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UN High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad’s Silence on Extremist Groups in Kashmir Is Disappointing
Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

Rampant violations of human rights are being perpetrated in the Kashmir valley at the hands of extremist groups and separatist leaders who believe in Pakistan’s two-nation theory. But the UN high commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein has brazenly overlooked all this in his 49-page report. Those who do not believe in the radical Islamic concepts like ‘jihad-e-Kashmir’; global Islamic caliphate and Ghazwat-ul-Hind (Islamic battle against India) face fatal discrimination in Kashmir.  Any traditional Kashmiri Muslim who rejects Wahhabism is targeted by extremist groups. But the first-ever UN human rights report on Kashmir maintains deafening silence on this grave violation of human rights…..


Fight between Nawaz Sharif and the Establishment That Ate Up Peshawar and Mastung, Yakatoot and Daringarh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan
Asad Rahim Khan

It makes for a stark contrast — the great and good Ebrahim versus the blood-splattered butcher Hakeemullah — but it drove Asfandyar’s next point home: while the other parties were conducting elections, he said, the ANP had been conducting funerals. Three days after Asfandyar’s interview was aired, Haroon Bilour was killed along with 20 others during an ANP corner meeting in Yakatoot. Three days after that, another suicide bomber tore through a BAP rally in Mastung, killing Siraj Raisani and nearly 150 others in the kind of carnage we hadn’t seen since APS Peshawar....


Israel Is Literally the Definition of the Word ‘Dystopia’
Ray Hanania

Orwell was able to succeed as a writer because he recognized that, fundamentally, human beings can easily be manipulated if you control the government, the news media and the people’s minds. Israel has taken the process of suspending human rights and controlling what people think to an extreme that goes far beyond what any other nation in this world has sought to achieve. Israel is literally the definition of the word “dystopia.”


Why Call Arbitration Centres 'Sharia Courts?:  The Mediatory Role of Darul Qazas and Non-Binding Nature of Fatwas Are A Welcome Recognition of the Changing Social Realities in India
A. Faizur Rahman

Even in India, when as part of the judicial reform process, governor-general Cornwallis enacted a resolution in 1790 to introduce a new three-tiered court system in Bengal (which was later on extended to other parts of India) he included Qazis and muftis as “law officers” to assist the British judges. The highest criminal court of this system Sadr Nizamat Adalat was assisted by the chief Qazi of the district and two muftis and it had to apply Islamic law as per the Fatwas of the law officers which were binding on the court....

Pakistan's Terror-Business of Sending Terrorists across Into India Became Lucrative For Those Overseeing the Infrastructure of This Trade
Vikram Sood

The end of the Afghan jihad only meant that the Pakistan establishment moved its Jihadi foot soldiers to Kashmir in the 1990s. This too was massively state-sponsored to begin with, but when there was pressure on Pakistan, it began to privatize this business of jihad in India. Successive Pakistani governments have viewed the use of expendable Jihadi fighters as a sound and cost-effective strategy against India.....


Rohingya Crisis: Myanmar Military Is Now On Par With the Israeli Government
Ramzy Baroud

It should come as no surprise that Israel is one of the main suppliers of weapons to Myanmar.  Israel’s pseudo-democracy is, in many ways, similar to Myanmar’s. In Israel, Jews are the privileged group; democracy and human rights apply to them but not to Palestinians....

Will Rahul Gandhi Hear Unsolicited Advice From An Un-Intellectual, Common Muslim?
Rahul Gandhi

As he sits through the Shahi Imam’s Friday Khutba (sermon), Rahul may hear what probably nobody in the exalted Muslim delegation told him during his two-hour, closed-door informal meeting. Never a man of few words and not known for maintaining sobriety while speaking in public, especially when he speaks from the Jama Masjid’s pulpit, Bukhari appear incendiary and angry. He may say things which no Muslim would have ever dared to tell the scion of the Gandhi-Nehru clan. The Imam knows the many “injustices” done to Muslims during the long Congress rule like the back of his palm and may remind Rahul of the promises made and broken, assurances given but never fulfilled....

Belgium Wants to Prevent Radicalism, but Is Facing Challenges from Muslim Factions and Belgian Society

And within the Muslim cohort, there is rivalry between the two main elements, Moroccans and Turks. It is not uncommon, for example, for Belgo-Moroccans to marry Belgians of Christian background, but very rare for Moroccans to marry Turks. To get a sense of how things are changing, consider the latest figures on the religious instruction which is selected by pupils at state-run elementary schools in Brussels...


