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Gujarat ex-Minister Kodnani is no less guilty than Pakistani Terrorist Qassab


By Antara Dev Sen

 Sep 1, 2012


Kodnani helped kill 35 kids, 32 women and 30 men. Almost as a reward, Mr Modi made her state minister for women & child development.


Our justice system presented us with two enormously important judgments on Wednesday, August 29. Both were about mass murder. Both were about massacres that had horrified the nation. Both had a sectarian angle. Both verdicts proclaimed that there was a larger conspiracy and meticulous planning behind the mass murders. Both found the accused guilty of pre-meditated mass murder.


But we responded to these two verdicts very differently. Which once again gives away our shameful prejudices, mindless priorities and silent fears.


The Supreme Court verdict on Ajmal Kasab upheld his death penalty awarded by the Bombay high court for the Mumbai terror attacks on November 26, 2008. And the verdict of a special court convicted 32, including two powerful political figures, for the Naroda Patiya massacre in Gujarat in 2002. Sentencing is awaited as I write this. The death sentence is a possibility, but life imprisonment is more likely. Especially given the VIPs convicted, and the fact that as far as I remember no one has got the death sentence for the massacre of Muslims in the post-Godhra violence till now. The only ones sentenced to death for the 2002 violence were 11 Muslims convicted of the Godhra train burning.


The SC’s verdict on Ajmal Kasab, a terrorist responsible for the “26/11” attack on Mumbai, was a foregone conclusion. Kasab was a self-confessed Pakistani terrorist, the only one captured alive of the 10 attackers who killed 166 in Mumbai, and his chance of escaping the death sentence was practically non-existent. But the 32 Indian citizens of Gujarat, convicted of murder and criminal conspiracy in the Naroda Patiya massacre that left 97 dead in 2002, had every chance of getting away with murder, like thousands of their fellow killers. And thus the conviction — especially of sitting MLA, former minister and Narendra Modi’s close aide Maya Kodnani and Bajrang Dal leader Babu Bajrangi — made us sit up. Such verdicts were not for powerful folk. Whatever happened to our carefully nurtured political culture of impunity?


So our belligerent baying for Kasab’s blood is in stark contrast to our cautious, measured and often defensive response to the conviction of Kodnani and Bajrangi, along with 30 others. Even the media shows double standards in the way it humanises the ruthless killers who gleefully butchered 97 in Naroda Patiya, while demonising Kasab, who with his partner, shot dead 58 at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST).


We are offered heart-wrenching images of weeping mothers, wives and sisters of the killers of Naroda Patiya. Killers who blocked escape routes and hacked to death little children and women, burnt babies alive, set fire to helpless old people and terrified men, women and children, raped and tortured their victims before burning them alive. Killers who slashed open the belly of pregnant women to carve out the womb and kill the foetus before the mother. Ten years later, when gruesome details of their brutality have faded, must we share the sorrow of these killers’ families hurt by justice? And if we are to look at the human face of inhuman killers, why don’t we witness the sorrow of Kasab’s mother, too? Dear God, no! That would be treason!


Hang Kasab publicly, demanded some of our political leaders, who would clearly prefer lynching to our staid process of justice. The Shiv Sena demanded that he be hanged at CST. “Does the government have the guts to carry out the sentence?” challenged Uddhav Thackeray.


In fact, our netas are falling over each other to insist on Kasab’s hanging right here, right now. It seems to be the only way to assert their patriotism. So BJP spokesperson Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi roars: “Kasab should be hanged without delay! Enough of biryani for him!” We even grudge him the basic jail food. And we hate the fact that Kasab has a right to appeal for mercy. Even a former solicitor-general of India, Harish Salve, raged that Kasab’s mercy plea, if there is one, should not be entertained at all by the government. And the Shiv Sena plans to seek amendments to Article 72 of the Constitution so that only Indians can seek clemency. “Are our laws meant for Indians or Pakistani nationals?” shouts Mr Thackeray.


