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Muslims Religious Freedoms Targeted In 2016 Emergency Laws
Samirah Majumdar

Of the seven countries that used emergency laws to restrict religion, Tunisia registered one of the largest increases on the Government Restrictions Index – from 4.1 points in 2015 to 5.7 in 2016. The country declared a state of emergency following terrorist attacks by Islamic militants in 2015 at a beach resort and in the capital, Tunis. The government responded with curfews and arbitrary arrests, harassing men with beards – which many Muslims have for religious reasons – and women wearing Muslim religious clothing such as Niqabs. In some cases, Muslims were reportedly detained and tortured...


Israel Has Never Been Interested In Finding Peace
Aijaz Zaka Syed

Trump continues to hold out the grand promise of the “deal of the century” that would once and for all settle the Palestinian question, perhaps by banishing the rest of them from Gaza and the West Bank for good. The Palestinians continue to get killed and persecuted in their own land while the blessed international community with its fine institutions stands and stares...

Identity Politics - A New Threat to Individualism
Adil Rasheed

However, a new threat to individualism has risen in modern polities from what is being described as ‘identity politics’. In simple terms, identity politics seeks to rally special privileges for the “protection” of a particular race, ethnicity, religion, class or gender on the pretext of correcting a supposed historical wrong against it.

The response must also reflect a sober assessment of the substantial and abiding value of our strategic partnership with the Saudis. Few will be pleased with the administration’s ultimate response to this crisis, particularly the hard-line realists on one side and the hard-line idealists on the other. Nevertheless, United States officials should consider how President Bush reacted to Tiananmen Square 29 years ago. This is the time for reasoned, careful actions that fully take into account both our national interests and our principles and values....


Muslim Anxieties and India’s Future
Moin Qazi, New Age Islam

All political parties at the helm of the government have resorted to” strategic secularism” to secure a so-called Muslim vote bank – an approach that has stoked resentment among the country’s Hindu majority while doing little to improve Muslims’ wellbeing. India’s Muslims will be hit particularly hard, with further social and political marginalization undermining their economic prospects. Given the size of India’s Muslim population, this is bound to drag down overall economic development....

Islam in the 60s and 70s was relegated to ceremonies like marriage, circumcision, funeral rituals and the many social kenduris of Yaa Sin, Doa Selamat and the Prophet’s birthday. Non-Muslims were never considered a threat to Islam in any way and the populace lived peacefully side by side....


Jerusalem, a city sacred to the three Abrahamic faiths, was surrendered by Patriarch Sophronius to Caliph Umar in 637, and the loss of which struck deeply at the Western Christian psyche, with a direct link to the Crusades. The loss of Spain and the glorification of what is known as the Reconquista; the fall of Constantinople and the Eastern Roman Empire; the creeping conquest of the Ottomans in the Balkans and Eastern Europe; and no list of rivalry between Christendom and Islam would be complete without mentioning the Ottomans at the Gates of Vienna in 1683...


Arab and Muslim nations have done little to support East Jerusalem’s Palestinian residents
Osama Al Sharif

East Jerusalem’s Palestinians are facing a vicious onslaught as Israel begins to implement a series of measures aimed primarily at limiting their presence in the Holy City and its environs, and weakening their position as residents. Israel’s Jerusalem mayor, Nir Barkat, this week announced plans to shut down and expel UNRWA, the UN agency responsible for Palestinian refugees, from East Jerusalem.....


Achieving Religious Harmony in a World of Fear and Populism
James M Dorsey

Underlying the rise of populism, nationalism, protectionism, fear of the other, anti-migrant and anti-foreigner sentiment, and hate speech is an erosion of the norms of debate. Articulation of hate speech has become permissible, if not fashionable.

Muslims Need Education and Economic Empowerment Not the Deen Bachao Thugs
Mohammad Sajjad

Muslim leaders have misplaced and wrong priorities. They think their religious-cultural worries are supreme. Fact is, they can protect their identity only if they are educated and economically empowered. So, their identity concerns made them take to the streets in 1986 on Personal Laws and made the then Govt nullify the SC judgement in Shah Bano. Babri Masjid was thrown open to balance the favour shown to Muslims. They committed the same blunder by responding to the Deen Bachao Rally on April 15, 2018....