Sharia Courts Are Accessible, Informal and Voluntary Institutions That Provide Speedy and Inexpensive Justice to the Poor
Faizan Mustafa

The Sharia courts of Bihar are widely respected for putting in place elaborate procedures for the determination of issues, systematic recording of testimonies and speaking orders. Some of these orders have been quoted with approval by the formal courts. In Bihar, more than 60,000 cases have been amicably resolved by these courts. The cases were disposed of in less than a year’s time.....


Only Three Mosques, in Mecca, Madina and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Are Considered Sacred In Islam
Areeba Falak

Quoting an instance mentioned in Quran, the holy book in Islam, Dr Khanam said that though the religion allows a Muslim to offer Namaz anywhere, Caliph Umar on his visit to then demarcated Palestine had been considerable towards the existing Churches and Synagogues and offered Namaz at a stone’s throw distance from these structures. Dr Khanam explained, “Caliph Umar knew that his followers would want to build a mosque there later to commemorate the place where he offered Namaz in Palestine. With the intention to avoid any dispute, he did not choose any such spot that would later lead to a conflict. These structures exist till date in Palestine.”...


Indian Secularism: Non-Religious, Irreligious or Anti-Religious?
Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi, New Age Islam

Indeed secularism is indispensible in a multi-cultural and multi-religious country like India. Secularism is the beauty of India, mainly because it gives equal respect to all religions and that it is not anti-religious. It is therefore obligatory for the followers of all religions to develop this Indian secularism, for which they shall have to strengthen their peaceful coexistence. Apart from that, we Indians should impart such values to our students, children and people so that can avoid being brainwashed by any anti-Indian secular Muslim or non-Muslim groups....    

Landscape of Terrorism in India: Effects of ISIS’ Ideology via India’s Neighbouring Countries – Concluding Part
Kabir Taneja

The threat ISIS poses to India, and South Asia in general, is as real as it is for any other major region or state. This does not come from an organisational pattern from the so-called caliphate or al-Baghdadi himself, but the ecosystem that has been created that allows open-source access to ISIS as a brand which is a powerful enough tool to make global headlines at the smallest of an incident, committed even by a petty criminal. The internet remains the main propagator of pro-ISIS activities, and will continue to be one even after a complete “defeat” of the so-called Islamic State.....


Landscape of Terrorism in India: Effects of ISIS’ Ideology via India’s Neighbouring Countries – Part One
Kabir Taneja

This paper examines the influence of Islamic State (ISIS) in India, chronicling its rise beginning in the early 2000s to its supposed demise in 2017. It seeks to understand the effects of ISIS’ ideology and brand via India’s neighbouring countries and the people who joined the group (or came close to doing so). The author studied more than 80 cases to cull trends unique to the landscape of terrorism in India, and ponder the peculiar societal and cultural factors that fuel the process of an individual gravitating towards the so-called “caliphate”....


Starving and Bombed Children of Yemen Seek Entrapment in Flooded Thai Cave
Robert J. Burrowes, New Age Islam

While the world watched and waited with bated breath for the outcome of the substantial global effort – involving over 100 cave divers from various countries, 1,000 members of the Thai Army and 10,000 others in various roles – to rescue a team of 12 young football players and their coach, who were trapped inside a flooded cave in Thailand for 17 days, 850,000 children were killed by human adults in other parts of the world, many of them simply starved to death in Yemen or other parts of Africa, Asia and Central/South America.

Am I pleased that the 12 children and their coach in Thailand were rescued? Of course I am. I just wish that an equivalent effort was being made to rescue each of the 50,000 children we will kill today, tomorrow, the next day and the day after that….


If One Community Has Come To Symbolise the Demise of the Two-State Solution, It Is Khan Al-Ahmar
Jonathan Cook

That would put the final piece in place for Israel to build a substantial bloc of new settler homes to sever the West Bank in two. Those same settlements would also seal off West Bank Palestinians from East Jerusalem, the expected capital of a future Palestinian state, making a mockery of any peace agreement....


Traditionally Pirs have been considered trusted intermediaries between state and its subjects, the leading shrines of Punjab have historically acted as important nodes of rural power structure. Allies of Mughals, tolerated by Sikh rulers, and appeased by the British, majority of the shrine families of Punjab have never remained out of favour and this trend continues to a varying degree even in 2018....