So go get the hangman. The last hangman in the region, the old, infirm and very retired Arjun Jadhav, has agreed to do the honours. Not necessary, says Swati Sathe, a top cop in Maharashtra and former jailer of Arthur Road prison which holds Kasab. We could do it. Cops could legitimately hang him. “I would not have flinched if I was ordered to hang Kasab,” says she.


In contrast, those screaming loudest for Kasab’s blood practically dismiss the Naroda Patiya verdict as irrelevant. The BJP talks of “progress” and Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi’s “good governance”, and brushes aside lesser “issues like this conviction”. Clearly, mass murders and conspiracy to massacre by an outsider is unforgivable, deserving of the highest punishment. But mass murders and conspiracy to massacre by our own leaders and elected representatives is not. Why is butchering those you are supposed to protect using the state machinery and public money and then using the state machinery to shield oneself less of a crime than murdering unknown people in a no-holds barred suicide attack?


Let’s look at Kodnani. This BJP MLA is a gynaecologist, and has been the trusted representative of Naroda for years. The doctor knew her locality well, and helped kill 35 children, 32 women and 30 men by supplying the rioters with information, access, weapons and fuel. Almost as a reward, she was made state minister for women and child development by Mr Modi.


I am not in favour of capital punishment. But I believe we must reduce our double standards in justice delivery. The SC says it has no option but to hang Kasab because he was part of a conspiracy to wage war against India and fuel communal tension. We leap in joy. But neither we nor the courts talk of waging war against the very idea of India, and fuelling communal tension by ruthless sectarian massacres by trusted state agents. That’s a war that can destroy India from within. And for ever. It is far more dangerous than sporadic terrorist attacks by outsiders.


The writer is editor of The Little Magazine. She can be contacted a: sen@littlemag.com



 URL: http://www.newageislam.com/current-affairs/antara-dev-sen/gujarat-ex-minister-kodnani-is-no-less-guilty-than-pakistani-terrorist-qassab/d/8525



  • Mr MY2: You say, "Quran-e-kareem calls UN-believers deaf, dumb and animals. Instead of curing them Allah taala haq subhanahu increases their disease". If it is really there, that is HAQUE and will remain ta-Qayamat. If you speak derogatory words or even quote in any of the comment naming me, I will say you "Get lost" as talking to a "Munafiq" like you believing in devilish literature only,  may affect my expression too. Got it or not. So I request you, I am not interested in discussing lies, fabrication and rubbish things with you
    By Raihan Nezami - 9/6/2012 2:09:35 PM

  • @Raihan Nezami, thank you for your offer. I don't feel any need know to learn from you.
    Quran-e-kareem calls UN-believers deaf, dumb and animals. Instead of curing them Allah taala haq subhanahu increases their disease.
    I am abstaining from using insulting words because I felt that demand of Md yunus(2) is reasonable.
    I have to respond him, so I am leaving you for time being.
    By mohd yunus - 9/6/2012 8:48:50 AM

  • Mr MY (2): I would of course, be happy to respond to you on condition, you don't use derogatory language and manner for our prophet (saw) excluding the topics which discuss blatant lies or fabricated, concocted or weak Ahadees in a compact language. Also I expect the same from you, you may not be a religious person, but at least I hope you are human being knowing to respect human feelings not hurting anyone's emotions without any crime. That's it. Otherwise, due to your nonsense topics and questions, I am getting a golden opportunity to learn a lot about true and false materials regarding Quran Kareem and Ahadees.
    By Raihan Nezami - 9/6/2012 3:41:33 AM

  • @Raihan Nezami. Thanks a lot for your kind words.
    Editor has not complained that I am wasting space of this site. If you don't want to answer no problem.  Till he bars me I am here. No where in the policy of site is written that a fool cant participate her.

    By mohd yunus - 9/6/2012 1:07:29 AM

  • Well, I welcome you Mohd Yunus (2) for your request to learn true meaning of Islam. But let me make it clear, that the learning will come to you depending upon your sincerity to learn. If you learn nothing or something that I do not approve of, then it will be deemed to be because of lack of your sincerity. This is the first thing that I have to say.