The Sacrality of the Faith of Muslims in India Is Being Examined In a Vicious Atmosphere
Rajeev Dhavan

The Muslim side has to open arguments. They were ready then. They are ready now. But shortcut justice is not the answer for an appeal which is reproduced in small print in three volumes covering over 4,000 pages with scores of documents and evidence. What is at stake is the sacrality of the faith of Muslims in India, who are the third largest Muslim population in the world. They cannot be terrorised into submission. Nor can the case be argued under circumstances that are vicious. But argue we will – as we must....

Influential Islamic Scholar Mehmet Zahid Kotku and His Four-Decade Legacy
Andrew Wilks

In the cemetery of Suleymaniye Mosque overlooking Istanbul’s Golden Horn lies the grave of Mehmet Zahid Kotku, an Islamic scholar and preacher who, although little-known outside of Turkey, was one of the country’s greatest proponents of political Islam. For more than two decades until his death in 1980, he presided over the Iskender Pasa Mosque in the city’s conservative Fatih neighbourhood; where many devotees would go on to form the core of Turkey’s current political elite, including President Recep Tayyip Erdogan....


The Religious Tenets and Faith of Muslims Lead To the Conclusion That Mosque Is Essential Part of Islamic Faith and Practice
MR Shamshad

For this dispute, the Supreme Court has earlier stated that the act of demolition of the mosque was an act of “national shame” and that it did not only demolish an ancient structure, but the faith of the minorities in the sense of justice and fair play of the majority. In contrast to the present judgement, two judges of the High Court in 2010 had observed that the disputed land was a place where angels feared to tread and also that it was the centre of the controversy between the two major communities of the country. If this was not a fit case to refer to a larger bench on the just the point of the matter being of importance, then in my considered view, the Supreme Court shall have no occasion to refer any matter to a larger bench on the ground of the importance of the matter....

Uighur Muslims Who Fled a Crackdown in China for the Supposed Safety of the Muslim World Say They Now Fear the Long Arm of Beijing As Far Away As Cairo
Heba Afify

In recent years, that migration intensified with the Chinese government’s crackdown on the ethnic group, which it accuses of adopting separatist ideas and has blamed for terrorist attacks. But even as reports of “re-education camps” for Uighurs prompted international concern, Muslim countries have become increasingly dangerous for the community. China has positioned itself as an increasingly desirable ally for Muslim governments and its growing clout has made it possible for the emerging economy to request extraditions of its nationals and it expects silence on the Uighur issue....


Dalai Lama's Condemnation of Buddhist Extremism Is Not Just a Boon, It's a Necessity
Fatimah Mazhar

The ongoing military campaign is undoubtedly politically-charged but the root cause of the persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar comes down to Buddhist extremism. Granted, the Dalai Lama plays no significant part in Burmese politics, or even Burmese Buddhism for that matter. But at a time when monks like Ashin Wirathu and Sitagu Sayadaw are bent on causing bloodshed of innocent people in the name of Buddhism, the Dalai Lama's condemnation of Buddhist extremism is not just a boon, it's a necessity....


Islamist Ideology and the Democratic Way of Life
Ahmed Akkari

What has happened in Muslim countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and lately Egypt must be noted. Islamist ideologies become empowered through the support of ordinary people, many of whom did not realize what Islamist rule could turn out to be. In just a few years, the mobilization of Islamist movements brought them close to power. Similar dynamics apply to Muslim immigrants in Europe. This should make the policymakers worried. Islamism’s strength is grabbing the attention of as many as possible of the 20 mn people with Muslim backgrounds living, working and residing in Europe. Islamists are not shy in the least about developing an identity for them. ...

The Re-Education of Chinese Muslims Is the Most Frontal Assault on Islam in Recent History
Dr. James M. Dorsey

China worries that national and religious sentiment and/or militancy could challenge China’s grip on Xinjiang, home to 15% of its proven oil reserves, 22% of its gas reserves, and 115 of the 147 raw materials found in the People’s Republic as well as part of its nuclear arsenal. Included on the list of countries are Afghanistan and Pakistan; former Soviet Central Asian nations, many of which border on Xinjiang; Southeast Asian nations like Malaysia and Indonesia; and key Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Turkey, which have historic, ethnic, and linguistic ties to China’s Turkic Muslims and have been sympathetic for decades to Uighur aspirations....