Islamist Parties in the Democratic Processes of Arab Nations
Shadi Hamid

The country’s transition since the ouster of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in 2011 offers a reminder that democracy can not only survive but thrive—but only if Islamist parties are incorporated into the process. From 2011 to 2014, the Islamist Ennahda-led government and constituent assembly, in partnership with two secular parties, ushered in what the Project on Middle East Democracy called “the most progressive and democratic legal framework for civil society in the Arab World.”...

The Casualty of Truth in Kashmir
Mushtaq ul Haq Ahmad Sikander, New Age Islam

The Casualty of Truth in Kashmir
Mushtaq ul Haq Ahmad Sikander, New Age Islam

The stakes of India and Pakistan have led to creation of a class that is loyal to their pay masters for different perks and privileges. This class with vested interests keeps the pot of the conflict boiling and do not want it to be resolved anytime soon as they will lose access to unaccountable money and power that they are enjoying by peddling the Kashmir conflict. The conflict surely has become an industry for these vested interests that sabotage every move aimed at resolution of this long pending issue….


Israel Is Facing a Catastrophic Situation, We Fear For Those Who Live Here: Patriotic Israeli Citizens
Ilana Hammerman

Never have these issues been as clear cut and as urgent as they are today: if peace is not established in this part of the world very soon, an area that has become a time-bomb of national and religious tensions, there will be no future and no life for us or the Palestinians....


Pakistan’s National Identity Has Three Cornerstones: Islam, Hostility to India and the Urdu Language
Sadanand Dhume

For starters, Pakistan’s 30 million Pashtuns greatly outnumber other ethnic minority groups such as the Baloch (seven million) and the Mohajirs (16 million). Thanks to migration, Pakistan’s commercial capital, Karachi, also contains the largest concentration of Pashtuns in the world: about four million people....


India Has a New Balancing Act to Play between the House of Saud and the Islamic Republic
Pieter-Jan Dockx

Saudi ruler announced that the country would eradicate extremist thought and return to moderate Islam.  This shift can be either interpreted as a means to attract foreign investors in line with Riyadh’s vision 2030 or as an instrument to subjugate the religious establishment. Here, it is important to note that it could positively impact the counter-terrorism component of the relationship between Saudi Arabia and India. ...


Ramazan: Much-Publicised and Politically Engineered Iftar Parties Have Begun To Look Superficial
Avijit Pathak

I ask my Muslim students and friends about Ramzan prayers and the extraordinarily beautiful process of fasting from dawn to sunset. Yes, with a sense of wonder, I try to get a feel of this intense religiosity—fasting as a process of cleansing, purifying the body and soul, making one humble, and bringing one closer to the divine. But then, a disturbing question haunts me: Am I really sincere, capable of breaking the wall of separation that the troubled history of the sub-continent has created between the two major religious communities? Or am I merely diplomatic trying to be ‘secular’...

No Party Needs To Be ‘Pro-Muslim: Being Secular and Abiding By The Constitutional Obligations is Enough To Win Muslim Votes
Zakia Soman

Actually, no party needs to be ‘pro-Muslim’ to win Muslim votes. It would be enough if they are secular and abide by their constitutional obligations to all citizens and communities. It is clear that politically Muslims were abandoned long ago. Perhaps counting on the Congress to alleviate the situation in the face of the Hindutva onslaught would be giving false hope to a beleaguered community....

Palestinians Global Connectivity Has Heightened Their Sense of Unity and Resolve
Ramzy Baroud

From 11-year-old Salma, who convinced all of her classmates in Perth, Australia, to write Palestine on the map in her geography class, despite knowing that they would all have been marked down for their action; to the elderly couple in Auckland, New Zealand, who, well into their 80s and walking with much difficulty, continue to hand Palestine flyers to passers-by at a busy street corner, as they have done for the last 20 years....


Time to Discuss All Issues of Relevance to Muslims from a Theological Perspective
Danish Raza

In 2008, Delhi based journalist Sultan Shahin started Newageislam.com as a forum to debate Islamic theology and provide an alternative to the opinions propagated by clerics. “Since terrorism has become a distinguishing feature of our age and has done more damage to Islam and Muslims than anything else, we accord it primacy. But we try to discuss all issues of relevance and interest to Muslims from a theological perspective,” said Shahin about the content on his site. Shahin said he often finds himself antagonising the fanatics and had received death threats more than once. “They say that this site is my short-cut to hell,”...

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