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Radical Islamism and Jihad

The Taliban’s strikes in Kandahar and Jaghori confirm the overall picture of a Taliban movement on the rise and a retreat of government control. In addition, the Taliban is also involved in Russia-sponsored talks to end the conflict: a two-track approach — displaying military strength in part to increase leverage at the negotiating table — that echoes Washington’s own under Barack Obama....


Afghanistan:  The Futility of ‘Talks’ under the ‘Moscow Format
Ajit Kumar Singh

This time, only a group has been invited, therefore we are not going to participate in it, but our agreement with the Russians is that this meeting should lead to direct talks between us (Afghan government) and the Taliban, if it does not happen like this, then this will reflect the intention of the Taliban and this means they (Taliban) are not prepared for peace….


Trouble Lies Not In the Power of the Extremists but In the Weakness of Pakistan Governments
P. K. Balachandran

Appeasing such forces does not help the rulers or the country but only fosters extremism and a culture of impunity as Minister of Human Rights Shreen Mazari said, recalling Britain’s appeasement of Hitler at Munich before World War II. The Munich deal was meant to buy peace for a while, but it only increased Hitler’s appetite for dominance through aggression....

Is Islam Nusantara (Indonesian Islam) cracking up a bit? How does it compare with Indian Islam?
Tufail Ahmad

“This is her choice,” I told him, though I was surprised to hear that she married to a Hindu. Out of curiosity, I asked him: “What makes you think so?” He said: “She has put a Bindi on her forehead.” This was revealing: There is a huge gulf between Hindus and Muslims about how we understand each other. I told him that women in my family always put Sindoor in the parting of hair and Bindi on forehead, which is how Hindu women too live in villages. This is the Indian Muslimness Haqqani spoke of....


Pakistan Buckled Under Pressure Exerted By Religious Zealots, Baying For the Blood of Aasiya Bibi
Karamatullah K Ghori

However, Pakistan’s bloated religious brigade—the powerful and influential clergy which has gathered enormous following in the country over the last three or four decades—immediately raised its battle cry against the apex court verdict. Their purblind followers—the rabble known for its nuisance power—instantly poured onto the streets through the length and breadth of Pakistan demanding the court’s decision be annulled and the impugned woman hanged....

The story of 26-year-old Nashidhul Hamzafar proves that the fangs of terrorism, given time and opportunity, can chew up a young mind. Passionately opposed to the ISIS ideology, he ultimately could not resist the brainwashing by his friend Shihas who was among the 22 Kerala youngsters who travelled to Afghanistan to fight for the terrorist organisation....


Pakistan Must Not Get Hurt With ‘Islam in Danger’ Slogan
Zulfiquar Rao

Islam was used to build a Pakistani nation when the sectarianism among the Muslims divided them so glaringly as each sect called the other as a heretic. This uniformity-ridden nation building was pursued at the expense of the socio-cultural diversity. Even today, no day passes without seeing some ministers invoking religious metaphor, which indirectly empowers the clergy who currently control the religion....


If Pakistan Can’t Establish the Writ of the State, It Should Step Aside and Ask Religious Extremists to Take Over
Mehmal Sarfraz

When the verdict was announced, I couldn’t stop crying because this poor Christian woman had been incarcerated for nine years only because someone had lied. Salmaan Taseer, the governor of Punjab, was assassinated in January 2011 for saying that Asia was innocent and that the blasphemy allegations against her should be probed thoroughly. Taseer’s killer was garlanded for murdering him. A couple of months later, the federal minister for minorities, Shahbaz Bhatti, was also assassinated for defending Asia Bibi....

The Deobandis are a revivalist movement within the Hanafi strain of Islam. It started in the early 1700s as a reaction to the British in India and was inspired by the activism of Shah Waliullah a radical cleric opposed to British rule.  At the time, the Deobandis challenged India’s Muslim leadership, accusing it of “corrupting Islam” and promising a fresh, and more puritanical, start....


For the Islamic State, the position of caliph represents a unique fusion of legal-rational and traditional authority. Abu Bakr didn’t seize power in the group, he was elected by the Islamic State of Iraq’s Shura council. Long time spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani described his new emir in 2011 in this way: “Although we have missed our emir, Abu-Omar al-Baghdadi, Allah has bestowed us with a better successor for him; we expect him to be so.”...


“ISIL’s horrific crimes in Iraq have left the headlines, but the trauma of the victims’ families endures, with thousands of women, men and children still unaccounted for,” Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations human rights commissioner, said, referring to the Islamic State. “These graves contain the remains of those mercilessly killed for not conforming to ISIL’s twisted ideology and rule.”...


Takfir, the Act of Accusing a Muslim of Apostasy, Has Become an Ideology, Embraced By Extremists
Habib Ali Al Jifri

A combatant disbeliever can be legitimately fought by the state, while the civilian cannot be prevented from his or her rights despite their non-belief, as is declared in the Quranic verses: “For you your religion and for me mine” and “Whomsoever wills may choose faith, and whomsoever wills may choose non-faith”. Throughout history, people have suffered from the bloodshed and oppression that ensued from religious zealotry emanating from political battle grounds....

