engagement Expert Exchange

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic World News

    About 300 Sufi Sect Leaders in East Africa Pledge to Fight Extremism
    Mohamed Nasheed Former President of the Maldives


    Dozens Killed As Al-Shabab Militants Ambush Somali Government Convoy

    Southeast Asia

    Bangkok Bombing: New Theories Turn To Turkish Travellers, Grey Wolves

    US Urges Maldives to Free Jailed Ex-Leader, Mohamed Nasheed

    Arab World

    FBI Warns U.S. Art Dealers about Antiquities Looted From Syria, Iraq

    ISIS Bomber Kills Two Iraqi Generals in Anbar

    Peshmerga Gains Control of 10 Villages in Kirkuk

    South Asia

    Four Senior Taliban Commanders Killed In Nangarhar Airstrike

    Mojadedi Announces the Establishment of a New Political Council


    Religion Data Released With Little Warning, No Context

    Mangalore Moral Policing: Competitive Mind Control


    Muslims Join Hands with Hindus in Cleaning Pond at Temple in Pakistan

    Brahamdagh Bugti Willing To Negotiate With Govt: BBC

    Altaf Summoned As UK Starts Money Laundering Trial

    North America

    Three US Marine Veterans Heroically Fight the Islamic State

    Kurdish Activist Wants Canada to Keep Fighting Islamic State


    HRW Urges Coalition to Stop Using Cluster Bombs in Yemen

    Turkey: Car Bomb Kills Free Syrian Army-Linked Commander


    Russia, Egypt Call for International Anti-Terror Coalition

    Australian Man to Stand Trial over Recruiting Militants for Syria Battles

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Islamic Society

    Are India's Muslims a minority?

    One newspaper interpreted Heptullah's statement to say that Muslims were "too large to be considered a minority". When journalists asked her what her ministry would do for the Muslim community, she said: "This is not the ministry for Muslim affairs, this is the ministry for minority affairs."….

    Debating Islam

    Should Qur’an Be Interpreted Through Hadith?: Fifty Common Misconceptions about Islam - Part 2
    Dr. Shehzad Saleem

     Consequently, Muslims must never break the laws of the country they live in and if a situation comes when, owing to some law, they are not able to follow a directive of their religion that seems imperative to them, they should first of all bring the matter in the notice of the authorities. ...

    Islamic World News

    Arab World

    Syrian Army Repels ISIL Attack on Kuweires Airbase, Kills over 40 Militants

    ISIL Terrorists Executes Three Kurds in Iraqi Mosul

    South Asia

    Afghan forces retake Musa Qala District, 220 Taliban killed, wounded

    US considered using nuclear weapons against Afghanistan after 9/11

    Taliban infighting left five killed in Zabul


    Turkish jets hit Daesh in Syria for the first time

    Turkey behind Terrorists' Violation of Ceasefire in Zabadani, Idlib


    Militants attack Jiwani airport in Balochistan, two killed

    14 militants killed in Shawal, Peshawar


    Migration crisis: Germany, France and Britain demand urgent EU meeting

    Egypt summons UK envoy over Al Jazeera verdict remarks

    Southeast Asia

    Pressure mounts on Malaysian PM as protests spill into second day


    17 Iranian Fishermen, Sailors Escape Somali Pirates' Captivity

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Two Indian Sisters Ordered To Be Raped By Village Council Beg Supreme Court For Help

    Politically Emancipated Saudi Women Are Socially Constrained

    Female Employees Rate Labour Inspectors Higher Than Haia Staff

    You Will Never Guess What This Brother in MP Gifted To His Young Sister For Rakshabandhan

    Rakhsha Bandhan Festival Celebrated In Karachi, Pakistan

    First The Rohtak Sisters And Now Jasleen Kaur; Are We Judging Men Too Harshly?

