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Media in Pakistan Is Under Siege
Ambreen Agha

Working under constant threat to life and livelihood, media personnel have faced a backlash from both state and anti-state elements. These include the warring political parties, military intelligence agencies and terrorist formations operating across the country. As freedom becomes increasingly elusive for media personnel in the country, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) report, released on February 3, 2016, noted that Pakistan runs fourth on the list of the deadliest countries in the world for journalists....


Egypt's Writers Fear Increasing Restrictions
Albaraa Abdullah

Some in Egypt believe the state, which claims to fight terrorism, rather is creating it through its obsession with security and its quest to preserve a regressive structure in society. The government has tightened the noose on society, taking a variety of measures against innovative minds such as isolating people, silencing them, limiting their imaginations, confiscating their dreams and basically draining the life out of them.....


On Arab Press Freedom, Tunisia Shows the Way
Diana Moukalled

Tunisia has made a remarkable improvement in Reporters without Borders’ press-freedom index - the first Arab country to do so. This at a time when some Arab countries are imprisoning, murdering and torturing journalists. This progress is to be added to Tunisia’s record as the only success story of the Arab Spring, since its revolution did not result in civil war or bitter struggle, as happened in Syria, Egypt, Yemen and Libya....


Media Spins Islam Then and Now: A 1979 Time Magazine Article about Islam
Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

Time magazine described the revival of Islam in the 70 countries around the world, reflected in the hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca, unchanged for 14 centuries; this alleged revival took place among the young who desired Sharia law, Burqas, Hijab and other forms of enslaving women to their half-person status, genital mutilation, and harsh punishments in cases of rape, divorce, adultery, and abortion....


Why Does Terrorism Dominate The Headlines?
Tariq A. Al-Maeena

So is this what Islam and Muslims are all about? The mayhem, murders, and bombings of the innocent?  Is there no other face of Islam?  You would have to dig deep between the pages to read of the other face of Muslims, a people who have dedicated their life to the proper teachings of this great religion and who by virtue of their piety are not seeking headlines. There are Muslim individuals such as Dr. Mike Ghouse...

The dialectic I first explored 20 years ago began as speculative theory; in 2001, with the 9/11 cataclysm it began prophecy; today, in the age of ISIS on the Internet, it is simply reality. For unlike Al Qaeda, Jihad’s early manifestation, the new ISIS with its quest for a territorial Caliphate married to its campaign to engender a virtual Caliphate on the web, rejects capitalism and materialism and the commodities they produce even as it puts those commodities to work to inspire terrorism across the world. Science is the work of infidels, secular reason is a form of blasphemy, yet science’s finest product (technology) is the best instrument the true believers have to wage war on the West....


Journalists And Terrorists
Mumtazer Turkone

Freedom of the press must be given a special place among other freedoms. In a country where the press is under pressure, no one can prevent terrorists from freely moving around. If journalists are no longer able to search for the truth and inform the public of facts, shady groups start to cause much bloodshed across the country.


Journalism In Pakistan: Fear And Favour
Bina Shah

While Pakistan is already known as the most dangerous country in the world for working journalists — one journalist in Pakistan dies every 38 days according to the Sri Lankan media expert Ranga Kalansooriya — Pakistan’s journalists also come under another insidious type of pressure.


The Future Of Pakistani Journalists: New Age Islam’s Selection From Pakistan Press, 26 September 2015

The future of Pakistani journalists

Farman Nawaz

Public intellectuals and their declining presence

Akbar Jan Marwat

Everyone’s Manto

By Asha'ar Rehma

Peshawar attacked again

Syed Kamran Hashmi

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau


Raza Rumi – When Silence is Murder
Tufail Ahmad

The true liberals uphold a sense of ethics and morality in speech and writings and work for the benefit of people irrespective of their nationality, ethnicity or religion. Generally true liberals believe that eliminating Jihadists from Pakistani society is in the interest of Pakistani people. You can cite names of Pakistani authors and commentators such as Mohammed Taqi, Ambassador Husain Haqqani and Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa who are widely respected for their defence of Pakistani people’s interests. Indians will be even willing to take a rebuke from Husain Haqqani about their failings because his concern for people is extraordinary…..


A Need for Media to Be Objective with Islam

The stereotyping of religious people, beliefs and communities is not always intentional or even overt. Journalists sometimes rely on widely-used terminology without considering the broader implications. For example, referring to “Islamic terrorism” can make terrorism seem Islamic, just as referring to terrorists as “extremist Muslims” can make terrorists seem extremely Muslim. …..

Muhammad Biopic Director Calls for More Movies about the Prophet’s Life
Iranian director Majid Majidi

“The more movies that are made about the prophet’s life, the better,” Majidi said at Montreal’s world film festival. “We hope the Qatari team will make a correct interpretation of Islam, and they are most welcome to come and film at our facilities in our country.”


NEWAGEISLAM.COM Is Active In Trying To Build Up A Peaceful, Pluralistic Counter-Narrative to Extremist, Jihadi Islam, Says the Sunday Guardian
Mohammed Anas

Among the various online fora, NEWAGEISLAM.COM, a web portal run by Muslim scholar Sultan Shahin, is collecting different scholarly works on various radical ideologies prevalent among Muslims to build up a counter narrative. Shahin said that some extremist ideologies have found place in religious discourses delivered in madrasas, which has to be countered through rigorous reforms in madrasa education. People connected with anti-Taliban Pakistani scholars like Tahirul Qadri and Javed Ahmed Ghamidi also organise talks and let people know about their lectures on countering "jihadi fatwas". The Delhi-based group Khudai Khitmatgar has revived Frontier Gandhi Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan's mission to work towards communal harmony and promote the softer sides of all religions, especially Islam.