The Glorious Legacy of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Is Etched In the Greatest Achievement of His Followers: Can We Add Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan in It?
Daanish Mustafa

The glorious legacy of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is etched in the greatest achievement of his followers — from the halls of Al-Hamra to the Taj Mahal, from Alif Leila to Firdausi’s Shahnama, to the theory of optics by Ibn-al-Haytham — in architecture, literature, sciences, and politics great men and women inspired with his message have helped make a better world....

The Biggest Challenge to Pakistan Is Posed By Its Approach To Religion
Farrukh Khan Pitafi

Even when we are willing to ask relevant questions like the sect of a citizen we restrict the inquiry to Shias and Sunnis. I don’t think any record exists where we know how many among our Muslim population are Salafis, Deobandis or Barelvis. This denial then causes us a lot of grief because in the absence of valid data no serious research on possible behaviour patterns of the society and the groups within can be conducted....

Pakistan’s State Appeasement Provides Oxygen to Extremist Groups
Muhammad Amir Rana

This is the main reason for Pakistan’s higher level of tolerance for extremism and extremists compared with other Muslim countries, ranging from Indonesia, Bangladesh and Central Asian states to Turkey. In these countries, religious groups cannot hold the system hostage or control the national narrative. These states invest in religious scholarship, and do not promote certain religious groups....


Hate It, Curse It or Wish It Bad Luck – What You Can’t Do Is Ignore the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan
Syed Talat Hussain

Their appeals, their threats, their slogans in the name of the most sacred name of Islam, the Last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), are protected against any counter because doing so could mean receiving an edict from the pulpit. Because they have been able to ratchet up enormous public support in heartland Punjab and now have ingress into other parts of the country...

According to the Islamic Map activists, the lion’s share of Islamist organisations were created and are now controlled by a group with Egyptian roots, the Muslim Brotherhood, along with the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, and Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs. One public organisation associated with the Muslim Brotherhood has received over 6 million Euros over the past six years, which was used to sponsor the fight against its opponents....


Both UK and Pakistan Are Dealing With Effects of A Radicalised Muslim Population
Khaled Ahmed

Britain’s multiculturalism was likely never understood by the Muslims succumbing to a transnational intensification of identity. It allowed communities to retain their identity without making them sensitive to the needs of “integration” with the host community. That it happened to the Muslims and not so much to the Hindus also points to the supra-state “feeling” that only the Muslims are gifted with a universal identity or “ummah”. ..

Knife attacks and the slaughter of passers-by in France or Britain were not treated by the mainstream media as more important than road accidents. Jihadist murderers were usually immediately defined by the authorities as mentally disturbed. In Europe, the names of the murderers were often hidden to avoid possibly firing up anti-Muslim "prejudices".


While one is glad that the Supreme Court set free a poor and helpless women who has already suffered a lot, it is also disturbing that she will not be able to live in this country even after proving her innocence in the highest court of this land. She will continue to fear for her life since we have failed to build a progressive, plural, tolerant, enlightened and rational society.

Choosing death over degrees: What inspires the studious Kashmiri youths to choose militancy over scholarship?
Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

This is a brief account of how the studious Kashmiri youths abandoned their studies to join the militant ranks and got killed. But the crucial question is: Who are the ideologues who approach the university students and even research scholars and influence them to the extent that they agree to choose death over degrees? We must find concrete answers to these questions: how do the Kashmiri students and research scholars turn into militants? Do they make a sudden decision or does someone brainwash them slowly, steadily? And most importantly, what are the effective ways to weed out these underground brainwashers…

Why Education System of Pakistan Needs Reformation
Pervez Hoodbhoy

The middle ground between traditional and modern education is still being sought. Until such time that there is a clear separation of religious and secular educational content, and unless fear of being overwhelmed by secular ideas is consciously overcome, education outcomes in Pakistan will stay just as they are. More task forces won’t help unless they specifically address this issue.


How Will Pakistan Handle Asia Bibi's Case and Retain Global Standing; By Appeasing  Extremist Elements or Taking a Stand?
Meriam Sabih

No date has been set for the judgment to be announced. If her appeal is rejected, and if she does not get a Presidential pardon, it would make her the first person to be executed under the infamous blasphemy laws by court order. Already extremist clerics, the same groups against Atif Mian’s appointment to the EAC, have threatened action against any judge or official who pardons Asia Bibi. How will Pakistan continue to respond to these threats; by appeasing extremist elements or taking a stand?

Both the Deobandi and Barelvi have different ideological outlooks and they have countered each-others views. Historically, both are dichotomous, and have presented their approach extremely. The formation of Barelvi thought emerged out of Deobandi’s contradictions. In 1906, when Ahmad Raza went for performing Hajj, he asked Ulemas of Madina and Mecca to endorse his Fatwas against Deobandis and other sects....

Romance between ISIS and Hefazat e Islam promoting its radical Islamic and antisemitic ideology in Bangladesh
Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

“Those who have joined the Wilayat-e-Hind are well-educated and most of them are engineers, doctors and MBA degree holders. Indian citizens are mostly joining Khorasan chapter of Daesh than the core group in Syria or Iraq. However, the possible launching route of Indian ISIS members to Afghanistan is not clear yet,” the study reads. Criticizing the counter-militancy initiatives of Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Abdullah Khan told Pakistan Today, “…… the WeH Bangladesh chapter was another surprise addition where the so-called secular regime of Prime Minister Hasina was targeting religious Muslim groups under a witch-hunt drive.”...

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