    Women More Likely To Die After Heart Attack Treatment, Say Researchers

    Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

    Urdu Section

     بنی نوع انسان کی زندگی میں کامیابی کے لیے سب سے زیادہ اہم سرمایہ ایمان، صبر، استحکام، سچائی، ثابت قدمی، اخلاص اور مجموعی طور پر خود انسان کی زندگی ہے۔ اس دنیا کی زندگی میں مومنوں کا صراط مستقیم پر ہر ایک چھوٹے سے چھوٹا قدم آخرت میں کامیابی کی سمت میں ایک بڑا قدم ثابت ہوگا۔ بنی نوع انسان کی سب سے بڑی کامیابی اس کے دائیں ہاتھ میں اس کے اعمال نامہ کے حصول میں مضمر ہے۔

    Urdu Section

    Marriage Eligibility for Muslims:Essential Message Of Islam: Chapter 32  مسلمانوں کے لئے شادی کی اہلیت:اسلام کا اصل پیغام

    جس قرآنی آیت میں مردوں اور عورتوں کو اپنے جوڑوں کو منتخب کرنے کی ہدایت دی گئی ہے (مندرجہ بالا میں 2:221 / 32.1)، اس میں یہ امر بھی پوشیدہ ہے کہ انہیں ایک سمجھ بوجھ کی عمر تک پہنچنے کے بعد ہی شادی کرنی چاہئے، جب وہ اپنا شریک حیات کے انتخاب میں کوئی فیصلہ لینے کے قابل ہو جائیں۔ ازدواجی زندگی میں (باب 33-34) مردوں اور عورتوں کے استحقاق اور ذمہ داریوں پر قرآنی احکامات میں اس بات کی طرف بھی اشارہ موجود ہے کہ مردوں اور عورتوں دونوں کو سن بلوغت اور پختگی کی عمر کو پہنچنا ضروری ہے تا کہ وہ رشتہ ازدواج میں اپنے اپنے کردار کو سمجھ سکیں اور اس پر عمل در آمد کر سکیں۔

    Arabic Section

    Status of Widows: Chapter 35, Essential Message Of Islam   منصب الأرامل: الفصل الخامس والثلاثون من كتاب الرسالة الأساسية للإسلام

    وفي الجزيرة العربية ما قبل الاسلام، فإن أقرباء المتوفى يمكن أن يرثوا أرملته فضلا عن جميع ممتلكاته. ولذلك يرشد القرآن أقرباء المتوفى الذي ترك أرملة وراءه ، للامتناع عن خلق أي صعوبة بالنسبة لها وعن عدم وراثتهن للأشياء والهدايا التي تلقتها من زوجها الراحل إلا إذا كانت غير أخلاقية علنا (4:19). ويعطي القرآن أرملة ميراثا ثابتا أيضا، أو أن تكون مرشحة لإرادة زوجها الراحل كما سناقش في وقت لاحق (الفصل 38)

    Islamic Society

    Triple Talaq: The Qur’an Does Not Prescribe This Form of Divorce At All
    In fact, the Qur’an has specifically laid down a formula of a three-tiered calibrated divorce, keeping in mind human frailties. The first two stages give an opportunity to the estranged couple to reconsider their decision and, if possible, reconcile and resume their married relationship.

    Also Read:

    Reform India's Muslim Personal Law, Breach the Stagnation in Muslim Religious Thought, Use the Opportunity to Work out A New Islamic Theology of Peace, Pluralism and Gender Equality

    Interfaith Dialogue
    The Psychology of Projection in Conflict
    By Robert J. Burrowes, New Age Islam

    The Psychology of Projection in Conflict

    So next time you observe a conflict (including a simple one), remind yourself that, fundamentally, the conflict has an (unconscious) emotional basis and the intellectual arguments being tossed back and forth are, at worst irrelevant and, at best secondary, to any resolution of it. Perhaps you could ponder what you might reflect to one or more participants if you were inclined to help them focus on the emotional underlay to what they were saying.......

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Leading Muslim Organization Campaigns for Women-Friendly Mosques in America
    Ahlam El Brinis hopes to become Miss Italy