    Coming to your objective question answer module as a technique to learn Islam, it is like trying to learn Physics by working out on Engg. Entrance Exam. Question Papers. But if you learn Physics well enough, the way it should be learnt, then you can find answers to your questions and doubts which I can approve.


    To begin with, please understand that there is nothing much in Religion itself and then not to talk about Islam. It is all within the mind. When people found themselves wanting to pray, all their concept of God and Heaven and Hell came up. Now why people wanted to pray is something we do not know, but the fact is that people, many people, if not most of them, wish to pray, and nothing can be done to stop them from wishing in their heart to pray. Some pray to one God, some pray to more than one, and some pray to zero God. To everyone, their convenience.


    With differences in the number of God, and ways of prayer there sprung up all these different nomenclature that you know; Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Atheism etc. But basically they are all like different brand names of inherently same phenomenon.  People are really stupid to fight over which brand they should follow.


    Of these, Islam is the one which this website focuses on.  This religion like other religions has its set of beliefs. Its architecture has a definite arrangement. It has its Prophets (Peace be upon them), it has their followers, then, some places as their rallying point, and some rituals to identify themselves with the Philosophy of their religion.


    The Philosophy of Islam, or as I should say, the idea behind Islam is to make people give-up, on their own, some practices which otherwise makes them unjust, selfish, and dirty.


    The evidence and confirmation of such an idea existing and available with Islam (and as claimed by others too to be part of their religion) is that Quran and the Prophet who read out Quran, have repeatedly emphasized on these aspects of mind frame.


    A layman, and mostly of the people who somehow want to pray to God and follow any one particular way of it because of whatsoever reason, is very well able to pray and claim to be following a path without needing to get into nitty-gritty of things but by attending to just this much of basics. Those who follow Islam, consciously, but are laymen, try to pursue the path that should make them just, selfless and clean. They find inspiration from the Quran and from the life of the Prophets.


    What means what in Quran, who compiled it, what got collected, what Bio-Data Prophets had and such queries are not more than the subject matter of academic interest. Reading too much of things over there, analyzing too much, brings out those things which are irrelevant to being a follower of Islam. It is also irrelevant for any follower’s inherent tendency to pray to a God.


    Let me attempt to search for an answer for as to why do they wish to have a God and why do they want to pray. My estimate is that they pray to retain their sanity and to stay sober under mind-boggling events of life surrounding them, where they find themselves at any given time, larger than life size individual but at that very same moment they are absolutely nothing bigger than microscopic individuals enveloped within the vastness of universe that universe which is itself with its penultimate richness and details. All these events and creations have been plotted and created by someone else, not him, the individual, but Him the God, they conclude. And therefore the God is needed by them. And then they have a way to pray and there the religion comes up. While those who become religious realize their humble existence viz a viz the greatness of God they also realize the need for God, one or more or zero, but they do not make the numbers or different ways of praying, an issue. Those who never realizes the importance to stay sane and sober, intoxicate themselves with beside other notions, sometime with religion, and think that God is their horse to ride on and then to trample upon others.


     To be continued...


    By sadaf - 9/5/2012 3:07:51 PM

  • My2: I read your four continuous comments addressed to Mr Sadaf without answer full of stupid things that is wasting the precious space of the site and time of the readers, I am so sad, Allah had given wisdom Firoun, Hisham and Tabri also, but he kicked you from the line, I wanted to weep at your zero-wisdom. But I can't waste my tears upon the idiocities of a nonsensical person.

    What is the sense in ranting like a fool if some one is not replying to you or your comments which are unworthy of reply. Heavens will not fall if some one is going to other faiths. You asked explanation of the following verse, " If We had so willed, We could certainly have brought every soul its true guidance: but the Word from Me will come true, "I will fill Hell with Jinns and men all together."(Q.32.13). Yes, of course, Allah will keep his promise, Maybe, I suppose, JAHANNAM will be filled by people like you. Isn't it?

