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Radical Islamism and Jihad

Facing Extremism: Some Key Proposals
Basil Hijazi, New Age Islam

Facing Extremism: Some Key Proposals
Basil Hijazi, New Age Islam

In order to reform Islamic extremism on the ideological basis, we need to perform a complete process of action on strategic basis, focusing on the five basic elements.  The primary and fundamental element in this context is built on seeking alternate religious connotation concentrating mainly on peace, love and brotherhood, because the current ideology shouting the pretext of Islam is causing birth to violence, hatred and religious extremism. If it had not been so, the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi would not have asked the scholars of Jamia Azhar (the Ulema-e-Azhar) to establish a new religious statement consisting of “revolutionary” attributes….


Afghanistan: Renewed Commitment
S. Binodkumar Singh

To pave the ground for official talks between the two sides on January 14, 2018, Afghan Government representatives held the third round of unofficial talks with five Taliban members in Turkey. Humayun Jarir, a representative of the Afghan Government in the talks, disclosed that the Taliban members represented the Quetta Shura, Haqqani network and other factions of the Taliban. Meanwhile, Mawlawi Abdul Rauf, the Taliban leader who headed the peace talks delegation in Turkey, told Tolo News on January 15, 2018, “We represent the overall Taliban of the Islamic Emirate ...


Iraq after the Islamic State: Displacement, Migration and Return
Irene Costantini

The relationship between displacement, emigration and return is a complex one, whose contours remain largely unexplored in the literature. Since June 2014 and the Islamic State’s expansion, Iraq has experienced all of the above: the number of internally-displaced people (IDPs) reached more than 3 million, a large portion of which found refuge in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI); in 2015 Iraqis were among the top three nationalities reaching Europe through the Mediterranean routes....


By Light of a Blood Moon, Life Returns to a Bombed-Out Syrian Landscape
Rod Nordland

Fatma Muhammed, 34, limped outside her lighted doorway on what is now called Serzan Bufa Street — after a martyr of the fight — five of her nine children, ages 2 to 15, at her skirts. Her husband had been killed in front of her, and she was shot so many times that she nearly died, losing a finger and the full use of one leg.“Life is hard for us here,” she said…..


Global jihadists and their sympathisers in religious parties all over the world believe that beheading innocent people will make Zionists quiver with fear. They are confident that their vociferous anti-Israel slogans will jolt the Jewish state. These holy warriors seem to have a dogged determination to conquer the world through a retrogressive ideology that advocates the return of Muslims to medieval times and accept the intellectual supremacy of semi-literate clerics who wreaked havoc in the Muslim world by polluting it with the doctrine of hate, fanaticism and sectarianism....


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Terror under Wraps
Ajit Kumar Singh

However, little has changed on the ground in terms of dealing with the reasons responsible for the growth of terrorism, including mischievous state policies, radicalization and growing fundamentalism, among others. In the most recent example of growing radicalisation, life in KP’s Mardan District came to a halt on February 9, 2018, as thousands of workers and supporters of the Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nabuwwat joined by locals, participated in protests to pressure the Government into releasing 31 men convicted in the lynching of Mashal Khan,...


In a reversal of Obama-era policy, the Trump administration has pushed for accused militants to be remanded in military prison. During his State of the Union address last month Donald Trump announced he had signed an executive order to keep open the detention facility at Guantánamo Bay and opened the door to sending new prisoners to the controversial centre....


The Chinese ‘War on Terror’ On Uighur Muslims
Dr. Azeem Ibrahim

Unlike the Tibetans, however, the Uighurs are Muslims, and they do not have an internationally iconic leader like the Dalai Lama who can campaign and raise awareness on their behalf. So although the methods of repression employed in Xianjiang are the same methods used in Tibet, except updated with newer technology, and they are implemented by many of the same Communist Party officials, the profile of these humanitarian abuses will inevitably be much lower....