    Leading Muslim Organization Campaigns for Women-Friendly Mosques in America

    Moroccan Muslim Vying For Miss Italy Title Denies Insulting Islam

    Pakistani Teenage Dancer Fakes a Smile to Hide Her Misery

    Woman, 21, Commits Suicide in Makkah Protection Home

    Not Every Country Has Doors Open for Muslim Women

    Convictions Upheld For Minnesota Women in Somali Terror Case

    Child Bomber Kills Six in Nigeria

    Aisha Mambo: Malawi’s 1st Female Muslim Legislator

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic World News

    Southeast Asia

    Indonesian Ulema Council Joins the Push for a Moderate Islam


    34 PKK Militants Killed As Turkish Jets Hit Northern Iraq

    Politician: Yemeni Forces to Gain Great Victories in Jizan, Najran Soon

    Yemen Fires Scud Missile at Saudi Arabia

    Arab World

    Syrian Army Repels Rebel Attacks on Bashkoy in Aleppo Province

    Iraq Forces Retake Key ISIL-Held Area in Anbar


    ISIS Group Draws More Indians, Alarm Bells in Delhi

    Bihar Polls Soon, Timing of Religion Census Data Triggers Buzz

    South Asia

    Foreign Funding Traced To Bangladesh Based Radical Groups

    US Adds Aziz Haqqani to Its List of “Specially Designated Global Terrorists”


    Somalia: Seven Al Shabaab Killed in the Latest Clashes in Burhakaba

    Libyan FM Calls for International Aid in Fight against Daesh


    Action Ordered Against 49 Madrasas with ‘Terrorist Links’ In Sindh

    SC Proposes Appointment of Architect to Restore Karak Temple

    North America

    Why Islamic State Prefers US Servers for Its Online Propaganda

    Orlando Aiport Will Open Muslim Prayer Room


    10 Most Racist European Countries towards Muslims

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    Radical Islamism and Jihad
    Preventing Further Radicalisation Is the Challenge Muslims Must Undertake: Some Concrete Suggestions
    Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

    Now the question is, how do we go forward? If we really want to make a difference, we will have to start a substantive dialogue with the ulema and make sure that they agree to:

    1) open the gates of ijtihad, rethinking all tenets of Islam in the light of the situation prevailing today. As we have not done our homework for over a millennium, this will have to be pretty revolutionary.

    2) declare that only constitutive and essential, not the contextual and allegorical verses of Quran, are meant to guide us today.

    3) compile Qur'anic verses in the order in which they were revealed, thus restoring primacy to Meccan verses that mostly constitute the essential and universal teachings of Quran, as they can be understood without any need for knowing the context in which they were revealed.

    4) declare that Ahadees cannot be considered any form of revelation from God. Islamic State’s millenarian thesis is almost entirely based on ahadees, though they use some allegorical verses of Quran as well. The claim of al-Baghdadi leading an end-time war, al-Malhama, just before the final Armageddon, has been a big draw. Some Muslims have come to think life on earth has no meaning left in the times of al-Malhama and so are rushing to join the war.

    5) declare that Sharia (fiqh) is not divine. It was created over a century after the demise of the Prophet by ulema who tried to codify laws on the basis of Qur'anic postulates and Arab cultural practices.

    6) declare clearly that Islam believes in co-existence with other religions, not dominion over the world.

    7) re-define commonly used Islamic terms like Muslim, kafir, mushrik, ahl-e-kitab, jihad, qital, farz, sunnat, etc.

    In a word, we must evolve a truly Islamic and a coherent theology of peace and co-existence, moderation and modernity, to counter the very coherent theology of violence and xenophobia, intolerance and supremacism that Jihadi ulema have created over centuries. All ulema say Islam is a religion of peace and co-existence. It's time for them to walk their talk. But if they refuse to consider change, we will need to directly reach the Muslim masses. ...

    Finally, the larger Indian community too should introspect. As Daniel Pipes said in an international counter-terrorism conference in Jaipur recently, in this war of ideas, the world should not only encourage and support progressive, modern Muslims but also oppose and refrain from supporting the fundamentalists and extremists.

    1) Our national leadership supported Khilafat in 1920s, considering it an essential part of Islamic theology. That was wrong. Now we must repudiate that stance and acknowledge our mistake.

    2) Muslim Personal Law in India has not been reformed even to the extent it has been in Pakistan and Bangladesh. This must change. At least General Ayyub Khan’s reforms in Pakistan must be introduced and Ulema should be told to accept what their Pakistani and Bangladeshi counterparts did decades earlier. This is not a satisfactory solution but at least it will be a start and it is doable.

    3) Madrasa education is a serious violation of the human rights of Muslim children. It destroys their lives and fills their minds with xenophobia and intolerance. Our government not only allows this but partly funds some madrasas. This must stop, unless, of course, madrasas actually change to become modern versions of what madrasas used to be like, in the Golden Age of Islam, and produce scientists and philosophers. A secular, democratic government should not be in the business of funding xenophobia and intolerance.

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