    By Raihan Nezami - 9/5/2012 10:28:56 AM

  • @ dear sadaf
    I realized that I must understand true meaning of Quran. I request you to be my teacher. I think you have learned true meaning. Lit one more lamp. I promise no sarcasm will be used. I am a imbecile (Moti Buddhi), may ask some silly questions, because it may be difficult for me to understand. I am good in Electronics and Communication but not in Islam.
    My first Issue: Allah farmata hai:
    ” If We had so willed, We could certainly have brought every soul its true guidance: but the Word from Me will come true, "I will fill Hell with Jinns and men all together."(Q.32.13)
    You are requested to avoid Ahadith if you don't like them otherwise you are free.
    You can explain shan-e-Nuzul etc.
    Allah kya kehna chahta hai

    By mohd yunus - 9/5/2012 4:05:36 AM

  • @sadaf the Socrates
    I went through your intellectual ranting. You are receiving many best compliments from Muslim Brothers like Iftikhar.
    I have already heard from the mouth of other Muslims what you are bucking (Urdu word).
    One has not to be Aflaatoon for puncturing your balloon of pride. Just mention one hadith (even authentic or unauthentic) and the suktarti gyan of Sadaf evaporates like camphor.
    Don't worry I have decided to stay here and will bring whole Quran under discussions with Md Yunus (1) sahib.
    You think you will silence me by your comments, forget it.
    Why are you not going ahead of saala? You have used these words for other commentators too. I invite you to pour more insult. Bring your anger outside or you will explode.
    You are talking that I am insulting prophet, Mr Sadaf,  I have just quoted from your beloved sources.
    If you don't like and have some guts, throw those Sahi Hadith Books, Sirah and history into the gutter because they contain the shameful accounts authentic or unauthentic.
    You will not be able to throw me though you will be liking to do so.
    Come out, tell the Ahle Hadith, Brailvies, devebondies, Wahabies that Ahadith have shamefull accounts in public You may be fearless (Asadullah), (Saifullah). but I fear for my life. It is not safe from like you. Am I spreading Islamophobia or telling the reality?
    Digg the grave of those writes and hang them. Do you have guts?
    Don't say rahamtullah alaih for malingers of prophet. I ask what those unauthentic ahadith you are doing in these books. Why your Maulans and Muslim brothers value these books more than their life?
    I know the modus operandi of Muslims. Issue threats to Quoter to save the image of holy books and figures.
    aapka wo haal hai sher par bas nahi chala to gadhi ke kaan ainth diye. Remember A gadha like me can make you motionless by dulatti.
    Do you have some courage to refute what I will bring to you from Ahadith and your all books?

    If you like we can discuss Ahadith in greater details. Let the commentator see what wisdom is there in Ahadith.

    By mohd yunus - 9/5/2012 3:43:49 AM

  • @sadaf
    Ah sadaf a link for you!

    Still believe large number are coming into the fold of Islam.
    Remove the cruel blasphemy and apostasy laws, and see the result. If Allah has given free will  why these laws? Do you think Allah is not capable to stop Muslims from conversion without these laws.
    By mohd yunus - 9/5/2012 12:03:15 AM

  • @Dear sadaf  Say whatever you like. Keep cursing and I don't believe in cursing. Everything valid in war as prophet said while giving his consent to kill Kaab bin Ashraf.. Keep believing many are accepting Islam. Didn't you read Md Yunus's(1) article " why Muslims are converting to Christianity. Either you are wrong or Md Yunus(1). I will not use word liar It befits you.
    Ghosts of Hisham, Tabri, ishaq etc are inspiring Muslims and will continue to inspire.
    Moderate Muslim like you is like a person who ties limbs of poor innocent animal before their true Muslims slaughters the animal.
    I prefer to be a Kafir, Mushrik, Munafiq, but not a Muslim like you.
    You will taste more from Ahadith.
    My dialogue is continued with Mr Mohammed Yunus(1) and Mr Sultan Shahin
    Same is true about you. I also touched your raw nerve, isliye jaame se bahar ho rahe ho
    I invite you to pour more insult.
    I request Sultan Saheb to allow him to say whatever he likes so that everybody can see what a True Muslim is like.
    I am keeping my words given to Sultan sahib.