Collapse of the Dream of the So-Called State of ISIS
Basil Hijazi, New Age Islam

The international community has been perpetually cooperating in a bid to consolidate the democratic regimes in the world, curb the extremist policies, strengthen the role of regional and international agreements and alliances in combating extremism and terrorism, and work at revising the educational curricula in the countries of the region and remove the discourse of hatred and ‘jihad’ as mentioned in the extremist Wahhabi thought. So the children should not be taught “the virtues of killing the infidel mother and the infidel father”. As for the fundamental problem, it is the Wahhabi and Ikhwani [Muslim Brotherhood] ideology which dominated the curricula of Arab countries and some Asian countries in order to bring out a religiously insane group exporting terrorism to all parts of the globe….


Taliban Promotes Abu Bakr Siddique Training Camp
Bill Roggio

The Taliban has publicly flaunted at least 17 of its training camps since the end of 2014. In late 2015, the Taliban announced that its Khalid bin Walid Camp operated 12 satellite facilities throughout Afghanistan, and had the capacity to “train up to 2,000 recruits at a single time.” Additionally, it said the Khalid bin Walid Camp “trains recruits in eight provinces (Helmand, Kandahar, Ghazni, Ghor, Saripul, Faryab, Farah and Maidan Wardak) and “has around 300 military trainers and scholars.”...


Cities at War: How the People of Mosul Subverted Isis 'Apartheid' – Concluding Part
Ghaith Abdul-Ahad 30 Jan 2018

 “Now there is a different kind of civil war in the city – between those who stayed and went through all the suffering of three years, and those who left. They say we were collaborators, and we say you didn’t suffer. Everyone wants to go back to 2014 and restart their lives from there. They can’t accept that the past three years have been for nothing.”...


Psychology of Countering Radicalisation
Muhammad Nawaz Khan

The counter-terrorism phenomenon as observed in the contemporary world today is getting complicated. Hard measures alone are not enough to deal with the threat of terror. Counter-terrorism policies must also include psychological measures designed to lure people away from terror groups. ‘Soft power’ inventiveness is needed to develop more humane methods....


Bangladesh's New Generation of Militants
Siddharthya Roy

Modelled after the Afghan Mujahideen and thereafter the Taliban, a terrorist, in most Western portrayals, is still a madrasa-educated ignoramus and religious hothead from an underdeveloped country who takes up arms to protect his ultra-conservative and theocratic lifestyle. This is at best an ill-informed yardstick with which to gauge potential terrorists and at worst a result of deeply ingrained xenophobia about the “Muslim look.” Facts paint a different picture....


The Bureaucracy of Evil: How Islamic State Ran A City - Part One
Ghaith Abdul-Ahad

A week in, Isis issued its first manifesto: the Madina [City] Document. In archaic language laden with millenarian references, Isis congratulated the people of Mosul for “these divine victories” and staked out its central promise: Oh people, you have tried all the secular regimes, from the monarchy to the republic to Safavid [Shia] government. You have tried it and been burned by its fires. And here we are now in the reign of the Islamic State and the region of our imam Abu Bakr. And you shall see by the will of Allah the vast difference between a secular government, that oppresses and confiscates the will and energies of its people and erases their dignity, and our rule, which takes the divine word as a path....


Islamist Doves and Vultures
Amina Khairy

Does this sound like the Middle Ages? It should. No matter how much the Islamists get radicalised in the West, or even what sort of terrorist activities they perform if recruited or attracted to IS and other groups, they still get judged according to the rule of man-made law, not “divine” law as interpreted by specific theologians at a specific time....


Taliban Attacker Driving Ambulance Packed With Explosives Kills 95 in Kabul

At least 95 people have been killed and 158 were wounded in a powerful suicide blast in the Afghan capital, Kabul. The Taliban claimed responsibility for Saturday's assault, the third major attack in the past seven days. An interior ministry spokesman blamed the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani network, which has been behind many of the biggest attacks on urban targets in Afghanistan.....

