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The Path to a Nuclear-Free Middle East
Akiva Eldar

Saudi Arabia is not alone. In January 2017, the head of Jordan’s Atomic Energy Commission, Khaled Toukan, said his country expects to obtain bids for the construction of nuclear reactors from China, the Czech Republic, Japan and the United States. In addition, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates have long expressed interest in developing civilian nuclear programs....


Peshmerga Unification in Jeopardy
Fazel Hawramy

The long simmering tension between Erbil and Baghdad which resulted, on 16 October 2017, in open confrontation in Kirkuk and other disputed territories, has wiped out any trust between the Iraqi security forces – including the Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) – and the Peshmerga, created over three years of fighting a common enemy in the Islamic State....

Libyan Limbo
Dr. Mohamed Chtatou

Libyan Limbo
Dr. Mohamed Chtatou

In the last years of the life of the dictator Qaddafi, disappointed by the Arabs cold shoulder for his repetitive calls for unity, he turned to Africa where he poured millions of dollars in economic aid and declared himself in return “King of Kings of Africa” and often left Tripoli in massive motorcades to go lead the prayer in a given African country and fell important. Today, he must be turning in his grave to see his countrymen selling migrants to earn money and he sure is unhappy and depressed that his country has, alas, stooped to such low behavior and debased, in the process, its dignity and identity for money….


Israel: The Arabs’ Not so Secret Friend
Salman Rafi Sheikh

With the passage of time, and as Iran’s influence, presence and expansion becomes crystal clear, this alliance is coming out of the mysteries of secrecy. It is becoming public, and it is acquiring a strategic character too, which means that the leading ‘Sunni’ Arab countries are no longer aversive to Israel, are ready to compromise on the Palestinian issue to have Israel on their side of war against Iran...


The Duelling States of Palestine
Shlomi Eldar

These new methods are unlikely to deter Hamas from carrying out its Nakba Day plans. Demonstrations and clashes will take place in any event, and the only question is how many Palestinians will pay with their lives or limbs so that Hamas leaders can prove to the PLO and Fatah that the Hamas way is the right and effective one. Experience suggests that Hamas will defeat Fatah in in terms of shaping public perceptions, but that the Palestinians themselves will pay a very high price....


In a conflict as protracted as Afghanistan, a singularly fragile ray of hope for peace can stir up global interest. Ghani’s offer has done that. With the Americans having already recognised the impossibility of a military solution to the Afghan war, the Trump administration’s bellicose “new” approach of taking the fight to the Taliban, is in fact an attempt to fight the Taliban to the negotiating table....


Babri Masjid Issue, and How Can the Indian Government Resolve the Issue with Peace and Satisfy All Parties?
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

In my view, whenever a possibility of a peaceful resolution exists, one party to the conflict must avail it and not sink into quarrels or controversy. After the mosque was demolished, I suggested that Muslims could adopt the same model of relocating mosques which had been adopted by Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Syria and Egypt....

Paeans to the Mughals
Subrata Mukherjee

The Muslims also brought with them new industries like Shawls, Muslin, Galicha (carpet), stone work and other fine metallic works including gold and silver; (6) to develop a lingua franca. Urdu was developed for the common people. However, for hundreds of years, no literature, no official work and court verdicts were written in Urdu as Persian was the official language....

Ahed’s Generation: Why the Youth in Palestine Must Break Free from Dual Oppression
Ramzy Baroud

While Palestinian officials continue to pay lip service to Ahed Tamimi and thousands of young Palestinians who continue to endure imprisonment and ill treatment by Israel, in truth, Ahed epitomizes the antithesis of everything that the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah stands for. Ahed and Mohammed Tamimi’s generation have already discovered their mission, and it will be them who will continue to fight for its fulfilment – their freedom and the freedom of their homeland....


Islamic Heritage in India Is All About Moderation and Inclusivity, but Muslims Need To Revive This Legacy Which Is Being Lost To Takfirism
Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

For instance, Sufism—the rich product of India’s ancient links with Central Asia, carried its universal message of “Wahdat ul Wajud” (Unity of Existence) which beautifully reflected the Indian concept of ‘Vasudhaive Kutumbakam’ (World as one family). Thus, Islamic heritage in India is mainly based on practicing the prophetic tradition: “Al-Khlaqu Ayal Allah” meaning: the whole mankind is one family of God. This is the emblem of religious pluralism in Indian Islamic tradition which can be described as the true expression of the Devine Will, as enunciated in the Qur’an: “If Allah, the Almighty had willed, all the people on the earth would have become one religious community, whether they had wanted or not”....

The Problem with Leftist Myths about Syria
Loubna Mrie

As the death toll in the Damascus' suburb of Eastern Ghouta reached nearly 700 in two weeks and continues to rise, many so-called progressive voices continue to justify the carnage. Many are dead convinced that the regime is fighting al-Qaeda in Eastern Ghouta, which is using civilians as human shields - hence the hundreds of dead are not really the regime's fault.....


Of Hopes, Half-Measures, and the Hell That Awaits Rohingyas
Badiuzzaman Bay

One thing is clear; this deal is not a response to Myanmar's policy of making Rakhine uninhabitable for the Rohingya community, which has been identified as the central motive behind its decades-long anti-Rohingya campaign. We need to work on that for our own benefit, rather than expecting a miraculous solution....


Greater Damascus: The Final Touches on the New Demographic Map
Eyad Abu Shakra

Well, logically, what remains of the set ‘scenario’ are determining the details of the Kurdish-American co-operation east of the Euphrates River, and settling the issue of Southern Syria with Israeli input. The pre-2011 is now dead. This is a painful fact that one needs to accept; however, what is even worse and more dangerous is that we are going through the redrawing of new maps in an increasingly fragile and weak region....