    I love Boqrat

    By mohd yunus - 9/4/2012 11:23:46 PM

  • Dear Naseer Ahmed. Yes I don't remember when I requested to a Allah to be born. If you want to say we have taken some oath  before we were born in Aalame Arwah, Sorry I don't remember. It is absurd. You can believe I don't.
    Then Muslims should not blame Jews, Christians, Jansanghees, Naastiks etc.
    Should enemies be blamed for actions of Muslim terrorists? Is their nothing wrong with Ulama? Don't Imams carry any responsibility?

    Why are you hear if you don't have any effect on others? What are you doing here? Useless exercise perhaps. No I don't think so.
    What this newageislam is doing here? Are you not creating an environment?

    By mohd yunus - 9/4/2012 10:42:13 PM

  • MY2 Sb,
    Are you sure you did not ask to be born and did not agree to be a Muslim before being born?
    36:54 ...... On the judgement day, no soul will be harmed in the least ....
    36:65 That day we shall put a seal on their mouths. But their hands will speak to us and their feet bear witness to all that they did.
    I know several people who lead miserable lives because their parents were " so unfair to them". Their long dead parents still hold the power over their happiness! Should I blame them or their parents?  If an adult person  does not take responsibility for his life, then this is what happens. He spends his life in self pity and playing the game  of "wooden leg". 
    So stop blaming your local imam and the imam of your Eid gah for your state of mind and get serious about your life.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/4/2012 8:19:55 PM

  • Dear Rehan Nezami. I have different views on Kuffar, Mushrikoon, Munafiqoon. You are not forced to agree. I am just sharing.

    Kuffar: Kuffar may be those who rely on evidence. Since they don't find evidence they deny existance of God. Kuffar may good or bad as a Muslim can be. Most of the scientists fall within this category.  
    Their children will follow them.

    Mushrikoon: They think minor gods share the power of Highest God like king share some power to run the kingdom. They think they should please them in order to get some favor of God. They can be good and bad morally. Children of them will follow the same.
    If Allah is jealous of other gods think again what we are attributing to Him. Is not the person who is telling Allah is jealous not jahannami?
    Is it justified A Mushriq with high moral is bound to burn in hell for eternity because He is not worshiping single God?
    Most of the Muslims are involved in Mushrikana aamaal.
    Munafiqoon: A person may be Munafiq under shear pressure. All persons have different degree of endurance. Some can oppose the force, others may not. What the weak will do?
    Munafiqat may be a spiritual evil of an individual.
    It may be difficult for you to digest that it is prevalent in Muslims. I will support my argument with logic.
    The Muslims who belive in Daar-ul-harab and daar-us-salaam categories are Munafiq when they live in powerful Daar-ul-harab. They cant replace  the rule of land with Nizaam-e-Mustafa. They want it desperately. They don't like the rule but live their in dishonesty.
    Anybody Muslim or Non-Muslim can be Munafiq under certain conditions. Some have it as we have other evils.
    Suppose God exist and has knowledge of open and hidden and is just. I feel He will judge people according to their actions not beliefs. He will not favor somebody because he belongs to a noble family.

    In this case wide spectrum of people will come under His compassion.
    I disagree with Muslims on that Allah will bless only believer in one God and last prophet.
    Allah cant be narrow minded unless He is cruel and want to fill the hell.
    It may please be noted that I think perhaps there is no God. I have my reasons not to believe in God. What I said above is with assumption that God exists.
    I may have not written in proper format, but readers will understand my opinion. Everybody is free to criticize and disagree.

    Nezami sahib I apologize what happened between you and me. I will start from my side. Please empty your anger on me. I will not return you the same. I will keep posting from Quran and Ahadith. You have believe in every hadith. Ahadith may be offensive to you and I will not bear any responsibility.