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Islamist Terrorist Groups: Tailor-Made Ideologies
Mohamed Fayez Farahat

The transformation in the recruitment and indoctrination process has not only led to the rise of diverse types of terrorist organisations that are so ideologically intertwined and overlapping that it has grown almost impossible to categorise ideologically, it has also facilitated the ability of members to move from one organisation to the next, in view of the lack of ideological cohesion within a particular organisation and ideological distinctions between organisations....


The State Cannot Settle Theological Debates; It Does Not Have the Mandate or the Authority to Do So Because It Is Not God
Yasser Latif Hamdani

In this – clearly the minority view- Islam is the last Deen but reformers and subservient prophets, such as the founder of the Ahmadi community, may come to rejuvenate the religious community. Ultimately this is a theological debate and simply stating that Ahmadis should have the right to self identify does not at all mean an endorsement of their interpretation of the doctrine but simply a deference to the authority of the heavenly creator above in judging who is right and who is wrong....

Balochistan: Smouldering Fires
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

Balochistan: Smouldering Fires
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

The problem of extra judicial killings in Province persisted through 2017. According to the SATP database, out 183 civilians killed in the Province in 2017, at least 86 were attributable to one or other terrorist/insurgent outfit. Of these, 10 civilian killings (all in the South) were claimed by Baloch separatist formations, while Islamist and sectarian extremist formations – primarily LeJ, TTP and Islamic State....


Islamic State Reverts To Guerrilla Warfare Tactics in Quest to Reclaim, Expand Territory
Rowan Scarborough

“In light of the defeats suffered by the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq over the past year, there has been a change in its military doctrine on the battlefield,” MEMRI analysts said. “In recent weeks, the organization has been using tactics characteristic of guerrilla warfare and temporarily abandoning the doctrine of conquering and holding large areas.”....


The Issue of Defining and Preventing Terrorism
Basil Hijazi, New Age Islam

Science of prevention of terrorism is still new. To understand this topic, it is very important to know the places of the world where the terrorist activities are taking place. What is the history of terrorism? How is the term “terrorism” used? Why does it not have a consistent definition? And why does it need to have a consistent definition? If we look at the 2011 terror map, it seems that among the countries most affected by terrorist activities are Afghanistan, then Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria and then Russia. The countries that have suffered least from terrorism are the Latin American Countries, China, Europe and America....


Stronger, Stable Middle East States the Most Effective Answer to ISIS
Francesca Astorri

“The increasing number of countries in which ISIS was operating could be an optical illusion: we see more countries, but it’s actually the result of other terrorist groups that were already there and that decided to use the ISIS brand,”....


Pakistani Fatwa against Terrorism, What’s New?
Mashari Althaydi

Will a fatwa (or religious edict) forbidding suicide bombing in the name of jihad actually stop these satanic acts?

In other words, the real problem is not only in Pakistan, but in the minds that feed these people, and some mosques, schools and houses, which influence the minds of young men and women. This is the origin of the disease. Any effort to curb extremism is with no doubt appreciated and commended, but we should not exaggerate....


The 712-Page Google Doc That Proves Muslims Do Condemn Terrorism
Arwa Mahdawi

Muslims are constantly denouncing atrocities that have been committed in the name of Islam. Yet many people seem to think Muslims don’t condemn terrorism enough. So Hashmi decided to put the notion to the test. Using Google spreadsheets, she made a “712-page list of Muslims condemning things with sources”, which she tweeted. The list includes everything from acts of domestic violence to 9/11....


The Lingering Dream of an Islamic State
Azadeh Moaveni

Structural racism keeps Muslims disproportionately unemployed and incarcerated, and governments increasingly stigmatize outward signs of Muslim identity, banning the veil and pushing Muslim causes like Palestine and Syria charity work under the eye of counterterrorism surveillance. For many, this exclusion imbues an idealized future Muslim state with both spiritual and concrete appeal: a place where jobs and opportunity are accessible, where integration won’t require secularization....

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