Myanmar Continues To Expel Rohingya As It ‘Negotiates’ To Take Them Back
Dr. Azeem Ibrahim

The fact of the matter is that Myanmar was never sincere about returning the Rohingya. The military, the conservative Buddhist establishment and large swathes of the population believe that the dark-skinned, Muslim Rohingya fundamentally do not belong in their Buddhist, ethnically Burmese state....


Today’s Global War Against Terror Is A Fight Between Moderates, Of All Faiths, Against Extremists Whose Faith Is Hate And Violence: King Abdullah Of Jordan Speaking In New Delhi
King Abdullah of Jordan

So, my friends, where did human diversity begin? God Almighty says in the Holy Quran: Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim “People! We created you from a single pair of male and female and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other. The most honoured of you in the sight of God is the most righteous of you.’ [49:13] Saddaka Allahu Al Atheem; to understand each other, to recognize our shared humanity, to act righteously in the sight of God—This is my faith, the faith I teach my children; the faith shared by 1.8 billion Muslims around the world, a quarter of humanity. This is traditional, tolerant, plural, and Madhahib-based Islam dedicated to the love of God; following the Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and seeking to live in virtue and treat others with justice and kindness.....

The Children of Syria – So We Never Forget

Syria is again in the crosshairs of the blood-drenched empire’s handlers, NATO and its western puppets. The US are setting up a series of permanent illegal, uninvited bases in northern Syria, deploying some 30,000 mostly mercenary type soldiers, commanding the US trained and armed 50,000 strong Kurdish so-called People’s Protection Unit, or YPG, as well as newly trained, funded and armed ISIS fighters – all aiming at taking over one third of the Syrian territory – the beginning of a balkanization of Syria,...

I Saw a Genocide in Slow Motion
Nicholas Kristof

What I found was a slow-motion genocide. The massacres and machete attacks of last August are over for now, but Rohingya remain confined to their villages — and to a huge concentration camp — and are systematically denied most education and medical care. So they die. No one counts the deaths accurately, but my sense is that the Myanmar government kills more Rohingya by denying them health care and sometimes food than by wielding machetes or firing bullets....


Why Jordan King’s India Visit Is Significant for Promoting the Amman Message of Non-Takfiri Islam in India?
Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

That India’s religious plurality will be highlighted in this event as key to success in mitigating the influence of extremist Islamist groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda is pertinent. Undeniably, only in the pluralistic ethos of the inclusivist Indian polity, the Vedic tradition, Gnosis of Gautam Buddha, Non-Violence of Mahavir Jain, Sikh teaching of the Devine Unity as well as the Monotheism of the Semitic religions are brought together. This is the land where Islam arrived in the very age of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and as recorded in history, the first mosque had been built in Kerala at that time. Thus, India’s ancient cultural and civilisational force has great potentials stemming from its inclusive religious traditions, to curb extremist thoughts and hardcore philosophies of all kinds…..

King Abdullah II in India: Economic Cooperation and Countering Radicalisation High On Agenda
Talmiz Ahmad

The Syrian conflict has saddled Jordan with nearly a million refugees, while opening it to attacks by extremists along the southern border with Syria. Its role is complicated by the fact that in Syria it has to engage with a variety of competing players — the Assad government, Iran, Russia, Israel, the US — and motley groups such as the Hezbollah, numerous Syrian militia and Jihadi cohorts....


“Now this is a real real appeal to the international community, the UN and the Security Council to wake up. It is the time now to wake up.”

Iran's Shirin Ebadi said as members of international community it is their upmost demand that Myanmar military is taken to International Court of Justice.

“We are all paving the way for that,”...


Fukuyama: This Is How Iran Will Explode

Moreover, Iran’s possible explosion from within will most probably be the result of two variables affecting the situation together. This first one is related to variables in rural development, due to climate change, and their economic and social consequences as well as the growing poverty belt that has developed in the Iranian countryside. The second one is a civil variable which is due to the new generations which have begun to voice its objections since 2009, i.e. before the Arab Spring....


Has Gaza Joined The Axis Of Resistance?
Adnan Abu Amer

Tensions could further escalate between Israel and Syria, posing a serious challenge to the parties of the Iranian axis. They could either join forces to stand united in confronting Israel, possibly resulting in a regional war, the repercussions of which the Palestinians might not be able to bear. Alternatively for the Palestinian factions, they could simply stick to issuing statements and taking stances....


The Islamist Confusion of Branding Religion as Political System
Ali Al-Amin

Researchers believe that the state is a civil institution that has nothing to do with religion. If the religious state is founded on authority in the name of religion, then it is absolutely illegitimate. Religion cannot be the cover for any state policy. It has become necessary to resolve this argument in favour of the State because the only legitimate contract for the state is between the government and the people....

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Thinking Outside the Box
Maj. Gen. (res.) Gershon Hacohen

A creative solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must thus start with appreciating the advantages of the hybrid spatial model that has emerged in the West Bank, notably the governmental powers granted to the Palestinian Authority as far back as January 1996 in Areas A and B. Thinking out of the box, then, means discarding the stillborn paradigm of total separation in the West Bank....

Hopeless in Gaza
Clifford D. May

Hopeless in Gaza
Clifford D. May

Less than a decade after Israel’s founding, Golda Meir, who would go onto to become Israel’s fourth prime minister, was famously quoted as saying: “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.” Hamas ‘parental affections have not evolved. As for the immiserated people of Gaza, perhaps they lack the courage to challenge Hamas....


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