Conversion through Coercion and Attenuation: UN and Powerful Nations Need To Act To Ensure Freedom of Conscience and Faith in China
Pakela K. Taylor

Most of the world is unaware of this campaign of conversion through coercion and attenuation.  Most are unaware that it continues today, that re-education camps where Muslims are forced to eat port and drink alcohol and chant anti-theist slogans hold an estimated 500,000 Uighur Muslims. And that this religious persecution is the main reason why Uighurs in Xin Jiang are resentful of the government and are increasingly radical in their opposition to remaining under Chinese control....

Beyond Its Shoddy Schools and Stale Bread, Palestinians See UNRWA as A Symbol of Inalienable Right to Return
Ramzy Baroud

My parents fought hard to spare us the daily humiliations that come with living in Nuseirat - Gaza's largest refugee camp. But when I turned six, and joined the UNRWA-run Nuseirat Elementary School for Boys, there was no escape. Not only was I a refugee on official United Nations papers, but in practice as well, just like all my peers. To be a Palestinian refugee means living perpetually in limbo...


The most striking feature is the fact that the Tehreek-e-Labbaik, a nascent party that contested the general election for the very first time within the first year of its existence, has suddenly overshadowed all the chronic custodians of religion who have been the self-proclaimed flag-bearer of Islam for the last seven decades in Pakistan....


Palestinian Quest for Self-Determination Remains Unfulfilled:  In Paving the Way for Oslo, Camp David Actually Enabled the Triumph of an Israeli Vision
Seth Anziska

Without an independent state in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, Palestinians are confronting renewed efforts by Israeli leaders to undermine the possibility of meaningful sovereignty. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has endorsed a “state minus.” Naftali Bennett, Israel’s education minister and an influential politician, has called for “autonomy on steroids” to be administered in the West Bank, specifying “self-rule” with a focus on limited control over “water, sewage, electricity, infrastructure and so on.”...


Mobility Levels for African Americans in US Are Better Than Those for Muslims in India
Seema Chishti

On Muslims, defined as the “least upwardly mobile group in India”, the paper makes the damning claim that the situation is worse than that of African Americans. In the US, while those born at the bottom half of an education distribution on average tends to get to the 34th percentile, Muslims can expect to only get to the 28th, something they term as “really low.”...


Wahhabism Has To Be Challenged, To Prevent More Terrorist Incidents, So That Muslims All Around the World Can Achieve Better Lives
Ken Livingstone

The history of Saudi Arabia spreading intolerance throughout the Muslim world goes back almost a century. Wahhabism represents the most hard-line and intolerant interpretation of Islam. It originated in 1744 and was founded by Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab. The survivors of Wahhabism formed an alliance with Ibn Saud, the first king of the modern Saudi state. Throughout the 19th century, Wahhabism had been overwhelmingly rejected by the vast majority of Muslims and its only real influence was in Arabia....


Darul Qaza like Institutions Should Be Allowed to Come up To Resolve Petty Issues
Abdul Wasey

The system of Darul Qaza, which has been in existence since the advent of Islam, was introduced in India by Mughals and was used to resolve issues and disputes involving Muslims until 1864. When Britishers came to power, they stopped appointing Qazis (equivalent to judges) to these judicial institutions. In 1921, a renowned Islamic scholar Maulana Abul Mohsin Sajjad tried to revive the practice at personal level in Bihar. In its present form in India, Darul Qaza is more like a counselling centre to resolve small disputes as it does not have any power or authority to punish the culprits....


The Roots of Islamic Extremism Don’t Come From Islam but From the Reality of the Recent Cold War
Paul Thomas Chamberlin

Recent years have witnessed a surge of interest in political Islam and jihadist violence. An array of commentators have sought to link contemporary groups such as al-Qaeda and the Islamic State to classical Islam — drawing a straight line from the prophet Muhammad to Osama bin Laden and Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. This sentiment animates much of the rhetoric on the right. ...


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