Wahhabi versus Sufi Social Media Debates: The Rift between the Two Ideologies Has Spilled Into the Online Space
Syed Mohammed

“India has always been home to the Sufis whose teachings were love and tolerance. This is how Islam spread here. The hard-line views propagated by the Saudis and their funding poses a threat to the very fabric of Muslim society.” The Wahhabi stream exhorts Muslims to adopt the more “puritanical “form of Islam while Sufis -also known as Barelvis -maintain that teachings of saints cannot be ignored. The tussle between the two has also manifested in many mosques across the region where both schools have tried to wrest control of administration......

The Enemies of Islam Are Not As Harmful As the Agents of Islamism
Ekrem Dumanli

I was surprised. He kept going, saying: “They will force your columnists, editors and even correspondents to leave.” I did not think that would be possible; I have always been suspicious of this, because they had already started a campaign of antagonism against Zaman daily. I thought after all they had done, why would they deal with the workers of the paper? I was wrong. Back then, some pro-government columnists published pieces in which they argued that nobody will stay at Zaman to write columns. One of them even argued that people will run off from the Zaman daily…..

Deobandi Mufti’s Sword Wielding Goons Attack Urdu Daily’s Editor in Malegaon

Referring to Mufti Ismail’s speech, Abdul Halim Siddiquee wrote an editorial in his daily saying that corrupt elements could be found in every department and walk of life and that the majority of the weavers of Malegaon were honest. Thanks to their honesty and hard work their business was flourishing. Further, the editorial asked the mufti to do introspection as to how much water and oil he mixed as an imam, as a teacher and as a political leader. This offended mufti Ismail so much that he instructed his supporters and mercenaries to teach the editor a lesson. As a result, his sword wielding supporters and drunk hired goons ran amok on the streets with unsheathed swords in five groups vandalizing Abdul Halim Siddiquee’s house and office....

How Turkish Media is Threatened
Mustafa Akyol

In its open letter to Erdoğan, Hürriyet, which seems to be baffled with the “coup conspiracy” it cooked up with a headline, kindly tried to explain how ridiculous this accusation is. It was so ridiculous that Erdoğan himself, in a speech right after the Morsi verdict, had emphasized that this was a punishment given to “a president elected with 52 percent of the votes....


I’m a Social Media Mujahid
Muhammad Adil

I am a Mujahid. My operational area is the social media – Facebook and Twitter, to be precise. I have been tagged an e-Talib, a cyber-Mujahid, a keyboard-jihadist and what-not....


If Truth Be Told
Mehr Tarar

In the case of a self-avowed recluse like one, being an innate chatterbox and receptive to people in general, one’s many interactions, these days, are virtual. And embarking on one’s journey to become a great Pakistani novelist-cum-non-fiction-writer (dream big, no?), many a happy hour is spent on one’s laptop, ergo connecting one to the virtual world that has all the trappings of reality.


In many ISIL-related conspiracy theories, two reasonable points—that ISIL is in some sense a creation of regional and international powers, its rise a consequence of their terrible policies; and that what they do is “un-Islamic,” or horrifying to most Muslims—have been quickly pushed into the territory of non-thinking absurdity....


Skewed Reporting Incites Hatred of Islam
Sheikh Hussain Yee

Inept journalism and hostile anti-Islamic fabrications in the guise of “reporting” have undermined Islam’s message of peace and compromised the work being done by peaceful scholars of Islam everywhere....


The Times doesn’t even blush when one of its most celebrated columnists mulls over the idea of sending weapons to the terrorists in ISIS – all presumably because Israel has identified “the Shiite crescent” as its current chief enemy and the Islamic State is on the other side....


It's the Ideology, Stupid
Mercedes Schlapp

Through the Islamic State group’s sophisticated social media outreach efforts, the militants are becoming the best global sales team, with the capability to recruit and radicalize men and women who are in search of purpose and absolute power in their lives. The group's propaganda videos have gone viral, and beheadings and crucifixions are becoming daily occurrences, all in the name of Allah and with the ultimate goal of establishing an Islamic caliphate....

Who Is The Offended?
By Anupama Katakam

There are various versions of how and why Shirin Dalvi published the caricature. In an apology she wrote in a blog, she says: “I, Shirin Dalvi, begin with an apology for having printed the title cover of Charlie Hebdo. It was a mistake and I had no intention to hurt the feelings of my community. Like any other Muslim, I deeply respect Prophet Mohammed—sallallahu alahi wa sallam —Peace be upon Him…. We juxtaposed it with news of the Pope’s statement where he criticised the Prophet cartoons and said freedom of expression was not absolute and religious beliefs should not be mocked in the name of this freedom.” She also says that she does not understand French and hence it was a case of bad judgment on her part....

The Prophecy of Ideological Wars Comes True
Samar Fatany

Muslim media professionals should have been more alert and should have strongly rejected the popularized name of the so-called “Islamic State” and should have labeled them with a name that truly describes their criminality, such as: “ the State of Al-Khawarij, “the outsiders who have deviated from the faith, “the State of “Al-Safaheen”, the butchers, or “the State of Al-Muhtaleen”, the impostors....

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