    By mohd yunus - 9/4/2012 11:49:20 AM

  • @Mohd Yunus, ‘Boqrat’ wali baat ekdam sahi nishaane pe ja lagi hai. Aisi aur bhi bahut si baatein hain jo seedhe dil ke paar ho jayengi. But anyway. As for insulting Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him), you have clearly done that and now you are lying. Lying not because you fear anyone, but you are lying just because you want to do some hair splitting by saying that it is not you who have insulted, but it is us who do it, on regular basis, without ever realising it. But don’t you know, whatever we do without ever realizing is pardonable?

    Reforming Islam is your agenda actually. Yes Islam, and not Muslims. You believe Islam is not perfect. Don’t you? And therefore you want to reform it. But beta, all reforms must come from within to be sustainable.  Not as lecture from self proclaimed atheist. As for your question about where is my reform plan, then why should I tell you all that, particularly so when you say you are an enemy? Kuchh to yaar Boqraat intelligence ka istemal karo. Kuchh boqraati karo. By the way, yes, I have authority, guts and knowledge, but which you will never believe. I will however not divulge any more details for strategic reasons. As for Taameeri work I do not show those to even my friends, so there you stand absolutely no chance to see it.

    Meanwhile I agree that many Muslims are living in false pride but as Quran says, a person with an atoms weigh of pride will not enter heaven, so such Muslims would be loser. Islam clearly discourages from nursing supremacy by this very statement.

    Internet has enabled Non-Muslims to understand Islam better and some of them are turning away because of the content about Islam and some of them are embracing Islam partially, or fully because of the intrinsic worth of Islam.

    If people kill someone for proposing reforms, it is people’s fault. But as you mixup people with Islam, you blame Islam for people’s action. You end up trying to reform Islam while you intended to reform people. And when you say reform in Islam is impossible, you contradict it by trying to do that very impossible reform.  If not for reforms then what are you here for? But let me assure you, all your efforts will not make much difference even if you sincerely work for it and it will definitely not work in the reverse gear that you like driving your message.

    You claim to be born in Muslim family, but so what? That doesn’t make you a Muslim. Your guardians failed to inspire you with their practice of Islam. Now you will claim, “no no, they were in fact very much into Namaz & Roza”, but that is precisely where the problem is. These rituals do not constitute the whole of Islam. And since they failed to inspire you with the real message of Islam, and in all probability, must have in fact pushed you very hard for rituals and conformation, you decided to hang them upturned by reading more and more of the literature that they have been reading, but only to find flaws therein.

    Quran, you must have read in literalist fashion. And other unauthentic hadees sold as authentic ones too and you feel you have mastered Islam. Well, all that you have mastered is Boqraati where people who are literalist can easily be overwhelmed by a little Panditbaazi; Ponga Panditbaazi I should say.

    Meanwhile I can read you inside out as I have first hand experience of handling cases as yours. I also know, you feel entertained to get responses and as I take more interest in you, that is what you really want.  Apart from just having the perverted fun, you have an agenda too, and that is to reform Islam while you keep saying that it is impossible to reform Islam.

    By sadaf - 9/4/2012 11:17:13 AM

  • Dear Naseer Ahmed. Allah's bounty is conditional. Mr Naseer Ahmed you were borne in Muslim family. It is not your virtue..
    Mr xyz was borne in Non-Muslim family. It is not his fault.
    A person was borne where no massage of Allah reached. It is not his fault.
    If some creature is living in paradise. Why that is enjoying without doing any good work?
    If there is any Allah, He is practicing partiality.
    Allah is arbitrary in providing guidance. period.

    Aap men aur mujh me surkhab ke par nahi lage hue the. Hamne kab kaha thaa ki hame paida kare, aur musalman ke ghar paida kare.

    Kafi ho gaya baqi kisi din aur. Aap apni raah par chalte rahen main apni rah par chalta rahun. Acche Insaan ban ne ki koshish karte rahen, achhe musalman, hindu wagairah bane na bane koi baat nahi.
    sabhi log khush rahen yahaan bhi wahaan bhi(agar Aakhirat ho to). Allah apni tangdasti se baaz aaye. Allah bhi Achha ban ne ki koshish kare. Aameen thumma Aameen.

    By mohd yunus - 9/4/2012 7:56:57 AM

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